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A work area in a small apartment. We are looking for a suitable place

Good day, dear readers I've been recently asked where better to equip a home office in a small apartment? Guess what I said? Where there is a place! Let us today posmotim photos with a compact table placement ideas for the computer and a laptop in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and hallway.

Many people have a personal computer, but not everyone has their own personal work space in the house to sit quietly with him away from the hustle and bustle. In addition, in a small apartment is not enough space to accommodate multiple computer desks, and they do not decorate the interior. Here come to the aid of different tricks and furniture multifunctional use.

Of course, I'll start with my beloved Bureau, which in combination can be a chest of drawers or a beautiful interior decoration. Pick up the bureau to the size of his apartment can be quite tiny.

wall holders can offer such an option: the computer desk can work compartment with a hinged door, which usually do bar. Likewise, you can use a similar design cupboard or bookcase.

Those who in the living room is a closet is even easier - you can organize a place right inside, this technique is often used by the owners of one-bedroom apartments. In general, any custom designed furniture can provide a place to host PC or laptop, whether it be living room, bedroom, hallway or kitchen

Choosing the bedroom dressing table can be possible to use it as a desktop for a laptop.

The interior of the smallest bedroom you can always find a place for such a shelf.

If set for the bedroom is made to order, you can come up with something more interesting than a modest shelf, such as in this photo:

Special need to do on the kitchen table for a computer or laptop does not have - because you can always take advantage of the dinner. Nevertheless, I propose two options for the manufacture of the working parts in the same style with the kitchen set. Their advantage - compactness, perhaps someone so little idea will come in handy for the corridor or hallway.

About workplace equipment in the closet I have already mentioned. Here's another idea: to make a table for a laptop.

The small and cozy work space can be placed in the hallway or in a closet, hide it behind a curtain.

If there is no storage, and free space in the hall is not available, a similar idea can be implemented on the balcony insulation. Many in our country do that, but the photos for example, I now could not be found in design, it looks like in this photo:

So we now come to the question - what to do if there are no free space? In this case, I can advise folding and folding tables, several models have Ikea and other furniture manufacturers.

In this picture - a wonderful folding table Murphy Desk, think a man "with hands" will understand how to do this yourself. A good idea for both the home office and for needlework.

Another example of a folding desktop for narrow spaces by German designer Michael Hilgers, this certainly find a place in the apartment.

See how many examples of placing a computer table in the interior of a small apartment, I was able to offer today. I hope you liked the pictures and you have found the right idea to create your own cozy home office!

Corner computer desk: 40 ideas a practical option for the home office

Corner work area from the panoramic windows

Regardless of why you need a computer - for work, study or entertaining, you should feel comfortable with him. Furniture manufacturers have long been produced special tables for computers and laptops, the design of which allows you to arrange all the elements of art as compact and efficient. The most recognized ergonomic computer desk corner model, but there are different options. What should be the ideal workplace and how to choose a corner table - read our article.

Corner table remains functional, even if it looks very easy

Stylish desktop from a single board in the industrial design without legs, with fastening countertops to the wall

The standard working area with a corner computer desk with a facade of light "raw" timber

Pros corner computer desk

Not always for the technique to allocate a separate room, often the computer is in the living room or even in the bedroom. Given the predominantly small size of the rooms use the intersection of two walls - is very reasonable. Corner table takes up a minimum of space, in this case is quite roomy. In addition to computer parts in a variety of models of furniture there are shelves, drawers and niches for documents, books, office supplies, electronic media. Comfortable and productive environment in the office can be created using multiple corner table. They can be arranged in the corners or placed in the center of the room are four full-time jobs.

Small computer desk area fits well and looks good under the stairs. But we must take into account the factor of psychological comfort

With built-in corner desk as possible without overloading the room seamlessly combine work space with the rest of the living area

Model, in which the rear wall is missing, all the facades face, and it can be put not only in the corner

Corner table will fit well even in a small room, like a compact loggia multistoried building

How to choose a computer desk?

Please note that there are special tables for models of laptops and netbooks - a cool design and smaller dimensions. If the computer you traditional, the dimensions of the table are selected based on the size of the place reserved for him.

Two main types of angular table - is:

  • with diagonal placement;
  • with diagonally-perpendicular placement.

Rotating worktop allows you to put the table in any angle, not just 90 °. Or even organize a linear workspace

Integrated angular computer desk can beat the free angle in a large hall. If the style of the apartment - a discreet classic, then this object design development of furniture does not present difficulties

Another example of countertops made of solid board

Spacious desk with bookshelves, which fit into the thematic design - steampunk geek-style and other

Minimalistic design workplace

The first type includes tables with sides of equal length, the second - tables, in which one side is longer than the other and forms a large working surface. Furniture with a diagonally-perpendicular placement often take parents for school children. This ergonomic placement of equipment, and a full desk. On the section of the wall above the work table top can be attached to visual aids, lesson schedule. Very comfortable table with add-ons, which will be a place for all school supplies, supplies for art or toys.

A small table with a neat work area, located angle

Built-in furniture system designed for storage, work and leisure

As for the materials for the manufacture of desks, will be the most successful instances of MDF and particleboard. Stronger will be made of solid wood tables, but they are often deterred consumers an impressive price. For connoisseurs of custom interiors and stylish furniture have metal tables and even glass, which also is not very reasonable price, but external data such furniture often cause genuine delight. Pay attention not only to the countertop material and the body - the guide for sliding support under the keyboard should be made of metal instead of fragile and short-lived plastics.

Bright colors of furniture and transparent chairs in the work area will be tuned to the positive, and do not overload the space

Corner furniture - it is always practical and economical in terms of free space. By placing in a corner computer desk, you will be able to work in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere and have fun, without causing discomfort the rest of the household.

Large corner home office with lots of drawers and shelves

Done in a steampunk style on a unique project "work area mad professor"

Working area with a corner computer desk and shelves above it

Democratic interior of the apartment for young people: the wallpaper under the brickwork is not overloaded atmosphere and simple table Laptop

Unusual configuration corner table, designed customized for balconies, loggias typical high-rise buildings. Open shelves are ingeniously decided to place under a window sill

Corner computer desk (50 photos)

Very often there is a need to combine not only an aesthetic appearance, but also the functionality of the interior. The photo below shows the brightest examples of how the corner computer desk with a superstructure and lockers can be not only an ergonomic work station, but stylish design solution.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of angular computer tables in the life of modern man! Comfortable, beautiful, functional - it is just a short list of things that distinguish the owners of this wonderful invention of the furniture industry. This type of table fits perfectly in the interior of the room for the student, and the ultra-modern business center.

Corner desktop has the following advantages:

  • Increased working space. It is hard to imagine a modern desk, where there is a personal computer or laptop. And more often bundled with a PC is a whole arsenal of gadgets: printers, scanners, multifunctional devices, web cameras, audio systems, etc. But due to the fact that the computer on the desktop is placed in the corner (as if in a niche), the table is not cluttered and the working surface is the most free.
  • Minimum damage to eyesight. With such a structure, while working at the computer, the distance between the eyes and the monitor longer and safer than ordinary table.
  • The effect of visual expansion space.
  • Feeling of security. Thanks to the "enveloping" design, to work at the desk amazing ease.

In spite of all sorts of species corner table, the basis of all lies only two types of user placement: diagonal and perpendicular. What is the difference - not difficult to guess. In the first case, the sitting person is facing in the corner of the room, while the second - to the wall. On this basis distinguish two types of designs of angular table:

Below is a look at each of the species.

Corner table with diagonal placement

Such a table is very compact. Thanks to its design, it is possible to organize the work area, even in the smallest room, because to release a special place along the wall - there is no need, enough to confine square meter on in the corner. However, the functionality of this table is very poor: due to the size and space is limited manufacturers rarely make such tables with drawers or bedside tables (otherwise they simply can not be opened). In addition, if such a table set near the window (which is recommended for the design of student rooms), and the upper superstructure of the table should be small and should not exceed the size of the distance from the corner to the window opening. This is necessary so as not to create barriers to the penetration of natural light into the room.

Corner table with diagonally-perpendicular placement

Unlike its predecessor, this table takes a few more places, but, even in comparison with the usual desk, it's incredibly functional and ergonomic. On the one hand, corner a niche for your desktop or laptop leaves a lot of space to work, on the other - the design allows you to put a whole lot of boxes, pedestals, shelves, extensions, etc. Modern manufacturers such as Ikea, offer the most unexpected solutions for workspace organization. If necessary, you can make a computer table not only with shelves, but even merge with the rack.

The most common materials for the production of functional interior items (not just a corner table, but in general - and the modular cabinet furniture) for today are:

The most amazing and practical option. Modern finishes chipboard or MDF look no worse than natural wood, but it should be much cheaper.

Pay attention to the quality of the edges sticking out! If it is pasted crookedly in the joints diverges or Bouguereau, then it is likely that the furniture will lose their appearance for several months.

Wood and furniture made of wood (especially rare breeds) - the cornerstone of the classical style. With proper care, this furniture will last more than one generation.

Corner desks of metal designs look stylish, but it will look like is likely to be inappropriate in the home interior. Thrown into a living drawing on metal structure will not create a feeling of comfort, but in the office this table produce a dizzying effect of setting up a working mood.

Glass - an ideal material for the interior in the style of high-tech minimalism. Glass table with stand for notebook seems almost weightless, which is very advantageous will look in a small space.

Contemporary corner computer desk can do what you want: from small table-stand to an ergonomic mini-office. Moreover, if you have special preferences, you can make your desk to order, you do not even need to know the size - many firms providing services free measurements.

Turning to gager, you will be able to consult all your concerns and find exactly such an option table that fits into your home and will meet any and all needs.

At the table may be some additions:

Add-on corner computer desk - a nice addition to your workplace, because you can place a lot of little things or gadgets for your PC that will always be on your mind and close at hand. You can also keep a notebook or a book, as well as photographs and trinkets dear to the heart. Choosing the add, remember that if the table is standing at the window - it must not block the window opening. It is also worth considering that the superstructure on the table takes some space and it's not always convenient, especially if you have to put something big (like a drawing or a large map), so this option is useful only if you are working exclusively on the computer and the free surface of the table you need not.

Hanging lockers - another good way to keep everything close at hand, however, unlike the superstructure, firstly is not engaged in the table, it is free to use, and secondly - in lockers all at your fingertips, but it is hidden from prying eyes. Even if you stick in a hurry to place the notebook in a mess, no one will notice. And souvenirs and figurines can be placed on top.

This is perfect for anyone who enjoys a huge number of small tools, parts, office supplies, etc. Opening the drawer, you can immediately see all of its contents and take the necessary thing. This is great for students who have a million exercise books, pens, compasses, rulers, paints, books, erasers, notebooks ... But also for office worker working at the desk with this addition will be comfortable and easy.

Perhaps this is the kind of impractical additions to the desk, because to find something constantly have to bend down to get all, search, add back ... Cabinets useful for that:

If you need space to store something large - cabinet is a good option (for example, an open cabinet for placing the processor). But for regular use it is extremely inconvenient. Even opening hanging lockers at eye level are more practical than the cabinet.

Before you start designing a corner computer desk, you must determine the order in which you will be placing it. For the student, it is desirable to put a desk by the window, to ensure maximum access to natural light. In this case, the light should fall on the left (for left - right) or directly.

That technique is not overheated and port, near the computer table should not be heaters and radiators.

Since a computer desk requires to connect a large number of office, at the table should be the outlet and preferably several - to avoid over-voltage in the network.

Important! Office - this is not only the equipment but also the countless wires to them, which are often confused. Therefore, when designing a table, consider how best to arrange the wires so that they do not get in the way. This is especially important if small children home.

Modern computer programs allow you to create not only the blueprints for the future of furniture, and even a full 3D-model. In addition, the existing data base will help to figure out all the nuances and peculiarities of the overall corner computer desk.

The following parameters must be considered when drawing up the model:

  • growth and volumes of users;
  • Required size countertop;
  • the dimensions of the chair, and (especially!) rotating seats that will stand beside your desk;
  • dimensions of all the equipment, which will be located at or near the computer desk (multifunction devices, printers, audio system, etc.) and the nuances of its location (scanner must be easy to open, the processor does not overheat).

The shape and size of the countertop should be such that all the drawers, cabinets, electronic gadgets are covered by it.

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