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Mansard roofs of private homes: types, options, device

Thinking about building your own home or even a garden, it would be desirable that the house was beautiful, unlike the neighboring, comfortable and functional. Still it would be nice for it to be inexpensive. mansard roof can solve almost all of these tasks. Exterior of the house to get interesting, and the building can be decorated in different styles - all options roofing combinations, type and form of the roof, windows and balconies, and the count is probably impossible. What about the cost is to talk separately.

The combination of ramps, aimed in different directions gives a very unusual effect. Exactly the house you do not call ordinary

What is the cost to build a loft

The device of the attic floor is considered to be advantageous due to the fact that there is no need to spend money on building the walls. This is only partly true.

Firstly, a lot of money will be spent on the creation of truss system. The cost of it depends on the type of a mansard roof (see below) and on sawnwood prices in your area.

Secondly, it will have to pay a considerable sum to the insulation and a vapor barrier mansard roof. It is understood that only one roofing material far enough to provide the required air of conditions for premises (if planned residential attic). Have to insulate, the heat insulation layer must be substantial. For example, for the middle band Russia high-density mineral wool layer should be from 200 mm, plus a layer of waterproofing and vapor barrier.

Third, the window is much more expensive. If doing their hearing, constructing a special design from the rafters, which complicates the roof relief, and therefore increases the cost of materials and installation. Even on an ordinary gable have to think about the device valleys and snow guard above the windows.

Apparatus skylights in the roof

The second option - the window in the roof plane - require particularly careful sealing, to rainfall could not get inside. This makes the installation more expensive in 1,5-2 times. About the same more expensive, and windows themselves: they should have a reinforced frame and reinforced glass, can bear snow loads. In addition to servicing the frame must be turning, and it is - even an increase in cost.

What you need to install the roof window and the procedure for mounting components

In the attic put two types of windows - vertical and roof plane. Both types can be used in the same project. In the picture below a good example of such a combination. Just do not say that the house is forgettable. And how many can still be options?

Mansard roof in several levels - is also a common technique

In addition, such popular roofing and cheap - material based on type of profiled sheet metal, metal, corrugated iron - not advised to use the device at a mansard roof of a private house. There are two reasons:

  1. The high thermal conductivity. Due to the fact that the metal is a very good conductor of heat, it is necessary to stack a large thickness of thermal insulating materials. Otherwise, in the attic in the summer would be too hot and winter - cold.
  2. Elevated levels of noise generated during rain coating. Even ordinary roof covered with metal in the rain sounds like a drum. Roof is much larger area and a "tool" is a more powerful. If the noise level inside the room can be controlled more soundproof, the outside sound you does not remove. If the neighbors are home at a respectable distance, it can be scary, but if the construction firm, conflicts may occur.

If it is good to calculate the additional thermal insulation and sound insulation will minimize the gain in value when you buy roofing material. Perhaps another, more expensive initially roof covering, the result would be more beneficial. So you need to calculate the options here.

All this is described to ensure that you have a better idea of ​​whether or not to build the attic floor is really too cheap. It turns out - not very. However, this solution has its advantages:

  • The attic floor turns easy. Because the foundation for private homes only need a little more powerful than when constructing one floor. Since the foundation on the costs - this is a significant part of the value, then there is a tangible gain is obtained.
  • With a shortage of funds, attic insulation and putting it into operation, you can pull on the required dates. Moreover, this delay will be useful. That's why. When the construction is almost always used wood moisture. If you start warming once the moisture will soak into the insulation. If the "cake" is done correctly, it will go away naturally. But if there are violations, problems can occur. If the roof under the roofing material some time will stand without insulation (but necessarily laid under the roofing waterproofing), then dry the wood well, and problems will be less.
  • Attic allows you to make the house an original and unusual. In any case, the building is a more expressive and individual - plenty of design options.

We have tried to more fully describe the cons mansard roof and its advantages. If you are not intimidated by the difficulties, to choose which design you prefer.

Mansard roof is used in the construction of private houses, it has different variants of the device. You can do all kinds of existing roofs, except, perhaps, a flat. All others may be implemented as a "pure" form, or in combination.

Unconventional look at home with single mansard roof. Its structure is the easiest due to lack of the ridge and the problems associated with its arrangement. The beams rest on mauerlat attached to the multi-level walls. The bevel is formed by the difference in height of two opposite walls. At this slope angle should be around 35 ° -45 °. Smaller slope will lead to accumulation of large amounts of snow that require reinforcement support beams and the installation of additional supports, and this reduces the already not very large living space in this attic.

Pent roof terrace

If we talk about the external design of the house, look outside the box of the building. Most often, a large window is in a high wall of the attic floor: the construction itself to it has. For examples, see the photo below.

This house with mansard roof pent most konsevativen

The device is a pent roof turns out the cheapest, if the distance between two opposite walls is less than 4.5 meters: you can put on the wall standard length bars and not doing holding up the structure. Probably this is the reason the decision on the photos below, but it came out very interesting.

If the distance between the lower walls, the design is very simple

Nonstandard solution: two lean-roof terrace form therebetween

Gable mansard roof - the most widespread: the general structure, the decision may be a lot. The structure itself is the best: at a relatively low cost to satisfy the various requirements of the required floor space.

The easiest way is realized under normal attic gable roof, but its height should be sufficient to below it could highlight the living room (if the floor is supposed to make a living). May be:

  • symmetrical - Seahorse is located above the middle of the building;
  • asymmetric - horse is off-center.

Pediments at this straight. The room turns trapezius, on a large enough buildings can be distinguished square. The lack of a gable roof mansard with that large space is clipped on the sides that in private homes is not always acceptable. To a lot of space not walking, they are used by the device pantries or closets.

The design of the attic floor under a gable roof

With this arrangement, the window in the roof doing, their location depends on the angle of inclination. They may be auditory, as pictured at the top or in the roof plane, as a photo below.

The windows may be arranged in the roof plane

There is another variant of the device mansard roof of a private house with two ramps - one and a half floor. It is mounted on the kicked up to a certain level of the wall. House then referred to as "half-floor" (one of those houses in the photo above).

The difference in useful area is obvious, but also costs higher (on the material of the walls)

This two kinds of bi-mansard roofs. There is a third - breaking. They can be identified as a separate category - the device has significant differences.

Device sloping mansard roof and harder and easier. In fact it is the same two ramp, but consisting of two parts with a different slant. Such a structure makes it possible not to spend money on building the walls, get a living space, only slightly less than on the ground floor (about 15%). In this sense, it is easier device. But the rafter system has a complex structure, and in this sense, its structure is more complicated.

The design of sloping mansard roof - the most commonly used version of the truss system - with the removal of the rafters of the wall surface. Thus overhang is formed which protects abutment assembly to the walls of the precipitation

This type is most common in self-construction. He easily makes it possible to increase the usable area, build on small buildings such as a garage or a summer kitchen, to get additional, almost isolated, housing. Because the materials used in the construction are usually mild, the bearing capacity of the foundation is usually enough, but the calculation does not put. (O calculating tape base read here).

A small space at the bottom of the timber, and the top - a vast attic, resting on the rack

It's already a complex system that must be count. The surface gets more, the cost of insulation is greatly increased at the same time reduces the size of the attic: cut off part of the space on all four sides.

Their advantage - high resistance to strong winds: all surfaces are inclined and wind load is not so much pressure on the slopes. The structure is such that overhangs can be made low, protecting the walls from the effects of rain and wind. In addition, a house with such roofs many consider the most attractive. The classic version hipped roof - hipped.

One of their species hipped roof - hipped and attic underneath. Full length standing only in the central part

When their device reinforce sloping rafters - they account for most of the load. In general, its truss system - one of the most difficult, material-intensive and therefore costly. So you can appreciate the full scope of work and costs, consider its design in the photo below.

Rafter system hipped mansard roof

The upper image shows all abutments mowing to be put on the second, more clearly traced structure and arrangement of rafters.

There are transition option - poluvalmovaya. It - it's a cross between a gable and hip roof. In this case, hip doing only part of the floor height.

Roof poluvalmovaya roof. Organization of its roof system

Only describes the main types of mansard roofs. There is also a combination thereof. For example, hipped may also sloping like pent. The options really very much. The main thing to avoid gross errors in the design of roof system, and then realize all right.

Mansard roof with balcony

How do the skylights in the roof already described above. Almost on the same principle build balconies. There is even a special window systems, allowing it to make in the ramp surface. Although implementation turns out easier, but it's worth a window well.

One type of small balcony

If you allow the load-bearing capacity of the walls, to increase the size of the auditory type of window, you can make a hanging balcony.

Dormer window can also be turned into a small balcony

Balcony pad can prop the column. Only in this case the removal is done over the entrance. Then the column to fit perfectly, and also provide a decoration.

Columns, making out the front door, supporting a platform

Balcony on the front of the house with a mansard built on a different principle. It protects its advanced overhang, permitting the wall, make the dangling platform.

Balcony on the front of the mansard roof

In smaller houses often make the balcony due to the fact that the gable of the attic floor is shifted from the load-bearing wall. Due to this indent and get space. Canopies in such roofs make continuing the roof until at least the same level with the outer wall, and even better - on. This projection protects and gable wall and reduce the amount of precipitation, which would fall into the open area.

The pediment of the attic is shifted inwards. The resulting platform is used as an open balcony

The design of this type of roof is that it can be done by extending even covered terrace. Edge it can rely on a decorative wall or on poles.

The complexity of this project - long rafters

A similar idea is implemented in this project, but the roof here mnogoschiptsovaya. It is difficult to independently calculate, even more difficult to correctly make the valley, because they are rare

If we are talking about non-standard solutions, the "L" -shaped mansard roof - two uni-directional will function. In addition, it is an inexpensive way to issue a non-standard building.

"L" shaped lean-to roof terrace

If you need an inexpensive way to build a house - read about the frame housing.

The roof of this home protection. Its appearance says about the tastes of the owners, and expresses the individuality of each building. The correct shape and design are the key to long life, and furnished attic allows you to expand living space.

Projects roofs of private homes with a loft - Photo

A properly designed roof with an attic is not only aesthetically interesting design, but also the protection of the upper floors of the adverse weather conditions. House with a similar configuration, the engineering can be built in different styles. The main thing: the presence at the base of a solid roof system, the presence of lathing and impact-resistant lining of the roof. A pitched or flat roof will loft home owners to decide, based on the overall evaluation of the influence of technical and climatic factors.

The most popular option - located under the gable roof with the presence of attic wall. Projects roofs of private houses with attic photo can be seen below.

This design allows to increase the functionality of the room (attic or loft). Wall mounted on top of the house. The height is determined based on the distance from the deck to interstorey mauerlat.

Mounted on the wall of the upper crown of the last slab on the profile of the outer wall. Further, it will build the roof construction. The main function of attic walls - uniform transfer of weight from the roof to the supporting walls and floors. For residential attic optimum wall thickness 0.8-2.2 m.

Without installing it as you can get, but do not forget that the weight will be immediately transferred from the overlap of the roof, in addition, lost useful square meters. The required height of the attic wall:

  • about 1.3 m - can be free to use the window under the wall is easy to place the bed;
  • 1.4-1.5 m - under the wall of a desk, at a distance of 0.5 m can comfortably walk;

  • more than 1.9-2 m - moving and simulation space is not limited.

But there are other options

  • Pent roof - is applicable to outbuildings or garages. Ergonomics and practicality in this case the attic will be minimal, so that such structure plan is used very rarely.
  • Gable roof with a loft - the most profitable way of arrangement of additional living space in all respects. Even with minimal construction skills, you can build without the involvement of qualified professionals, and therefore save money.

  • Hipped roof or poluvalnaya - enable maximum benefit to use an attic space.

  • Broken roof - require additional costs for building materials, difficult to install, but are indispensable for small size premises.
  • Roof of a cone, dome or pyramid. Selected individually for each construction as they have a complex configuration, which requires the cost of building materials and high professionalism of workers who will install them.

First of all, it is a comfortable extra living room in any season. With proper organization of all design loft is a favorite place for recreation and residence of family members, as well as an unexpected reception, which will need a sleeper.

Mnogoschiptsovaya roof with an attic looks very impressive and we can say, is a jewel of the house. But a desire to impress will not be enough. The structure itself is quite complex, and numerous intersections rays will form a valley (formed by inner corners). That valley considered the weakest in mnogoschiptsovoy roof as them will flow most of the rain and snow build up, which adds load on the entire structure. But with proper care all the disadvantages are minimized.

What size should be the attic? When parameters of housing 10 is 12 m 2, allocate enough area equal to one third or half of the house. That is 40-60 m 2. Materials used for the construction of: foamed or aerated concrete, keramoblok, brick, frame, wood. To understand what a loft is needed, you need to know the size of the residential buildings (10x13, 11h12, 11h13, etc.), presence of a garage, outbuildings and basements, number of storeys of the building. The type of material used for walls and ceilings, the desired functionality of the room.

Do not forget about the heat and waterproofing. If the attic, even temporarily, to be used for accommodation, mandatory quality gidrobarer, fireproof insulation and antiseptic treatment of surfaces of walls, floor and ceiling.

The approximate structure of the layout is as follows:

You also need to consider the location of the stairs: the outer "do not steal space" and make the room an autonomous, inner, more comfortable to use, but the small size of premises may cause inconvenience. However, the development of modern ergonomic design can neutralize all the flaws.

Photo of houses with mansard roofs

Mansard roof solve two problems at once - provide an additional free area and give a flavor of the building exterior. Thus, we can make room for leisure or bedroom, saving on the construction of the upper floor of a private house. To rationally expend space will only choose the right design and a compact furniture. It is worth considering as a plan to roofs with attic.

To get the perfect loft, it is best to prepare the project is still at the stage of building a house. dwelling planning affects the setting of bearing elements of the roof. When you have to equip a room in the already constructed private homes, there are difficulties with the laying insulation, arrangement of stairs, ordering the doors and windows. protective treatment is required for the wooden elements.

Most often, the attic under the roof plan:

Gable roof is often found in the photo private houses, built in a traditional style. Such roofing represents two intersecting rectangle. It has simple structure, however, the project looks neat and cute.

For the manufacture of trusses is used coniferous trees. Material oshkurivayut thoroughly and dry. Moisture should not exceed 18%. Otherwise the rafters with time may be deformed, resulting in a skewed the entire building.

House types of roofs under the arrangement of the attic

Depending on the type of roofs of private houses attic area will change. And its construction will affect the total cost of construction. The following are the most common types of roofs, their advantages and disadvantages.

Shed roofs - are affordable and easy to install. In this case, the roof fabric is based on the load-bearing walls, which differ in height.

Shed roofs are rarely used in residential construction. Most often these types are used in the regeneration of garages and outbuildings, not private homes. The space under them is extremely inconvenient to use for the design of the attic.

Gable roofs are very common, such a project can be called classic. Such roof consists of two parts, which are joined at the intersection ridge of metal. The size of the blades and the angle at which they are fixed may vary.

Gable roofs are the most functional. The space under them is useful for arranging the attic.

Hipped roofs are complicated design gable. Instead of the outer walls, gables called, they are equipped with triangular ramps (hip). As the projects, often they have a window.

Gambrel roof is very interesting to look at the photos. Because of the complex structure of their design and construction should entrust to specialists. These types of roofs to better withstand strong winds and precipitation. In private homes and cottages often equip it hipped roof. Below them is a lot of space to the attic.

Sloping ceilings - in fact, the same gable, but the fabric of the roof have a break. In the photo you can see the projects with windows on the gables.

Benefits sloping roof that streamlined shape makes it resistant to wind gusts. Also under it is enough space for the arrangement of the living room.

Combined roof apparatus suitable for balconies and attics. They look at the photo is very original, but it is very expensive to design and construction.

What are the different types of attic

attic type is determined by the project and the wishes of the residents. Presented the following main types: single level and duplex.

On the roof it is easier to build a one-level loft. It does not require lengthy calculations. The following are the types of lofts, all three of them.

  1. Attic under a gable roof. Due to the arrangement of the roof canvas is nothing to prevent the descent of rain. Therefore, this option is a mansard roof is the most simple and practical.
  2. Attic under the sloping roof. This room equip a little harder, but it can be obtained with smooth walls and ceiling complete. In the photo a house looks original.
  3. Attic with portable consoles. The most time-consuming option by a mansard roof. However, with such a variety of roof in the attic it gets more room. Canopy, which is obtained due to the displacement of the roof, often used for the construction of the porch or garage.

Duplex attic comprises two rooms located, as the name implies, at different levels. Sometimes identified as a separate project. Characterized by the presence of support of mixed type.

Advantages device attic

Mansard roof has a number of advantages.

  1. Additional living space. In the attic can be a recreation room, bedroom or office.
  2. Thermal insulation. If the house undeveloped residential attic, heat loss through the ceiling are reduced significantly.
  3. Allow to reduce the total land area for the construction.
  4. You can increase the living space already built homes.
  5. Settling down in the short term.
  6. It allows with minimal investment to get another full bathroom.

What features should be considered when selecting materials and furniture

Roof roof has certain disadvantages. The following are recommendations that should be considered when choosing a building material and furniture to the upper room.

  1. To pick up high-quality steam and waterproofing. Given the location of the materials, they should be light so as not to burden the structure. Good materials will help to maintain a comfortable indoor humidity.
  2. Provide sufficient insulation. It is very important for a room in the attic, in order to prevent heat loss.
  3. If the structural elements are made of wood, they are treated with antiseptic.
  4. For interior decoration, use light weight materials (eg plasterboard).
  5. We should choose furniture subject sloping ceiling.

To the attic remained favorable microclimate, equip the following layers in order.

  1. Ventilation. The best option would be a device two ventilation gaps. First make a roof covering, it is provided for removing moisture from the "roofing pie." The second insulation layer is located above and eliminates the accumulated pairs.
  2. Vapor barrier. This layer prevents the formation of condensation and wetting insulation.
  3. Thermal insulation. A layer of special material does not pass the cold air from outside into the room and does not give heat to go outside.
  4. Purlins and rafters. Due to these structural elements of the load is distributed evenly on the walls. Made from wooden beams.
  5. Waterproofing. A layer of this material is necessary to prevent moisture penetration.
  6. Underroof film. We need to protect the insulation and rafters.
  7. Roofing material. This is the final layer which protects the environment from adverse effects.

Mansard roof has an original view of the photo and allows you to increase the living area of ​​the house. By following the recommendations on the choice of materials and furniture, you can arrange the attic of a full and a large room.

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