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Kitchen design in turquoise: features, photos

Turquoise - a rare color that like almost everyone. It carries a positive charge, a good mood, evokes associations with nature - sea, sky, stones, everything that pleases the eye and soul.

The secret appeal of turquoise - in a combination of two colors, each of which has very good qualities: greenish gives energy and improves mood, blue is calming and reassuring.

Kitchen turquoise color will always appear more spacious and free, saturated with air and light. Turquoise is advantageous set off any textures and materials from glass to wood.

Design turquoise kitchen can be designed in any style, it looks great in the classic and in the most modern interiors. Turquoise is required in a marine style - pick aqua shades for him. Furniture turquoise come to a country style and Provence, as well as the Greek version of the Mediterranean style.

Kitchen in turquoise color can complement almost any shades will look good and light beige and dark brown, and the sun-gold, and green, and blue, and pink and even red.

The combination of blue-turquoise-beige is the main maritime-style interior. Green tones are harmoniously combined with turquoise, almost all of them are suitable shades to create elegant interiors. However, turquoise design kitchen with yellow and green colors look more stylish.

The easiest way to make the turquoise in the kitchen area - choose to set the color of the facades. The only disadvantage of such a solution - set bought for a long time, and change it if you want to change the interior, will be costly.

Walls and kitchen floor in a turquoise color must be neutral, have a sand color, warm milk, cream. Against this background, it will look good bright kitchen.

If you opt for the turquoise furniture you are hesitant to try to paint it the color of winning one of the walls of the room, or portion thereof.

Most standard and boring, faceless kitchen design can be revived with the help of pieces of turquoise color. These may be textile elements, decorative elements, lamps, colored glassware.

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The kitchen in turquoise colors: fashionable, fresh, modern

Turquoise - a rare choice for kitchen design. But this color is so versatile and unusual that designers began to feel free to use it for decoration of modern and classic interiors.

He is able to recreate in the room non-intrusive, good-natured, comfortable atmosphere conducive to a pleasant meal with your family.

Features of the use of turquoise

In the photo turquoise kitchen in a Scandinavian style.

Cool, fresh, invigorating ocean color is very well suited for the kitchen, south-facing. Even in the scorching summer heat it will create the illusion of freshness of the sea breeze.

For rooms, located in the northern side of this cold shade palette should be used with caution.

The tone changes its properties in accordance with the light and the dark kitchen can manifest itself too cold and strict, it is not contributing to the emergence of appetite.

Do not forget to shade turquoise cold LED lighting, which will reveal its beauty. Yellow lights will not work at all. Turquoise versatility is shown in conjunction with other in harmony or contrasting shades.

From snow-white to gray. Using the repair space in the white trim paints in combination with a bright cyan shades furniture is very effective and successful.

This interior is reminiscent of the sea, a white sail and serenity of the sun at its zenith, reflected in waves.

Peacefulness and tranquility will prevail in white and turquoise kitchen. Gray colors give a little more subdued effect. They can be the backdrop for bright furniture or decorative items.

From honey to terracotta. Productively interact with all the warm shades of red colors: honey, gold, ocher, sand, terracotta and copper.

These colors can be used for flooring and wall finishing in combination with a bright color furniture sea, and vice versa.

Bright, almost burnt minty tone can be used for decoration, in which an advantageous place will be wooden furniture color golden oak, with original decorative utensils made of brass or copper.

Also a third possibility, when the two colors are dominant. For example, terra cotta and dark turquoise to pastel background will give an impressive ensemble.

From light blue to indigo. Self-sufficiency color scheme is evident in its ability to create stunning monochrome ensembles. Also look rich and bright interiors in blue and mint turquoise and azure tones.

Blue tone gives the interior severity, it can be used for textile kitchen decor.

Azure glossy facades of kitchen furniture on the background of delicate pastel shades of aqua create a joyful and active atmosphere. But it is worth noting that better complement monochrome combination of small contrasting details that will please look.

From light brown to wenge. Luxurious, elegant and richly Union looks deep brown and pale turquoise.

This combination can be used for the main gamma premises, taking as a basis for the facades of furniture, textile decoration, as well as flooring.

Beige color is used for sex, sometimes for walls. He fills the room lacking warmth. The creamy-beige kitchen can make turquoise details for some freshness effect.

From light green to dark green in spring fresh and stylish look is a combination of all shades of green.

Red shades. Bright red contrasting looks in compositions with turquoise.

Using different styles of interior

Timeless classics. Grandiosity, gravity and some coldness resembling inlay palace halls, characterized in turquoise classical interior paints.

The use of geometric patterns, patterns and monograms on the surfaces of the furniture and walls in this style will look quite appropriate. Emphasize the classic gold or bronze, used for door handles, tableware and decorative objects.

Rustic flavor. Typical of Mediterranean-style rich shades and rich flavor allow the use of color to the maximum.

Curtains, furniture, decorative pillows, lamps - all of which can have different shades of turquoise, connecting with similar and contrasting colors in intricate patterns.

Frosty freshness of modernity. Glamorous modern, sophisticated shebi chic, sleek minimalism is also good to use a frosty colors.

Nouveau fit for bright colors combined with red, yellow, bright green or purple; to create a kitchen in the style of a retro-chic or shebi can use burnt, most pale shade of color.

Turquoise in combination with chromium and metal can be the basis of premises in high-tech style. Extreme care must approach the selection of color countertops.

Doing kitchen renovations in one of the styles, do not be afraid to use the most recent, sophisticated and multi-faceted palette of color. Let it will be only small parts, textiles and decor elements, but they will make your kitchen unique.

Turquoise kitchen - furniture or walls: 60 photos of interiors

Magic turquoise and all shades, which it acquires, for a long time seen on the East. Symbolism turquoise is this: it is the color of pure love, peace, peace, positive energy.

If you decide to withdraw from the beige-gray traditions and cuisine to make festive and bright, nothing like the turquoise accents you do not pick up! But for working with color "biryuza9raquo; should be aware of some of the design tricks! About it today and we'll talk.

Three "biryuzovyh9raquo; rules in the kitchen

At first, It should determine the colors that will be combined perfectly with the turquoise. This pearl gray, pearl-pink, sand, beige, brown, almost all shades of orange, and bright, and dark cherry, burgundy, purple, and of the classics - black and white.

Secondly, you must understand that takes turquoise "tone-color neighbor." If the kitchen window faces south, and you're not afraid, "holoda9raquo; colors and shades of turquoise can be combined with a light-gray, to add blue and white. But if you are, after all, want the heat, which gives turquoise combined with warm colors, choose a beige (not cold colors), brown, camel.

Thirdly, too much turquoise to the kitchen is better not to admit it will not act overwhelming. That is, the turquoise walls is best to do as much as possible light, the furniture and the floor should be a different color. If you do turquoise kitchen apron, sometimes this is not enough if the other side of the kitchen to add some turquoise decorative dishes or put the bar stools to the bar (if you have one!) With turquoise upholstery.

Turquoise details on turquoise kitchen

And now discuss other details. In nature, turquoise is green, yellow streaked with blueness and greenery. But more often it resembles the color of a light aqua to stand up after the storm on the surface of the algae. Although the decor made to use pure color, without streaks.

Feng Shui recommends painted in turquoise eastern wall of the kitchen, it will bring wealth and harmony in the home.

The turquoise color is good and in high-tech, and in the country, in a modern and ethnic. In the classic style can be used blinds or curtains and other not too large parts of this color. As we have already mentioned, the designers have to smash his head, with which this color combination.

Examples of different style cuisine turquoise

An example of a turquoise and white can serve those dishes where the working area is paved apron small tile is not fully turquoise and turquoise striped, black, white, for example. Furniture panels are very light shade, plus a similar apron - and that's enough to give the kitchen a classical rigor and freshness.

Art Nouveau, Art Deco chic and glamorous can prevent turquoise fragment of the wall (or the wall), and not light, and fairly full-bodied, and furniture with bright orange or crimson glossy panels. Black and Turquoise - also these signs styles, only one makes its own nuances. Modern Antiquity add features: the kitchen can appear white arches and columns, split-level ceiling with fragments of turquoise, seascape paintings. Chic fill glamor metallic gold surface. Art Deco oblige you to build a podium for the dining table and make the apron on the wall mirror. But catchy turquoise details insert fragments of these styles will fit perfectly!

The seemingly simple country style, preferring wood paneled walls, a Russian stove or at least its styling, pestrenkie curtains fit perfectly turquoise wall panels, which combined with the oak and the ash will look favorably.

Dedicated to a separate gradation "sredizemnomorskiy9raquo; style also includes cyan with open arms! Kitchen furniture of painted wood with a patina of dark turquoise and sand-colored stoneware floor will be the main signs of your kitchen design. On numerous shelves with souvenirs from different countries of the Mediterranean will be a place for the decorations of turquoise.

Styles "provans9raquo; and "etno9raquo; choose for themselves weightless curtains gentle turquoise colors, doors and columns of color bright turquoise, floor lamps to match the curtains and so on.

So if you want a lot of turquoise in the kitchen, choose Nouveau or Art Deco. If you will only have a few details to see the turquoise colors, decorate them in the style of Provence. If you love travel and adventure, Mediterranean style - it is yours! If you find it difficult to decide on the style, trust intuition. The resulting "vinegret9raquo; then you can safely call "provans9raquo ;.

lovers of exotic advisable to book apron "skinali9raquo; - glass coated with a three-dimensional photo print having remarkable reliability illusion. Turquoise ocean and dolphins, or any other subject with turquoise - a stunning effect is guaranteed! Very nice would look jellied floor turquoise. Other parts of turquoise in this case is not required.

Paint, plaster, pasting wallpaper - All finishes are possible in the kitchen, the option depends on your preferences. If you want to stay on the wallpaper, it is not necessary to choose washable, just be prepared to change them a year or two. Many people like to like the update of the interior.

In the high-tech style allowed the same solutions - wallpaper, apron, furniture surface - but added chromium and other metal parts. This can be "stalnoy9raquo; refrigerator, such as steel plate, and the same mixer and all fittings. Turquoise in this case will acquire certain strict limits.

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