Doll made of cardboard furniture

How to make cardboard furniture for dolls: patterns, instructions

In the store a lot of varieties of houses for Barbie dolls, but, unfortunately, with very few options for furniture, even if there are such, that they only bed or table. We decided to make their own furniture using the scheme of furniture made of cardboard (for dolls). If you like to work virtually with him on "you", you can try your hand and make yourself and the house itself, which at times will save your budget. Try using the article to answer the question of how to make furniture out of cardboard dolls.

Master of the living room sofa of cardboard

As in any home, the first place the living room, it will begin to furnish furnishings. First, where do we start - a sofa. We need a pattern of cardboard furniture for dolls, you can prepare it from plain white paper. Next, cut from thick corrugated cardboard in an amount of 1 pc. bottom couch 10 x 20 cm. The rear wall is also in an amount of 1 pc. 13 x 20 cm. The side backrest in an amount of 2 pieces. size 1 parts 8.5 x 10 cm. The blanks are ready, it is now necessary to make a soft sofa and closer to reality. To do this, we use foam, thickness up to you, but remember, if it is thin, the parts to be cut several pieces and glue together. In the case of foam 1 cm thick enough to be cut by one and bokovushek backrest parts and the bottom parts is better 2-3. Contours on foam finished workpiece and cut, then foam preform and any available adhesive glue PVA.

Upholstery sofa can be any (leather, suede, fabric), that is, you can simply use what you have available. We are a tight-fitting normal tissue. Hand look inside with foam, so they paid special attention to.

Once all the parts are ready, they must stick together in one structure, for that use glue "Moment", or something else but the strong hold.

Decorate sofa soft pillows and an extra seat. To do this, cut foam parts equal to the amount of the bottom 2 pcs. Case and stitch in the same size, the foam insert through hole and sew. By the same token make the back and cushion. Of the segment of woolen cloth to make extra for your doll warm blanket. Sofa ready, we can safely make it to your house for a doll.

Armchair cardboard create the same manner as sofa. Number 2 pieces. The dimensions of the patterns take the couch, the only thing that is needed - to reduce the length of the back and bottom of the sofa.

Master bedroom bed of cardboard

Neither one bedroom is complete without a bed. And in the children's house needed bed for a doll. Make it out of cardboard. To prepare this pattern: the bottom of 26 x 18 cm, a lateral rest 9 x 8 x 18 cm is cut out from cardboard to 1 part.. We use the marginalia in the form of a trapezoid, you can fantasize to your taste or use a regular rectangle measuring 18 x 8 cm.

Foam cut parts on the bottom 3 of the same size on marginalia 2 parts. Glue the foam to the bottom of the board and a tight-fitting cloth. Feet to the bed to do the cardboard. For this cut a square 4 5 x 5 cm and about 1 cm from either side of an incision at a distance from each other by 0.5 cm. Square curl into a tube and turn down towards the cut strip is pasted to a bed leg by means of them. So we make with all legs. Make a pillow for a bed, a blanket, you can use a piece of cloth. Cot doll is ready, put it in the bedroom, and you can put a doll to rest.

Master of the kitchen stool made of cardboard

Continuing the theme, how to make furniture out of cardboard dolls, and more Furnishing Your Dollhouse. To make the chair, you will need thick cardboard A4. Prepare to start the scheme and drag it onto the cardboard. Mark the fold. Proceed with pasting the workpiece material or leather chair and remember that on the back of the seams are hidden on the front side and on the seat - on the wrong. High chair for dolls folded along the dotted lines, these places can be a little bend before pasting. Seat attach adhesive strong hold. Optionally decorate ribbons or additional decorative materials.

Table for kitchen dollhouse

What a kitchen without a table? We continue to make crafts out of cardboard. Furniture for dolls are manufactured only from a dense material.

For the legs of the table, you can use a cardboard sleeve. Or you can take an ordinary cardboard and twist it tightly into the tube. Fining blank white paper or colored. Cut the worktop to form a circle and also papered with colored paper. Connect using the glue gun and foot countertop. Decorate the table with a tablecloth from the material pieces and do napkins if desired. Kitchen table is ready.

Wardrobe made of cardboard in a small house for dolls

Developing the theme of how to make cardboard furniture for dolls, solve the problem with scattered dresses and other things.

To work will use a ready-made cardboard korobku.Pri help stationery knife remove the upper and lower valve, leaving only the side, in the future they will serve us the doors of the cabinet.

Papered the inside of the box a good color, you can use self-adhesive wallpaper wood.

Prepare templates for shelves and cut them out of cardboard. Dimensions consider based on your box, measure the height and width of the interior. Okleit they must be the same color as the inside of the cabinet. Putting glue gun regiments.

In the next cabinet department cocktail stick tube and fabricate from a hanger clips. Outside the box, you can also paste over the paper or paint. In one embodiment both the door mirror can be glued to a piece of foil. Fill wardrobe things and place it in your house.

What is a house without a TV? To create it, we need, as with all products, thick cardboard. Prepare two identical parts 15 x 12 cm. Merge them together. Plasma effect can paste over a cardboard TV black tape. If this is not at hand, fit the usual black paper. Okleivat start from the beginning all the side part, and then only to a flat panel. Leg can be made from conventional cap from the marker, and decorate it with tape.

When using a stand, you can take two matchboxes and glued together, in addition to paste plain paper and then decorated to match the TV. Hot glue fasten the leg to the TV and to the base of matchboxes. Cut from any children's magazine beautiful picture, a little less than the size of the TV screen and glue it to the plasma. Place in the house and enjoy your doll.

With the help of articles we discussed the basic options for resettlement house made of cardboard and answered the question about how to make furniture out of cardboard dolls.

On this basis, fantasize, invent their own versions and treat children with new ideas.

Cardboard furniture for dolls with their own hands. Schemes and video.

Every girl of any age love to play dolls, dressing them, sometimes sew clothes and even build houses that can be built from bricks made from books or glued from boxes and painted by hand. How is it interesting! After all, you can simply buy a ready home in the store or make it yourself, turning it into a fairy palace or castle. But how to arrange it? Need furniture ... I think we can try to create a similar set of diagrams and pictures, be sure to fantasizing:

It chairs, sofas, cupboards, table, vase with flowers, lamps, paintings.

For small and large pupae can make different interior items: Video:

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Doll furniture the hands - Equips Dolls

Give or do for the daughter of the house for her dolls - this is only the beginning. Next, the house will have to beat. This is - a bunch of toy furniture, appliances and accessories. For information on how to make furniture for dolls with their own hands will be discussed in this article.

Dolls, their houses and furniture - is a small copy us and our homes. And the surest way to make doll furniture with his own hands and not to make a mistake - to measure the real objects, to reduce them to a few times, and then work with the obtained values.

Furniture for dolls - a copy of our furniture

As far as reducing the actual size depends on how big or small doll, because they are from 7 cm to 60 cm or even higher. Accordingly, they need furniture in different sizes. To determine the number by which to divide the actual size of the average human height in centimeters (170 cm) divided by the height of the doll. We get some numbers. That's it, and it will be necessary to divide the size of the real furniture.

. For example, the height of the doll 15 cm Compute: 170 cm / 15 cm = 11.3. Here on this figure and divide all the parameters of the "human" furniture. It should also be said that it is 14-15 cm - the most popular size among the puppet people. Because most of the finished furniture is made in the ratio of 1:12. And we can take advantage of the available dimensions though, would be in order to be able to navigate to the extent of required parts and the number of materials.

The approximate dimensions of the furniture for the children's puppet

Thus, the most common sizes of dolls:

If you need furniture for dolls of this size, its parameters are as follows:

The dimensions of the situation depends on the growth of inhabitants

If your existing toys up / down slightly, you can adjust the dimensions are not. When a large difference have to be increased or decreased (and you can count yourself).

Doll furniture out of matchboxes

The easiest way to make furniture for dolls with their hands out of the ordinary matchboxes. They are bonded using PVA adhesive, creating a certain structure is then pasted over with paper or cloth, adhesive film, etc. As the legs can be used wooden beads, handles for drawers do from small pugovok legged or dlinnenkih beads.

Simple home-made doll furniture out of matchboxes

From matchbooks can make chairs, desk, chest of drawers, a bed, a bedside table. Another thing is that the furniture is obtained for very small dolls, height not exceeding 10 cm. Although it is possible to use a larger number of boxes by pasting them into blocks and these blocks to create furniture for dolls height of about 15 cm. The same option but to work with other materials not much more difficult, as they are more flexible and allow you to create products more elegant forms.

This may be your first experience in the manufacture of doll furniture. Later, you can take on something more serious.

Furniture for dollhouse made of cardboard

Try your hand at making furniture for dolls may be using cardboard. Inexpensive material available, it will be possible to try and make mistakes, rework. Cardboard usually connect using PVA glue, you can use the glue gun or any purpose adhesive which can glue the cardboard, fabric, wood. Just making the dolls with their own hands the furniture out of cardboard, you will still use these materials. If we talk about convenience, it is preferable to glue gun - glues fast, convenient working, reliable connection.

Without finishing a doll made of cardboard furniture does not look very good

To make furniture for dolls, you can use an ordinary cardboard packaging. It is cheap, but the furniture out of it turns out very tender. It is unlikely that it will be enough for a long time a child. But, as a "first experience", this is a good option. More reliable products obtained from cardboard for scrapbooking. It bole dense, homogeneous, has a different thickness (2 mm or more) may be a textured surface, Uni embossed pattern, a pattern on one or both sides. The disadvantage of such a board - it is necessary to buy, and some of the board is not too cheap.

This bed for cardboard dolls designed for large doll - up to 50 cm in height. If necessary, all of these sizes can be reduced.

You can make a bed out of a cardboard for a few minutes

This option can be done in just a 10-20 minutes. There is not need glue or other fasteners. Details are held due to the grooves cut into the cardboard. The width of the groove is equal to the thickness of the board, the length of the slits and the size of blanks indicated in the diagram.

Driving bed for dolls

Green and yellow dots indicate mating sections. They are inserted into one another, on which the assembly ends. If you like this model, it can be made from plywood.

Scheme for the manufacture of a cardboard doll furniture

Basically, dolls made of cardboard glued furniture. Make of this material something very complex openwork or unlikely to succeed, but the production of simple models do not take much time. Due to the size of the scheme, you can even do without explanation. And all so clear.

Schemes of furniture for dolls can be used not only for the production of cardboard. They can be transferred to the plywood and cut out using a jigsaw.

Wardrobe for the dolls from scrap materials

Toy cabinet can be made of plywood, painted or pasted wrapping paper or self-adhesive film. Here, perhaps, and questions will arise - all clear, and if you have any questions, you can spy on their decision in the "natural" cabinet. But can it be done and of very inexpensive materials. Furniture for dolls with their hands so good that its cost is very low.

The main task - to find a box of cardboard of suitable size. Moreover, it will be easier to work if it is the packaging - with the edges are folded. This part is bent - already finished door. It only remains to finish - to hang a mirror, stick handle, etc.

One of the options of homemade furniture la Doll - Closet

To work need a good tape, better - on paper, like the one to it then easier to glue the trim. If there is a glue gun or construction (fit and a large office) stapler with staples - too bad. If you use more, and other materials, the glue is best to find a universal, which glues paper, cardboard, cloth, plastic, other than paper and cardboard. Still needed are scissors, stationery knife, ruler.

How to make a case for a doll from a cardboard box

If you found the box is too big, it can be reduced by cutting off the excess. To make the folds flat, take the line. We are putting in place the future fold, some times good pass along the line of a blunt hard object (stem spoons or forks). Then, bend the cardboard will be easy.

Filling the toy cabinet

From scraps or other cut of the box shelves. They should be a little - by 5-8 mm - is longer and wider than the inner space of the cabinet. Surplus bends so that all sides are formed bumpers. The corners are formed folds them neatly cut away. One part bends 180 ° and glued to the shelf itself. This side shelf is "looking into the world." Three other parts of bends at an angle of 90 °, the coat with glue and glue in the shelf in the closet. In the photo on the right shows how the glued shelves. But to paste places not evident, bumpers wrap down better.

Making dolls with their own hands the furniture - it is no less pleasure than to play with her

Besides shelves, you can do more and crossbar for hangers. It can be made from bamboo shpazhek, for example, you can try to use a straw for juice, wire, etc. Hangers, too, can wring out of colored wire or cut from bags of juice from plastic bottles, etc.

Further, it is up to finish. Cardboard can paint with watercolors or acrylic (better) paints, pokleit wrapping paper, cloth, felt. It is possible to simulate a mirror surface - pasted foil (food, for example). If you want to make "plastic" surface look for bottles of water a desired color, cut off the neck and the bottom, and "body" is used as a finishing material.

Finish - a creative process, but, to begin with, use simpler materials, softer, thinner is easier to work with them

Handles can be made from wire, beads, long beads. For toy cabinets larger can be found or buttons of a button. All this "beauty" sticking already after a "sheathed" cabinet.

Hanging doll wardrobe newspaper

Will need old newspapers, PVA glue with a brush, glue gun, a couple of pieces of wire or thread, wrapping paper or paint finish of the cabinet.

A newspaper tube is twisted tight, we coat them on the edge of the PVA and allowed to dry. Then, the tube can be bonded to each other. For this operation, more suitable glue gun. There are two ways: first, to collect large blocks are then cut into pieces of desired length, or immediately cut into tubes of desired length and glue once the workpiece size. The second way is more laborious, but less waste.

Putting the plane of newspaper tubules

Finished wall of the cabinet is necessary to seal between them. To firmly fix the angle of 90 ° is best to use a thin wire. First fluff glue joints, then pull wire one wall to another. If the wires in the way, they can be removed after the glue has dried.

Under glue shelf holders

The same technology glued bottom, tops, shelves. Doors need to be done a little differently. That they open, from adhesive tape cut two strips of width about 1.5 cm. At the edge of the door glued tape, so that slightly more than half was in the air. This free adhesive tape is pasted to the wall of the door, but so that between the wall and a door had a gap of 2-3 mm (there simply Scotch). This will provide an opportunity to close the door. Adhered fix the door on the other side of the second strip of tape.

Attaching the door to the wire

The second way to secure the door - to the wire. Only this time, it has to be rigid and thick enough. Cut the piece that is 2 cm longer than the height of the enclosure. Immediately on a wire on one hand make the loop, using a 1 cm. Eyelet bends at an angle of 90 ° to the wire. Doing at the bottom of the roof and a hole through the bottom skip wire loop remains at the bottom. On a wire put on the door, using extreme tube instead of hinges. Slightly curving wire, it is passed through the hole in the roof of the enclosure are bent over, locking the door. We repeat the same operation on the other a door. Please note, secured door on the tape is necessary to finish the cabinet, and on the wire - it is possible and after.

Ready closet for dolls from newspapers

There are some things, which I must say a few words. Hands and feet for the cabinet can also be made from paper tubes. Just twist them should be out of the paper, which you trim a toy. You fold it into a tight roll of, the edge of the sizing adhesive and then cut to the desired length and glued in place. Instead of tubes can be wooden sticks, beads, etc.

Puppet bookcase or rack of lines

You can make furniture for dolls with their own hands from school wooden rulers. They are good in that already processed, they have the same width and thickness. The office supply store you can find the right size - larger / smaller, wider / longer - on request. For example, for the manufacture of a puppet bookcase 6 lines need a length of 15 cm.

Make a toy wooden bookshelf lines just

Still need to work a jigsaw. If there is an electric - great, if not - fit and hand, since the work is not too much. Also need sandpaper fine grain, glue (PVA or carpenter) and paint (acrylic or gouache).

Cut into lengths of lines:. 4 pieces of 6 cm, one - 8 cm edges sanded to a smooth state, also remove markings and bar codes. Between the two lines have a shelf (which by 6 cm), top reserve approximately the same distance - a cover (cut into 8 cm). Joints coat with white glue or carpenter, connect and detaching masking tape, leave for a day. When the glue dries, glue the very last detail - the top cover. Actually, the regiment is ready, it remains to paint.

Of the rulers can do other pieces of furniture for dolls

To obtain a smooth and bright colors, the design is better to cover the white, after drying, has painted the desired shade. Also hand made doll furniture can be decorated in decoupage technique.

Make furniture for dolls with their own hands can be of the most unlikely materials. How to use newspapers and wooden ruler, you have already seen. But you can make tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, shelves, cabinets, etc. of sticks for ice cream.

What good is this stuff, you probably already knew - it has rounded edges processed, identical in size and well treated. If the sticks seem to be too rough, doedite them until smooth using sanding paper with fine grain.

Of pegs given a good seat and chairs. Their dissociated into halves and combined using wood glue. Obtained shaped products virtually within a few tens of minutes.

Almost always, for the manufacture of doll furniture using wooden clothespins. But no one stops to take plastic. They also work accurately only difficulty is that wood is easier to modify by changing the thickness of the shape, etc. If the product is simple, does not require rework, and you can take plastic. They are diverse in size and shape, already painted, so messing with them less.

With the increasing skill you can go to a more complex material - plywood or wood. The difficulty is that vytachivanie and carving miniature parts requires delicate precision, perseverance and time-consuming. But you can do anything you want.

Make furniture for dolls with their own hands can be of any size, style

Several models of plywood chairs puppet

Toy cot for Pups

For those who have the depth of patience

Carved wooden doll bed

Corner desk for dolls ... .All as the present

Styles are different

Kitchen furniture in the doll house

Wardrobe for the dolls made of plywood - very high fidelity

Cupboard stuffed

Plywood crib for dolls

Toy kitchen tables with their hands out of plywood

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