How to bring home bedbugs

How to get rid of bed bugs in the home. Effective means of bed bugs

If the house were parasites, it is important to urgently respond to the problem. You can buy special products from household pests, but in the home are also available time-tested traditional recipes. For example, there are plenty of existing methods, how to get rid of bed bugs without excessive financial costs.

Such pests infest housing, deliver individual mass trouble create uncomfortable atmosphere, become a cause of serious diseases. Bedbug - a small insect brown, which feeds on human blood. If the house is found at least one instance, require complete processing of all premises, as the parasites multiply rapidly. During the day they are securely hidden not only in beds, but also in the crevices, baseboards, furniture, mattress, under the floor. It is necessary a responsible approach to the issue of getting rid of parasites.

Professional extermination of bed bugs

If in the family have a question, how to get rid of bed bugs, it is recommended immediately contact the specialized organization for high-quality processing of all the premises of the house or apartment. Services dezinsektorskih companies pay, but the customer receives a guarantee that the parasites will not soon again found in his home - such as a bedroom or nursery.

Trap parasites can be bought in a specialty store, and the price for this particular product differs - it varies from 100 to 800 rubles. Global solutions for the problems of the family, than to bring bed bugs, a lot, but it is recommended to select only proven tools with positive reviews. It:

  1. Executioner. Effective means having an unpleasant odor resistant. Bed bugs leave their refuge, escape, but affected by the insecticide fenthion, die quickly. To finally get rid of pests, it requires accurately process all the rooms, to leave the apartment for 2-3 days.
  2. The delta area. This is another proven tool, which, unlike the above-described its competitor, has no odor resistant, compatible with living people in the premises. The drug is available in vials for spraying on the flat, and it is further used for prophylaxis. One container is sufficient for processing 25 squares of living space.
  3. Het. Special white liquid helps to get rid of bed bugs. The active ingredient chlorpyrifos violates the integrity of the membranes of pests and prevents their reproduction, ensures a quick death. The substance is not toxic to humans, the drug is allowed to be used even in the pre-school and school establishments without any harm to the health of others.
  4. Forsythe. This is another effective method to get rid of bed bugs. Means effective only in relation to adults, larvae death does not occur. It is possible that after the first will have another treatment rooms, and not one.
  5. Tetriks. This analogue Forsythe no less effective, only able to destroy pathogenic flora apartments in full, including malicious larvae. Used to kill pests only instructions, avoid contact with animals means, young children.

Folk remedies for bed bugs

If you solve the problem, how to get the bugs out of the couch, unable to official methods, it's time to resort to time-tested folk prescriptions. In nature there are certain herbs which smell is killing these dangerous parasites. Apply tansy, tarragon, rosemary, lavender. To get rid of bed bugs, it is recommended to place on the branches of an apartment, especially in areas of potential clusters of bedbugs. Optionally, use turpentine, paraffin oil or vinegar, as the vapors of these substances too afraid parasites.

How to kill bed bugs physically

Pests are afraid of sudden changes in temperature, so you can freeze or process steam for the complete destruction of the premises. Of furniture to be put to the cold, and in summer it is better to clean the vacuum cleaner with a special steam treatment function. Methods effective because they allow to get rid of "adult" bed bugs and larvae.

The fight against bed bugs at home

Every owner of a private house should know where they can live parasites, how to effectively deal with them at minimum cost. Places where bed bugs may appear, are well known. Most often it is bed linen, mattress, sofa and bed. To quickly get rid of the pest, it's time to make a big laundry and cleaning. Linen should be washed and ironed, and mattress, sofa and bed should be heat treated.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the couch

Treatment Options upholstered furniture, bedding lot:

  1. To bring their own parasites need to disassemble the bed, put all of its components vertically. Some segments of the bugs after the defeat will have to dispose of.
  2. Carefully study the characteristics of the furniture fabrics. The presence of brown spots and small dried larvae says that bed bugs have not gone away, the furniture needs to be treated.
  3. Accurately process should frame, upholstery fabrics selected chemical composition, lubricate all the cracks, cracks that can hide bed bugs. Necessarily investigate spring unit.
  4. Sofa transfer the cold, and in summer - leave the room, which is hermetically closed for a few days. Similar actions are needed in prevention.

Getting rid of bedbugs underwear

Processing rules are simple:

  1. If pests in infested bedding, processing is subject not only to infected mothers, but also pillows, blankets, upholstery fabric bed. Otherwise, the "invasion" happen again.
  2. Linens need to be washed thoroughly with household chemicals and then ironed with steam quality processing function. Insects are afraid of high temperatures, such as environmental conditions lead to their mass destruction.
  3. Separately want to process a sofa, another sleeper, but for this purpose it is best to use the funds without a specific smell, effective for a specific task.

Video: how to kill bed bugs

I can give all the advice: get rid of parasites on their own - it is useless, it is better to call professionals. Folk methods tried in the country. Small bloodsuckers is still not allowed to sleep. I decided to deal with them in another way: make a service call to your home, adding value to their departure. Within 2 days the problem was completely solved.

Grass bloodsuckers turpentine in the parent's apartment. Means effective, but the smell killer. Parents week I have lived until all finally weathered. Now I sit on the couch and still feel that unpleasant smells furniture upholstery. But bed bugs are not found, and also no bites on the body.

We decided to deal with bed bugs yourself. Have become accustomed to the country, they began to appear in the spring with great regularity. Husband handled slit kerosene, shut the windows and doors and not come to the country for three days. Then a long time ventilate the room from the stable smell, but no live parasites were found.

Rapid elimination of bedbugs at home

The emergence of bedbugs at home - it is a problem that bothers many. Not always they can appear in those who nechistoploten, sometimes they can make a home with furniture or any other items. It is also necessary to consider that these parasites reproduce very quickly, so do not hesitate with their breeding.

But first you need to determine exactly what the inhabitants bred in the home. To determine you can use the following tips:

  1. The appearance of the bites. Perhaps redness can be confused with a mosquito bite. However, there is one difference, after the mosquito bites on the ground formed a small bump that itches constantly. But bedbugs bite on the contrary does not itch, and usually appears in its place a small dot of blood;
  2. A lot of black spots on the bed, wallpaper and other furniture. These points are the droppings of insects. They can be anywhere;
  3. Peel parasites. From time to time, a period of bedbugs molt, and they shed the horny skin. If in the house there was a thin skin, then clearly we can say that the house was bred bugs;
  4. Bedbugs do not like daylight, and therefore prefer to sit in a place where it is very dark, and they go on the hunt only at night. Therefore, be sure to view the space under baseboards, behind pictures, mirrors, door frames and moldings. Their favorite places around the battery beneath the carpet and the interior of the sofas.

So, when bugs are found, it is necessary to take immediate measures for their removal. Houses can be output in various ways.

There are plenty of folk remedies that help bring these parasites. The most popular are the following methods:

  • A mixture of turpentine, kerosene, toothpaste and water. To prepare 50 ml required turpentine, 50 ml of kerosene, 60 g butter and 70 ml of water. The components must be mixed thoroughly. All resettlement centers of bedbugs should be treated with a solution during processing at the hands need to wear gloves. After treatment, the room should be closed tightly and leave for 24 hours. Next, the room is well ventilated;
  • A mixture of turpentine, carbolic and salicylic acid. To prepare the required 100 ml of turpentine, 100 ml of carbolic acid and 20 ml of salicylic acid. All components are mixed well until homogenous. This solution should be treated furniture, floors, walls. Then, the room tightly closed. After 24 hours, it should be well ventilated;
  • A solution of turpentine, naphthalene, kerosene, alcohol and water. To prepare the required 500 ml of turpentine, 50 grams of naphthalene, kerosene glass, glass floor alcohol solution and 150 ml of water. All components are mixed until a uniform solution. Instruction processing is the same as in the first and in the second case;
  • Acetic acid mixture against bedbugs. This tool is absolutely harmless to health. Plain vinegar can be mixed with denatured alcohol and naphthalene in equal amounts. This mixture should be handled places cracks, window sills, window frames, doors and any furniture. It is advisable to do a treat twice a day. Also great kills bedbugs solution of vinegar and tarragon broth;
  • Industrial alcohol. Alcohol is necessary to pour into sections clusters of parasites;
  • A mixture of naphthalene, cresol and kerosene. To prepare the required 10 grams of naphthalene, 150 milliliters of cresol and 200 ml of kerosene. All of these components should be well mixed. The mixture is then treated with a space parasites;
  • Net aviation kerosene or liquid. These blends perfectly repel pests. To do this, just need to treat the kerosene space with lots of bugs;
  • A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and salt water. All components must be mixed in equal quantities and process pockets of parasites;
  • Valerian tincture. To do this, just need to handle all the beds solution;
  • Cedar oil. The oil should be diluted with water in equal quantities and process these solution areas where there are large concentrations of bedbugs. It is advisable to spray a large number of near beds. Another oil helps from stings of parasites, it is sufficient to lubricate the cedar oil places with redness.

Eliminating temperature method

Bed bugs can not tolerate too low or high temperatures. Therefore, when looking for effective solutions to remove these parasites, you can use relatively simple, but effective ways. What are thermal methods to combat this pest?

Consider the most successful ways to help get rid of bed bugs is almost 100%:

  1. Fight with the help of frost. If the room is partially infected by these parasites, you can make furniture, inhabited by the greatest number of bugs in the bitter cold, and leave for a while. If the room is completely infected, you have to freeze it in its entirety. But in this case I would have to move out of the house for a couple of days;
  2. Hot water. Bedbugs do not like and much higher temperatures. If suddenly on bedding, clothing, pillows, blankets, cloth covered furniture were these parasites, then all you need to wash the linen in hot water. It is best to boil the entire bed a couple of hours. Then all the things you need to dip into the washing machine and set the temperature no lower than 60 degrees. Wash all you need at least 30 minutes. After washing all be placed in the dryer or hang it in the sun. After that, the bugs and their eggs will die completely;
  3. Dry heat. There are some things that simply can not be washed, such as leather jackets, toys, footwear. In this case, the items should be individually folded into a bag made of plastic, with the seal it must be good. Then packages with things you need to put in the dryer and leave for 20 minutes. All need to be dried at 60 degrees. After that things need to be vacuumed to get rid of bedbugs remains;
  4. Destruction of steam. Parasites that live in carpets and furniture in the home, can be removed with a steam cleaner. Of course, this device is not everyone has. If it suddenly is not, it can be rented. All habitats be treated with hot steam. With the penetration of steam into the tissues it affects the parasites, and they die. It is best steam cleaners procedures carried out twice a week;
  5. Using a heat gun. This device can be used to combat parasites that lurk in the big things. For example, in mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture of any bedroom. As an industrial unit in time to use it is necessary to observe the precautions. It is desirable during processing to keep near the fire extinguisher, and better wear protective clothing. On termofene should be set to 70-80 degrees temperature level and hold it over the treated spot at a distance of 10 centimeters. Then, the device needs to be moved in a circular motion over the entire area of ​​the treated items.

Sometimes folk remedies and temperature methods do not help to get rid of bedbugs, then it is best to make use of other chemicals.

Allocate following kinds of chemical agents against bedbugs:

  • Aerosol. This preparation is ready for further application. Typically, these formulations have the form of cans, filled with a gas mixture. Using it is very simple - just need to spray the drug to the surface, where the center cluster of parasites;
  • Concentrates. This insecticidal agent which is sold as concentrated solutions and powders. Prior to use, it should be diluted with water and pour into a spray bottle. Then by spraying the room is fully treated with a solution;
  • Traps. These agents are not as effective as the first two. They are not able to destroy large colonies of bedbugs. But they are less harmful to human health.

Overview for the destruction of bedbugs

  1. Dichlorvos "Varan A". This tool helps by bedbugs, ants, mites, moths and cockroaches. It consists of permetina which is capable for a short time to kill large colonies of parasites. This spray has a good efficiency and reasonable price. Produced in a volume of 440 ml cans. The cost of one cartridge is from 80 rubles and above;
  2. "Raptor". The composition of the aerosol is comprised of three components which are directed action. When first using the pests are killed immediately and not appear again. Available in 350 ml cans. One spray can treat an area up to 60 square meters. The cost is quite high - one vial costs 240-250 rubles;
  3. "Clean house". Aerosol universal type. It consists of two insecticides. In addition to the bugs, kill cockroaches, fleas and other household pests. The cost 40-50 rubles.
  • "Klopoveron". This powder mixture which effectively fights the bugs. It kills them quickly and permanently. After the first use solution parasites die completely. Also, the drug has no harmful effects on the human body. However, the free market is a means very rare. Cost per 250 grams of powder of the tool is almost 1200 rubles;
  • "Sinuzan". This drug has an unpleasant and very peculiar smell. With him is hard enough work, so it is used in the main disinfection service. Cost per 100 ml of almost 500 rubles;
  • "Executioner". This insecticide is very cheap and easy to use. It can safely be used alone for the treatment of the apartment. For standard apartments will be enough to buy 20 bottles. The drug is harmless to health and has no odor. The cost of the drug from 50 to 100 rubles;
  • "Het". This microencapsulated suspension. It has a long action. Upon contact with the treated areas pests die quickly. Price per 100 ml is about 800-1000 rubles;
  • "Malathion". This formulation has the form of a powder. It is available and distributed in many stores. However, there is a lot of negative reviews. This is due to the fact that it is harmful to the organism. The cost of 30 gram sachet of the drug is about 50 rubles.
  1. «BedBugBeacon». This tool is manufactured by the American company Nuvenco. The action of the trap is as follows - from the probe leaves a certain amount of carbon dioxide, which luring pests. At night, the blood-sucking parasites are attracted not only smell but also the air that comes from the sleeping man. For this reason, the bug will go directly for CO2, in anticipation of what is coming to the man, but in the end he becomes a victim. The cost is high - one trap costs about 1700-2000 rubles;
  2. Traps proposed SES, have big differences compared with foreign. They look like small houses, which are in contact action insecticide. Usually, to find a dark corner or shelter, insects crawl into them. Yet it is not necessary to hope that these traps will help to effectively eliminate pests, because they do not zapolzut there in large numbers. The cost of these traps starts from 250 rubles and above;
  3. Sticky tape. Usually use sticky tape to cockroaches. They are installed in the internal part of a double bed and on her legs. Tapes need to be checked often, and make timely replacement. Cost ribbons varies from 70 to 150 rubles.

Rules of personal protection in breeding bedbugs

Regardless of which drug to use against insects, it is sure to follow certain rules of personal protection:

  • Food should be sealed pack that they could not get insecticide;
  • Utensils and equipment must also be well-protected. Though after processing all the dishes will be thoroughly cleaned, still pack it will not be superfluous;
  • In addition, the room should be freed from children and pets;
  • Also, when sealing all the things you need to carefully check that they were no larvae or parasites. If even one larva is left, it can lead to the re-settling of parasites.

In addition it is important to purchase the following protective measures:

  1. Latex gloves;
  2. Protective mask;
  3. Protective disposable form - gowns, shoe covers, and so on;
  4. If applied powder mixture, it is necessary to buy special containers for them;
  5. It is desirable to purchase detergents which can eliminate all after obrabatyvaniya odors and wash insecticidal mixture.

Instructions for the removal of bedbugs at home

Withdrawal of bedbugs at home depends on the focal accumulation of these parasites. Therefore, to get started is to determine where there is a major focus. Basically like insects dwell in upholstered furniture, mattresses, cabinets, beds, bedding, under wallpaper, baseboards, in the books. But still worth to elaborate on their habitats.

Places where bugs and features of their elimination:

Sofas - a favorite place of dwelling bugs. This is due to the proximity to the main power supply by man, namely his blood.

  1. Mechanical way. This method is to collect insects hands. Inefficient and very long;
  2. High temperatures. This treatment can be performed by thermal or steam-guns. Also sofa can pour hot water;
  3. Low temperatures. The furniture can be put to a severe frost. Especially well it helps if it's freezing is from -25 degrees;
  4. Aerosol formulations. You need to find the main accumulation and splashing on him spray;
  5. Powders and crayons. These funds are applied to the joint space and at the connecting parts of the sofa.

The bed is as much a favorite habitat of the bugs, as well as a sofa. They dwell in the entire structure at joints, connections in the mattress.

  1. Chemicals. You can use sprays or powders. Prior to use, you need to remove all bedding, blankets, mattress covers and wash them in hot water. A bed should carefully treat chemical means;
  2. Freezing. As soon as the frosts come, mattress or frame can be put to a severe frost. But it is desirable that the temperature was below 20 degrees;
  3. Burning. It is possible to treat the entire surface of the bed with the heat generator or gun. It will be sufficient exposure of the thermal wave to +50 degrees;
  4. Picking by hand or with a vacuum cleaner. Enough low-efficiency method.

Withdrawal from the carpet

Due to the fact that the carpet has a small size, display bugs are not so hard out of it. For removal, you can use The following methods:

  1. Thorough cleaning of carpets with a vacuum cleaner. It is best to apply the powerful models that are able to penetrate deep into the pile of coatings;
  2. Carpet washing using active detergents. This method is inefficient. It is best to use this method with other methods of struggle;
  3. Processing chemicals. It is desirable to use a spray or liquid product;
  4. Exposure to low and high temperatures;
  5. Rubbing vinegar brush in the surface of the carpet. Typically, the mixture is left for a couple of days. These procedures must be repeated several times until the complete disappearance of the parasites.

Methods for removing bugs from clothing:

  1. Machine wash at high temperature;
  2. Scalding hot water;
  3. Boiling;
  4. Ironed iron;
  5. Ironing steaming procedures evaporator or household steam generators;
  6. Professional dry cleaning services;
  7. Processing chemical insecticides.

If it is necessary to bring bedbugs for an extremely short time, you can take the help of professionals. Companies that are engaged in disinfection of premises from parasites, cope with this problem for a couple of hours. In addition, after completion of all works, the company offers free maintenance warranty for one year.

In order to not have any bugs in a residential area it is necessary to perform the following preventive measures:

  • At least 2 times in 7 days, need to get out of the apartment. It is necessary to make the surface cleaning of the floor covering, cleaning furniture, baseboards and other places where insects may be present;
  • Check the entire room for the presence of any holes or cracks. If they exist, they should be sealed with sealant;
  • Regularly inspect the furniture;
  • At the time of moving to a new place of residence, premises should immediately treat with special insecticides;
  • During cleaning, always use a vacuum cleaner;
  • It is advisable to replace the flooring in the new. If suddenly bugs zavedutsya under parquet, they will be very difficult to derive therefrom.

  • If you do not know what it looks like a bug, look at the picture on the internet or in any literature;
  • If suddenly your neighbors bred these parasites, be sure to shut off all possible routes of entry;
  • Do not forget to regularly check the bathrooms. These insects can easily get them in your room;
  • If you are going away for an extended period out of the house, be sure to check out all the beds and furniture for the presence of bugs and larvae.

Bed bugs are pests that can permanently ruin the life of the whole family. Be sure to follow all preventive measures and check their premises for the presence of these parasites. Sometimes the timely detection can prevent serious consequences.

How to bring bed bugs?

Bedbugs steel side by side with a man for a long time, in spite of their small size, these parasites are able to deliver a lot of trouble, so the owners of the house, where they settled, the main task is elimination of bed bugs.

Bedbugs bed sofa or furniture the same insect. This parasite is a blood-sucking, and feeds on the blood of man and his pet if the owner for any reason is missing.

Adult insects reach a length of not more than 0.8 mm, are brown, reddish and off-yellow color, body shape have flat, allowing penetrate into any slot. The life cycle of the parasite lasts 12 to 14 months, during which time their females lay at least 300 white, resembling grains of rice eggs.

Thoughts on how to get rid of bed bugs there are tenants premises where they settled down for a reason. Apart from the fact that the neighborhood of any insect annoying and depressing person, bugs and even bite their owners.

Although the bites of adults are almost painless, they cause intense itching, allergic reactions, in some cases, mild anemia, are not conducive to a strong and healthy sleep.

Man, that bites the parasites due to lack of sleep becomes lethargic, sickly, irritable and have a reduced capacity for work.

The question what and how to kill bed bugs also occurs because these parasites reproduce very quickly, and soon fill larger and larger housing space, the owners of which are increasingly becoming the victims of their attacks.

Active reproduction of these parasites contribute to comfortable living conditions, namely:

  1. The optimum temperature of 25 to 30 degrees.
  2. Normal humidity.

If these two conditions are met, the cleanliness and order in the house bloodsucker absolutely not interested, because the parasite settles in any room where there is food.

Finding the house uninvited guests, the owners as soon as possible to decide questions about how to kill bed bugs. To get rid of these "roommates" in several ways, including to sell the apartment and move. But this is a very radical way, so it's easier call service disinfestation or, if insects are not infected the whole apartment, try to destroy them yourself.

Getting rid of intruders

The main goal of the people who were such "guests" is the destruction of bed bugs. To get rid of this neighborhood must be carefully studied every way to kill parasites and to choose the most effective.

Many people refuse to call the service disinsection, despite the fact that it is the easiest and most effective way of getting rid of unwanted guests. This can be facilitated by such factors as:

  1. Lack of financial resources.
  2. Allergic to most of the drugs to kill insects.
  3. sanitation of mistrust to the art.

Therefore, so many are interested in answer to the question what and how to bring your own bed bugs. To do this, you can buy insecticides and to process the property on their own.

Determined to get rid of bed bugs yourself, it is worth remembering that a difficult task, and we must approach it with the mind. First, pay special attention to the choice of means, and secondly, to get a respirator and rubber gloves.

You can then see the photos how to get rid of bed bugs workers disinfestation services, pay special attention to their appearance.

Another method is parasiticides freezing house. This is true, if the temperature is below -18 degrees, because at higher temperatures the parasite adults, larvae and eggs are able to survive.

In this method, the owners leave the house or apartment for a few days, leaving the windows open. But it is worth remembering that the frost can destroy not only insects, but also spoil the heating system and water supply. If possible, they should be disabled.

Another method getting rid of the dwelling "invader" consists in creating unfavorable temperature conditions, consisting in processing flat the steam generator and the hot water. The ferry can be treated with all the upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains, but the furniture made of wood at the same time may suffer. This method is good if parasites settled only one sofa or bed and is perfect for those looking for a way to bring bed bugs from the couch.

In the villages often get rid of parasites, filling in the gap and the floor skirting boiling water. Disadvantage of this method is that so it is very difficult to destroy completely all the insects, and it is necessary, as even one surviving female is able to revive the whole population.

Older people on the question of how to rid yourself of bed bugs advise to spread around the house bunches of tansy and wormwood, as it is believed that the smell of these plants scare off bloodsuckers. This method is effective as prevention of occurrence in the house uninvited guests.

Any of the above methods does not guarantee getting rid of the parasites from the first time and for all, should be borne in mind that insects are very resistant to many kinds of chemicals, they are not afraid of light frost, they are killed at temperatures above 50 degrees, pungent smells are capable of scare but not kill .

Self-treatment of housing using insecticides and folk remedies

If you can not use the services disinfestation services, most people prefer to answer the question how to get rid of bed bugs that using insecticides.

To date, these funds is quite a large selection and you can find some that left little odor, for example:

  1. Het.
  2. Lambda zone.
  3. Ksulat Micro.
  4. Delta Zone.

Before using them, you need to carefully read the instructions for using the purchase raspirator and rubber gloves, remove from the housing of other households, plants and pets.

After reading the information about how to display the bed bugs insecticide, should know that they will be able to destroy not always with the same times. You may need to re-processing, since the parasite eggs are very hardy.

Learn all about the bed bug and how to get rid of them, you should pay attention to the fact that insecticides are available in various forms. The most effective of them are smoke canisters, e.g., quiet evening, which can make processing of the entire apartment.

Our grandparents were not familiar with the Internet, so they have not had a chance to ask a question about bed bugs and how to get rid of the search engines from them. They are trying to destroy the parasites using kerosene, vinegar, turpentine, camphor and dust.

The above-mentioned means are ineffective in dealing with uninvited guests, but very good as a preventive measure. But, before their use should take into account that they have unpleasant and pungent odor and can leave marks on the furniture.

Regardless of the choice of method of getting rid of bloodsuckers, should understand that conduct processing of all housing should be at the same time, rather than sequentially, as the parasites will be traveling from one room to another. If you do not make an attempt to destroy all intruders lump sum, within a month of their home is filled again, as the surviving individuals will bring offspring.

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