How to choose a projector

How to choose a projector: expert advice

Today we look at a theme that will give many potential buyers projectors to make informed choices, while not relying on advertising slogans or tales seller and real criteria, specifications and knowledge about how to select the projector. Excursion lumens in the world, and other pixel matrices declared open.

Surely you've wondered how to choose the projector. I will assume that the information on this subject written by WHO and the little truck. I propose to make an easy and pleasant journey, determine for yourself which is better - a projector or TV, and at the end to become an expert in this matter.

Range of modern projectors capable to impress anyone who first immersed in the study of this topic. Large, small, portable or stationary, with a bunch of characteristics in the specification and figures frightening pricelist. Let's you review and classify the objects, define their tasks and needs and after the correction related to the budget for future purchases in our bottom line is only a few candidates. Here's to them, and will eventually have a talk "heart to heart".

How to choose a projector and what to look for?

Item № 1. First of all, you need to pay attention to where and how you plan to use the projector. Depending on this, emerges a few types:

  • Home (home theater);
  • to work (presentations and conferences);
  • for public events (shows, concerts, events).

This is the starting point, which should be based on further examination of the candidates. Design features and specifications for each item will be significantly different from each other.

Item № 2. The next aspect is very strong impact on the quality display of a large screen. It is the brightness of the projector, and to be precise in the wording - of the power of the light flux, a projector can emit. Units in which the measured projector aperture, called ANSI or lumens.

  • For small room with full shading, this value can range from 600 to 800 units.
  • To work in a partial lighting suitable device capable of delivering "on the mountain" brightness from 1000 to 1800 units.
  • If you have to work at all without blackout, in daylight - it is better to opt for the power of models from 2000 to 3000 units.
  • 3,000 units - for rooms up to 100 square meters with bright daylight.
  • 5000 and more - halls for 150-200 people with a bright light.
  • Projectors with a luminosity 10,000 and more - it's professional projectors, intended for large concert halls and stadiums.

Item №3. resolution of the projector. This quantifies the ability of the projector display a certain number of points (pixels) on the screen per unit area. The higher the resolution of the projector - the smaller the grain, the more detailed the picture is, and the better it will look the picture on the big screen. But do not get involved in astronomical figures resolutions: picture quality greatly depends on the signal resolution, which is supplied to the projector for display. Standard projector 600x800 pixels resolution display allows almost lossless material in DVD quality. To display high-definition images look better on a model with a resolution of 1280 by 800, and even better on Full HD - 1920 to 1080 (when it comes to home theater - this is the only acceptable solution).

Item №4. Contrast the projector. This parameter is responsible for the "depth of color". In fact, the ability of the projector to display the most vivid black and white color when projecting images onto a large screen. "The golden mean" - the average number between the maximum and minimum values ​​of several models. By and large, the difference between 800: 1 and 1000: 1 is almost imperceptible.

All other parameters of projectors are very similar and may only differ slightly from each other. Before you choose a projector permanently - be guided by their needs: the presence of Wi-Fi, «Picture-in-kartinke9raquo ;, Freeze and other" navoroty9raquo; It does not matter. Make sure you have the main connectors that are responsible for the input signal (preferably the presence of an HDMI input), pay attention to the life of the lamp and the cost of buying a spare replacement. This, in principle, will be enough to understand how to choose poektor and what you chirps hitroglazy Sales.

Which projector choose for your home theater

When choosing a home theater projector, the buyers are well, they need the best multimedia device, but do not always understand the intricacies of its characteristics. Now the domestic market of the Russian Federation presented many models of leading world companies: Sony, Epson, Optoma, BenQ and others, so choose a decent projector, but not an analogue of the Chinese assembly, is not so simple.

Projectors for home theater appeared in the domestic market recently, but immediately became popular among the wealthy part of the buyers. Over time, the production of these products has increased, there were low-end models, which are a pleasure to become representatives of various sectors of society. Like any other technology, the projectors have their advantages in comparison with TV and are not without drawbacks.

  • good value for the cost of the diagonal of the screen and the projector;
  • Kit takes up much less space than a TV with the same diagonal.
  • need training facilities;
  • screen purchased separately, if a control (remote device), then the price of the budget of the projector;
  • impact noise from the cooling system;
  • require periodic replacement of the lamp if the projector is not led category (LED).

How to choose a home theater projector and at the same time to buy really high quality and reliable device? Experts say - you can watch movies on any kind of device, it all depends on your personal preference. Among the models, designed for demonstration of a movie at home, it can be divided into three main types of projectors:

  1. Centers for fun "all-in-one", Which includes the projector itself, the player, speaker system. Such devices have the main advantage - simple installation and operation. Just connect the device to the mains, check with the screen location, and you can enjoy watching. The main drawback - the weak characteristics of the built-in speaker system.
  2. Theatrical entry-level product - a home theater projector, equipped with matrix with a resolution of 1280x720 to (800). Manufacturers carry them to the entertainment models: Epson EH-TW450, BenQ W1070. These products are a good value for the image quality to cost, so experts recommend their purchase to the general public.
  3. High class of projection devices for home - it Full HD matrices with 1080 pixels (1920x1080). Such type includes Sony VPL-VW350ES, BenQ W3000 and others. These products provide multimedia projection any format of information that comes from different sources: video cameras, PCs, TV tuner, game console.

Projectors are also divided according to the process of passage of light from the lamp onto micro mirror (DLP) and liquid crystal (LCD). The benefits are the first very high contrast and a uniform distribution of colors over the entire area of ​​the screen, and the second - the lack of a rainbow effect and high efficiency with less power consumption.

When you purchase is necessary, in addition to the cost, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Light flow It must be within the 1000-2000 lumens. Such an image can be clearly seen in a brightly lit room, and there is no need to comply with the partial or total blackout mode.
  2. limit the contrast - from 1000: 1 to 2000: 1. If this figure is lower, the dark scenes in the film are virtually indistinguishable.
  3. Noise exposure cooling systems. The best option - the purchase of products with a low level of noise that will not be heard over the sound effects from the demonstration of the film;
  4. The color scheme of the projection. It is governed by its own, but at the same time we must remember that all colors must be natural.

In addition, it has a special meaning lamp life. Typically, this option is dependent on the intensity of product usage: if you look every day cinema for 1.5 hours, the lamp will be enough from 3.5 to 7 years.

According to statistics, users are changing the lamp once and then has to be replaced on the projector is a perfect model.

LED light sources are used throughout. There are low power projectors type led. Leading manufacturers of modern projectors assure that it will soon go on sale the new product. They instead of incandescent lamps will be used colored diodes systems with a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours, ie. E. Before the end of the life of the projector itself.

Replacing outdated projection lamp to the LED at the present stage of development of technical capacity is not too difficult, but to work with led-light sources are only suitable DLP-projectors.

Leading firms used in conjunction with LED matrices such as LCoS, who also work on the principle of light reflection. Their engineers are assured that soon dawn of this technology.

The principle of operation of the projector of the future

Use a minimum of three diodes: red, green and blue, add yellow, blue to the color rendition was more saturated color. The product is not led-light wheel - mounted wiring that imperceptibly switches the backlight diodes, as a result of the screen you see a bright colored picture.

  1. Weight and dimension. LED + DLP allowed to place all the components as close as possible and to create miniature, no more boxes from the CD-ROM drive, projectors.
  2. energy consumption: Led consumes 10 times less than incandescent and can run on battery power.
  3. Life time. In lamps not more than three thousand, LED -. 20 thousand hours without reducing brightness..

Only one can be attributed to shortcomings: the best specimens led type projectors have a luminous flux of only a few hundred lumens. This is only enough to create a small image in a slightly darkened room.

For example, a miniature LED projector BenQ Joybee GP1 may create an image size of from 38.1 to 203.2 cm diagonal aspect ratio of 4: 3, 16: 9. Its weight is 640 g, has a built-in speaker, D-Sub connector and a USB port for external storage.

Briefly describe the latest developments of the company from Japan Epson, which is a well-known multi-group Seiko Group, which produces laser printers, scanners, PC, tuners and other modern electronic products.

based on the technology of the projector laser module instead of the classic lamp enables output of a quality that will win you over natural color and clarity of the image. Even the darkest scenes are clearly visible, thanks to high speed contrast control.

This projector is absolutely maintenance-free, module life of 30,000 hours.

What should be the distance between the projector and screen?

For standard articles it requires from 2.5 to 4 m, so that the image was clearly focused, but such a distance is not acceptable for all rooms. In this case it is necessary to acquire short-throw unit, which perfectly conveys the image at a distance of 1.5-2 meters.

Pay attention to the products that can change the focal length of the integrated optical system. Simply install the device, and on the spot, make the settings.

Such a projector is one feature: the farther from the surface on which the image is projected, the larger is allocated to each pixel, and thus the entire image as a whole.

For the price of the most viable option for the living room - this is BenQ W1070 + with a very good image quality for 98 thousand rubles, which became the hallmark of the Taiwanese company BenQ.. Lamp with a brightness of 2000 lm allows you to watch movies without a blackout, the maximum possible extension, 3D image. At a distance of 2.5 m an image with a diagonal of 100 inches (2.54 m), in addition there are other pleasant surprises: works wirelessly receives video using modules with a range of 30 meters.

This model is the hallmark of BenQ, at exhibitions, she has won many awards and prestigious prizes. In international rankings listed among the leaders.

For more affluent buyers have BenQ W6000 for the price to 128 thousand, included are 3D glasses. Comparative characteristics of the two models are shown in the table:

BenQ company occupies 50% of the world market of projection products, in spite of the constant attempts of competitors to tarnish its products in various ways. customer preference still remains on the side of companies from Taiwan, and the quality and technical capabilities of manufacturers continue steady growth. BenQ engineering department uses nanotechnology and constantly keeps abreast.

In second place after the projector itself is just that device, without which there is no home movies. The screen can be purchased on a stand in the form of a tripod. But experts suggest the best solution: buy a cheap version of the suspension and mount it on the ceiling. This is a real space-saving.

When you purchase it is important to remember that the Chinese specialists have already copied all models of screens. Therefore, it requires a certificate from the seller.

When you select a projector screen, special attention should be paid to the material: priority is given to products with a matt white coating, or cloth in light gray. They make it possible to place the audience and the projection apparatus more freely.

Choosing a location for the device

The projector is purchased, the screen is selected, it is necessary to place them correctly mutually. Use a lot of options: The unit is installed on the coffee table, high bedside table, or mounted on a special bracket to the ceiling.

It must be remembered subsequent serviceability and availability of the projection lamp to replace.

Home theater projector ordinary, led or laser designed to provide comfort and easy viewing of different films and videos, so it should work quietly, have excellent characteristics in brightness, resolution, and color reproduction. Before you go shopping, check out the ranking of the best projectors on user feedback - maybe you will like one of these top models.

How to Choose the Best Home Theater 2017. Ten of the most popular models, their description and features. Important technical parameters, as well as the inherent advantages and disadvantages of equipment.

How to choose a home theater projector

Any movie buff who prefers noisy cinemas, comfortable home viewing sooner or later reflect, how to choose a home theater projector. This is not surprising, such equipment promises significant advantages compared with the most advanced panel. The key ones are:

  • a significant increase in viewing area, which is often limited to just outside the walls, highlighted by placing the screen;
  • presence effect, which is achieved by the transmission quality visual range, acoustics, the absence of extraneous noise;
  • convenient location, the equipment does not occupy a large part of the limited storage space, allows the use of premises for different purposes;
  • no visual discomfort, with proper selection, installation and configuration.

These benefits will become available when the projector choice for home theater will fit the application. To do this, navigate the technical parameters that define the operation of such equipment. These include:

  • Image transmission technology;
  • resolution and format;
  • 3D support;
  • brightness level;
  • Light source;
  • focal length;
  • image shift;
  • connection interface;
  • noise.

The quality of a broadcast image from the source to the screen depends on svetomodulyatsionnoy system through which the light flux. Before the advent of micromirror structures and liquid crystal projectors modern analogs were based on cathode ray tube technology (CRT projectors). At present, it was replaced by more sophisticated systems, which use three basic modulation technology pictures. It:

  • LCD LCD devices running on clearance;
  • DLP devices built on micromirror system;
  • LCoS devices based on liquid crystals, but running on reflection.

Each of the above in the present embodiment is capable of maintaining image quality over time, but has some disadvantages.

LCD matrix liquid crystal

The finished image is formed by passing the three color fractions through the prism. This allows full color saturation is excellent brightness with little darkening. The main disadvantages is considered to be:

  • fragmentation of the image into pixels, which are particularly distinguishable when viewing close;
  • poor contrast due to the weak transmission of black;
  • sensitivity to dust and filters need regular cleaning.

Micromirror DLP technology

As the name suggests, the image formed micromirror system, mounted directly on the signal generator. Micron distance between the mirror components provides enhanced picture clarity and no pixel defects, plus a deep black color. Such devices have fewer massagabaritnymi characteristics compared with competitors, less demanding of care, but:

  • different noise level;
  • require good darkening or corresponding light flux;
  • can reproduce the defect "rainbow".

Their counterparts are SXRD (Sony) and D-ILA (JVC), which also run on the liquid crystal modulator, but in contrast to the LCD through reflection. The devices made according to this scheme, devoid of most of the shortcomings of previous versions. are key advantages:

  • good color saturation and contrast;
  • the use of large formats with the appropriate resolution;
  • smooth, defect-free image.

The main drawback is the cost at the level of the car, and significant operational costs associated with frequent replacement of expensive gas discharge lamps.

Most of the high-quality video has a standard Full HD and HDTV, the resolution of which 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. To play it need a multimedia projector with support for similar parameters. Less expensive office analogues under old standards computer cut off part of the pixels, that deteriorates the quality, makes unavoidable loss in sharpness and granularity.

In recently come under 4k playback apparatus standard that supports the resolution of 3840 x 2160 or more. However, their cost is extremely high, and content with such a resolution is still scarce. Another feature that is worth considering is the size or aspect ratio. The former 4: 3 ratio is hardly ever used in the production of content, it is replaced by materials with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16: 9, which imposes corresponding demands in the reproducing apparatus.

The appearance of the three-dimensional video also had an impact on the requirements for a projection technique. Supports 3d images are increasingly integrated into the projectors for home theater, proving popular among gamers and movie. Such instruments are designated as Full hd 3d, because the high level of resolution required for optimal display of three-dimensional graphics.

Many projectors Full hd 3d involve the use of special glasses that enhance the visual perception of the surround effect.

This parameter specifies the color saturation depends on the strength of the light flux measured in lumen (lm). The higher the value in lm, the clearer and better color reproduction. However, extremely high brightness can cause eye discomfort due to high eye pressure.

Pick up device according to this parameter follows from the conditions of use. If it is applied in a well-darkened room, you can do the minimum values ​​in the range of 1000 to 2000 lumens. Incomplete require darkening of the light source 2 to 3 million lm.

These parameters are required when viewing the three-dimensional graphics, which under low light output will appear flat in significantly lose sharpness and saturation.

Most models for home use gas-discharge lamps are applied with a mercury filling, injected under high pressure (UHP). They are able to create a powerful beam of light, to provide the required level of brightness. Working life can be increased to two thousand hours of operation, typically up to 6, with the periodic application of the economy mode. The main disadvantages:

  • limited lifespan;
  • reduced effectiveness at time of discharge of the working resource;
  • large size;
  • the need for a cooling system;
  • significant costs, about 30% of the equipment price.

An alternative embodiment are LED light sources (LED). Led projectors are deprived of most of these flaws, but do not provide the necessary brightness. Another embodiment is a laser projector which has comparable UHP lamp with a power and provides excellent color. Its main drawback, the high price.

For a demonstration video at home it is important to focus. Devices with such an application must be short throw and have the ability to adjust the lens. Their projection value t. E. The ratio of the distance to image width is typically 0.8-1.2. Advanced models can be equipped with remote adjustment of focus through the remote control.

When the suspended installation of equipment or placement in a niche is not always convenient to adjust the direction of light by physical manipulation. For this purpose, the lens shift function is applied without moving the device itself. Characteristic for such cases trapezoidal distortion is eliminated lens shift. Option is not present in all models, but often necessary, especially in the limited area of ​​the premises.

The source images may be used by many different devices to the good old TV media player. Ability to broadcast signal from these devices provide various interfaces. Well, if the equipment is equipped with all the list of inputs, duplicating the most used.

All devices with the lamp light source equipped with forced cooling fans. The more heat, the more actively working cooling system and creates more noise.

In a small room, with complete silence excessive noise, will likely interfere with viewing. To avoid such a situation should be at the stage of choice to pay attention to the noise parameter. It can range from 20 to 45 dB. For the home environment recommended level less than 30 dB.

A useful option is the ability to switch to an economical operating mode, which will provide a reduction in noise, plus prolong the working life of the lamp.

On the market there are a lot of different options for such devices. The choice is limited only by the amount of cash. Yet, choosing expensive equipment for home theater you need to focus on the well-known brands with a good reputation among users. This is to avoid annoying errors, save a lot of money and their own precious nerves. Of the many well-known brands, the most popular are:

Enabled device EullHD quality and appropriate resolution. Power flow to 20000 lm provide quality work with a slight darkening. Short focus allows you to place equipment at a distance of less than a meter to the screen. Other advantages:

  • the support of three-dimensional video;
  • wireless connection and setup;
  • correction of geometry images.

The disadvantages are a slowdown at low-frequency sweep and a low performance in the gaming mode.

Able to work with minimal dimming, provides maximum clarity of detail when playing EullHD. Three-chip LCD design eliminates the most characteristic defects. Is different:

  • minimum delay signal;
  • the smoothness of the image of the game;
  • adjustable by remote control.
  • insufficient depth of black;
  • problems with 3D;
  • trapeze defects are not corrected lens shift.

It allows you to view video of any quality (EullHD, HDTV, 3D). It keeps the brightness of the image with almost no blackout (3000 lm). Copes with the gameplay. merit list can be supplemented with:

  • function wireless connection;
  • small size;
  • affordable price.

The main drawback is the high noise and problems with correction in the vertical scanning.

Recommendations for the choice and instead to conclude

If we choose a good home theater projector with the expectation of a comfortable viewing high-quality video, it should be selected taking into account:

  • EullHD resolution format with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, are made available to view most of the content;
  • short focal length, providing more freedom in choosing a site for the equipment;
  • Brightness under the expected conditions of use;
  • tube or other variants based on the budgetary possibilities;
  • lens shift availability options;
  • a wide range of connection interfaces;
  • minimum noisiness.

Focusing on these parameters, you can pick up quite functional device at an affordable price. It should be understood that the term "reasonable" in this case is relative.

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