Electric Cultivator for virgin land

How to choose a cultivator to testify? Electric or Gasoline?

Now there are few who use a shovel to handle its backyard. In the post-Soviet countries have cultivators and tillers, and tighten by hand is not in vogue. Each summer residents needed unit, which will cultivate the soil. Of course, the shovel - this is a simple device, which in most cases is now replaced by mechanics, but there is a hand-held advanced options. It also cultivators for questioning, but are controlled from the operator force. Hand cultivator does not require gasoline or electrical energy as mechanical.

Cultivators for questioning: what is and how to choose

Cultivator for garden equipped with a long handle that the control could not be bent in (although there are shorter). Such use when you need to weed the flower beds on the ground, so as not to damage the flowers, even a light mechanical cultivators do not always know how to gently loosen enough land with a gentle landing. Hand cultivator can be divided into rotary and tiller-Weeder. He has to swivel shaft drives to handle the soil in the form of stars, so the rotary cultivator is also called the star.

Ripper is different from the previous version of their capabilities through other structures. Thus, the cultivator can cope in the soil, the rain hammered, and crusted. Can loosen clay soil, which would be useless star cultivator. Such abilities garden appliance are explained by the presence of three or five teeth, which the gardener has to drive them into the ground.

When the tool is trying to pull out of the land, the land rises and flips. Cultivators can be used in the garden and in the home (seedlings and pots). With this in mind, some are equipped with a long handle, the other - short.

Key to the cultivators today - a mechanical (cultivators). They can be described in three versions: light, cultivators with an average weight and heavy cultivators.

Light cultivators need to be the one to whom it is necessary to cultivate the land in the same beds, greenhouses, but in general wherever there is a light soil, which is very easy to cultivate. In light cultivators have one advantage over medium and heavy, which we will discuss later. It is their light weight. Let's face it - almost all the work in the garden is done by women. For the women's physical strength lightweight cultivators would be ideal. Weight light units - from 8 to 15 kg. They may cultivate the ground at a depth of 20 cm and 30 cm in breadth.

Not very functional, but it will fit for the small needs. Light cultivators are available in two versions: petrol and electric. Gasoline equipped with weak two-stroke engines. Electrical work on the network, such a machine, you can connect through a window into a wall outlet, but this drawback is that cable cultivators constantly confused and interfere, and can easily be cut cutters. Describe the type of treatment is limited to 10 hectares of land and more at a time, he could not loosen.

Average cultivators powerful - medium or featherweight. They already use them heavier and predominantly male. Weigh 15 to 35 kg. Attachments which processes the ground and needs a strong motor and a desired weight carrier. On light cultivators never hinged put option, the unit of the weight just does not wash away their master. Light cultivators use in their work only the cutter.

For featherweight cultivators manufacturers made canopies like ploskorez and Hillers. On average cultivators put 4-stroke engines, thanks to which the unit can develop a capacity of 2 to 5.5 hp With an average engine you can in one round 30 hectares loosen the soil. The width of the capture of soil and its depth is also greater. Tiller average gravity can capture a width of 60 cm, and loosen the ground to a depth of 20-25 cm. All units of this type operate by gasoline.

Heavy tiller is in its ability to compete with medium or heavy motor-block. Best attachments created for heavy cultivators. They can work on the basis of whatever complexity. These are often treated virgin lands. Cultivators heavy type can be used hiller, ploskorez, plow, shovel-blade for cleaning the territory from the snow, and a rotary mower.

However, Snow overhang on the tiller will not wear, so heavy cultivators already baffled by the same tillers. Incidentally, the manufacturers of different cultivators make for their products different hanging options, so when you purchase the unit ask the seller what the canopy you can fix on your purchase.

Heavy cultivators span width of land 1 meter. Work with depth of 30 cm in the ground. Due to the large width are terribly uncomfortable in the narrow areas, but the advantage is that often the width of the capture of soil can be adjusted in the heavy units. this level machines weigh 35-60 kg. They can develop a capacity of up to 6 hp and process without rest area of ​​30-50 hectares. Alternatively, you can look Elitech KB 71. Powerful - it was created specifically for the plowing of virgin land and troubled land.

Following the above specifications are currently select the device you want to work on your site. If you have a garden or greenhouse, which constantly undergo treatment land, you will probably need a lightweight compact cultivator, which will cope with a narrow area and a light soil, without damaging what you have planted. If you have a large garden or a field of cereals under, you'd better buy a medium or heavy machinery.

Cultivator for giving an electrical machine

We have previously described a little light cultivators. It is said that most of this category - namely electrical mechanisms. Frankly, I would not have bought this myself. Yes, no need to spend money on petrol, you can simply use electricity from the mains, but this motoblock have a wire that you are and will be connected to the outlet.

It will constantly disturb, mess under your feet. And imagine if this wire is accidentally hit by a mill in action and she'll cut it. And it will have to buy a new cable? Light cultivators are only useful in flower beds or greenhouses. Them and so nowhere else can use awnings to them to gain a foothold. Therefore, this technique is problematic is only good for the fighters against pollution.

However, if all of you have decided to buy an electrical engineer, give characteristics of some units, you might like.

You may come in handy in the country Caiman Turbo 1000. Remember that the best agricultural equipment collected in Europe. This unit produces France. It can work with a width of 47 cm and loosen depth to 25 cm. As a light tiller has a weight of 32 kg. Caiman Turbo engine has a battery-electric type. Develops a power of up to 1.4 hp 1 and is able to switch between forward and one reverse gear.

Everyone is always appreciated German technology. If you are supporter of high quality, buy electric cultivator Gardena EH 600. The number in the title is 600 watts, which is able to develop the tiller. The weight of this mechanism - 8 kg. He loosens the width of the ground 36 cm and 18 cm deep. There is only one forward gear.

Let's say you're looking for something more powerful 600 watts. The same Germany produces cultivators MTD T 30E 21A. Develops power of 1.9 hp True, compared with the previous embodiment, it has problems with the capture of depth and width of lot - loosens width of 30 cm, leaving 15 cm deep. It weighs 13 kg. It has a worm gear.

With the same specifications, there is another German tiller Wolf Garten C30 E. Only he is a pound lighter.

If you want to save, see the joint production of Germany and China. Among these cultivators IKRA Mogatec EM EM 1000 and 1200. IKRA Mogatec EM weighs less than 1000 - 10 kg. Goes to 20 cm into the ground and captures 30 cm of soil in width. EM 1200 model has a weight of 12 kg, loosens the earth to a depth of 22 cm and a width of 40 cm.

As with a shortage of funds will fit joint production of China and Denmark, like Texas EL Tex 750 and 1300.

Elektrokultivator for virgin soil: is it worth buying?

If you bought land, and the former owner on abandoned and not cultivated the land for several years, or you have purchased a wild plot of land, which in general no one was engaged to you, you'll need a tiller with a bunch of different canopies. It is a heavy cultivator for which there is a vast selection of different canopies.

You probably will not be able to take advantage of an average motor cultivators in the treatment of difficult soils, and certainly will not be able to apply an electric cultivator, which make a purely light. In addition, you will have the present and literally plow on virgin soil, need a plow, and Ridger and ploskorez and how you wear it to the electric mechanism? It really only use the cutter.

Mini Tillers garden: Hyundai

Another economical option. This is also an electric cultivator. It is collected in South Korea. Hyundai T1500-E can reach a capacity of up to 2.04 hp The width of its land capture - 30 cm, while it takes the ground at a depth of 20 cm.

The device weighs 13.5 kg. He has only one forward speed (apparently, this is typical of all Chinese, and Korean cultivators). It is on the market, mostly $ 195.

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Top cultivators Power rating: photos, specifications, price, reviews

Today we look at Top cultivators Power rating of their photos, features, prices, as well as customer reviews.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Power: 1.70 kW / 2.31 hp
  • Rotation speed: 120 r / min
  • Processing width: 30 cm

from 10990 rubles. to 14279 rubles.


Worm drive, light weight, compactness, 1700Vt power (not more - not less to give). Pleased dust- and waterproof, for our weather conditions, rescue property.

A comment

An indispensable tool on the ground. Reduces work in two or three times.

Long ripe for buying a cultivator, and that's a little more than a month ago it happened. Many compare and analyze, for my budget better Daewoo DAT 1700E found. Obvious advantages - low price, for the treatment of beds and beds is the fact.

Here I do not know what you can complain at such a modest price. In addition, the brand Daevas have heard before, so when buying already knew it would be a quality piece.

The set (except for the cultivator, cutter, wheel) is warranty (1 year), it also means something, a good indicator of quality.

I never regretted that they had bought exactly this cultivator (namely Daewoo DAT 1700E). For me and my husband as a first-class summer residents - really irreplaceable thing. Of the main advantages - a good maneuvering, for our complex plot is real salvation!

Not once enjoyed, and neighbors gave out, none of us complained.

A great thing to give, I recommend.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Power: 1.40 kW / 1.90 hp
  • Rotation speed: 400 r / min
  • Processing width: 30 cm

from 10800 rubles. to 18700 rubles.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Power: 2 kW / 2.72 hp
  • Processing width: 45 cm
  • cultivation depth: 15 cm

from 18319 rubles. to 46280 rubles.


He does not smoke, does not stink, does not imply anything, does not require any maintenance, not very noisy, ferocious power, easy to disassemble (in part) and as such is part of the trunk of a conventional sedan.

Heavy (the woman with him is very difficult), you must carry over a wire (however is any elektrokultivator)

Expectations were met. It has a maintenance-free chain gear and arranged elementary (and therefore safe) grip. No problem plowing virgin soil (the main thing - to keep him in the process), has a complete RCD (stuck in the socket). Virtually not heated, even when grinding virgin land. Digs to a depth of bayonet spade. Mills quite strong (breaks in the land of thick tiles and bricks without problems) .Benzinovye cultivators, of course, there are more powerful (though not all), but to give - and this is completely missing.

Plow perfectly, silently, efficiently in the greenhouse and outdoors

Deficiencies were found.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Processing width: 26 cm

from 13490 rubles. to 48990 rubles.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Power: 2 kW / 2.72 hp
  • Processing width: 55 cm
  • cultivation depth: 25 cm

from 22690 rubles. to 27738 rubles.


All the price osobeno

small weight of .50 kg would be the most

This autumn upset, broken tiller and konkretno.Chinit came more new work right now, is not shine and money at the expense of a garden in the autumn digging is the law of my land -17sot, a shovel is not hard but terribly boring .Nigde not really found I reviews about elektrokultivatorah -plyunul maximum power and took a chance and bought hundayku 2000s. I found for 12000rub. Sobral- all bundled -Hours two digging rubbed corn and sweating - the habit. I began to look for the optimal mode for myself and for him and found. Coulter I just did not put - you need not to run but I have refrained so-not difficult. Land utoptanaya for summer-on bayonet spade almost stand as she climbs in some areas. He defeated and good course -povozilsya engine 2Q -2.7 hp will be enough, and the virgin lands, but the weight of the unit-30kg and this little nephew -pozval-yet-small 17 kg weight -posadil it on the engine and we had to dig and poskakili so famously We dug .All were happy and nephew and vovse.Ne requires subservient -vechny gearbox with 100let guaranteed-result, very pleased - seekonomil two days digging .Rekomenduyu all. Yes immediately without putting has undermined all cutters and sandpaper cultivator easier and me. Good luck to everyone who buys.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Power: 0.75 kW / 1 hp
  • Rotation speed: 240 r / min
  • Processing width: 23 cm

from 31836 rubles. to 37900 rubles.

  • cultivator
  • Electrical engine
  • Power: 2 kW / 2.72 hp
  • Processing width: 55 cm
  • cultivation depth: 26 cm

from 23990 rubles. to 33669 rubles.


Not for myself bought this cultivator (Daewoo DAT 2000E), and for the parents. Was looking for the best option for the price / performance proved this to me. Good power, the width of the flexible beds, weight 29 kg, in principle, not much lower noise.

For me, the price is low, and the parents of the cultivator spoke only positively.

Compared with the cultivators of other manufacturers that, it is still tipped in favor of this. Korean quality, power up, and the price is lower than others. And the body, I want to note the aluminum.


From the shops for the second time brought cultivator in broken boxes and understaffed.

For those who want to buy! Check the packaging according to the instructions.

After the winter, when the soil is still hard, I bought a cultivator Daewoo DAT 2000E, reading a lot of information that it's not how much, and did not miss. The machine operates easily and quickly (16 knives after all, and the engine 3.5 hp), and used for hilling and weeding it can be.

How many did not try to find a flaw, I am not found. At a competitive price brilliant performance.

Included are a lot of things, but you do not be afraid, in the written instructions how to assemble and use.

Electric tiller to give: an indispensable technique gardener

Today there are many techniques that can ease the burden on the land. An example is the cultivator. Automated loosening important for any gardener, because it saves energy, time and greatly improves the quality of the soil tillage. The most popular option is for giving electric cultivator. It has a number of advantages of thorough, which favorably distinguish it from petrol tillers and hand cultivators.

Kltivator helps to cultivate the soil on the cottage and garden plots

Most electric cultivators: advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage of the electric cultivator to give is its size. Although these farm machines are also divided into weight groups, which will be specified below, they have a relatively small weight and size. It is good for all users, particularly a quality appreciated by women and the elderly.

Compact cultivator is lightweight

Much easier to perform any work, a minimum of effort and without feeling extreme fatigue. With light weight, electric tiller is more maneuverable. He could easily squeeze without damaging plants or shrubs where heavy and powerful machine is altogether useless. It is due to the size of this type of equipment is very portable to use.

Note! Many models feature an ergonomic handle and is easy to remove the motor, so they can be transported easily.

It often happens that does not always have to rely on secure storage of valuables at their summer cottage. Therefore, with this type of technique problems and unnecessary emotions arise. Easily transported elektrokultivator will be in a safe place, and when you need to - it just may be delivered to the desired location without any problems.

Good performance - it is also one of the most important advantages of electric tiller for the beds. Everyone who buys a car with pleasure noted that the results of its work are very good. Even very delicate gardener can stay happy.

Cultivator can be controlled easily, even a woman

Electric tiller for giving: benefits

Since when using elektrokultivatora combustion of gasoline does not occur, then there is no harmful exhaust gases. This is very important, both for the environment and for those who use this technique in the greenhouse. And in the indoor accumulation of harmful substances in the air it is extremely harmful to plants.

On the plus side it is worth noting the ease of maintenance. Such a cultivator mean only the minimum necessary care cleaning cutters, lubrication of parts and timely change of oil. Furthermore, there is no need for constant control of fuel. Since elektrokultivator powered from the mains, then it will work continuously. There will be no problems with the sudden stop technology due to lack of fuel.

Specialists have estimated that the use of elektrokultivatora costs to give less than using technology to gasoline, which is a significant advantage in terms of efficiency. Elektrokultivatory easy to operate because they do not have any additional instruments and devices. To get started, you only need to press the start button.

Mini tiller can be easily transported

Disadvantages of cottage electric tiller

The most obvious drawback elektrokultivatorov is their dependence on the network. It will determine the length of the cord area, you will be able to handle. The use of additional extension cords to increase the radius of the area to be treated, but is not very convenient to work with a large number of cables underfoot. And it is this kind of technology is not suitable for land that do not have electricity.

Another negative - a small power. This parameter can be attributed even to the shortcomings, but simply to the specifics of the device. For the range of activities for which it is intended, more power is not needed.

The most reliable and popular elektrokultivatory: types, classification and specifications

The most common characteristics elektrokultivatorov - it is the difference in weight and power consumption. This technique is independent of drive type (electric or petrol) divided by weight into three groups:

  1. Ultra-light. Representatives of this category weigh from 10 to 15 kg, the width of the cultivation and cultivation depth - 30 and 10 cm, respectively.
  2. Lungs. Have a weight of 35-40 kg, the width of cultivation - 40-50 cm, 10-15 cm-depth.
  3. Average. Weighing 65-70 kg, treated plots width 80-90 cm and a depth of 20 cm.
  4. Heavy. Weigh more than 100 kg and is considered a professional farm machinery, capable of handling large area.

Average cultivators weigh 65 kg or higher

Elektrokultivatory can be attributed to the ultra-light and easy assembly. The other two groups are a more powerful petrol and cordless models. Among elektrokultivatorov soil that and so are the lightest members, particularly popular mini elektrokultivatory to testify. They are so compact that they can even fit in a backpack. Will be invaluable for the treatment of densely planted beds, the ground under bushes, in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Weight, power and processing area

All elektrokultivatory have the following specifications:

The main parameter among the above is power. This is a defining characteristic of any elektrokultivatora model. It is up to its values ​​depend on all other indicators. Therefore elektrokultivatorov with greater processing power depth index higher than that of machines with smaller. Depending on what is required to do in the garden area (deep proryhlit earth or get rid of weeds) determined by the processing depth. Adjusting this parameter is present on each elektrokultivatore.

Light cultivator has a weight of 15 kg

The width of the area to be treated as an important characteristic. Some models have an additional set of cutters to be able to change the width of the treated soil. Thus, the user can expand the capabilities of the device.

Effect of quantity and quality of the milling operation result in

Elektrokultivatory in its configuration have a different number of cutters. They can be set as an additional and be an integral part. At specified widths can account for 2-4 cutter. Sometimes in a very advantageous position are elektrokultivatory with a small working width, but with a maximum number of mills. Such deliberate decision cultivator provides manufacturers with a small width, but with four instead of two cutters, knives, very productive production.

Note! Some models have an additional set of cutters - this will greatly enhance the spectrum of tasks.

One of the important specifications is the opportunity to adjust the speed of rotation of milling cutters. Speed ​​selection will affect the quality of the soil tillage. Applying a higher speed, power tiller helps the grower to handle the more complex areas. And also in pole position will always be an electric cultivator with a reverse - the possibility of reversing.

Standard equipment of cultivator provides for 2-4 milling

Features of use of the smallest electric cultivators

Elektrokultivator purchasing, the consumer has specifically set itself the goal: what it is, who will manage it, for what amount you can expect when you buy. Based on the answers to these questions, you can choose the best option. Very often, this kind of machine needs a woman. They strive to bring beauty near their suburban areas, and want to be in this independent of men. In order to facilitate their physical labor on small beds and greenhouses, fit female elektrokultivator.

Helpful advice! Choosing an electric cultivator to give to a woman, pay attention to the light weight of 7-8 kg models.

It is convenient because it does not need to refuel, but you can just plug in a wall socket. It is lightweight and maneuverable. Will absolutely not a problem to bring it out of the garage, transport to the trunk of the car. Convenient wheel will always help to move it to the site. Due to the small-sized dimensions, any woman will cope with his baton. Only by clicking the start button, you can achieve the expected results, without involving men. Therefore, it is popular electric mini-tillers for the cottages, their prices are very good customers in this category.

Lightweight model weighing up to 8 kg are suitable for women and seniors

Elektrokultivatory Russian production

The modern market of agricultural equipment brands represented both import and domestic manufacturers. Russian factories produced a large number of models that can compete freely with the Chinese, German and Japanese.

Electric Cultivator Tarpan: its pros and cons

One of the representatives of the Russian elektrokultivatorov is a brand of "Tarpan". It's hard elektrokultivator having a large capacity and is able to produce a wide range of activities in any soil. It can operate with any additional equipment, such as a plow, hiller, weeders, cleats, etc.

Note! Many experts believe that this technique - perfect tandem motor imported and domestic iron, which will show the best results.

Pen not only can be adjusted in height, as in many models, but also to the sides. This allows the most convenient to organize the work. Consumers often report that it is very easy to remove the engine from the frame. Such an operation can make even a very skilled person in the art. Easily removed engine will freely transport the equipment at any desired location.

Electric Cultivator Tarpan

It is also necessary to mention a few minuses. For example, the absence of the reverse sometimes makes it impossible to use elektrokultivatora Tarpan on already densely forested areas. Mills made a right angle, and a very overgrown areas often have to stop the machine and cleaned. Not it is also desirable that it was a long time at an angle greater than 15 degrees. May leak oil, and to change it is not very easy.

Elektrokultivator Loplosh: description

Elektrokultivatory this brand different qualitative development of virgin land, weeding plants, hilling beds neat furrows. They weigh on average 35 kg, loosen the soil to a depth of 18 cm and a width of grip of about 30 cm. Power consumption 1.1 kW. This mechanism is very well grinds roots of weeds, which refines the appearance of any site and that fertilize the soil.

electrical control for garden cultivators of this brand does not require special skills. You just need to follow some specific steps, depending on the task. Installing the knives takes place strictly according to instructions, and is determined by type of transaction. Depending on whether it will be mulching, harrowing or deep tillage, cutters, knives are in force or the high-speed shaft.

Loplosh a controller working depth. After staffing, elektrokultivator put in the beginning treated furrows check the cord include knives and the soil is lowered smoothly. The main advantage of this machine, many buyers consider the possibility of reversing. This processing procedure is similar to the work of shoveling makes it possible not to tread down already treated areas. Very easy to use reverse to densely forested areas. It can be considered elektrokultivatorom for heavy soil.

When you reinstall the cutters need to raise the handle of the unit to its highest position, set on a horizontal surface, and only then carry out all subsequent operations.

Easy petrol cultivator: compact assistant at their summer cottage

What are and how to choose the right device. What to look for when choosing. Overview of features and prices of top 10 models.

Key indicators elektrokultivatora Hope

This brand of Russian production has proved a long time and in the best way. Over the ten-year history issue consumers pointed to a main quality and some are rightly considered products of the brand with the best electric cultivators. Unit power consumption of 1.1 kW, weight 45 kg, the plowing depth of 25 cm, and width - 35-65 cm It is equipped with a cable length of 50 m, which significantly differentiates it from other models..

It has complete mills for cultivation and plowing the land, as well as active Ridger, reminiscent in its design of the propeller. That he gives maximum efficiency. When hilling, for example, the potato "propeller" sleep bushes fluffy oxygenated ground, which has a positive effect on the results of root crop cultivation.

Cultivator equipped with a protective device power failure. Its role is as follows: turn off the engine in case of overheating and to prevent the possibility of electric shock, man.

Electric tiller Hope

This agricultural yield even heavy, caked soils. Having a large mill, and a pressure of its own weight, the process takes place without too much difficulty. The duration of such a machine is 6 hours. This is a very good indicator, as more time and the operator is not required, because of their own fatigue.

Electric tiller Neva

This elektrokultivator weighs 45 kg, has a transmission capacity of 1.5 kW and can treat an area 60 cm wide and 20 cm deep. Its three-step chain gearing for speed-milling cultivators 80 revolutions per minute, which site is optimal for processing. Given this rate of speed and the diameter of the four cutters (32 cm) included in the kit, the results will satisfy even the most meticulous gardeners.

The control is on the handle, there are automatic protection from overheating of the engine and the user of the current. This brand performs a standard for all elektrokultivatorov set of operations.

Mini elektrokultivator Champion: ideal for greenhouses, flower beds and greenhouses

Elektrokultivatory Champion presented a large number of models. A distinctive feature of each of them - is, first of all, the importance of power as well as weight. A striking example of the electric tiller 750 watt model is ES750. It weighs 7.5 kg, and can claim to be the best electrical mini-cultivator for questioning.

Electric tiller Champion

Light and maneuverable apparatus has four steel mills with a curved shape of the blades. This solution improves the quality of ground handling. groove depth of 20 cm and a maximum width of the male -. 32 cm It is exceptional to work in the flowerbeds, lawns, greenhouses and hothouses. Has one speed, there is no reverse gear.

Models with greater power (1400 W and 1700) may have cutters 6 in its configuration. Such apparatus can be used for more extended space.

German electric cultivator Gardena

Many buyers prefer elektrokultivatoram Gardena. This unit is equipped with several types of baits. These include Hillers and paws. Each of them has its own role. Paws are able to thin out the beds, loosen the ground, cut the weeds. Hillers, in turn, will help to fully and thoroughly to get rid of weeds, as well as produce ridging potatoes, beets, carrots.

Among the characteristics of this mark elektrokultivatora particularly are the following:

  • All nozzles are made of forged steel, which makes them strong and durable, and have a special bent shape. This prevents tangling in the roots;
  • loosening depth is easily adjustable. Therefore, for many purposes it is possible to select the desired quality;
  • very comfortable handle. It can easily be shortened or extended. This is convenient, because the necessary height will make it possible not to bend your back.

Electric Cultivator Gardena

Each buyer must remember that elektrokultivatory any brand require certain rules of use. You can not handle the areas where a lot of stones and rubble, you must be sure to remove any foreign objects and clean the area as thoroughly as possible.

Electric tiller for questioning: price, features selection

A wide range on the market elektrokultivatorov models varied in their technical characteristics. The first thing that every customer - it outlines the tasks assigned to them and appliances.

Having a small area or purchasing unit for the care of small beds, you should choose a low-power electric cultivator type. Firstly, power will be sufficiently small, and secondly, it will save power consumption and, accordingly, finance.

Note! Great grip cutters (ie, the large width of the cultivated area) is only needed in the open spaces of large areas, since such a unit will not pick up close to trees and shrubs.

Electric mini-cultivator Hyundai T1500E power of 1500 W

When you select does not make sense to pay attention to elektrokultivatory with a large set of cutters, if you are interested in ease and maneuverability, rather than a powerful loosening. It should also be mindful of the type of soil on the site, and take this into account when choosing an electric cultivator to testify. Clay soil, for example, is not capable of processing each electrical cultivator. Buy to give the device can be of any power, weight and size, taking into account all of the above.

Helpful advice! It is worth paying attention to the power consumption. There are such cases when an effort to save on costs, not paid enough attention to this issue. And in the process of operation it is that the acquisition of low-cost electric cultivator electricity costs will increase by several times. And it would be much better to overpay a little for buying, but save for later use.

And of course you need to purchase goods in the audited locations, require from sellers of quality certificates, check that all the necessary documents and rely on the proven brands.

Electric tiller Patriot Tesla

elektrokultivatorov prices to give fluctuate from 4-5 thousand. rubles to tens of thousands. It depends on the technical characteristics of rolling mill manufacturer and brand. If, nevertheless, you decide to buy an electric cultivator to give inexpensive, you need to seriously weigh the pros and cons.

Review of prices on some models of electric cultivators:

Making elektrokultivatora own hands

Many before you buy elektrokultivator to give, think about homemade elektrokultivatore. For people who love tinkering with his own hands and "by itself", you can try to make his own instrument, and save at the same time a certain amount of money.

Powerful electric cultivator of industrial mincer

at home for the manufacture of this type of technology is necessary to decide what will be its basis. One proven variants - production of strong industrial mincer.

Homemade cultivator for garden

The assembly process takes place in succession:

  • welded two brackets and two concave pipe (pen) to the gear grinder;
  • Wheel (preferably with a diameter of more that not were planted in the ground) are welded to the corners;
  • milled scrap of the shaft, which is placed in an iron sleeve grinder;
  • lugs are welded to the shaft at an angle of 120 degrees. In the final assembly they will look helically twisted. So it will be easier to guide the machine;
  • engine switch mounted on the handle.

Note! It is necessary to lubricate the shaft at the stage of assembly oil, since then it will be hard to do.

Garden electric tiller through drills

Another common option is elektrokultivatora manufacture of drills. To create a device need heavy powerful drill. But it is necessary to further enhance the reducer another intermediate (e.g., grinder). These two reduction gears are fastened to one node via the energy bands, nuts and bolts. All this should be in close connection with the supporting structure.

As analog power shaft pin can be used, for which the required bearings and made of downspout clip. By clearly-designed mounting configurations, welded elements of the future of electric tiller of the soil, and it turns out pretty good finished product.

Cultivator, made with his own hands

Safety as an important component of the operation

Long-term experience has shown that elektrokultivatory - tried and tested units. Their benefits cover almost the only flaw disadvantages associated with the presence of electric cable. But even the best electric cultivators to give require compliance with the rules related to the use of electrical appliances. An important part of these activities is the use of information labels, which will constantly remind and to warn.

Electric mini-cultivator for garden be stored in pure form in a dry room. The presence of moist air when you turn can lead to the closure.

It is necessary to check the instrument each time before starting work on the availability and serviceability of all the details.

Before starting work, you must send the power cord so that it is in any case not hit the cutter coverage area. Also, be sure to inspect it for damage. If the insulation is broken, the device can not be used. First, turn on the device to the network, and only then activate the trigger valve on the handle. In this case, it is desirable that in the operating area of ​​the unit there are no people and animals.

It is important to observe safety precautions when working with cultivator

It is necessary to hold fast to handle hoe, feet on the ground to keep balance. Before releasing the device, first switch off the engine.

Do not operate in rain, in wet weather and wet soil.

A special place among the various garden machinery occupy electric cultivators. Reviews of them is always positive. Do not confuse the purpose of the device and do not expect from a light electric cultivator to give motoblock opportunities. Also, do not need to spoil the heavy electric cultivator compact small flower beds. Give preference to imported electric cultivator Gardena or Russian elektrokultivatoru Neva - also the individual choice of the consumer.

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