How to calculate square meter

How to calculate the square footage of the walls of the room, the calculation of the area of ​​the walls

Here is an example calculation of the floor and walls of the room (kitchen) in square meters.

Simple calculation formula, S = a * b, where S - area, a and b - respectively, the length and width of the room.

In our example (Measurement of a pattern) instead of small letters length - width A and - B, and the opposites walls - G and B.

To calculate the area of ​​a room on the floor:

- if we have the room length of 5 meters and width of 3 meters, then we have (5 * 3 = 15 square meters), as a result we get 15 sq.m. on the floor

It is necessary to start to lay down the lengths of all four sides of the room A + B + G + B and multiply by the height h of the room ceiling (A + B + G + B) * h

- if we have the room length of 5 meters and width of 3 meters, and the height of the ceiling of the room for example 2.5 meters, then we have ((5 + 3 + 5 + 3) * 2.5 = 40 square meters), as a result we get 40 sq.m. on the walls.

- if we have the size of the window width of 1.6 meters and a height of 1.5 meters.

- a door width of 0.8 meters and a height of 2.05 meters.

Doors: (0.8 * 2.05) = 1.64 m in the door finally obtain 1.64 sq.m.

TOTAL received 35.96 sq.m. on the walls of the room.

If you do not want to manually count the walls or you area that is not understood when the description of the calculations, you can use our calculator and calculate wall area automatically.

To calculate the necessary measured in m the length, width and height of the ceiling of the room and submit data on the order of filling out the form and you will automatically receive a calculation wall area in square meters.

A calculator for calculating the area of ​​the walls

Please note that measurements should be made in meters. Those. If you've got room 964 centimeters long, the fields of the form, enter the value 9.64. Please note that fractional number must be entered with the point, and not with a comma!

Calculator expects only wall area, but without taking into account and deducting the area of ​​windows and doors, for this it is necessary to repeat calculations area of ​​windows and doors described above.

- if we have the size of the window width of 1.6 meters and a height of 1.5 meters.

- a door width of 0.8 meters and a height of 2.05 meters.

Doors: (0.8 * 2.05) = 1.64 m in the door finally obtain 1.64 sq.m.

To calculate the area of ​​a room on the floor: Visit our calculator, to calculate floor space or ceiling.

Calculator It expects not only floor space or ceiling, and the calculator can be used to calculate the area of ​​any other rectangular objects that have length and width. In this case, instead of the width and length of the room you need to substitute the values ​​of the width and length of these objects (windows, doors, etc.), for example such as area of ​​windows and doors.

How to calculate the square the room, the walls, ceiling and floor

From time to time we need to know the area and volume of the room. These data may be needed in the design of heating and ventilation, the procurement of materials and even in many other situations. Also need to know the wall surface periodically. All these data are easy to calculate, but first have to work with a tape measure - measuring all the required dimensions. To learn how to calculate the area of ​​a room and the walls, the amount of space and will be discussed further.

Often it needs to calculate the cubic capacity of the room, its volume

Room area in square meters

Calculate simple, you only need to remember a simple formula as well as to carry out measurements. It will need:

  • Roulette. Better - with lock, but the fit and normal.
  • Paper and pencil or pen.
  • Calculator (or read in a column, or in the mind).

A set of simple tools, there is in every household. Simply measurements carried out with an assistant, but it is possible to cope on their own.

First you need to measure the length of the walls. Doing this, it is desirable along the walls, but if they are made to heavy furniture, it is possible to measure and in the middle. Only in this case to follow the roulette tape lying along the walls, rather than obliquely - the measurement error will be less.

If the room is the correct form, with no protruding parts, calculate the area of ​​the room is simple. Measuring the length and width, recording on paper. Write numbers in meters, centimeters after the comma. For example, 4.35 m length (430 cm), width of 3.25 m (325 cm).

How to calculate the area of ​​a room

Point numbers multiply, we get the area of ​​the room in square meters. If we turn to our example, we get the following: 4.35 m * 3.25 m = 14.1375 sq. m. In this magnitude usually leave two digits after the decimal point, then rounded. Total calculated by squaring the room 14.14 square meters.

If you need to calculate the area of ​​a room of irregular shape, it is divided into simple shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles. Then measure all the necessary dimensions, calculations on known formulas (there is little in the table below).

Before you calculate the area of ​​a room, is also making changes. Only in this case, the numbers will not two, but four: Add more length and width of the protrusion. Dimensions of both pieces are considered separately.

One example - in the photo. So like that, and another - a rectangle, the area is considered to be on the same formula: multiply the length by the width. Figure should be found to take away or add to the size of the room - depending on the configuration.

The area of ​​the complex shape of the room

We show in this example how to calculate a projection area of ​​the room (shown pictured above):

  1. We believe without quadrature protrusion: 3.6 m * 8.5 m = 30.6 sq. m.
  2. We consider the size of the protruding portion: 3.25 m * 0.8 m = 2.6 sq. m.
  3. Add together two quantities: 30.6 sq. m. + 2.6 kb. m. = 33.2 sq. m.

Still there are rooms with sloping walls. In this case, we break it so as to obtain rectangles and triangles (as shown below). As you can see, in this case it is required to have five sizes. Break could be in another way, by placing a vertical rather than a horizontal line. It does not matter. Just requires a set of simple shapes, and the way to separate them is arbitrary.

How to calculate the irregular-shaped area of ​​the room

In this case, the order of evaluation is:

  1. We consider a large rectangular portion: 6.4 m * 1.4 m = 8.96 sq. m. If the round, we get 9, 0 sq.m.
  2. We calculate the small rectangle: 2.7 m * 1.9 m = 5.13 sq. m. Rounding it, we get 5.1 square meters. m.
  3. We consider the triangle area. Since it is a right angle, that is equal to half the area of ​​a rectangle with the same dimensions. (1.3 m * 1.9 m) / 2 = 1,235 sq. m. After rounding obtain 1.2 kb. m.
  4. Now all add up to find the total area of ​​the room: 9.0 + 5.1 + 1.2 = 15.3 sq. m.

Layout of the premises can be very varied, but the general principle you understood: divide by simple shapes, measure all the required dimensions, calculate the quadrature of each piece, then all add up.

The formula for calculating the area and perimeter of simple geometric shapes

One important note: area of ​​the room, the floor and ceiling - it's all the same size. Differences can be if there is some kind of semi-columns, not reaching to the ceiling. Then, out of the total of squaring squaring the subtracted these elements. The result is a floor area.

How to calculate the square the walls

Determination of the area of ​​the walls is often required in the purchase of finishing materials - wallpaper, plaster, etc. For this calculation, additional measurements are necessary. To the already existing width and length of the room will be needed:

  • ceiling height;
  • the height and width of doorways;
  • width and height of window openings.

All measurements - meters, as squaring the walls, too, usually measured in square meters.

The preferred size applied to the plan

Since the walls are rectangular, and the area is considered as a rectangle: multiply the length by the width. In the same way we calculate the size of windows and doorways, their dimensions subtract. For example, calculate the area of ​​the walls depicted in the diagram above.

  1. Wall with door:
    • 2.5 m * 5.6 m = 14 sq. m. - the total area of ​​the long wall
    • how long it takes the doorway: 2.1 m * 0.9 m = 1.89 sq.m.
    • Wall excluding doorway - 14 m - 1.89 sq. = 12.11 sq m. m
  2. Wall with window:
    1. squaring small wall: 2.5 m * 3.2 m = 8 sq.m.
    2. how long it takes the window: 1.3 m * 1.42 m = 1,846 sq. m, rounded obtain 1.75 sq.m.
    3. without the wall of the window opening 8 sq. m - 1.75 m = 6.25 sq.m.

Find the total area of ​​the walls is not difficult. Fold all four digits: 14 sqm + 12.11 sqm + 8 sqm + 6.25 sqm = 40.36 sq. m.

The formula for calculating the volume of the room

For some calculations required room volume. In this case, the three values ​​are multiplied by width, length and height of the room. This value is measured in cubic meters (cubic meters), also called the cubic capacity. For example, using data from the previous paragraph:

If all multiply, we obtain: 5.6 m * 3.2 m * 2.5 m = 44.8 m 3. Thus, the volume of the room 44.8 cube.

How to calculate square meter

If you are going to make repairs, the first thing you need to do is to plan a budget repair work, and this, in turn, need to know how much you will need building materials, provided, of course, that you have already decided on a design project and know exactly where the tile will be installed, which wall "will go under painting" or textured plaster, and where it will be located built-in wardrobe.

Being interested in the cost of service for repairs, you will note that all prices are generally "privyazany9raquo; a square meter. Actual and budget repair the apartment is directly related to your area of ​​square meters. Here we come to the main question of this article - how to calculate square footage?

Look carefully at your room. The room consists of the walls, floor and ceiling, there are also windows and doors. Here you have the need to calculate the area of ​​all surfaces that are exposed to the repair work, taking into account all the additional components, which are the windows and doors.

In order to understand, how to calculate the square footage of the room, you must remember the average rate of school mathematics, namely, how to calculate surface area.

Each of the walls and ceiling and floor are either square or rectangle. The walls have a width and height, floor and ceiling have a length and a width, measured in meters. How to calculate square meter?

Thus, a rectangular or square surface area is calculated by the formula:

A and B - sides of the rectangle (walls, ceiling, floor).

Let us give a concrete example, how to calculate square meter:

Suppose your room length of 6 meters, width - 4 meters, then:

  • area of ​​the room on the floor will be equal to 24 square meters:

Now we calculate the area of ​​the walls of rooms. Suppose you have a ceiling height - 3 meters, then:

  • area of ​​the room, one wall will be equal to 18 square meters
  • room area on the other wall will be equal to 12 square meters
  • area of ​​the four walls is equal to 60 square meters

How to calculate the square footage, you already know. But for the repair and accurate calculation of the area, such as plastering, you must calculate the total area of ​​the walls of the square, which occupy the windows and doors. After all, their plaster or putty is not necessary.

Similarly, calculate the area of ​​a rectangle, which is engaged in the doors and windows. Suppose the door height of 2 meters and width of 0.90 m, then:

  • Door leaf area was 1.8 square meters

We consider the area occupied by the window opening. If the height of the window, for example, 1.5 meters, width of 1.6 meters, then:

  • window area in this example is 2.4 square meter

If the room has one door and one window, then the total area of ​​the walls is necessary to subtract the area occupied by the windows and doors:

Thus, the total area of ​​55.8 square meters of walls, ceiling and floor area of ​​24 square meters.

Igor Nikolaev - leading lawyer "Prosper Consulting"

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I spent several years working for a construction company, and almost every day I leave on measuring the size of the premises. Anyone who is planning to take advantage of our services firm, before starting work, be sure to need to call a specialist and measure the geometric perimeter to define the room shape (maybe even a triangle), the number of simple and complex shapes (projections, niches), as well as to determine the values ​​of other variables in cubic and meter.

If this external decoration, as measured by the roof and the whole structure. Also comes pupil which conducts calculation (can take several minutes, since it is necessary to multiply the measurements). Making the translation parameters and units, it will present a rapid outcome to the presence of the correct dimensions, which will pay the costs of the different jobs (the number of rolls of paper, lining, coating the bathroom, putty weight).

On the basis of these data and will be given the total cost of the work. We do not accept payment for these works, if the repair is ordered from us. In that case it ruled that there will be problems in materials or scope of work, which is convenient to all.

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