How to Choose Electrical chain

Electric chain saw, what to choose for building and garden?

Sooner or later, every owner of a garden or backyard decide to buy a chainsaw. Stop for gasoline, or better electric chain saw, what you choose depends on many factors. We will talk about electric saws, layout, use, maintenance. The choice of instrument will be for you.

The scope of the use of chain saws network

Where previously used a hacksaw as butter knife cuts wood reciprocating saw. Sawdust produced by small, you can work in cramped quarters. Luchkovye saw and ordinary dvuhruchku replace the chain saw, electric or petrol. If the work is connected with the felling and bunching of ridges in the forest, there is no alternative, only powerful gasoline professional tool to help you.

Gasoline Saws are more expensive, they are not attached to the network, is noisy and thus still spoil the air exhaust.

How to choose the electric chain saws chores:

  • sawing logs on churochki;
  • cutting boards, slabs, beams, wood waste;
  • the formation of the trees.

If there is a mains electricity, street work does not deliver trouble neighbors. Cutting power saw can be carried in a confined space, exhaust fumes do not. One taboo - to work in damp or rain is strictly prohibited. How to choose an electric chain saw by the power and arrangement depends on its purpose. If you have to work occasionally and briefly, you need to buy a saw for household needs. When working with wood is a profession, need another tool.

Manufacturers of tools

Long and well the leaders in the production of chain saws are the company Makita, Bosh, Stihl, Champion. Their products are more ergonomic and easy to operate. What is the electric chain saw to select fan - we recommend the brand Champion, decent and inexpensive.

vie "Makita" and "Bosch" in the rankings of the best products of this ka5tegorii. Both produce a high price class professional and amateur models.

But innovation, locks, electronics developed as know-how on these sites. Choosing a chainsaw is not limited to listed companies. Following the famous brands have mastered the production of drinking and have achieved good performance of the company Interskol, Zenith, Forte, Efco, it is not a complete list of manufacturers. You should know how to choose a tool for performance.

Technical indicators power saws

Engine power is determining indicator selection electric chain saws. Working outside the city and in the country there is no guarantee that the network is stable 220V tool can not operate at full capacity, can overheat and fail prematurely. Therefore it is necessary to use a stabilizer or buy a more powerful machine. The more powerful drink, so it is more expensive and heavier.

It is assumed to consider household appliances with power up to 2 kW, above - a professional tool. You must select the device power as a network.

The arrangement of the housing depending on the engine layout. Look to the circumscription of the saw. If the product is long and narrow, the engine is located along an axis, balancing beautiful, you can work tirelessly for a long time. Universal device due to the longitudinal arrangement of the engine. Established a transitional tapered coupler increases the cost of the device for a few thousand

When the transverse arrangement of the saw becomes shorter for the same length of the tire. This embodiment amateur tool. It perfectly sawing wood and everything from the top down. Thus a compact instrument, easy to work professional, gathering truss. What chainsaw choose a layout must be addressed, bearing in mind, ripsaw will last 2 times longer.

Do not operate electrical tools in wet weather outside. Always hold the saw with both hands. Do not be distracted while sawing a conversation, be careful.

The longer the bus, the thicker log saw cut. It will cost more. For domestic use best option paintings 30-40 cm.

Comfortable safe operation must be equipped with:

  • chain brake;
  • Motor overheating protection;
  • soft start;
  • engine brake.

You can not buy a saw if it does not provide protection from accidental activation. This is counterfeit!

Tips for choosing a saw from a professional

If you planned to build a house of logs, it should be in the arsenal of gasoline and electric saw. Each tool is designed for your sector of work. How to choose a chain saw with reference to the network:

  1. After selecting a model, ask whether in your neighborhood service center for consumables products and spare parts. Read the reviews are not about the company and about the tools of your brand. Make sure that the instruction is not a photocopy, normal typographical copy.
  2. The saw should lie comfortably in the hand, not to cause discomfort;
  3. The more powerful electric saw, the more hope that the voltage drawdown does not interfere with the work.
  4. I saw average farmer class most robust embodiment, the intermediate between a professional and an amateur. Electric saws are cheaper, easier to use and allow you to work in a closed circuit.

Tips for Instrument Care

Please note, the engine may overheat from excessive load. The reason - not emerges oil to lubricate the chain. It is necessary to work and in the process to check for oil delivery circuit and its level. Check flow easily - position the cutter along the strip of newsprint or board and start the saw. If mikrobryzgi oil beam left on a newspaper with a chain, it means that oil flows. Use recommended or mineral oil.

Before work to check all the mounting bolts, the oil level in the tank. If the saw got a cold storage, it should lie at room temperature for at least 2 days to evaporate the condensate from the windings.

It is believed sharp chain saws defines job. Initially, I saw part of the timber without effort, then you begin to lean on her. And you just have to undermine a special device, or needle files file. Do not know how to sharpen, place a new, and hand over the knife grinder in the near kiosk.

Remember dull chain is not only a burden on the hands, but also on the engine! At larger intervals in the store chain in oil.

Selection of electric chain saws - video

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Is not all necessarily saws are equipped with start-lock?

How to choose an electric chain saw? electric hand tools

Electric chain saw is a tool used for harvesting wood of carpentry and garden care on the plot. It will help to quickly cope with the extra branches on the trees, gather firewood for the stove or fireplace, as well as useful for many other things. If you're wondering how to choose a chain electric saw, you should understand the capabilities possessed by each of the versions of this tool.

We determine the power tool

If you are interested in Saw Electric Chain, reviews about which you like, you should pay attention to those of its main parameters as power and position of the engine, the rotational speed, the length of the bus, as well as weight. The choice of instrument should be carried out in accordance with the nature of work you intend to do. For example, the regular felling involves the use of a powerful instrument with indicator 2.5-8.5 kW. This tool is capable to work in 10-16 hours, and its performance is quite high, but it's too heavy and vibrates, so you must be able to handle it. If necessary periodic pruning branches and firewood for the bath can confine Appliance saw, in which the power is in the range of 1.5-2 kilowatts. Such models are lightweight, fairly easy to handle and are suitable for occasional use.

If we talk about how to choose a chain saw, electric, and it is important to consider aspects related to the location of the device engine. Currently, there are two options for its arrangement: longitudinal and transverse. In the second case, the saw is convenient to work in the vertical plane. The longitudinal engine layout would be most appropriate for those situations when you need to work from different angles. This embodiment is provided qualitative balancing device during cornering, and it affects its features such as flexibility and ease of operation.

This option is also very important in deciding how to choose a chain electric saw. This instrument determines the length of the bus size of the object to which it can run in terms of its cut. The tire is longer, the bigger the tree trunk, which she could cut it. Power saws and tire size interconnected, thereby to select the optimal model will be enough to know one of these options. For each power there is a recommended length of the bus: for household, this parameter is 35-40 centimeters, and professional - 40-70 cm.

If we talk about how to choose a chain electric saw, you should check that it has inadvertently lock. This function can protect you and everyone around you from a lot of trouble if you did not bring the device with two hands, or are not ready to work. The softstarter is required for the motor to maximum speed dialed immediately. Electric hand tools must be such that the motor accelerates slowly and gradually, which will significantly extend its service life.

Talking about how to choose the electric chain saw, it should be said about the need for periodic work at height. For such situations, does not approach the heavy tool with a long cord, as being, for example, on a high tree, you constantly have to correct cord. For these purposes more suitable for battery electric chain saw, reviews about which you like best. It is lightweight and compact solution which does not require a continuous power source.

In the process of selecting an electric saw chain is required to identify a number of important points. You must articulate the planned scope of work, as well as their level of complexity, because of this depends directly on the choice of a particular type of device that will not overpay extra money with the right approach. Electric hand tools should be selected with an understanding of how it has to be mobile. In this case, you should consider the distance from the central power supply system, to determine for themselves the need for power of the device, as well as the requirements for its performance. Sometimes the amount of work can be quite small, or is carried out not orderly, but it may require the maximum performance for the tasks set before you. You must be sure that the cutting blade headset equipped with a safety system that corresponds to the motor parameters as well as easy to disassembly and assembly. tool weight and the level of noise generated by them, it is also quite important points. If you use these principles in the process of selecting a power saw, it is possible to make a proper and meaningful purchase rationally invest their funds.

Now that you know what parameters the device should be considered to select the appropriate model can be said about such an important moment, as a manufacturer. Electric chain saws "Makita" is a convenient, easy and productive tool that applies equally well not only in industry, but also by those who buy it to work at home or at their summer cottage. Depending on the type of potential jobs, devices vary in power, step chain, the length of the tire, the weight of the device. Electric chain saws "Makita" are classified by the manufacturer, which allows the user to quickly and easily choose the right tool for both professional and semi-professional work, as well as for domestic use. With proper selection of chain saws Makita represent not only the highest quality of work, but also saves time and effort. The tool is reliable and easy to use, so is able to last for quite a long time.

Compact and safe tool

Saw electric chain "Interskol" is a tool, wherein its compact size and low weight. It also has a quality bar and chain. Among the features of this device can highlight mark automatic lubricant circuit, distributing clutch inertial brake circuit, and also a double protective insulation. In case of power failure the circuit will be stopped by the additional brake, and the brake is activated and the motor if necessary. Saws "Interskol" guarantee maximum safety of the consumer, as well as have all the necessary quality certificates and guarantees.

In this case, as in the situation with the device of choice of any other brand, it is necessary to look at the parameters such as line voltage, power and circuit speed, its pitch, as well as bus length. All these factors have a direct impact on the performance and service life of the device. All power saws "Interskol" plastic stress and the longitudinal position of the engine, so that manages to provide D-shaped handle, high quality balancing and frictional overload clutch is designed to ensure the protection of gear and motor overload.

At the moment, there are many manufacturers of electric chain saws that are in the market for a wide range of high quality products. Electric chain saw "Parma" is produced of the same name now. This company has been manufacturing the instrument of private and industrial use, which is characterized by high quality, reliability and simplicity in terms of maintenance and operation. In its manufacturing enterprise activities she enjoys extremely high quality materials, which are characterized by excellent physical and technical performance, and high reliability. The company creates a truly high-quality power tools. Their prices vary widely, ranging from 2,500 rubles. All devices are on the latest patented technologies, and their qualitative parameters are not inferior to European standards rather expensive. Own raw materials and domestic production allow to set lower prices for power saws "Parma" than the Western competitors. Therefore, the majority of customers and consumers make a choice in favor of this product.

This model belongs to the category of professional, because it not only has the necessary level of performance and reliability, but also provides the right quality raspilochnyh works. "Parma M" is equipped with a fairly sturdy housing, which is formed as a single monolithic structure of metal and has increased strength. Included raspilochnogo mechanism has a working cutting chain, which allows it to operate at very high speeds. High power saws "Parma-M" makes it indispensable for the conduct of activities on the factory floor, joinery, and in open areas.

With such a huge set of positive characteristics is available for saws and several shortcomings: lack of self-lubricating and protective chain brake and work mechanisms. This all makes it very uncomfortable in the hands of untrained users, and sometimes even dangerous.

Power tools "Bosch" - a high quality at very reasonable price, which is why many people are choosing it in his favor. Chain saws of this brand tools are high, the main purpose of which is to cut rough wood method. They are used in agriculture, in small workshops, on private land. The presence of a powerful electric motor that ensures complete absence of exhaust gases, as well as low noise level makes the saw "Bosch" suitable for work in the premises of the closed type. Most models have a unique addition Bosch-SDS system, which allows you to quickly produce replacement chain and its tension without the use of any auxiliary equipment. All tools have ergonomic design, which ensures the most comfortable working process. Among the functional features of the chain saw brand can distinguish the presence consumed current limiter, soft start function, as well as chain lubrication system in automatic mode. High tractive force ensures constant electronics. Electric chain saws "Bosch" different optimal ratio of high power circuit and speed.

So now you not only know how to choose a chain saw, electric, but also have an idea about the products of several manufacturers, which will make the final choice.

Electric chain saw: the advantages and disadvantages of popular models

Sawing wood by hand is tedious, and it is necessary to spend a lot of time. Help came from gasoline, and then the chain electric saw, by means of which the work is done much faster.

Both instruments have advantages and disadvantages, but the electric chain saw is popular, because it is cheaper, and while working indoors is simply irreplaceable, so'll focus on this device.

Advantages and disadvantages of power

To choose the right tool, you need to become familiar with its features, learn the strengths and weaknesses.

  • If a house, cottage or land for construction electrified, and not worry about the source power to the instrument.
  • Low noise level.
  • Not heavy.
  • Unlike gasoline, electric saw cheaper.
  • It can work indoors.
  • No harmful to humans and the nature of the exhaust gases.
  • No need to start and warm up.
  • When you turn right you can get to work.
  • Away from power grids saw no improvement.
  • The tool can not be used in the rain.
  • Cordless saws in most cases are sold without batteries.
  • Unstable, low power supply voltage adversely affect the performance and life of the selected tool.
  • If the structure is energized by old wiring is not capable of supporting a greater load, you can use the battery or a chainsaw.

always need a tool in the economy. It is necessary to cut down a tree, forming its crown, something to make or repair?

Without the saw can not do, and then what it will be, it depends on the productivity and usability of the tool.

To select a suitable electric chain saw, you must have more detailed information about it. Electric saw can be circular, reciprocating, or a chain, so the comparative analysis, and determine which one is the best to buy, considering the needs and specifics of the work.

Sawn boards, you can use hand-held circular saws. The depth of the cut depends on the diameter of the disc.

Reciprocating Saw is a versatile tool. It is possible to cut wood with nails, metal, concrete blocks, bricks, concrete, drywall, ice - it all depends on the choice of nail files.

If necessary, sticking out from the wall a piece of rebar can be cut flush, because the web is flexible. For sawing large logs more suitable for the chain, but with this kind of work and cope reciprocating saw (not to be confused with a jigsaw), but will take more time.

Roughly, but quickly coped with the task chain electric saw. Because of such features of its tool used when cutting tree trunks and other work not requiring high precision cutting.

How does the chain electric saw

The device with the electric saw is not much different from the gasoline. The only difference is in the type of power unit driving the circuit. When transverse engine rotational motion is transmitted through the sprocket.

If the engine is located across the device, then the torque is transmitted via bevel gear. chain traveling speed is in the range of 9 to 17 m / s. Bus length of 30-40 cm.

The photo shows the main part of the power saws.

Located on top or side. There is no consensus about the best option there is important information about the users liked the model. From under the cork does not leak oil, and it is better if it is tight to open, then do not open during operation.

Protective shield the chain brake is available in every model. If a powerful engine, the preference should be given to the saw with a clutch (a rarity in electrics).

Its power ranges from 1 to 3 kW. It is a measure of energy consumption. Proprietary model consumes 1.7 kW, will be more powerful than the cheap Chinese with similar characteristics.

  • The more powerful machine, the greater the weight of the saw, so the weight of its total weight is from 3.5 to 8.5 kg (Sadko ECS 2000).
  • From the engine location depends on how the device will turn ergonomic, and whether it is convenient to use in tight spaces.

Some manufacturers produce saws that work only with proprietary circuits. Prefer tool, which will not be difficult to find a suitable circuit.

Its length is different. To work in the garden will suit the short bus, but for the cutting of thick tree is better to choose tool bar length.

bar and chain tension fastening screw. You need to make sure that afterwards no problems with the adjustment of the chain tension. Advanced models are equipped with a special handle which controls the chain tensioning force.

Rubber grip on handle. This detail allows for more tightly to hold the instrument. Established not on all models (for example, Parma M2).

Each firm is doing something on his own. In one case, a well, and in the other - not very much, so we pay attention to such nuances.

Choosing the cheapest model unknown manufacturer, tune in to the fact that a number of repair it will turn out, count on the fact that the device will last for a long time, is not necessary.

Find out whether there is a service center in your area / region, able to repair the model. This is done on-site or sent to the manufacturer in China. Such repairs will be delayed by 3 months, and the likelihood that the saw will return repaired, very small.

The passport of a serious product manufacturer must indicate the address of service centers. The document must be an original, not a photocopy, or your purchase is at your own risk.

1 kW electric saw is sometimes called a child's toy. It is designed for a short stint When cutting branches in the garden or for cutting medium-sized parts.

If the voltage drops in the network significantly decreases its power. 2 kilowatt saws more hardy, less heated and not so sensitive to low voltage network.

It can be a long work without interruption, without fear of overheating. More powerful units work even more stable. Power reserve over does not happen, but the great weight of the unit will make the work tedious.

Test different power saws and professional judgment in this video

The weight. As practice shows, it is more convenient to work easier device. If taking the ratio of capacity and weight that will be optimal device selection, weighing 4.5 kg (± 0,5 kg).

Start. Corporate instrument equipped with soft-start system. This prolongs the life of your unit and reduces the load on when the network. This electric saw is not throwing up of the hands during the start.

Ease of use. About the location of the engine and the rubber strip has been mentioned, you now need to see how easy to hold the saw in his hands - there should be no sense of discomfort.

Protection against accidental activation. In addition, devices it is implemented in a different way - in the form of a button located on the housing or an additional lever to turn on the button itself.

This arrangement causes some inconvenience when using the tool, but protects against injuries. Depending on the design of such protection, the work may be convenient, or vice versa - quickly tired hands.

Try a few minutes to hold a tool in the hands of the "on" state, as if working it, appreciating the convenience of a defense mechanism.

Chain lubrication. Many models have automatic lubrication system cutting surface of the chain, which turns together with the motor. This saves oil, since it is not sprayed after switching off the appliance, or during work breaks.

The quality of the oil pump. Oil viscosity also depends on the ambient temperature. Preferably the presence of the possibility of setting its volume flow.

Reducer. Plastic gears of low quality are used in cheaper models. Find out if they are commercially available, so you could replace them.

Cord. Should retain flexibility in all weather conditions. If you are working in the cold, he zadereveneet, simply crack at the bending point.

These simple, but very important tips facilitate the selection.

Rating Chain power saws - video review

Any device in need of care and timely maintenance, and chain saws are no exception.

When working with this tool, you need to pay attention to the aspects of:

  • If the chain will not be lubricated with oil, it quickly becomes blunt, causing the engine to overheat.
  • Keep the saw preferably in a heated room or dry in a warm place (in the spring - the sun), or the motor may damage the winding formed on the condensate. You can not store the tool in the open sun or under a glass canopy (especially the battery).
  • Accidental splashes of water on the tool, it must be disconnected from the network, and does not include to dry completely. Electric saw chain is not protected against moisture, so the rain it can not work.
  • Not every power saw equipped with a protection against low voltage. When operated at low voltage, the motor will start to be heated greatly, and the winding insulation may melt.

Any instrument in need of care.

  • The chain rule and need to grind after each day of work.
  • The guide bar must be regularly lubricated, plunging into the oil container.
  • We need to monitor the level of oil in the tank and periodically refill. If bachek full, and the chain is not lubricated, you have to clean the oil supply passage to the chain.
  • The work is accompanied by a vibration of the instrument, so you need to regularly check bolts fastening components and the wiring.
  • Clean - the guarantee of "health" of any instrument. Take a few minutes to ensure that after the end of the saw clear of sawdust and oil.

It also happens that the electric saw is purchased for use in the garden, and then be used to perform more serious work. Think, do not have to soon if a low-power tool to cut big logs. In this case, select the device in the future, not only to solve today's needs.

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