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Ikea - production and trading group of companies from the Netherlands with Swedish roots, which is widely known to us, thanks to the excellent goods for the house and furniture for all occasions, which aims to change people's lives and to simplify the entire daily routine. Activities of IKEA company focused on the implementation of various furniture, interior design, sales of household goods, decoration and design, all products are focused on the fact that people collected their own, it is the main concept of the company's products.

Many people visit the company's stores are not just for something to buy, but also a peek for yourself interesting and unusual solutions for design, because in each of the stores you will be able to see the finished exposure, which are made by professional designers exclusively from the goods that you You can buy in the company directory

The catalog of products you are sure to find products for every room of your home, and will be able to implement any plans for the redevelopment of its interior. Here you can pick up and a modern kitchen and a great living room furniture, bedroom, children's room, workplace or office. A full list of products can look at the IKEA official site, where you can also learn about the latest news and special prices for certain categories of goods.

In the online store IKEA there are many interesting items to create a wonderful atmosphere for your summer cottage or country house, among the many garden furniture, you also will find a wide range of street lighting, parasols and sun loungers, cushions for garden chairs and chairs and many more various pleasant things that will help you build the garden interior in any style.

interesting featureMost of the company's product names consist of a single word of Swedish origin - many of them, is Finnish and Norwegian geographical objects. Bookcases also named in honor of the profession (eg Bergsbu), and the chairs and tables are named in the directory man's name, for example Jules. But textiles and curtains named female name, a rather interesting system imenovniya agree?

Today you can easily find for your interior any furniture and stylish products in the Swedish company stores located not only in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg, but suddenly Russian cities.

Sales and special offers

Of course, like any self-respecting company, IKEA has a special offer for you and sell goods from a variety of product categories. And the first of such actions recognize club members IKEA-FAMILY, for them there is also the opportunity to participate in the preliminary actions that have not yet officially begun, and therefore the company's products at a reduced price is available for purchase in the special conditions.

During the long years of its existence, the beloved Ikea, it has grown from a small private company to the largest enterprise Furniture and furnishings retailer to your house, so what is the secret of the company? Representation of the company are located in 40 countries. But the history of the development of well-known companies started back in 1926, in a place called Småland that is located in the south of Sweden. It is the company's founder Ingvar Kamprad was born here, who, when he was still very young clearly realized that he wanted to own a business. Thus, even in the age of five he began to sell matches, sold them to their neighbors, but in this case is not over, he started buying matches in Stockholm in bulk, and then, traveling on his bicycle, selling them at a reduced price to a wider area. Already in his early years in his head began to lay the basic principles of IKEA stores, which call for low prices and use a huge volume of production and sales.

But buyers of the company's products in shops attracted not only by affordable prices, there still has its own unique "European atmosphere", which can not be compared with anything else. Ingvar Kamprad is different in that his school was a real bunch of activities that he tried in his youth, because he did not have higher education, and he did not study business. Directly IKEA was founded when he was 17 years of age in 1943. But in those years, the company has dealt with the fact that pens imported from France, to the production and sale of furniture was still five years.

Furniture Ingvar interested in the moment when he drew attention to the terrible high prices for it in Sweden. He immediately decided to rectify the situation and now the company has become a furniture store. He immediately began to deliver the cheapest furniture and give the names of the chairs, the table, but in general everything was new at that time and allowed to differentiate their products and attract buyers who have already carried the news of the incredibly cheap furniture. After that Kamprad had got its own plant, but because of a misunderstanding with the Swedish Association of furniture sellers, he was forced to buy all of the major components for production in Poland, which allowed to further reduce costs and IKEA became the largest furniture manufacturer in the world with his unique style, reliable and practical approach. Already in 1947 the company is actively engaged in the sale of furniture, while also becoming popular catalog of goods, which scatter in the mailboxes. An important rule, pledged Ingvar in those years and operates to this day: "The prices listed in the catalog must not be changed during the year, before the release of the new catalog." They certainly can be reduced, but can not be higher than specified, otherwise it simply mislead buyers.

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Ikea kitchen cabinets: the ergonomics and reliability

Ikea - Netherlands company with Swedish roots, which is known mainly by its simple, affordable and reliable furniture, is minimalist and simple assembly. One of the most developed areas of the company is manufacturing of kitchen sets - the wealth of their choice will satisfy even demanding customers.

IKEA is focusing on high quality at relatively cheap headset. Each of them is carefully checked, with the result that the company's food is given 25 years warranty. Another feature is the principle of "all-in-one" - all the accessories for kitchens sold in the same place and they will not have to go to other shops in search of lighting elements, containers for food storage, and other components. The modular format allows you to arrange your kitchen personalized way to do it no matter what do not like and easy for you exclusively.

Ease of assembly and operation

One of the key features of the finished kitchens from IKEA - it easy to assemble. Ikea kitchen you bring disassembled, packed in a neat box. Every detail, which could be damaged during transportation, glued a special protective film. You can order the collection of the headset, or collect it in person. This is not problematic - the variety of parts is initially frightened, but then found that each box has a clear and detailed instructions with which to collect the whole set can even man, who had no previous experience in the assembly of furniture.

In the future exploitation of the collected items will be most convenient for reasonableness in the smallest nuances. You can choose the height, number and types of cabinets to suit your needs. They are easy to open, they do not creak and wedges - you will find only the positive experience of communicating with this kitchen furniture.

Pros and cons of Ikea kitchens. Features kitchen assembling Ikea (video):

Ikea kitchens are made in the Scandinavian tradition, which means that in their interior is dominated by a minimalist style, which leads to high ergonomics. Nothing more, simple and convenient form, competent distribution of table objects inside - and the ability to change what is not sufficiently convenient for you. Combining different elements, you form your own unique kitchen - and use kitchen space a hundred percent.

As noted previously, each item of kitchen furniture Ikea thoroughly tested, which allows us to determine how it will move:

Kitchen furniture from Ikea comes in many different product lines, each of which has individual characteristics. For a detailed description and prices Ikea kitchens they can in the firm or in online stores catalogs. Now we will focus on the key differences. Basic ready-made solutions for kitchens Ikea - is Factum, Lidingö, Ståt, Albret.

Factum - is the most popular and inexpensive base line from Ikea kitchens. It is based on:

Row of lockers have doors that outside finished oak veneer. From idea to realization of finished dishes will take place in reality no more than a month, when the choice of solutions from other companies, this period may be stretched and a quarter. How much does a kitchen Factum from Ikea? Price low - to collect real kitchen entirely cost of 60 thousand rubles, or even less. Reviews of kitchens Factum always positive.

Ikea Kitchen Factum Abstract (photo)

This is a more expensive variation of kitchen sets (or rather, their facades, because the cabinets at the heart of all decisions are the same) from Ikea. Material them more reliable, this time they are made not out of the array. The surface is very easy to remove, it does not absorb fat and other dirt. Making this series in more conservative facade, european. Among the shortcomings that have been observed by buyers, it may be noted the lack of practicality Lidingö - most facades are white, but because they are easily noticeable stains and spots.

Ikea Kitchen Lidingo (photo)

Another variety of fronts Ikea kitchens - it Ståt. Their cost is a bit cheaper, and visual solutions, which are used, are a bit more specific - but only because more interesting. In the opinion, kitchen Ståt from Ikea are quite popular.

Ikea Kitchen Ståt (photo)

Pleasant and comfortable, kitchen Ikea range of Albret is made of chipboard, melamine-coated film and high pressure laminate in countertops. The price is at a low level, lower than most other lines, but at the same time on the kitchen set Albret from Ikea has great reviews of satisfied customers.

Kitchen Design Ikea Albret (photo)

Particularly with planner Ikea kitchens

Before ordering food, you can not only see the ready-made solutions for the kitchen from Ikea and their prices, but also create your own design your kitchen online. To do this, you do not have to have the engineering skills - job easier special planner Ikea kitchens.

Working with scheduler cuisines online from Ikea

This software (online kitchen designer), which allows the modular elements to collect multiple layouts kitchens, varying the colors, styles, moving equipment, varying details. You only need to know the dimensions of the space in which you want to place the furniture.

The following are photos that demonstrate how potentially look like your kitchen, if you buy it at IKEA. Pay attention to the attractive design of kitchen sets and a variety of advanced options for kitchen sets furniture from Ikea.

Photos kitchen design options from Ikea

Photo kitchen Ikea interior Ikea kitchen design option The snow-white kitchen from the company Ikea Ikea Kitchen Design Ikea kitchen interior

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Cool! That is the shelf beside the bed for glasses, smart phone, portable music player.

And I saw another such variant: a bed with a podium, very.

Thank you for the valuable and detailed information! Very useful such as.

Kitchen "IKEA": advice to the buyer + collection of ready interior

If you do not consider yourself to fans of the "IKEA", I confess, at least once in their lives considered products offered by them. Their products are of originality, practicality, versatility and, of course, affordable prices. Over 50 years, this company has been producing kitchens, and not only, and each year come up with something new and interesting, from the smallest detail to the headset.

In this article we will talk about the most popular series IKEA kitchens, to know the opinion of the designer and show real photos on how they look in modern interiors.

Recent catalogs "IKEA", including in 2017, offer a huge range of solutions for small kitchens and rooms with a non-standard layout. And most importantly, they can make the personal order that satisfies all your requirements and kitchen size.

You do not even doubt that given the size of "millimeter per millimeter match" and you select "color does not vary no matter 1/10000" (here we have allowed myself to quote one customer reviews).

All of us are very demanding, and it happens even picky when it comes to service and product range. And it is easy to understand, because everyone wants everything to be perfect in the apartment. But, as the English proverb, «Nothing is perfect» ... And the person is arranged in such a way that first of all draws attention to the shortcomings.

But with them we will begin. Why? Yes, because they are much less of an advantage, in addition, we intend to prove that it is - mostly just nitpicking.

The first argument, which can be found quite often - high prices. It is truly amazing, because firm just became famous thanks to the very budget proposals. Let's look at what's included in the price of "IKEA" Kitchen Cooking:

All this can be supplemented with appropriate accessories to your style of wall, roof rails, lighting, chairs, kitchen, appliances, doors, etc. There are even stickers on furniture legs and angular anti-traumatic tips for kids! And if you are worried about the environment and sort the trash - can purchase a 2-3 is perfectly placed in the locker buckets.

Plus, judge for yourself - how much time you will spend about the choice and purchase of the kitchen separately filling. Add a couple of hours to transport a certain amount of minutes for all, consultation, and may return inappropriate parts ... And while today - the most valuable resource.

Do not profitable to buy it all at once, in addition to the guarantee of full compliance with all the elements to each other? Sure, you will easily cope with the calculations.

Follows unfair accusation is a small selection of colors and shapes. And it's true, if we talk about furniture decorated with feathers inlaid with gold or rhinestones. But the choice is large enough for normal requests.

The range has a paneled, glass and glossy facades from pastel to bright fashion tsvetov.Bolee of range "IKEA" is presented by such design areas as:

And not just that. It is today the most popular styles that makes such offers more than rational. A little later in the article, we will show you some photos of examples of modern and classic kitchen interiors "IKEA".

One last niggle - Mark and demanding of care, depending on temperature and humidity of the materials from which the furniture is made. But, any material, and especially natural, requires a certain care, the absence of which it may lose its shape. In addition to solid wood for the production of kitchen fronts and furniture carcasses used fiberboard and particleboard.

This makes the kitchen "IKEA" more economical option, but rather - the perfect combination of our prices and European quality. Ask that offered by other companies, and at the same time ask them whether they have the same modular system, which we will talk a little later.

What are the advantages of buying kitchens «IKEA»?

From customers often can be heard the following comments: inexpensive, fast, high quality, comfortable, functional, compact. In addition, the "IKEA" stylish cuisine:

  • made of high quality materials and practical;
  • very easy to assemble (+ on YouTube there are many videos);
  • easy to repair and replace parts;
  • suggest a large selection of cabinet combinations, the number and shape of a box;
  • They have a 25-year free warranty from the manufacturer;
  • It has a beautiful appearance and pleasant colors;
  • They will be delivered in the shortest possible time;
  • can be purchased by paying in installments;
  • integrated modular "method" system, which allows assemble furniture for the rooms the most complex layout.

All the interior fittings of kitchens can buy more gradually and separately.

Modular "Factum" system and "Method"

Comfortable furniture "IKEA" is the so-called modular system. All elements of the kitchen units can be collected, as a constructor, where everything fits everything. In one song you if you want to connect at least all of the colors.

Practicality is that the system offers a wide range of lockers of various sizes and colors, which will make the most functional even the tiny kitchen. "IKEA" produces equipment and systems with the latest technologies and developments. For example, the crane, which is a 40% reduction in water consumption, without changing the pressure.

Assembling the headset, you can do yourself, guided by instructions with detailed step by step guide in Russian. And to the assembly did not seem too boring, you can bring to light and safe activities for their children.

For example, here in these photos more real interiors collected by such a modular principle.

Interesting fact: By 2015, he was called "Factum", after which the company has made a number of improvements and introduced an entirely new system - "Method".

  • bottom section height - 8 cm;
  • new types of upper cabinets, but already without Spreading doors; among them - "Maksimera" without feet height 88 cm;
  • black and brown skeletons (in addition to the already existing white) - are now seeing some of the furniture does not need to finish special panels;
  • more than 20 types of facades and 30 kinds of pens;
  • a much greater range of indoor boxes - different in height, depth, soft closing and without it;
  • boxes dimensions - 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm;
  • reliability and stability cabinets provided galvanized steel strapping;
  • A new enclosure system attachment - steel rack;
  • standard height of floor modules - 60 and 80 cm;
  • special adjustable feet for free-standing cabinets.

Color facades have remained unchanged, but the names - changed.

The bulk of the goods "Ikea" is Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish names - sometimes unpronounceable or sounding like an ancient spell Druids: Lidingö, Brokhult, Sofilund, Fagerland, Tingsrid

And it's not just a bunch of letters, but actually existing in these languages ​​the words - women's, men's names, rivers, lakes, birds, precious stones, etc. Such a system product names, as well as the principle of modularity, is a kind of hallmark of the brand.

He really is huge, so we will focus only on a few relatively new model series, because everything else you will find in "IKEA" directory if you want. Here is a small table for a guide:

Cute Budbin kitchen - the most popular series of "IKEA". They suggest a large number of components, making it easy to adjust the degree of filling of kitchen space. Paneled or glass facades of chipboard or MDF covered with a special varnish.

White or gray headsets fit many styles -. Provence, classical, country, loft, Shabby chic, art deco and other bright hues combined with natural wood will help arrange the kitchen in a Scandinavian style. If the interior seems too monotonous and unattractive, supplement it with more colorful curtains and textiles, which are also available in the "IKEA" directory.

For example, in the photo below are a few variants of the finished dishes, "IKEA".

Rich colors look great against the black facade. But, if the kitchen is small, this color should be a little bit, because it is peculiar to "eat" space.

Only one "but" - the surface of the furniture in any case can not be cleaned with chemicals and abrasives. Some advised to use "Mr. Muscle" for glasses and someone - just a well-wrung cloth, after which all need to be wiped dry.

As an advocate of the aforementioned styles and preferring natural wood, look for a new series of fronts "Dalarna". Furniture made of birch, stained and covered with a protective lacquer. Lineup represented cabinets, counter tops, shelves, and the front cover plate concealing appliances, glazed, doors and wooden plinth.

Universal Available colors - white and black and brown. This furniture will provide elegance and naturalness of the kitchen, decorated in classic and modern style. The following photo shows a compact interiors with spectacular façades darkened stekla.Chastichno made of solid birch and classic series "Laksarbi".

Contemporary, affordable series of wall and floor cabinets characterized by a huge variety of sizes and the presence of the shelves. Direct facades made of laminated MDF and chipboard and coated with polyester paints or varnishes. One-, two-colored, bright, wood and others. Inexpensive facades and cabinets "Overby" organically fit into any stylistic direction.

They can be supplemented by all kinds of accessories - curtains, tablecloths, sculpted handles. Modern furniture is devoid of pomposity this series and will look great in an apartment or cottage. The disadvantages of the "Overby" include the lack of door closer and moisture sensitivity. All surfaces in contact with water should be wiped dry.

Shabby-chic, provence, country, classic, retro - fans of these areas will appreciate simple and functional series "Hitarp" already managed to become a favorite of sales. Its advantage is the new easy system mount-on lockers.

Plain lines, panels and glass inserts on the facades and wall lockers lovely "antique", as if made by hand, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing interior. The bright colors and vertical stripes tend to expand and stretch the space, so the series is suitable and spacious, and a small kitchen.

Material - chipboard or fibreboard coated polyester paint and acrylic, glass produced by tempering technology. Monotone white kitchen interior provides endless opportunities for creativity and the imagination.

There is another tricky maneuver for design. The fact that the composition and "Hitarp" series design is similar to the headset series "Filipstad", "Budbin", "Kallarp" "Albret" and "Knokskhult". Therefore, some elements -. Countertop, pens, etc. can they borrow.

Thanks to the modular system, you can easily combine different colored facades, make a black top, white bottom or add bright red corner set black horizontal surfaces.

The main products, "IKEA" is represented by restrained colors - shades of white, gray, beige, light green, light blue and the wood-brown. But there is a modern colors -. Bright red, metallic, yellow, etc. As you can see, and they can be combined.

White kitchen looks elegant and visually expands the wall if it is very important for small spaces, such as in the Khrushchev. But be careful: if you get a new white kitchen instead of the old of the same color, may feel that nothing has changed. No other form of kitchen fronts, nor will not affect the new handle on the situation.

Think about the version with wooden top, which will dilute the boring colors. Look how compact and at the same time can be quite pleasant interior small kitchen of "IKEA". White facades decorate beige handles furniture as exactly the opposite. Take a look at the photo - like this, at first glance, a slight element of the overall impression of change.

Contrasting black and white retro kitchen can not be called, but did not carry to the modern style. Everything here is to determine the color of the walls, apron, textiles and accessories. What do you think about black and white checkerboard floor?

Gray kitchen - top of elegance and practicality, because it is not as easily soiled as white, and not as gloomy as the black. In addition, Gray's hot, which makes kitchen "Budbin" in a number of topical solutions for interior decoration. Worktops and countertops can be wooden, white or black - depending on your preferences. Glass can be transparent and blackout.

Black-brown facade is appropriate in a spacious room with lots of light. Dilute the excess of darkness to help white or bright walls, patterned or colored kitchen apron, kitchen chairs, countertops and other horizontal planes of pastel colors and, of course, lighter shades of wood.

If you get tired of the color of the facades, you can always change it to any other - of course, available in stock.

In addition to color, an important determinant of the atmosphere acts as a convenient arrangement of kitchen units, which is especially important in small kitchens.

There is essentially nothing new. "Ikeevskie" kitchen fit any of the existing types of placement of furniture:

  • Linear - the modules are aligned along the wall;
  • L-shaped (corner);
  • U-shaped;
  • dual line (parallel);
  • with an island or a peninsula.

For greater clarity, here are a couple photo corner gray kitchen "IKEA". But it looks like a kitchen island.

It is believed that the first two methods are suitable for small kitchens, but when the competent organization of space this view is easily refuted. An example of this - a small kitchen with a breakfast bar, performing the role of a small island. If located in the middle of the kitchen unit is equipped with internal drawers, under his power to free space on the walls. As you know, the wall headsets burdens room.

Placing the required modules, apply the rule of the triangle, ie, arrange everything necessary for cooking as close as possible to the working surface. Think, for whatever path you travel, what equipment you need, whether you can remove it in a box and will not be whether the tedious each time to get it.

There is also the concept of drying and pomyvochnaya triangle, the essence of which is easy to guess. The smaller the kitchen, the more rational you need to dispose of an area - use the vertical, the place under the sink or on the hood, at the same time inaccessible for children. Very convenient that on the Russian site "IKEA" is available online layout, and all that you need - just ask the correct size.

1. Accurate measurement of the room - the key to a successful outcome. Measure is necessary not just the width and height of the kitchen, but also the space occupied by the drain, gas, ventilation, etc. Pipes. Not sure you can handle? Ask for help - for example, the same experts "IKEA".

Looking at the kitchen project, mentally pull each box and make sure it does not interfere with anything. Open all the drawers and cupboards at the same time, then - a window, wall cabinets, all with the same purpose. In detail, imagine how you prepare for whatever path and move it to get.

2. If you do not collect your own kitchen, and refer to the employee "IKEA", it is, for that matter, and other masters, will put a separate price for each type of work. Be prepared for this in advance and make it clear how much this or that service.

3. Win space may be due to the depth of the cabinets. The deeper they are, the more they take place. Are all filling cabinet you use? Perhaps a couple of extra shelves will change the situation?

If the wall is set deep, but you do not know which size to choose - be guided by its growth and, strange as it sounds, arms length. Privstante on tiptoe in front of the wall, stretch your arms, imagine that you want to get something out of the closet. On the same wall, mark it.

4. Buying furniture from those or other materials, ask their characteristics. This is important, because some of them do not provide for a strong heating cooker or continuous moisture. Natural wood requires a certain level of humidity.

5. It is said that the habit - second nature. If earlier the furniture in the kitchen was with a round handle and now you are going to give them up, or choose a different model - think carefully. Whether it will be convenient for you?

6. Before you buy, read reviews, and even better - look at the photo buyers. So you will get the correct information, and most importantly - make sure its accuracy.

At the same time, our little excursion is completed. We are confident that the new design of the "IKEA" cuisine came to your liking, and read will be useful and informative. We wish you a quick, inexpensive and great renovation of the interior and inexhaustible inspiration for new creative combinations!

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