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Peonies - flowers and bushes, photo pink and white peonies

Pictures and photos of peonies gathered in bright collection site, are all magnificent beauty of these flowers. Peonies are known to people since ancient times. In China, peonies were forbidden to cultivate the common people. Only in the gardens of the emperor could flourish this showy plant, delighting nobles fluffy balls terry petals and fragrant smell. Photos shrubs flowering shrubs pions, with a bushy balls, buds, pale pink, purple, red spots appear vividly in the dark green foliage.

The first hot days of summer marked by the flowering of peonies. Honey aroma, buzzing bees and other insects accompany this wonderful process. Sweet-tasting viscous liquid acting on the buds, and attracts ants.

The ancestor of many varieties - molochnotsvetkovy peony. Pictures pions gave flowers celebration in anticipation of the coming summer. You can still download blestyashki with peonies, gleaming pearly sheen, which gives an aura of glamor and charm of flowers.

Rose petals in Captivity simply delightful. Flower light enough so easily held vertically on a spike.

Our roots Maryino very revered in the eastern gardens. Imperial gardeners for centuries worked on breeding varieties of spectacular, and artists created based on these paintings. Very interesting picture of peonies.

Peonies have a wonderful property: they do not own, their unique smell. Some kinds of fragrant roses, while others exude the smell of lily of the valley.

Admire summer plants can be in severe frosts, because the memory of extracts from the far corners of bygone events, are dear to us, it's worth looking at the familiar contours.

Huge blooming buds amaze and delight with their beauty.

Gorgeous peonies: species, varieties and photo gallery of beautiful flowers

Almost every garden has a beautiful flower garden, which is decorated with its rainbow colors familiar to many flowers of peonies. This showy plant with feathery inflorescences in the form of balls and terry petals in China is considered the epitome of beauty. The photo in our gallery you can see how beautifully against the dark green foliage looks white, pale pink, red, purple balloons inflorescences.

Flowers peonies: a photo, basic characteristics

Peonies can be shrubs, half-shrubs or herbaceous plants. They have several stems, rhizomes and large trifoliate leaves or pinnately. Steel plate may be dark green, dark violet or bluish color.

The size of individual inflorescences pions depends on the variety and can reach a diameter of 15 to 15 cm. Their color ranges from white to deep red.

The shape of the flower all peonies divided into five main groups:

  1. Nemahrovye pions are plant with straight stems, which are formed on top of beautiful inflorescences of different colors. Their flowers are composed of 5-10 petals large, located in the center of the pistils and stamens of many with golden pollen.
  2. Semi-double peonies differ lush colors that consist of a large number of broad, large petals.
  3. Terry peonies - this plant is located near the center with extreme wide petals. Their petals, stamens are hidden or modified into petals.
  4. Anemovidnye different plants located in several rows wide petals and staminodes in the center of large inflorescences. Most often staminodes are yellow, but may have a different color.
  5. Japanese peonies plants are intermediate between simple and double flowers. Their stamens of red, pink or yellow color are modified to staminodes.

According to its varieties peonies are divided into milky-flowered and hybrid. they all have different colors and different shapes of inflorescences.

Milky-flowered peonies: grade photo

The flowers of this species can be terry red, pink or white, have anemovidnuyu or Japanese form. Among the most popular of all colors white peony with double flowers. In the photo you can see that their petals have different shades.

Grade milky white peonies flowering:

  1. Grade "Hail Mary" - the plant is a bush 80 cm in height, on which shoots bloom light pink flowers with a diameter of 16 cm.
  2. Grade "Antarctica" is different terry pure white flowers that reach a diameter of 13 cm and have a pleasant smell.
  3. Grade "white sail." - is a shrub height of 90 cm Its white buds are inside a creamy light.
  4. Grade "Braydl icing" is a plant with erect stems 70 cm in height and white double flowers with yellow illumination.
  5. Grade "Gladys Hodson" differs rozovidnymi terry cream buds with a pink tinge. Height bush reaches one meter.
  6. Grade 'Duchesse de Nemours' is a shrub height of 100 cm. On the shoots of plants are formed crown double white flowers with a hint of lemon. The diameter of each flower is 15 cm.
  7. Grade "Ze Admiral" is large buds that have a white color with flashes of crimson. Bush reaches a height of 90 cm.
  8. Grade "Karina Versan" - a tall bush with rozovidnymi double flowers. Located on the edge of the petals have a cream shade, and center of the flower - pink.
  9. Grade "Matchless Beauty" is a shrub up to 80 cm. In early summer, it reveals the white buds framed by broad yellow crown.
  10. Grade "Munglou" different cream colors that are inside of staminode green gleam. The diameter of each inflorescence - 18 cm.

The Chinese believe that the whole history of the decorative flower began with the breeding and cultivation of peonies in gardens. This discreet and elegant flowers It grows well in partial shade and virtually Used diseases. The most decorative and popular with gardeners following varieties of hybrid peonies:

  1. Hybrid "Janice" - this is a low shrub with sturdy stems and creamy middle-sized scarlet flowers, which has a mesh pattern petals.
  2. Grade "News of Altai" in height can reach one and a half meters. His sprawling, powerful stems are covered with beautiful carved leaves. On each shoot is formed of two - three corrugated bud petals Violet-carmine.
  3. Hybrid "Athena" different colors with a touch of ivory. For all the petals carmine strokes as if moving in the "splatter". During the flowering of the tone can vary from cream to pale cream.
  4. Grade "Noble" is a shrub up to 70 cm. In the early summer formed thereon red bud, petals differ silver trim.
  5. Hybrid "Diana Parks" - a plant to 70 cm tall, who shoots blossom rozovidnye double flowers of red-orange color. The diameter of each disclosed bud is 15 cm.
  6. The variety "Ballerina" refers to interspecific hybrids and different white double flowers with a greenish tinge.

No way inferior to the beauty of hybrid plants growing in nature species peonies. To one of them belongs Marin root that grows well and blooms beautifully in many garden plots. Its flowering begins in May. One plant can directly be formed and to bloom to 50 buds. Marin root easily propagated by seeds that are sown in spring and before winter.

In addition to well-known Marin peony root, to plant species include:

  1. Peony "Ruble captivity" - a plant with a hemispherical terry buds consisting of brilliant dark red petals.
  2. The variety "Rose Captivity" is different hemispherical crown flowers that bloom in early have a dark pink color. Over time, their pale petals.
  3. Peony "Alba captivity" is a shrub of 60 cm, which are formed on the shoots and blooming white flowers terry hemispherical.

Blooming beautiful peonies It begins in early summer. This process is accompanied by a wonderful aroma of honey and bees buzzing, bustling around the buds. Huge open flowers of various colors for its unusual beauty will decorate any corner of the garden.

Peonies - description, history, legends

Peony - the oldest plant. It so happened that the ancient peoples (Egyptians, Babylonians) laid gardens, where specially grown plants brought from other countries. The Persians and the Greeks cultivated gardens for educational purposes. It was during those days found the first description of the pion.

Peony - a truly luxurious flower. He has long been worthy of the artist's paintings and palace halls. No wonder it is considered the king of all colors. For its beauty and splendor competed with peony rose. He was loved and in ancient Europe and in ancient China. About him composed and legends attributed to him miraculous properties. For example, in Greece remained beads description of peony pieces, which is worn around the neck from infancy. It was believed that it cures and repels evil spirits.

In China, even 1500 years ago peony adorned the imperial gardens. Skilled gardeners court had already taken out the new varieties. Surprisingly, the common people were not allowed to grow peonies in my garden. It was very expensive flower, and still it is considered a symbol of wealth and nobility. In our time it means a desire to give happiness and prosperity.

Japanese gardeners brought many tree varieties. It was then that a special flower shape was obtained, which later became known as "Japanese."

Until now, the East peony flower believe, inflames passions. Young girls are advised to keep it in the room to attract love.

In ancient Rome, this flower scientists mentioned in his writings as a drug, and described in detail under what diseases it is necessary to apply. Almost all physicians of the ancient world were preparing medicinal drugs from the root of a flower. And to this day well known peony root tincture, which has a calming effect, it helps with sleep disorders.

In ancient Greece, peony flower was considered a symbol of longevity. It argued that it has received its name from the Greek word «paionios», which translates sounds like healing.

In Russian history, there is mention of the fact that in the 16th century, peonies grew and in monasteries, and royal gardens. It is believed that in Russia they had introduced Peter 1. Then they distinguish easy - with the usual types of flowers used for medicinal purposes, terry varieties grown for decorative use. The Far East and Siberia and followed peony hits from Japan.

In the early 19th century, it begins mass peony conquest of Europe. From China to the territory of modern England, France and the Netherlands to get new varieties of this flower, which immediately won the hearts of European gardeners. This whole group of varieties of milk-flowering peony, which has 3 titles to date:

  • Peony milk - flowering (Lactiflora P. R.) - in modern botanical classification;
  • White Peony - flowering (R. albiflora P.) - according to the old botanical classification;
  • peony Chinese (R. chinensis) - on the historical and geographical origin.

In Europe, most of all loved peony in France, where the famous gardeners of the time enthusiastically worked to create new varieties of lovely. Some of them are popular today. Basically it copies with double flowers of white and pink color and delicate flavor.

In the late 19th century on breeding new varieties are beginning to work the English and American breeders. This work has brought the world the new tone of peonies, large decorative leaves and increase the size of the bush.

At the beginning of the last century breeding work started in Russia. The best breeders of our country working on breeding new species of peony. The special distribution of this amazing flower was in the postwar years, when slowly began to build a life, and especially people like to decorate their gardens. Today the love of this culture can be judged by the number of communities - pions lovers.

One of the ancient legend says that there lived a doctor in the world, on behalf of the Peon, a student of the healing god Asclepius. He has successfully treated people that surpassed his teacher. It was said that all his success on what he uses in his healing some wonderful plant have medicinal properties. When Peon healed god of the dead, Aesculapius was kindled envy and decided to kill him. But the god of the underworld defended peons and turned it into a beautiful flower. Peony got its name because it managed to avoid revenge.

According to another legend (Chinese) a gardener brought peony cultivar stunning beauty. But the local Prince of envy decided to destroy everything, and came into the garden became ruthlessly trample all the flowers. The unfortunate gardener with tears in their eyes looked at this orgy. Then he broke down and beat up the jealous prince. Luckily, out of nowhere he appeared a fairy pions, waved her wand and garden dreams revived. Offended by the Prince promised to execute a gardener, and destroy the garden. But then, as if by magic, all peonies turned into beautiful girls, and waved arms so that the Prince of blown away. Amazed and pleased the audience to celebrate freed a skilled gardener and garden peony continue to delight with their beauty many more people.

Peony (Lat. PaeĆ³nia) Belongs to the genus of perennials. Family - Peony (Paeoniaceae). Maybe both grassy and shrubby.

This plant with a large rhizome that goes deep into the ground.

Bush peony large, decorative leaves. The bush can reach a height of 1 m. Leaf color varies from green to almost violet. During the growing season it can change the color of the leaves.

Peony flowers solitary, sometimes reach a diameter of 15-25 centimeters. In form, depending on the variety are rozovidnye, double and globular.

Fruits represent a complex mnogolistovku. Each leaflet contains several large black round seeds. In some species of peonies fruit is very decorative.

Due to its drought - and frost peony - a welcome guest in our gardens. In the wild it can be found in the forest zone of the European part of our country, to the west of Yakutia, in eastern Transbaikalia, Western and Eastern Siberia.

This flower prefers sunny well-lit (or slightly shaded) places. At one place can grow up to 10-15 years.

blooming peonies in the late spring - early summer. Some varieties bloom in mid-July - August. Flowering duration depend on the variety and can last from 8 to 20 days.

Peony - a very decorative plant. It is appreciated for luxury flowers and beautiful trifoliate leaves. Even long ago, describing the flower mentioned its majestic beauty.

Peonies are propagated by seeds and vegetatively - dividing the bush, korneklubney, cuttings, layering and buds of renewal.

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Cognitive-statya.Piony my favorite flowers growing on their mamy.Ona dache.U her grow white piony.Mozhet is some hybrid?

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Vitaly Viktorovich 1 year ago

For any normal girl's summer residence is a holy place. Since you can grow a large number of different colors. I love peonies. My only close friend for me and them grows.

Prochital- learned a lot of interesting things. But it so happened that I was around pions "natklal" arborvitae, they both then very quickly grew. But peonies began to blossom even more. It seems they have become zateneny.No caps have become very tyazhelymi- accounts stronger opdvyazyvat

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I remember in school with them, and went more they grew up in the school yard. In general, the flowers of childhood)

Really liked the description of this flower! I can only say - that this flower like like me and my family. For example, my grandmother just loves to plant them in the country, as well, to be precise - sadit them every year) It's a shame that these beautiful flowers bloom not long!.

Peonies - one of the most beautiful flowers I saw my family many times these wonderful flowers planted in their area, by the way, will these pretty flowers grow at home?

Excellent article, beautifully written, wonderful photos that directly transmit the aroma of the magical colors. At the cottage there is a pair of bushes of peonies, but especially their cultivation is not addicted, wife puts all roses. And for me piony- even better and beautiful and fragrant, and care not much demand.

Peonies really like my wife, even to a wedding instead of roses, she asked a huge bouquet of pink peonies, but it was a long time ago and then not throwing bouquets. The article is very interesting and beautiful legends, photos, videos. I got a lot of fun with her reading. Thank you.

I read the article with interest, descriptions and legends are very interesting. Pion ancient flower, and in spite of its beauty and tenderness considered before a male flower, in nature. And the healing properties of this flower are recognized since antiquity.

Nadezhda Egorova Kurlysheva (Moleva) 1 year ago

You fellows are always so many interesting things you read and useful. Today's story about pions pleased. I think there are few people who remain indifferent to such beauty. I myself peonies grow in the country, for a long time, and if you find a new species, it necessarily are planted at his dacha.

Victoria Kovalchuk 1 year ago

I love to pions I still have from my grandmother. She loved flowers. She planted them wherever they could find space. Excellent article.

Peonies spring symbol, a symbol of May. For me, it is associated with my own birthday because peonies bloom in time for this day. Excellent article.

Everyone is familiar with these spring beauties, because peonies, not only look beautiful but also unforgettable smell! I want to put all the possible types of flowers in his garden.

Really I love peonies flowers, because they are so lush, vivid, as if life had given them everything in this world. Article on +++.

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Yes ... of course fabulous peony flowers. But this is my opinion. I remember how my grandmother in the village there were many, a carpet. Beauty magic easy.

Very interesting article. Peonies really very beautiful flower, one of my favorites) and yet is it such an interesting story and I totally agree with the author, this flower fairy)

I love peonies. This incredibly beautiful flower. I'm at the cottage entire track lined with peonies. These large, a variety of shades of flowers please me since the mid to late June.

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Very informative article about peonies. I am currently in the country planting a very nice look, especially when beginning to blossom)

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