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The choice in the same style: a set of curtains and bedspread for the bedroom

Textile design of the bedroom depends on the color and finish of furniture in the room Raisin in the bedroom should be a priori - and this is not necessarily in an elegant headset, or decorating the walls. The highlight may be a simple accessory, such as a cute pillow. Or the design of curtains that can be beneficial to shade shy of the situation. And you can buy a set of textiles and resolve the issue with an accent.

Bedspread and curtains for the bedroom: why it makes sense to choose a set

There are at least five reasons for choosing a set.

Curtains and bedspread in the bedroom does not necessarily have to overlap completely. Simply highlight accents

  • These elements will be uniquely combined with each other, at least because they are made of the same material;
  • The room immediately acquire a complete, concise view as complete sets always pulls attention to themselves;
  • Style matching bedroom - another important point, and set this line provides a greater degree;
  • They freshen the interior without global repair and rebuilding;
  • Finally, the kit you choose at a time, that is, not running around in search of suitable things to each other.

And financially kit will cost you less than if the curtains and bedspread you have purchased separately. Finally, the manufacturer will have one, and if you buy the item brand with a good reputation, the guarantee of quality in your hands.

Compliance with the room set style

This is a very important point. In the high-tech style, you can not turn the set into a flower country motif. Or the aesthetics of the village put curtains with lots of frills and draperies.

If you are used to sleep until late morning, then selected the curtains should be combined with roller blinds that do not allow sunlight to spoil morning sleep

Are taken into consideration the following features:

  • set fabric must necessarily be combined with the tone wallpaper, and print them;
  • Coloring kit should match the colors of furniture to complement it;
  • For example, under the bright furniture, take a set of soothing colors, the game on the contrast is not always successful.

But the identity of the figure on the curtains and the wallpaper is not obligatory. Otherwise, such a dubbing closed curtains create a feeling of a cube, not the room, limited and tight spaces.

Types of Curtains and bedspreads

To select such a set should be understood that the package it may be very different.

Set for textile decoration bedroom is better to buy not one to periodically be able to animate the interior podnadoevshy

The kit may consist of:

  • One or two curtains and bedspreads;
  • Curtains, curtains and plaid;
  • The two curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads (pillowcases for decorative pillows can be from two to five);
  • Curtains, pelmets and blanket;
  • Pillowcases, bedspread, curtains, pelmet, tulle;
  • Two pick-up for drapes, curtains, two covers for pillows, blanket.

As you can see, the options are many. And you can always find the one that is ideal for the style of your room. Do not be amiss, and the purchase of two kits - one for winter and one for summer time. They are executed in the same style, but taking into account the particular time of the year. Summer kit should be as light as possible, and a winter version should create atmosphere of warmth, comfort and security.

How to choose the right package

First you have to decide what exactly expect from this package. What effect do you think, it should produce. The most important thing - the stylistic unity.

Some parts of country style tightly intertwined with French Provence style, which became a classic of the genre for the most

characterized by the following styles:

  • Classic - a combination of quiet tones and bright accents are possible, but always balanced by other elements of the interior;
  • East style - an abundance of fine detail, ornamentation and floral patterns, bright colors and attention to accessories, components in the interior can play a central role because of its brightness could be the greatest;
  • Scandi - calm, concise and clear curtains and bedspread, if the room is actually white, they can be colored, but not colorful;
  • Provence - colored flora, floral print is possible, only natural fabrics;
  • Country - you can use a little rough fabrics (such as flax), calm natural colors, without unnecessary decoration.

In a small bedroom discard large prints that visually make it even less

Glossy fabric with gold, silver, and other fringe elements of the so-called "gypsy chic" thing of the past. And if you want the brightness, activity, use the kits with an unusual print, beautiful deep colors, rich textures of fabrics.

How to choose curtains for the bedroom: designer tips (video)

Start from the fact that the bedroom - it's all the same comfort and relaxation, rather than extravagance and interior shine. They, perhaps, are good, but not in the room for relaxing.

Set of curtains and bedspread for the bedroom (photo)

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