How to choose a water meter for apartments

Which is better for water meter

To pay only for used water you in the apartment, you must install the amount of water flow measuring device or, as they say, water meters. What are water meters, and some of them are suitable for domestic use, and we will investigate.

water meters put to not pay for "neighbor"

There are several types of water meters, but can be divided into two main groups: non-volatile (using mechanical processes), and volatile (require electricity available).

Generally, there are four types of counters:

Tahometrichskie water meters with impeller

Tachometric (or turbine vane). Refer to mechanical devices (nonvolatile). The main operating part - a small turbine or impeller, which is in the water. The amount of water is calculated by the number of turns, which makes the impeller. Momentum impeller axis is made to move a mechanical counter. It works with any water (hard, with high content of iron, etc.), but the accuracy of the reading is not very high, it is likely that the impeller heal in a few years and will rotate slower. But it may happen that it will spin faster than necessary. In general, embodiment of this type inexpensive and counters in the ground and put in apartments.

  • Or electromagnetic induction. It needs electricity to operate this device. The action of the device is based on the ability of water to conduct electricity. Device roads, service life high - more than 10 years, in the absence of foreign substances in the water and corrosion / scale in pipes outputs accurate data. As the clear water and the perfect condition of the pipeline - this is not about our network, put it infrequently.

    The electromagnetic (induction) watergage

    From all the above, it turns out that in our real conditions - only tachometer counters fit - the old pipe and the purest water. They are in the ground and set.

    Ultrasonic water meters

    Types tachometric counters

    Mechanical meters are good that their work does not require any additional conditions. There is a stream of water - they work, is not it - they are worth. That's just plain long, they do not like - may no longer be rotated because of the salt in water or a turbine impeller. This means that you will need to change the metering device.

    Classification water temperature

    Meters for water metering (the official name) is for cold and hot water. They are characterized by a range of operating temperatures:

    • Cold maximum of + 30 ° C;
    • Hot + 130 ° C;
    • Universal - working temperature range - to + 90 ° C.

    Even if the water meters of the same type and manufacturer have one, the price difference is palpable. But it is justified - using heat-resistant materials, and they are much more expensive for domestic hot water. To externally they are easy to distinguish, the body painted in a different color - counters cold water is usually blue for hot - red, orange color are universal.

    Hot or cold water is counter clear color of its body

    With the general principle of this kind of work has several varieties of water meters. Firstly, there are two principles of action:

    • Single-jet - water is a single stream and reaches the impeller. This gives rise to eddy currents which adversely affect the accuracy of measurements.
    • Multijet. The stream is divided into several separate jets that reduces the turbulence of flow, improving measurement accuracy.

    Multi water meter has a different appearance

    But not all so simple: mnogstruynye tachometer water meter is only for large-diameter pipes (40 mm diameter). they are not suitable for apartments.

    As a method for mounting and rotating mechanism countable

    More important division of a method for mounting counter mechanism for us. On this basis shared water meters on dry and wet. The wet counting mechanism stands in the water, because quickly fails. In devices of dry type counter mechanism is separated from the water plate and they last longer.

    There is another kind of tachometer counters - valve. This additional water meter installed shutoff valve, allowing water to overlap. For what it may be necessary, it is hard to say, because when installing necessarily pose a shut-off valve before the water meter. It is needed in case if you need to change or verify the meter, so that the crane, if necessary, on and off the water.

    What is the difference between the vane and turbine water meters

    Inside the tachometer counters worth turbine impeller or, respectively, they are divided into the turbine and the wing. The only difference is the location of the axis of rotation. The vane is perpendicular to the flow in the turbine - in parallel, although the form of a rotating wheel at them identical. Vane water meters are more sensitive and can measure a low water flow, but there is a lack of them - they are almost completely cover the water flow, which reduces the capacity of the water supply. Another minus - at fault (if the impeller stops rotating) stream almost completely blocked.

    To combine the advantages of both types of rotating members was coined by a combined water meter tachometer. It has and the turbine and the impeller. At low flow of water is fed to the impeller, with a large - on the turbine. But the cost of such equipment is already quite high.

    Another point: turbine flow meters are available with diameters of 40 mm, so that the choice for owners of apartments, in fact, not. We have to put the wing water meters - others simply do not fit.

    To automate the readout process there are special laths (based on reed switch or the transmission on the radio channel). They are not compatible with all devices, so that the counters are usually sold for just water with such additions.

    There vane DHW water meters with temperature control they also may be called multi-rate, as calculated fixed amount of consumed water with different temperatures. They are relevant for those countries in which a mechanism of allocation. Russia, too, applies to them (Government Decree dated August 27, 2012. Number 354).

    Multirate counter hot water Sayans

    Multirate hot water metering counters have a small CPU and memory work often by a rechargeable battery. Since power demand only a few sensors, a microprocessor and a memory, the flow turns out very small. One feeder element is enough for 5-8 years.

    the temperature data stored in the microprocessor memory, from where they can be retrieved. The memory may be periodically cleaned, so you must be checked periodically.

    What is the counter for water is better? How to choose a water meter?

    Water - an invaluable resource that is essential for every living organism. But it is a product for which we must pay the owner - the state. In Russia, for the metering of water consumption meters installed. Moreover, the right choice of device is up to the owner of the home. This gave rise to a huge range of products, in connection with which each of us once in my life there was a question: what kind of meter for water is better? Understand this will help our article.

    Previously residents themselves choose how to pay for the consumed water - according to the established rules of law or focusing on reading water meters. But with the entry into force of the Federal Law dated November 23, 2009 under No. 261-FZ "On energy saving and energy efficiency improvements and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", the installation of water meters has become a mandatory procedure for all citizens. The law does not specify what kind of recording device must be installed.

    Evade this obligation only homeowners can, which is officially recognized as dilapidated or where communications are worn out and need replacing. In addition, it releases all of the owners of apartments, where setting of the counter cold water (or hot) is not possible due to the design features of the aqueduct. In this case, this fact must prove and document in housing.

    Counters of water flow are classified on several grounds. According to the destination, they are divided into industrial and domestic subspecies. We will not dwell on the first variety, but the second type of device requires more detailed consideration.

    Appliances can be divided into two groups:

    1. "Mokrye9raquo; recorder in which the recording device is directly connected with an impeller or a turbine rotated by the flow of water.
    2. "Suhie9raquo; water meters, which construction has two separate sections for water consumption indicators and recording devices.

    Solving the question "what kind of meter for water better," we can not ignore the device recording devices. It, in turn, depends on the device group and has its own distinctive characteristics.

    Mechanical devices or tachometer

    Mechanical recorder can be set to record both cold and hot water. The principal differences between devices, adapted to work in a certain temperature range, we will look at later. Now the study of their structure and mode of operation.

    Tachometer water meters may belong to a "suhoy9raquo; and "mokroy9raquo; group. The first representative of a Valtec. Water meter registers of the type indication by rotation of the turbine located in the pipe. The top of the impeller has a magnet which attracts a metal plate registrar to make it rotate. Such flow meters are protected from leaking and have high durability.

    In "mokryh9raquo; devices turbine is rigidly connected with a tachometer. It rotatable water flow Stars system transmits force that determine the rotation speed of the dial. The benefits of water meters should include a simple structure, and the shortcomings - a high risk of clogging the pipeline.

    Say exactly what counter for better water - electromagnetic or mechanical - not. All depends on the constructive characteristics of the watercourse and plumbing circuit. Thus, electromagnetic devices, among other things, require a permanent connection to the mains, but they, unlike the tachometer devices transmit more accurate readings.

    The principle of operation of such water meters based on electromagnetic induction law. The impeller rotates, produces an electromagnetic field, and the higher flow rate (higher flow rate) the faster rotating induction field. Indication device displays on the LCD, making it easier to read.

    Differences counters for hot and cold water

    The principle of operation Tallyman hot and cold water is the same. Both types of devices can be either mechanical or electromagnetic. However, the water meter GBS (hot pipe) has some constructive features:

    1. It is made of heat-resistant materials which have a low coefficient of linear expansion. This prevents leakage when heating device.
    2. In its design, it has a special reinforced gasket, which also do not allow the emergence of leaks.

    Tallyman cold water are marked with a "hot H9raquo ;, -" G9raquo ;. Rearrange them, i.e. UCR set on a hot water pipe and vice versa is not recommended.

    What else to consider when choosing the counter?

    Choosing a counter for better water can not forget the inlet device according to the diameter of the pipeline. Not taking into account this fact, you will either have to use transient connections, or not to install the appliance purchased.

    The second important factor is the material of manufacture. The most important of those are copper and brass. The use of other metals and alloys are not recommended because they release harmful substances in the water. It is better if the counter has a natural color and not covered with paint.

    Do not pay attention to how much should count on, can not be water. Mechanical devices have a lower cost, as compared with electromagnetic but their accuracy is much lower. In turn, the tachometer water meters are more durable and easy to operate. The specific cost of the device depends on the brand of the manufacturer.

    Manufacturers of meters for water

    Quality instruments on the domestic market supplied by Valtec. Water meter Italian production differs reliability and durability, there is a mechanical and electromagnetic. Most models are supplied with a pulse device for remote reading.

    Excellent proven water-meters Zenner firm, whose office is located in more than forty countries around the world. Other popular foreign manufacturers should be noted the company Viterra, Siemens, Wehrle.

    Among the instruments of domestic production can be identified counters "Betar9raquo ;. Mainly because of their price. The average cost of the devices is in the range 500-1100 rubles, which in combination with acceptable durability makes them profitable.

    Among the other domestic producers can be noted company "Meter9raquo; and the company "Mytishchi heating system." The quality of their equipment, reliable and accurate. They are adapted to different diameters of pipes. In addition, their products makes it possible not to pay attention to how much water meters. The average price for the device is between 500-900 rubles.

    How to choose a water meter: what are, how best to install and why?

    Law requiring the installation of every apartment metering devices came into force. On the basis of its provisions, to pay according to the standards it becomes very profitable. Therefore, many people want to know how to choose a water meter. Well-chosen device will help to significantly reduce the cost of utility bills. You will not have to lay out a decent amount of time in the absence of an apartment, accident, summer, "prevention" and repairs. Payment "in fact" is much less than the norm. It only remains to choose the right counter.

    Before you rush to the store for purchase, it is necessary to understand the classification of water meters and find out the prices. Their are several. Devices are divided into a device for cold and hot. Their operating principle is exactly the same, the difference in the materials making up the elements of the system.

    There metering devices hot and cold water

    the first type of apparatus designed to operate with cold water, whose temperature does not exceed 40C. Meters for hot water withstand temperatures up to 150C. There are versatile instruments that are used for flow metering and hot and cold water.

    Vane counters can be fitted with special protection antimagnetic

    Another classification of the type of power, divides all the counters in the non-volatile and volatile pattern. The first group does not need additional power supplies. Second work only from the power supply and stopped when the power supply is disconnected.

    Choosing a water meter is better to install, it is worth to know that in principle to all the devices are classified into four groups:

    • Vortex. Record the vortex frequency occurring at a particular body form, placed in a water stream. The obtained data indicate the flow rate.
    • Electromagnetic. Proportional to the speed of fluid passing through the counter at a certain speed, which fixes the device induces a magnetic field.
    • Tachometer. Represent mechanical counting device associated with the impeller placed in the flow or singular forms of the impeller rotating in a fluid.
    • Ultrasound. Analyze acoustic effect which occurs when the ultrasonic vibration passes through a moving stream of water.

    It is also available for industrial equipment, as well as domestic purposes. First applied to enterprises, and the second - for housing. Of the variety of counters for flats is typically selected only two types of devices: tachometric or electromagnetic.

    The most in demand for residential construction. It is compact, reliable, cost democratic and sufficiently high measurement accuracy. The device will last for at least 12 years, but with the need for periodic verifications. The base structure, a small impeller or impeller, determine the type of instrument. So-called vane apparatus may be:

    • Single-jet. The principle of operation of the meter based on counting the number of revolutions of the impeller, which rotates a single stream of water in the pipe. By means of the magnetic coupling is transmitted to the indicator on the housing. Actually counting mechanism is isolated from the water, so the measurement for a long time remain accurate. The main advantages of the system include the ability to set the pulse output module, which allows you to read her testimony remotely. Further design features of the device make it possible to mount antimagnetic protection counter.
    • Multijet. The main difference - in dividing the measured water flow into multiple jets immediately before the impeller blades. This reduces the measurement error, and water to the counter calculation becomes more accurate. The advantages of the system include ease of disassembly and assembly required for verification, since removed only the top part of the device. Ability to set the pulse output module.

    Turbine design systems differ rotary part, which is a small impeller. Another detail: sliding-vane meters are installed only on pipes with diameter up to 40 mm inclusive, turbine - from 50 to 200 mm. When choosing a device is required to be taken into account. There is a special kind of counters - combined devices which combine the wing and turbine equipment. They are used in water pipes with serious differences of pressure.

    Multijet devices provide more accurate readings than single-jet. Turbine meters (extreme right 2) mounted on tube diameters of 50 mm

    Tachometric counters available dry or wet type. The difference lies in the place of location of the counting mechanism. In the "wet" versions it is located in the water, so susceptible to contaminants dissolved in it, which distort the final reading and quickly eliminate the mechanism of action. To protect the device before it is recommended to install the filter. The "dry" devices handling apparatus is separated from the water special nonmagnetic wall. Thus, it is not exposed to contamination, longer working. However, the cost of such devices above.

    The problem of how to read the water on the counter for this type of instrument can be solved very simply. Counting mechanism converts the number of impeller revolutions per cubic meter or a number of liters of spent fluid. Devices are non-volatile, compact and simple enough. The disadvantages usually include sensitivity to the magnetic field, which distorts the reading device, as well as a gradual wear and tear of the blades, which also affect the accuracy of the read data.

    No less popular than the tachometer devices. Their main advantage is considered to be high precision readings, based on the determination of the speed and the average water flow area. They do not depend on the temperature, density and viscosity of the fluid. Therefore, many of those who think about how to save water on the counter, make a choice in favor of this device, hoping to not have to pay extra money for inaccurate readings imperfect instrument. It is justified, but it should be borne in mind that the chemical and physical properties of water passed through the meter still affect its accuracy.

    For example, the precipitate in water can lead to corruption of data within a year of the system. Another detail: Electromagnetic counters can not work in very clear water. Further, they are dependent on the power and power outages simply deactivated.

    The most accurate readings can be obtained from the electromagnetic water metering device

    Choose which water meters need to deliver better landlord. Only he can determine the type suitable instrument with all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed options. Check the correctness of its decision as possible during the consultation with a specialist from the management company that knows exactly what types of devices can be installed in this house.

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