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At present, Russian cultivators are presented in the domestic market a number of trademarks. Many of them are very popular for more than two decades.

Many consumers are wondering - how good domestic appliances? Moreover, in the context of its comparison with foreign analogues. Then give a definite answer is not easy. Why? Because the products of some countries better, for some indicators, but some products are frankly not call up Russian units characteristics. The best way out - the story of the existing models. And let the consumer has himself determined to whether the equipment is suitable from Russia to solve the problems it faces.

An overview of the market cultivators

So let's see that we are ready to offer Russian consumers as Russian manufacturers.

First we note apparatus known mark "Krot9quot ;. This technique has entered the market as early as the 70s of the last century, but today it is popular with truckers and farmers. What does this mean? This suggests a constant build quality and excellent consumer characteristics. The cost of the unit model MK-455, equipped with four-stroke power unit 4 "loshadki9quot; and having a worm transmission - 18 900 rubles.

Based on the worm gear operating device brands "Lider9quot ;, "Tarpan9quot ;, "Master9quot ;. Each of them is a high quality device. However, it should be noted that the above kind of gear makes it impossible to process heavy soils. In particular, the technique simply starts to slip. Prices for models of these brands are shown in the table below:

Note: in the wake of the growth of the popularity of Russian products market flooded with low-quality fakes from China. Do not worry, because they are easy to build a Low Culture.

Also you may be interested in:

Reliable and efficient domestic production unit, equipped with a Japanese power unit. It can be used as in suburban areas and on farms.

The unit, which was originally developed for the Russian agricultural conditions. Therefore the machine is designed for multi-function and maximum intensity of the operation.

Complex special devices which can significantly expand the functional equipment for cultivation and therefore increase its efficiency.

Electricity and cultivators of Russian production: a review of popular brands

Despite the foreign technology market saturation, it is nice to know that many cultivators of Russian production is not inferior to them in quality and reliability. These small-scale mechanization is now more relevant than ever. People understand that it is irrational to use a shovel for digging garden, if you can do it faster and better with the help of mini-technology, affordable and at times facilitate the work of gardener.

Often confused tillers and cultivators, it is no wonder when there is an abundance. It decided to consider the main difference is that the motor cultivator work carried out by the thrust generated by the wheel suspension part, while the cultivators work tool is installed instead of the wheels on the driving axle. Cultivators are designed to handle the soil cutters, they have less power, but they are able to work on small plots. Equipped with this technology engines of different power, so you can pick up a lightweight device for the treatment of cottages and powerful machine for farms.

Who decided on the purchase of a farmer discovers that to make a difficult choice. Desire in all of us, when we become buyers the same: if you choose the technique, we want to get for your money the best product. Buying should last a long time, be comfortable, feature-rich, compact and easy to operate. Before you go to the store, you need to conduct a market study and meet with an assortment that offer domestic producers.

First of all, we should pay attention to the drive. The principal difference is that, from what source are working cultivators:

  1. Elektrokultivatory do not require special care to drive to a working state. Just insert the plug into the socket and can be used. And if the model is rechargeable, it will only need to pre-charge the battery. Such models are used for the treatment of small areas such as a summer residence. The most reliable among electric models Russian production on the market, it is considered ProRab.
  2. Cultivators in maintenance more difficult, because they need topping up fuel and oil change, but this option is more independent because they do not require the presence of the power supply section. In this work they are more noisy. Here the palm of "Neva" and "Mole".

Neither the review is complete without mention of the fact that the Russian equipment is equipped with, as a rule, foreign-made engines, including the Chinese. Buyers usually prefer to see the logo of the name of the motor, which is considered the standard of reliability, and are willing to pay for it. However, according to Head of Marketing and Sales of the plant. Degtyareva Chinese Lifan engines are just as good. The company uses these along with Japanese and American. During the test it was noted by the following feature: the Chinese manufacturers of equipment accurately gives the installed capacity, which is not true of their famous colleagues. Although the "Chinese" in the more noisy.

If we consider the ranking of the best cultivators of Russian production, then the consumer reviews in it the lead "Tarpan" ( "Tulamashzavod"), "Neva" (the St. Petersburg JSC "Red October") and "The Mole" (Moscow MMP. Chernyshev). These lines have a lot of modifications have been adapted to the soils of central Russia, are equipped with reliable engines.

Old-timers claim that it is the "Mole" - the good of all cultivators in all respects. At this reliability and simplicity technique can be additionally set plow, various furrowers, milling "crow's feet". Suitable for processing even clay soil and virgin lands. Advantageously acquire no more than 10 ar for the site.

It is best to "Mole" is suitable for the treatment of garden: small portions of his ability, but he is ineffective at large. Typically, the set of 2-stroke engine 1 cylinder Honda air-cooled. The exception is the modification V700ii, equipped with the engine of its own production. Soil processing depth for all models - 12-25 cm.

The most compact model in the series - "The Mole M" with a capacity of 5 liters. from. . And a width of 36 cm of soil processing If buying representative MK series, you need to make a choice among the models the following capacities which differ also in weight: 2.6 liters. from. (48 kg), 3.5 l. from. (50 kg), 4 l. from. (48-50 kg), 5.5 l. from. (53 kg). ground working width for all models - 35-60 cm.

DDE series is very popular and is not inferior to foreign analogues in reliability. Three models offer a capacity of 6.5 liters. from. treated soil at 40-60, 60 and 60-100 cm.

This technique Russian manufacture can be recommended with the owner cottages portion 15 ares. "Tarpan" are appreciated for the powerful engine and reliability. they developed back in 1991 by Tula engineers, but were successful only when equipped with a powerful American engines Briggs&Stratton (5,5 or 6, n. S.). Release "Tarpan" Now the subsidiary "Tulamashzavod".

If a difficult task to choose which tiller is better, it should be noted that, in the opinion of consumers, "tarpan" mounted virtually "unkillable" worm gear. In this case, the cultivator without problems splits into 2 parts, that allows to transport it in the trunk of passenger cars, moreover, it is lightweight. To him a lot of attachments is available. tillage width -. 35, 70 and 100 cm Office is located on a height-adjustable steering wheel.

The combination of a powerful engine of imported and domestic durable components allows "tarpan" even in heavy soils. Performance allows for the hour, slowly, to plow 2 weave. Now the "Tarpan" is available with engines Briggs&Stratton, Honda, Champion and Zongshen. Their names are included in the modification (e.g., MK-TMZ-03-Champion).

These cultivators are of Russian production technology of medium and heavy class and, thanks to the wide grip, able to handle areas up to 1 ha, but they are not suitable for the garden.

Equipped with "Neva" engines Honda, Subaru or Briggs&Stratton. The design provides ease of management: a height-adjustable steering wheel and dual front wheel to facilitate the movement of equipment on the ground if the installed cutter.

Specialized equipment is available for various models. What exactly, it is better to specify when buying, because depending on the modification of the "Neva" is able to transform even sweeper, snow tools or a lawn mower.

Another line of cultivators in Russia. Equipment equipped electric, gasoline and diesel engines of different capacities. Consumers celebrate winning the ratio of low cost, high quality and good performance. For all produced cultivators, the company offers attachments: Hillers, Plows, Potato, lugs, mowers.

Models with gasoline four-stroke engines with air cooling and manual launch power of 2 to 7 liters. from. wide grip the soil to 25-110 cm and in depth - 20-35 cm.

The following models are equipped with diesel 4-stroke engines with water cooling. Power selection is in the range of 6-12 liters. . S, depending on the modification 2-6 present the front and rear transmission 1-2 width tillage - 80-110 cm.

Electric motors power 0,75-1,4 kW (1,02-1,9 l. C.), With the transmission 1 equipped with inexpensive light pattern capable of rendering the soil band width of 40 cm and a depth of 20-22 cm.

Getting acquainted with how to choose a tiller or electric appliances, it should be clearly understood that the cultivator has to cope with its task in terms of volume and complexity of work - these are the basic requirements for it.

Experts say that cultivators power should correspond to the width of the soil capture follows: 1 liter. from. power must fall 10-15 cm of soil.

A small working width in the low power cultivators may be a disadvantage in the open area, when it is necessary to plow a large blank area, or turn into dignity garden soil treatment between trees. The weight of such devices is usually - 15 kg. For example, elektrokultivatoru can not afford to be an area larger than 10 acres, as well as heavy, clay soils. But for small gardens and kitchen gardens it is the best choice because of the small size, light weight and maneuverability. Especially that to cope with such a machine is capable of even fragile woman.

Heavier and powerful technique weighing 15 kg, with a 4-stroke engine is selected, if for one approach will have to handle 7-10 ar. And for the processing area of ​​more than 15 acres have needed equipment of the middle class. It weighs 35-65 kg and a cope with problematic soils (rocky, clay or virgin). In the treatment of such soils from the person does not require additional efforts, since the cutter bite into the ground under the weight of the cultivator.

Heavy class equipment used on farms for large areas (20 acres). It is possible to hang a variety of equipment and even transported with the help of small loads.

Cultivators Russian production "Mole" and "Salute": reviews

Tiller - comfortable modern technology, through which you can greatly facilitate the work at the suburban site. Equipment of this type is produced in many countries around the world, including in Russia. Most of the domestic models are reliable and good quality. Most same popular cultivators Russian production - "Krot9raquo; and "Salyut9raquo ;.

On what criteria to look for when choosing?

Buying tiller worth a look especially on such characteristics:

The type and power of the engine. Today released cultivators with electric and petrol motors. Functioning of the network model used for the treatment of very small areas (beds, greenhouses). Rechargeable car more maneuverable, but also used for plowing the land in small areas. The gasoline engine can be a two-, four- and shestitaktnym. Accordingly, this technique is used in areas with different area.

The width of lot capture. The smallest cultivators models running on electricity, are usually capture width not exceeding 50 cm. Petrol models in this regard, it is more convenient. Width of tillers is about 60-80 cm.

Depth of plowing. Most cultivators loose soil about 20-25 cm. However, there are powerful models capable of processing the soil to a greater depth.

The ability to use different types of attachments. At tiller allowed not only hang plow, but, for example, hiller, small mower and weeders t. D.

From walk-behind tractors cultivators differ in that they can not be used for transporting all sorts of goods. they are usually put on the wheel temporarily and only to move around the site.

The first models of this brand went off the assembly line in 1983, their quality was quite decent, and so they quickly gained popularity among gardeners. For "Krotami9raquo; They lined up in long lines. This technique is purchased in bulk, even foreign entrepreneurs. "Krot9raquo; He became the first cultivators for performing suburban papers issued in our country, and still remains one of the most popular brands. Produced by Russian cultivators "Mole" Machine Building Plant in Moscow and Omsk.

Good maintainability - one of the undoubted merits of models of this brand. Structure of Russian production of cultivators "Krot9raquo; They are very simple. In the two-part frame fixed gear. Controlled tiller this mark exactly the same as the motorcycle: by plastic handles turns (coupling, gas). Attachments to "Krotu9raquo; mounted on special brackets available on the frame.

Torque from the engine is transmitted to the gearbox via a belt transmission. On the protruding shafts of the last fixed cutter. Engines on cultivators' Krot9raquo; using different. Usually this is two-stroke or four-stroke Honda, FORSA ZF or LIFAN. Working width of the majority of modifications cultivators "Krot9raquo; 60 cm plowing depth - 20-25 cm.

Because these Russian cultivators (reviews of them, incidentally, is very good and still so) - machinery quite powerful, sometimes as tillers, used for the transport of goods is not too heavy. In this case, the shafts are mounted conventional wheels with rubber tires.

Most often cultivators Russian production "Krot9raquo; using, of course, for plowing the land. In this case a different number of cutters may be applied. Virgin lands, as well as very dense plow with two. Soft soils is usually treated with four cutters. The maximum number that can be used in the cultivators' Krot9raquo ;, - six.

Also, the technique of this mark may be used:

For weeding. In this case, other components installed on the outer contour. It is a propolniki and special wheels.

Hilling, and even digging up potatoes.

Billets small volumes using razors hay-mowers.

Transportation trolley cargo on trailer not more than 150 kg.

For pumping water.

Cultivators of Russian production of this brand, as already mentioned, in our country is extremely popular. The main advantages in addition to their full maintainability include low cost, long life and high quality soil treatment. Most of the modifications "Krota9raquo; They have a very good power. The fact that they can be transported, for example, hay, really like the villagers and the people, having at its suburban areas rabbits and goats. Vacationers appreciate this model of small size with a very good performance.

Well as its advantages include long service life. Some cottagers, this model has served already for 20-30 years, with virtually no need of repair. In general, very good cultivators deserve these Russian-made responses.

This brand is also quite popular in our country. Produced cultivators "Salyut9raquo; Russian company of the same name. Its head office is located in Moscow. "Salyut9raquo; - one of the oldest Russian companies. It was founded in 1912 and specialized in the assembly of aircraft engines. In 1918 it was nationalized enterprises.

In functionality and quality of the cultivators of the Russian manufacture "Salyut9raquo; entirely in no way inferior to their foreign counterparts. On the domestic frame in these models are used imported motor brands Honda, Lifan, Briggs&Stratton. In the latest versions "Salyut9raquo; apply new gearboxes, gears which are made of high-strength steel. Due to this they can withstand a large load.

The presence of the transmission allows you to select the required speed of plowing. If desired, the tiller, as well as "Krot9raquo ;, can be used to carry too heavy loads and even for clearing snow from the yard. Active attachments to this model is connected via a power take-off shaft.

At present, the plant "Salyut9raquo; produced cultivators:

5BS and 5BS-1. This version is equipped with a motor brand Brigss&Stratton 6.5 liters. from. The widest choice of attachments you can use it to perform a wide variety of garden work.

5L. On the model data set Lifan engine and 6.5 liters. from.

5X. This technique uses the motor brand Honda GC190 capacity of 6 liters. from.

In addition, the available cultivators Russian production "Salyut9raquo; modifications "Honda9raquo; and 100. It is also quite powerful and feature-rich models.

Consumer opinion about the models' Salyut9raquo;

These cultivators Russian-made consumer reviews deserve even very good. These advantages include primarily high-torque, easy start and economy. Also praise the cultivators of this manufacturer for maneuverability and quiet operation. The disadvantages of the models "Salyut9raquo; include tight switch gear and too little corner handles lift.

Thus, cultivators Russian manufacture "Krot9raquo; and "Salyut9raquo; They can be considered quite reliable technology and quality. These models are cheaper than imported counterparts, with his own work to cope quite successfully.

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