Mögel-Fri (Mogel stock) - the most effective means of mold from Sweden.

Mögel-Fri (Mogel stock) - the best remedy for mold in northern Europe as a result of examinations carried out and tenders. It destroys all types of molds and fungi. Due to the long exposure period of the active treated surface provides biocidal protection against mold spores and fungi, both inside and outside buildings.

Means Mogel stock It is used to remove mold on walls, floors, ceilings, bathrooms, basements, cellars, attics, wood, concrete, plaster, gypsum, etc. No negative impact on the construction materials. Mogel stock is effective against all types of mold. Safe for humans and animals, is not toxic. Without a sharp smell, does not require relocation of tenants. The drug is a low impact on the environment. Scandinavian safety standards for toxicity and ecology are among the most stringent in the world.

After applying the drug mold die immediately, and the treated surface is sterilized. It has a long period of active antimicrobial effects. Mogel stock is also used to clean and remove smells of microbial contaminants and can be used as a preventive measure.

Shake before use. Evenly cure mold Mogel stock low pressure spray, brush, brush, roller, sponge, or any other method for contaminated mold surface to severe moisture. If mold has grown strongly, the large build-up is necessary to mechanically clean off, and the remainder is completely saturated with the drug. Leave it to take effect on the surface for about 1 day, do not rinse! Then, if necessary, to clear the dead mold brush or wash water.

Destroy the mold from the first time!

Able to visually check the quality of treatment makes it possible to put Mogel stock on a par with professional agents and get rid of mold on the first try!

Analysis and Control:

Remedy mold Mogel stock contains in its composition UV-active substances that allow a visual check of the quality of surface treatment using UV-lamp. The room should be darkened. Treated surface to light any source of ultraviolet light (for example like this UV-flashlight, as in the photo on the right ->). The distance between the lamp and the surface varies from a few centimeters to dark material and up to about 50 cm for light. If the rays of ultraviolet light on the treated surface smudges and dark areas, then you have caused uneven means and mold in these areas can not be destroyed. The denser and more evenly treated surface is, the more bright and uniform light will be reflected. Always have an untreated portion of the surface as a basis for comparison. For very dark material, the effect of UV-active substances may be small. Paper in plasterboard may contain traces of bleach, which are visible under UV-light irradiation. For a quick analysis and control of microbial contamination, you can use the tester.

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0,2-0,25l per 1 m 2 depending on the surface. One liter Mogel stock is enough for about 5 m 2.

When spraying - it is recommended to use a respirator, goggles and gloves. It can irritate the respiratory tract and cause sneezing.

Store in tightly closed original container out of reach of children.

Shelf life 3 years when stored as recommended.

Researchers from the French Pasteur Institute are sounding the alarm: in the last years of aspergillosis - a disease caused by mold Aspergilus kind - only in Paris, died in twice as many people than from bird flu worldwide.

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Top 5 by means of mold on the walls

Experts say that the mold on the walls in the apartments - it is always a breeding ground for bacteria, in addition, the researchers also noted that fungi secrete toxic substances into the atmosphere. Therefore, in order to preserve their health and home, as soon as possible to get rid of this malicious nursery in their home.

It is worth noting that a simple wet or dry cloth remove can not mold. Also, no detergents or cleaners will not help you. It is necessary, first of all, to understand clearly, where it came from, and secondly, to choose the most powerful specialized tool, which is designed precisely to combat such microorganisms. The causes of the appearance can be:

  • poor ventilation room
  • insufficient heating
  • walls covered with porous materials, where the colony can be formed easily
  • faulty plumbing, giving flow, condensate etc.

You can get rid of mold in several ways: mechanical solution proximate cause mold or applying intensive antiseptic substances that are designed to get rid of it.

  • The first method, mechanical addressing the root, will help destroy the problem for good. It was more about the arrangement of heat-insulating materials, if a house or a wall in the apartment badly insulated, as well as the installation of a ventilation system or correction.
  • Second spoob - is the use of specific tools developed specifically for mold control.

Top 5 by means of mold on the walls

a long time not to think about the fact, how to deal a problem in your home, simply examine the 5 most popular and effective tools that already apply at home and other buyers. After all, the more positive feedback funds raised, the other it will be the best guarantee that the facility operates.

Dali (Dali) - a universal antiseptic

Manufacturer antiseptic - the company "Rogneda", Russia. Price - 560 rubles. (5 L), 150 rubles. (0.6 L). It is used with the active application to the following types of surfaces:

  • concrete;
  • brick;
  • plaster;
  • wood;
  • drywall, as well as cardboard;
  • floor and wall tiles;
  • painted and lacquered surface uncovered;
  • wallpaper, jambs of doors, windows, plumbing.
  • You can buy in stores, as well as here.

It shows a high degree of efficacy in lesions of any biological entity, indicating that universality funds. Capable of destroying not only the fungi and molds of all kinds, but also mosses, algae and so on.

I can say only one thing - a very pungent and strong piece of smell, so I had to put on not only rubber gloves when working with it, but also a gauze bandage or cloth and even sunglasses so as not to eat into the eye. Machining wall in the bathroom area of ​​approximately 2 square meters Apply the product 3 times a week. After 2 weeks, we have seen after the treatment, as the mold has disappeared completely. It was about six months ago. Until now, not much even a hint of the appearance. Very effective, would recommend, and the price is small - 150 rubles. for the 0.6L or 560 rubles. 5 l. canister.

Fongiflyuid Alpa (Alpa) - active fungicide

  • Manufacturer fungicidal solution - the company «Alpa», Russia.
  • Price - 550 rubles. (2 L), 1150 rubles. (5 L), 3250 rubles. (20 L).
  • liquid formula is based on the antifungal and protivoplesnevyh components.
  • Designed for application on the inner surface of the house or apartment, as well as for treatment outside the home.
  • It does not harm the color and brilliance of the surface of the tile, paint, varnish and other surfaces.
  • Already in the final dilution of the, so its consumption is recommended for the effectiveness of the manufacturer - 1L / 4-5 sq.m.
  • You can buy in the online store

Prior to use, all loose, rough and porous surfaces must be sanded, smooth and level. Only in this way means a well penetrates into all cracks and dimples. In severe cases of certain areas with mold to repeat the procedure 1-2 times. No means is applied in a cold room at a temperature below + 5 ° C. Use the application roller, brush or a special gun, and then simply wash the tools with water.

Review: Sergey Ivanovich, St. Petersburg

After I tried lime fungus in the corner of my garage folk remedies, he decided to buy something more serious for these purposes. I advised the seller to apply means Fongiflyuid Alps. Before application of the instructions necessary to clean the surface, which I did - walked along the walls brush. Spray all affected areas, and even taking the neighboring areas for fidelity, I checked in 4 days. Mold has almost disappeared, even after 3 days and it all vanished. It's been 4 months, until the wall feet are clean. I found the reason - groundwater next to the garage, will have to do more and drainage, never to appear.

The drug is intended mainly for bathrooms, basements, cellars, greenhouses and apartments, as well as any other most damp areas. Price - 100 rubles. (1 L), 360 rubles. (5 L). It does not contain chlorine compounds and volatile toxic substances. Colorless and harmless to humans and animals. It can be applied to concrete, brick, plaster and painted walls, wood, ceramic, stone, cardboard-gypsum and other surfaces.

Reviews: Svetlana, Ekaterinburg

Used "Olympus Stop-mold" to cleanse the corner under the sink. We used to have there the pipe is constantly flowed. We have it repaired. And now it's a fungus and at the same time to clean up. Apply the product according to instructions and allowed to stand for 3 days. Then the cloth of the past, and realized that more time should be processed. Still waited three days. It was only after the second of such processing mold has disappeared completely. It took 3 months until it is not. Hopefully not occur again.

  • A drug It does not contain chlorine or other poisonous substances. It is safe for the body.
  • Designed for use on balconies, kitchens, laundries, for the treatment of fences, monuments and tombstones.
  • Price - 400 rubles (0.5 L).
  • You can buy it here

Before using this tool, contaminated surfaces should be cleaned carefully with a scraper, not rub metal brush, to mold particles sprayed or were scattered around the room. Better to take a soft brush and gently remove surface. Then apply means of a spray. All items and things previously better cover with foil. After holding a few hours, you need to wipe and wash the surface, then allow to dry thoroughly and then putty or finish.

Reviews: Anatoly, Leningrad

This drug got rid of mold in the cellar of our country house. Apparently, our walls were too a state of neglect that had to handle 3 times! But we succeeded, and nothing is there, although it was only 7 months. Cellar stands whitewashed, The dried - as long as there are no problems. Means good.

Maviks-Bio (Mavix-Bio) and organosilicon hydrophobing DBM M AS 7

  • Manufacturer antiseptic complex - JSC "MAVIKS", Moscow, Russia.
  • Effective antiseptic in a set of measures against mold, fungi and other microorganisms.
  • The price of the average - 577 rubles. (1 L), 3000 rubles. (5 L), 5850 rubles. (10 L) 13000 RUB (20 L).

The drug works only in conjunction with hydrophobizator. First comes the impregnation treatment for walls, part of a complex set of antiseptic. If the plot defeat strong, then impregnated to be treated 2-3 times on one and the same place. Then antifungal agent is applied Mavix Bio. Then it is necessary to give a permanent means as much as written in the instructions, and then remove all the mold from the surface. And now the process should only hydrophobizator wall that will protect the wall from dust, excellent water-repellent and provides air wall surface.

Reviews: Olga and Nicholas, Moscow

Recently settled into a new apartment - a year ago. But we have noticed mold in the balcony door. Could not figure out yet why she's there, but we brought it with the help of integrated tools - «Mavix-Bio». A great option to protect your property from further occurrence. It's been six months, and we have already forgotten about it.

Professional extermination mold fog generator:

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In chapter housekeeping the question of funds from the mold on the walls! Which is better? Ask Poster Valentina the best answer is ! It corrodes the mold, as the organic acid, prevents the re-emergence is optimal for the price and is absolutely harmless. Approximate cost about 1,800 rubles per 2 liters. Ksiolat - is in my opinion, the most effective means of mold on the walls. If there is no money, you can try Myugel or Drevoteks also advise to book aseptic disinfection of the walls of the mold. Recommended contact the firm Martin York, where the best prices, they are using Turbo gun for stripping and Ksiolat for protection against oxygen and eliminate hidden under the surface of the mold. - Martin York.

The most harmless means-good ventilation.

Well our ancestors burned the houses where mold appeared. or than you it will not withdraw. and if they succeed, it will soon appear again.

We need to remove the polishing layer to 5 mm.

Improve ventilation and remove moisture.

Among Russian funds can mention the most popular - it's white and soda, are very easy to use, and readily available. If the hand of whiteness can not give up, the usual baking soda has a presence in almost every.

How to apply? It's simple. At the place where the mold is located, to put means, then rubbed with a cloth, preferably with a rough surface, and wash away all. If you use white, then you need to dip into her toothbrush, and then conduct a thorough cleaning of the surface.

Foreign sale found tools such as Tilex, Cillit Bang, Domestos. Application - Apply to the surface, where the build-up, leave for a while, then rinse.

To date, many who are wondering how to clean a bath of mold and what means it needs to use. After wash of course no one wants to dirty bath. In the first place - after each bath, it is necessary to immediately rinse, wash away dirt from the walls, which had settled there. Which significantly reduces the risk of the same mold.

Effectively removes mold drill, chlorine bleach, grapefruit extract, sandpaper. Of modern means of mold, can recommend the famous Ksiolat or Drevoteks. More than others no sample, the first expensive but effective, the second is optimal for the price, but after the mold again after a while you might see again.

If the wall only began to form small spots of mold, you can use the traditional means of mold on the walls such as hydrogen peroxide solution of borax or vinegar and baking soda. There is also a huge selection of special funds from the mold. Means of domestic producers can be identified Snowball impregnation, Titan Fungicide, "C-Hydrotex-P", "Natura Antimantar" and others.

When dealing with them it is necessary to use gloves and eye protection from falling into eyes solution. It is also necessary to wear a respirator for protection against particles that can fly in the air. If possible, cover with a polyethylene surface surrounding the room, such as flooring, wallpaper, tile, since a spill chemicals on the mold can cause them serious damage.

Mold on the wall not only looks ugly, but also can be dangerous to the health of all family members. It usually appears on the walls, ceilings and floors of houses in places where there is high humidity. The most common causes of mold walls is the high humidity, moisture condensation and water leaks (which are often hidden inside the wall). The best way to reduce the humidity in the house is to provide its periodic ventilation.

If you do not identify and eliminate the causes of mold on the walls, all the corrective actions will be ineffective. It is also necessary to determine the scale of the problem. If the wall is made of plasterboard, it is usually necessary to cut off all moldy place. The same applies to wallpaper. If there was mold on them, they definitely need to remove and thoroughly clean the wall behind them.

Mold appears very simple! To begin preparation buy Myugel German production and with a cloth or pshikalki sprinkle on the affected surface finishes. About 6 hours to completely dissolve the mold, recommend repeat after 2 days. Mugel - a remedy for mold №1 in Germany.

Use a heat gun! The higher the watts, the better, but it should be remembered that the fan heaters consume a lot of energy. The hotter it is, the sooner retire fungus. Possible still after heating cover foil in order to completely stifle Musty growths.

Buy a steam generator! Moisture, pressure and heat will remove fungus buy means Alaminol and pour it on infected surfaces. Remedy for mold Alaminol is good by the fact that it is ideal disinfectant. That is, it not only kills the fungus, but any other bacteria and viruses.

Nothing serious! Buy a remedy Ksiolat mold, clean the walls as an excavator! Has a penetrating effect, after dissolving the mold, the drug crystallizes in the protective film that covers the affected area for protection from oxygen. Oxygen contributes to the formation of mold, its longer than the higher growths. Conclusion: Ksiolat not only digs concrete 1 centimeter, and the tree is 5, it also provides guaranteed protection against the re-emergence of 3 months at least. Details about Ksiolat can be read at the link below.

Book aseptic disinfection, the estimated cost of one square up to 100 rubles. The price includes cleaning the turbo gun and disinfecting aseptic preparation Ksiolat. Even if the infection is more than 6 squares, it is cheaper and more profitable to purchase any means, moreover, that Martin York warranty for 6 months. Choose professionals, it is advantageous to quickly and accurately.

Ecolab 9050970 MOULD-EX 1L Chlorine tool for hotels and restaurants to remove mold and mildew - really expensive 1100 rubles. But effectively, apply, wait, then rinse

Protective paint KARE - an effective remedy for mold and mildew on the walls, clean, gruntuete and paint in 2 layers, no mold no longer link

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