How to grow bamboo in the home

Indoor bamboo happiness, and how to look to grow in the home, planting and breeding, in the decoration of photos

Grow room bamboo house as a houseplant has become extremely popular, especially because it can be used to create an original exotic composition.

All of the bamboo: the cultivation of Feng Shui

The ancient teachings of feng shui says that this plant will be a source of good luck and happiness for the person who engaged in its cultivation.

That's why a lot of people tend to get kind of Dracaena Sander, who actually called bamboo happiness and well grown as a houseplant.

According to the philosophy, come to us from China, if you put a "tree of happiness" in the south-eastern room, and next to put the sculpture of a toad with coins, the success and financial well-being will never leave this house.

What matters is the number one grown in a bowl stems.

  1. If there will be 3 pieces - they will help attract good luck in business. To put these pots will be better in the office.
  2. 5 stalks symbolize personal happiness, and put a better interior decoration, of course, in the bedroom.
  3. 7 predict multiples stems sturdy good health
  4. Well, in order to achieve a positive impact on all aspects of life, the technique of Feng Shui recommends that grow in a pot 21 stem.

Of wild nature in mind not suitable domestic conditions, and it is not suitable for the decoration of the huge growth and hard stalks, which can not twist. Wild bamboo plant has no relation to the indoor sample of the same name, in fact they are not even relatives. In nature, where bamboo grows, it already reaches the 50-meter length and is the highest grassy species. It is used by local residents for collecting the juice, as well as for construction.

Bamboo houseplant care at home: it looks like

The plant has a bare stem, which at the end there are green leaves. Home on the window sill to create a composition with bamboo in a vase will look very exotic. Coating of the stems may be as emerald green, and yellow-straw. But the leaves and shoots will have more intense color only in the event that provide good illumination throughout the day.

Species diversity of indoor pets

Of particular note are several species of bamboo belonging to the room, which gained the greatest popularity among plant lovers. Each of them has an individual shape and color of the leaves and stems of different shapes. The most famous and adapted for home cultivation, you can include the following.

In the main beautiful name - Lucky bamboo spiral care at home is easier than others, but gardeners call it a little bit easier - dratsenu Sander. This plant can be attributed to the type of less demanding of care, but at the same time, requiring constant maintenance special microclimate.

Dracaena does not complain of occasional watering and dry soil, but rather welcomed. Most often used as a shrub plant room area or a part of interior decoration.

Reproduction occurs seed method or by means of cuttings, due to the lack of root cuttings. Initially appearance Lucky straight and spiral it is made mandatory.

The largest room sample stalk height of about 2.5 meters, it is the variety Muriel. This type of a perfect solution for a large room or in the garden cultivation. With any frame plant gets along very well, but due to the enormous size makes it very difficult care, especially if it is done by one person.

The greatest decorative value achieved pestrolisty bamboo, and all thanks to its crown with unusual coloring.

The leaves are tinted light green, and the decoration of the edge are small white specks. In the stem is green-yellow color, it is interesting that at the time of transplanting to a new place, it is covered with snow-white spots.

There is one major drawback: the plant quickly becomes unattractive because of the foliage has dried, combined with active Crohn's changing.

  1. Multi-layered with narrow leaves
  2. Bluish or undersized, sprouting small size, which rarely rolled over the mark of 40 cm
  3. Motley from ornamental foliage has an average height of 1 meter
  4. Brilliant variety seems bright emerald green narrow leaves.
Outdoor varieties Russia

How does the bamboo growing in Russia in the open field? For the average climatic regions of the Russian Federation will approach exclusively cold-resistant species that can be planted in open ground. Chinese filoblastu (sinarundinaria pleioblastus photo), such conditions are like. The plant can withstand a short period of frost to -20 ° C. If the index becomes lower, the plant vymerznet to ground level. In some areas, the ground plane often is frozen, in which case filoblast die from frostbite. The ideal temperature for the form 30 -9 degrees.

Grow up in the suburbs can be several species, known as bamboo Sasa (Sasa tsuboiana). Their beauty is not worse than the southern varieties, and not a drop of no concessions in height: there are from 30 cm to 3 meters.

Tree of happiness that brings well-being in the video home care:

How to grow bamboo in the home?

Tree of luck - the plant is surprising for its successful content can be used not only flower pots, but also the aquatic environment. While there is an initial stage of growth of the stem can be given any desired shape of a man. What cultivation methods exist, and what are their characteristics?

Homeland is located in the forests of the tropics, and there are not too many dry places, which is why some plants are moved into the water.

How to care for bamboo in the water? To create an environment as close as possible to the natural plants create a special environment.

Before you embark washed root portion is too long shoots can be cut as needed. Cut up to a third of the entire rhizome, and it will not cause him any harm, because the bamboo growth rate is impressive.

As a container you can use any suitable object at the discretion of the grower. You can use the decorative stones to make the exhibition more interesting, but before that do not forget to treat them with boiling water. Stem portion lowered into the selected container, carefully laid stones, then comes the turn of the main component - water.

plant lovers on note. Such a method of growing involves the use of distilled water or melted. No problem with the last component should arise. Water is poured into a plastic bottle and sent to the freezer. When defrosting is recommended throw ice matte core where all sorts of harmful components are deposited together with chlorine.

When caring for the plant water should be changed regularly, most often such procedure is carried out once every 14 days. If starts to appear unpleasant odor, bubbles, foam, sediment, the fluid change must be done more often. The presence of yellow foliage serves as an indicator for immediate replacement of water.

It's worth noting that in this particular way of growing plants need fertilizing, who contribute every 30 days.

The procedure is similar to that described above, but there are no stones, and beads.

As bamboo grows in the hydrogel? He has a particular feature: after some time, change color, all that is needed - is to systematically add some water. Dressing make twice a year.

It is important not to forget the root system, it should not be dry or bare projecting over the granules.

Of course, such an original way of cultivation will be a highlight in the overall interior room.

Such a process can be related to traditional. Find the bamboo land just in specialty shops offer a wide range of different soils, which are suitable dratsenu. You can prepare the ground with their hands, taking into account some important aspects.

Bamboo in the pot should be developed along with the quality of the drainage system to prevent possible:

  • mold formation
  • excess moisture accumulation
  • appearance hostile microorganisms

In one container to the ground, you can plant a few stalks of bamboo dracaena. The better to care for them, and to bargain more decorative kind, a few plants is recommended to tie the rope to the beam tesmovoy choose your favorite color. A bowl fit any capacity, not only the traditional tools. Some people use glasses, vases. Once, the pet will "outgrow" his house, it is transplanted into a bucket or a deep pot. If plant height exceeds 0.8 meters - a container of them is recommended to rearrange the floor surface in the vicinity of the window opening, or close to a light source.

  • To successfully grow the bamboo in the apartment have to choose a place where there will be optimally combined light and shadow. Excess lighting will lead to the fact that the start exuberant growth of foliage and will have to make frequent pruning, besides dense shadow effect on the health of the stems.
  • When excessive care, making frequent feedings bamboo can begin to bloom, but it's a sign that he would die soon. In the wild, the plant flowers emerge from 30 years of life, and then it begins to wither away. The flowers have a white color and a delicate aroma.
  • Cropping creates a million opportunities to give any form. When cutting the top of the growth stops and starts a thick growth of foliage, which affects the general shape of the plant. Trim the stems should be on a site at least 5 cm.
  • You must comply with the terms transplant, otherwise pet defoliation.
  • With the onset of summer time dratsenu recommend to expose the fresh air, which requires any plant.
  • To create an ideal microclimate should use moisturizers. In the absence of such adaptations are sprayers. Spraying is carried out once every few days. If the need arises, you can wipe the leaves with water-dampened cloth.

It is important to know! Bamboo is very painful to tolerate transplanting, so if there is no important prerequisites for this procedure, you should refrain from it.

In the first place the necessary capacity is selected. It must remain a place for the root system, but not very much. An ideal variant if rhizome freely enters the pot and thus remains 4 cm of free space.

Secondly doing drainage holes if they are not. Set the pan to it accumulate excess fluid. At the bottom of the pot is placed a drainage layer.

After these manipulations Dracaena plants in a container and filled with earth, it is not necessary to carefully ram, if need be, you can simply fill up more ground. The plant at the new location must be shed as it should, the transplant procedure is given sufficient time. Excess water was poured from the tray, after which the pot with bamboo rearranged definite place under cultivation.

This procedure is carried out if it is necessary to create an attractive appearance or provide a desired shape. The owner must pay sufficient attention to the root system to remove defective, dry shoots.

To create a bushy type is recommended to get rid of the top shoots in the place where they branch out.

Support decorative appeal will help trim the bottom branches and removing segments of insufficient thickness. To give some form of stalks can be only until the plant while still a seedling, for garters use garden twine or thick wire.

Clipped shoots recommended to dip in melted wax, as if he preserves sections and prevents infection.

Happiness Bamboo reproduction at home

There are several ways Dracaena breeding:

  • Seed (refers to very rare);
  • proliferous;
  • cherenochny;
  • root;
  • apical.

Using the offspring and the top you need to stock a lot of patience, and remember that this process take time and effort. This method of reproduction applies to quite a difficult event.

But the most difficult is considered seminal version and at home the plants grow very rarely. Sow the seeds, wait until the seedlings appear, and then a long time to properly care for them. Not every grower will go on like that.

Another method used by plant lovers, and it is called the root. Is accurate separation process from the central portion of the root. The main thing is to prevent rupture or damage. It allows separation of only firmly-established specimens with indigenous plants. For processing cut site used garden Var, protects plants from infection or appearance of rot. Thanks to this method, the root system is updated. The method is a preventive measure against corrosion and dying off of the root portion.

The most often used cuttings, it is the most accessible, also is ideal for a representative of this family.

How to propagate bamboo cuttings at home? Use cuttings is easy, moreover, is not necessary to repot the plant. It is best to carry out reproduction with the onset of spring. Suitable for cutting portion with a substantial presence of flanking node, which in the future will branching. The selected part of the carefully separated from the main plant, and for the emergence of roots placed in a container with soil or water. If you choose the second option, it is important to keep in mind for a systematic change of the water. After 30 - 48 days, the cutting will begin to develop the root system. Planting in soil is carried out according to the rules of the transplant.

health problems in plants are due to improper care:

  • The appearance of dark spots indicates the presence of the fungus. For the treatment of used fungicides, and with bamboo room should be aired regularly;
  • No growth is likely to deal a shortage of minerals. It is necessary to make fertilizer, but the main thing is not to overdo with their number;
  • Darkening and softening leaves. It happens, in violation of the temperature regime. At low rates of pet drops leaves. The problem is easy to solve the installation of additional heaters.
  • Why do leaves turn yellow? If all the conditions, proper care can begin to turn yellow and dry leaves. Most often, this indicates the presence of any disease. Infection can be recorded even with the ground, bought in a store. Or receive from mites, aphids move from plants in the neighborhood.

Bamboo Luck refers to the undemanding and undemanding plant. If proper care, immediately begin to grow rapidly and to please the owner of the bright colors and original views.

The plant can be used as part of the original decor or as a decoration in the housing design. Especially if timely and properly form a stalk, twisting and turning in different storony.Takzhe do not forget about the symbolism of this handsome man, after all, and suddenly really use it to get to attract good fortune, luck and health?

Thinking over the choice in favor of one or another type of indoor bamboo flower should give preference dratsenu.

Important to remember, that too much care of bamboo can also be dangerous, as well as the lack of it.

Decorative bamboo disease and care video:

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Exotic potted: growing of bamboo in the home. How to plant bamboo and care for them (photos)

Indoor bamboo is fairly widespread, it is used for creating exotic compositions in a pot.

The plant is known for its green foliage and easy to care for.

According to the ancient teachings of feng shui, bamboo brings good luck and good fortune to its owner, considered a symbol of prosperity.

Bamboo is a bare stem, at the end of which are developing green leaves. At home, the composition of bamboo looks pretty impressive. The color of the stem ranges from bright green to straw yellow. The color intensity of the shoots and foliage depends on the ambient light in the room. Vivid green color can only be a good light throughout the day.

Bamboo stalks are well bent, twisted into a variety of spiral that makes the plant ideal to create a bonsai. In the indoor environment in bloom it is very rare.

Types of bamboo for indoor cultivation

The only difference between all kinds of bamboo is a plant height and diameter of the trunk.

Average height of bamboo varieties

This species is an ornamental plant of Japan came. The dimensions of the adult plants reach a height of about 4 meters. Grade picky about the lighting, can withstand direct sunlight. There are varieties with white and green leaves.

Low-growing species of bamboo

Such plants are usually grown in a home or office. bamboo height does not exceed 1.5 meters. It tolerates shade, needs in the cool and high humidity. Imported from Brazil.

Conditions for growing bamboo

Place the pot with bamboo need in the room with the eastern windows. Plant belongs to thermophilic species, so the cold air flows adversely affect it. In winter, the ventilation of the room is carried out accurately.

Bamboo demanding of lighting, planters with large specimens should be placed closer to the windows. The plant grows well in partial shade or scattered light.

In summer bamboo needs frequent watering, and in winter the soil should be moderately moist.

What should be considered when growing bamboo in the home

1. Bamboo does not tolerate dry air, so you can not place the pots with plants near heating appliances in the kitchen.

2. The optimum temperature for growing bamboo is considered an indicator 25 degrees. A small amount of deflection in both directions. Too high temperatures will not benefit the plant.

3. To get a more lush and strong plants need to add to the soil for the cultivation of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Recently bought the plant is not fertilized until it is completely adapted to the conditions of detention.

To grow bamboo in several ways:

• pots with any soil;

• in hydrogel capacity.

What a way to opt for bamboo cultivation depends on the master, but it must be remembered that any hydrogels and varnishes quickly lose their properties, the plant suffers from a lack of nutrients.

Planting bamboo directly into the soil

The plant is not demanding on the soil composition, often it is grown in a nutrient mixture for dracaena. Pick up the pot is quite spacious as the roots grow well.

The earth in the pot should always be kept moist, every 14 days, fed with bamboo. Young plants require annual transplantation, while older specimens grown in a container up to 3 years.

Do not forget that bamboo native to the tropical forests, where he had to grow almost in the water. To create natural conditions for the cultivation of bamboo, it contains water.

Before planting should be cleaned and view the roots of plants, to remove too overgrown part. Without harm to the bamboo can be cut to 1/3 of the roots.

For growing use any container and decorative stones that need to be boiled. Stems are lowered into the container, gently compacting stones and pour water. For such a method of growing bamboo using distilled water or spaced.

Caring for bamboo need to regularly change the water in the container, as a rule, do it once every two weeks. When the malodor, bubbles, foam or precipitate its change frequently. When yellowing leaves the water is changed immediately.

Plants that are grown in water, need a dressing, which is carried out 1 time per month.

How to plant bamboo in a container of a hydrogel

When planting bamboo in the hydrogel is carried out the same procedures as for the landing in the water, but instead of using granules of stones. Granules gradually change its color, and into the container, water is added periodically. Fertilize plants need every 6 months. Such a method of planting is a good interior decoration, but it is necessary to monitor the state of the plant's root system. Roots in the container must not become bare and dry out.

1. For successful growing bamboo selected place with an optimal ratio of light and shade. Too bright light it increases the lush foliage and more needs to be pruned, but in the dense shade of stunted stalks grow.

2. Frequent fertilizers and excessive withdrawal provokes flowering plants, which indicates its swift destruction. The natural habitat of bamboo color only after 30 years and then dies. The flowers are very fragrant, white.

3. Pruning gives the plant a variety of forms. If you cut off the top, it will stop the growth of bamboo and leaves will increase, constantly changing shape. Carry out pruning of shoots need higher unit by 5 cm.

4. If the time is not to transplant the plant, it clears the leaves.

5. In the summer of bamboo responds well to fresh air. It is useful to bear on the balcony or in the garden.

6. Regular spraying will help increase the humidity in the room is good impact on the plant.

Reproduction of bamboo in the home (photos)

Most often, bamboo is propagated by cuttings. Rooting choose strong shoots and stems. Handle cut with several knots, and then perpetuate in water or soil.

The young shoots need to take good care: to provide them with adequate lighting and watering.

When transplanting you can resort to the old division of the bush. To do this, separate the strong arm of a well-developed root system. Perpetuate the young bamboo with nutrient soil capacity.

Bamboo is a low-maintenance plant, all diseases are caused due to violation of conditions of cultivation and care.

1. Dark spots on the leaves - is a fungal disease.

Diseased plants treated with fungicides, and the room is well ventilated.

2. Bamboo does not grow - the lack of minerals.

The problem is solved by increasing the dose and the feeding of nutrients. But in all the norms to be followed.

3. The leaves are dark and soft - broken temperature.

The leaves lose their appeal, they crumble - too cold in the room where the bamboo is grown. To resolve this problem, install heaters.

4. Spider mite and aphids - pests of bamboo.

Diseased plants are washed with soap and water, remove the affected parts. Bamboo is treated with insecticide.

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Bamboo: how to care for a potted plant

Knowing how to care for bamboo plants, you can permanently preserve green stems and visual appeal. Sander Dracaena can symbolize wealth and success. Signs of feng shui say that it has attracted favorable chi energy, charging a person with positive energy house.

How to grow bamboo in the home

The plant is often called happy so many people are trying to put him at his home, creating an oriental style apartment interior. Stems dracaena are able to survive in a pot with fresh water or soil in a variety of conditions. They can be easily twisted into a spiral, bend, make decorative compositions. varnishes Bamboo is unpretentious, but care for them should be competent to make the leaves do not yellowed. Grow a healthy plant will help to:

  1. literate watering;
  2. dressing;
  3. desired temperature;
  4. the correct form of the container.

Knowing how to care for bamboo in a container, you can grow a beautiful plant. The size and height are directly dependent on the root system. Because the pots area is limited, the length of the stems will also be limited. In this case, they will be more thin and short. To and does restrict the growth of Dracaena, it should be repotted every three years, changing the soil. It should also be remembered that the bamboo leaves are toxic, so they can not be kept in a place accessible to the animals or small children.

Conditions and proper care for the bamboo in a pot as follows:

  1. The soil should always be moderately moist: Dracaena does not like too wet or dry environment.
  2. Temperature - about 18-28 degrees.
  3. Good drainage.
  4. Soft light, no bright sunlight.
  5. Each month, you need to feed a houseplant.

Sander Dracaena grows slowly. Its main feature is that it can not bloom. However, with proper care the plant will give a large number of leaves bright green color. Should be placed first in the segment of the tube with water, wait for the roots, then transplanted into the ground. To get started is to learn how to keep the bamboo at home in the water:

  1. It should select the long and thin container to cuttings bamboo held vertically.
  2. Fill tank with water by approximately three quarters.
  3. change the water weekly.
  4. Fertilize the plant every 2 months.
  5. Planted sapling to put on the windowsill, but keep away from too much light.

Caring for bamboo in the home

To attract good luck into the house, growing a solid plant, consider the following rules:

  • Plant houseplant possible in soil or water.
  • It is better to use a pot of 5 cm wider than the stems.
  • Periodically fertilize indoor bamboo.
  • Do not forget to water, or stems may dry out.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Regularly remove dead or yellow leaves.

How to care for bamboo in the apartment? Regardless of where the cultivation (soil or water) to the light requirements will be the same. Impact on lighting plants is enormous: it affects the color of the leaves, stem height and their viability. Dracaena likes a lot of light, but suffers from the effects of bright sunlight, that cause leaf burn. If the dim lighting, it contributes to slowing growth. Deprived of sunlight, plant extends thereto, the stems deform and become ugly curves. The leaves lose their rich color and quickly turn yellow.

Dracaena requires moderate temperatures. The plant is afraid of drafts, so do not put a pot next to doors or opening windows often. At what temperature grows bamboo? It ranges between 18-30 degrees. However, it not recommended to place the container under the heater or air conditioner that leaves no yellowing.

Bamboo home likes moderate humidity (about 35-50%), especially in hot weather. To provide him with a comfortable environment, you should use a moisturizer, and more - spray the leaves every few days with the help of spray. Creating a dracaena for the usual conditions in the room, it is possible to avoid the appearance of cracks on the stems and extend the life of a houseplant.

Dracaena likes regular watering, but the process must be correct. It all depends on where it is growing - in the soil or water. If the plant is in a container, the roots should be covered by water. This level must be constantly maintained, pouring liquid into a vase. Every couple of weeks, the water needs to be changed with a fresh and clean. distilled or melt water should be used, because Dracaena very sensitive to salts and chemicals, particularly in moderately moistened soil.

Bamboo Watering should be done every few days, together with the foliar spray of a special balloon. Sometimes the soil in the container is dry to the touch, but that does not mean that it is necessary to increase the amount of liquid. It should be remembered that excessive watering may harm the plant: the tips of the leaves acquire a brown shade, and it will start to dry.

Dracaena does not require large amounts of fertilizer and can be a long time to be in the clear water. The first 2 weeks the plant is better not to feed all, because excess nutrients cause harm to the plant. The fertilized bamboo in the home? To feed Dracaena braunii can use normal water from the aquarium (when the plant is in a vase) or water-soluble fertilizer for indoor plants with an increased content of nitrogen (N). Feed should be every month, starting with the arrival of spring.

How to replant bamboo out of the water in the ground

Dracaena can grow in water or vases with hydrogel, but best of all it behaves in the soil. Planting of lucky bamboo in a suitable container and the new soil will improve the health and prolong the life of the plant. How to plant bamboo in a pot:

  1. You need to select the container whose diameter is a few centimeters longer than the base of bamboo stalks. Transplant into a deep, wide pot fits best. The container should be at least one drainage hole.
  2. Fill the vessel moist soil 1-2 cm. The soil should be no fertilizer.
  3. How to replant bamboo out of the water in the ground? follows:
    • Grasp the stems at the base, pull them out. Gently shake the roots, if necessary.
    • Dratsenu put into cooking pot.
    • Add more soil to fill a large part of the container.
  4. Water the plant can be as long as the moisture comes out from the bottom of the pot. Once this happens, it is necessary to empty the drain pan.

The plant can reach enormous sizes. If the lucky bamboo is too high for the room, it is necessary to trim the stems by removing 1/4 of the length. Cuttings are best planted in a pot to grow young dracaena. The plant is very tolerant of pruning, so its height can be easily adjusted. How to cut the bamboo:

  1. It is necessary to remove the dried or small appendages at the soil level.
  2. To prevent the growth of the stem, it should be cut off on the branch point.
  3. Routine deletion thin twigs promotes vertical growth.
  4. You can trim the lower branches of aesthetics.

Dracaena - an evergreen plant, which periodically resets the leaves. Initially, they turn yellow, then fall, and this is absolutely normal process. The biggest losses are observed in spring foliage. However, there are other reasons why bamboo leaves turn yellow:

  • low content of nutrients in the soil;
  • Excessive fertilizing;
  • lack of water, electricity;
  • substandard drainage;
  • low temperature air;
  • low humidity;
  • drafts;
  • the presence of harmful chemicals in the water.

Reproduction of bamboo in home

Dracaena is one of the fastest growing plants. It can reproduce by means of seeds, rhizomes or cropped parts. How to grow bamboo from the process? Necessary:

  1. Water the plant the day before pruning.
  2. Choose the appropriate escape. It should be long and green.
  3. Remove the leaves from the process, leaving a few mature leaves at the top. This promotes the formation of new roots.
  4. Remove escape. It is necessary to use a very sharp knife or scissors to make a cut 1 cm from the place where process meets the stem. The clean cut, the less the likelihood of bacterial infection.
  5. To keep the stem, it will also have to cut 1 cm below the area where it connects to escape.
  6. Handle the clipped area candle wax, to avoid bacterial growth.
  7. Place the cutting in water (it stimulates the growth of roots better than ground).
  8. Put the bowl away from the light, because direct sunlight can damage the plant. 1-2 months dracaena should give some roots. After that, it can be planted in a pot with soil.

Healthy stem Dracaena surprisingly resistant to pests and diseases. If it is stained, it can indicate a variety of problems. Some diseases and pests of bamboo distributed in stores that sell infested plants. For this reason you should not buy it through the Internet, focusing only on the photo. It is better to ask the seller whether special treatment was carried out, but also to examine yourself dratsenu. It should be no spots and yellow leaves.

Not knowing how to care for bamboo, it is possible to prevent various diseases. What problems can arise:

  • stains;
  • fungus;
  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • mold on the stem;
  • root rot.

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