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Corner upholstered furniture for the hall - 35 photos

You want to buy a sofa? Or maybe you are interested in different angular furniture that will help to save space in the apartment or private home? In this article you will see what can be angled upholstered furniture for the hall - we offer 35 best photos that you can use as a model in the purchase, restoration and manufacture of upholstered furniture to order.

Corner sofas for the living room in the photo

Before buying new upholstered furniture for the living room, you should think carefully about what you lack and what you would like to improve in their old furniture. Corner sofas designed to give comfort and convenience. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to determine its size that you need. You will be comfortable to do it, just sitting on your old sofa. Is this to be the height of the back? Is it convenient to lay down arms on the armrests? It does enough seating width to comfortably sit back and relax? Based on this, you can calculate the necessary parameters of upholstered furniture, and making a list of these requirements, go to the store.

Among other requirements, which should correspond to the angular furniture:

  1. The presence or absence of legs (furniture on legs simplifies cleaning process);
  2. Material and upholstery color (choose practical fabric dark color, if you have children, pets, or you just do not like to clean up often);
  3. Housing material (solid wood always reliable plywood, particleboard, MDF, plastic);
  4. The number and design of pillows;
  5. Additional features (videos, built-in storage compartments, shelves and so on. N.).

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Upholstered furniture - corner sofas in the photo

As a rule, corner sofas implies a sofa, as well as kits and modular upholstered furniture, consisting of sofas, chairs and ottomans that can be variously combined together. Modular corner sofas are the most versatile and perfect for modern living design. Simple cushions and comfortable seats can be assembled in any configuration that best meets the needs of your family.

At the same time, a corner sofa in a classic style may be different more elegant and take up less space in the interior due to the fine form back and armrests. As part of the beauty and elegance, classic sofa is unmatched, but at the present modular kit is much easier and more convenient "razvalitsya9raquo ;. What will you choose: the elegance and comfort?

Angular seat in interior design

It would seem that any seat can be put in a corner. However, looking at these photos you will see that the angular chair can give much more comfort, especially in combination with ottoman and a double corner back. Also note to myself that corner chair can not look great in the living room, but the bedroom (as a reading area), as well as in the small hall - instead of the traditional stools or benches.

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Another corner upholstered furniture for the hall - 10 photos

Modern range of corner upholstered furniture is not limited to sofas and armchairs. Finally, we present you some beautiful pictures of furniture corner - corner lounge chairs, beds, children's furniture, benches, etc., which can also be used in the living room arrangement... Keep your favorite photos on the memory, so that when the time comes to choose and buy, you know exactly what angle the furniture you need!

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Couch in the living room: 3 types

Due to the wide variety of models that differ in size, shape and color, couch easy to pick up for any interior style The easiest way to arrange a meeting place for guests - it is set in the living room couch. Fitted soft surface area can be an excellent place all the family gatherings, an island of tranquility, comfort and convenience in everyday life.

Seating area for the audience: general recommendations on

Furnished the most haunted room in the house, it is important to understand that the area for groups is a major part of it, but not the main one.

Usually, for easy and efficient use of space in the living room the following pieces of furniture should be present:

  • A place to socialize with guests (couches, chairs, footstools, etc.);
  • Shelves and cabinets for storage of small things and books, TV table (like it or not, and the TV is an integral part of modern life);
  • Table (coffee or lunch, folding or fixed, to be able to drink tea or coffee with your family in a relaxed atmosphere);
  • Dining area with table and chairs (if the living room combined with a dining room);
  • Kitchen area with cooker hood (if the living room is combined with kitchen).

It is to choose the hue of the area, which would be different from the color of the floor covering

From all this it follows that the couch can not occupy the entire space of the living room, because in this room must be present, and other pieces of furniture and appliances.

Dimensions soft corner should match the size of the hall, and the design - the general idea of ​​design of this room.

The rectangular room upholstered furniture are best placed along a wall or in a corner. In this case, the sofa can be both direct and angular. The sofa can be supplemented with armchairs of the same collection or soft puffs. Trends in modern furniture manufacturing allow you to choose as many modules of one set, as required for their competent and beautiful location in the interior.

In a square room a soft zone may be placed in the center, thus dividing the space into two parts. Soft composition, e.g., a sofa and a pair of seats on both sides thereof, it is recommended to rotate one interior element, for example a coffee table or the TV.

Places of rest for the audience: functionality and comfort

Small lounge for the hall should be a place where after a hard day, you can read a book, watch TV or simply lie back and relax. Therefore, any relaxation area must have superior quality - convenience.

In addition to convenience, relaxation area can be also multi-functional, for example, will not only allow to sit with the guests, but also, if necessary, transformed into a bed for them.

To create a feeling of comfort to the softer area advisable to lay carpeting

Hence, the choice of upholstered furniture should always pay attention to the mechanism of transformation, so that all corners can be divided into the troupe:

  • Corners with the transformation into a full bed for permanent use (mechanism must be robust and quality, not to jam and be easy to use);
  • Angles with the possibility of transformation for rare use (in this case, the mechanism may not be so convenient and reliable, the base of the sofa is not perfectly suitable for sleeping, but can be used if necessary);
  • Corners without transformation (if you never have a situation in need to sleep on them).

They are the strongest steel transformation mechanisms, but also with the careful use of aluminum can last a long time. In this case, it does not matter whether the producing country Russia, Ukraine or China. Last manufacturer is currently very popular due to the optimal combination of price and quality.

You need to pay attention and on the internal structure, and more precisely on the materials from which it is made. The cheapest furnishings are sofas and armchairs of fiberboard and particleboard, but also the most insecure and low-life. The most environmentally friendly material is wood array, but the furniture out of it belongs to the high price category. An intermediate option is the MDF, this material is safe, but it is not the strongest, and its price is in the middle category.

Leather seating for the living room: Highlights

Choosing furniture filling her apartment, a number of families are turning their attention to the corners of the leather for a living. This is a great option, which along with the corners with fabric cover can perfectly complement the interior and be practical to use.

A feature of the leather over a long service life and high level of comfort thanks to the Soft-touch materials Upholstery

When choosing a soft upholstery need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Usually furniture with fabric upholstery is worth less than their counterparts, skinned;
  • Artificial leather has a shorter lifetime than the natural under identical operating conditions, a more rough, but relatively cheap;
  • In cold flats fabric upholstered furniture more pleasant to use;
  • Furniture, upholstered in leather, it is easier to clean, but it requires the care of a special means to prolong its service life;
  • Upholstery furniture should match the style of the apartment and not to provide furniture of the total interior solutions;
  • Modern technologies allow to perform leather upholstery in any color, appropriate design of the room.

Leather furniture in the living room can be any color, shape and price range can fit into the overall picture of the room, or to become a bright accent in the interior.

If the leather furniture has a special coloring to create color accents, the best place in the room interior element supplementing its range of colors. For example, it is possible to hang curtains in tone or put on the floor mat of the same color. If the color of the product is selected from the general color scheme of the hall, it is possible to put a blanket on the sofa of bright color. The combination of leather and fabric in contrasting colors give the room its own unique style.

The corners of the hall with interesting fillings

Model corners of the room can not only create a composition of the desired size and shape, but also to dump it all sorts of additional convenient option.

Modern corners are equipped with a massage mechanism and a minibar

  • LED lights;
  • corner shelf;
  • built-in drawers;
  • a built-in wet bar with refrigerator;
  • recliner;
  • retractable supports for the legs and head.

Make a soft recreation area still comfortable help Blankets and pillows. Pillows, in turn, can be of various shapes and measurements that allow to enclose them under the head, arms or lower back for more convenient placement.

All additional devices on the couch must meet the individual requirements of the hosts.

The design of such parts, too, must comply with the chosen style of the hall: minimalism, hi-tech, art deco, classic, modern, lounge, eco or fusion. With that, you need to pay attention not only on the basic parameters of the external shape and the interior, but also elements of decor - legs, armrests, and all kinds of buttons, buttons and so on.

Stylish and comfortable sofa in the living room (video)

Choosing a soft corner for the living room can be an interesting time for the whole family in mind the wide variety of options presented in the contemporary furniture market, but you can always order the production of the composition of the furniture individually, if necessary.

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