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How to make a three-dimensional figure birthday

  • How to make a three-dimensional figure birthday
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The process of creating a volume figures for the holiday photo session can be divided into two stages: the production base and the decor of the final structure.

To create a volumetric figure birthday, first you must make the foundation of cardboard and then decorate it with crepe paper, paper towels, pompoms or woolen threads. If you plan to make a number of large size, it is necessary to stock up in advance boxes out of large home appliances (refrigerator, gas stove, TV, etc.). Box should be divided into sheets and put them on the floor. On a sheet of cardboard must be drawn silhouette of the required numbers and cut it out along the contour. The size of the numbers depends on your desires and cardboard sheet sizes.

Carved pattern applied to the other sheet of cardboard and describes her on a path, and then also cut. As a result, we get two identical numbers to one another. Besides these two preforms, we need cardboard strips (width of the bands will define the thickness of the article) of which figures the side wall are made. Once all of the cardboard blank to be made, can proceed to the assembly of the volumetric figures gluing parts masking tape.

As a basis for volume figures can be made out of foam. Buy foam sheets are available in any hardware store. If you want to figure thicker, the two panels of foam can be glued together using a glue for ceiling tiles. However, this material is quite capricious in operation: when cutting the foam crumbles and pellets stick to the tools and hands.

Decoration figures flower made of paper

Of papyrus or of corrugated paper can make beautiful and lush flowers. For this stack of 6 add up the sheets of paper and small concertina cut into three equal parts. Each accordion bandages thread in the middle, rounded ends and gut-wrenching paper so as to obtain the petals. When it is done enough flowers, glue them to the figure of cardboard or styrofoam.

No less lush and festive look figures, decorated with flowers from paper napkins. To create such a decor require plain packaging 100-150 napkins depending on the size of the numbers. Each napkin folded in half twice and fix design stapled in the middle. From this square cut out the circle. Then circle all the layers are alternately rises slightly priplyusnuv fingers. The lower layer should be left circle straightened, since with it the flower will be attached to the base of the carton.

The figures, decorated with rosettes from crepe paper, look delicate and airy. Creation of such a decoration - it is quite time-consuming process, but the result is worth it. To this end, the corrugated paper cut into long strips. The width of the strips will depend upon the size of the future flower. Strip of paper is wrinkled hands slightly, and then begin to twist, bending back a little edge, to get petals. The residue tape is twisted at the base of the resulting flower. In a similar manner we produce the desired amount of roses, and then glue them to the cardboard by means of hot glue.

Decoration figures paper in the art miter

The figures, decorated in the art miter, look lush and ornate. To manufacture such a decor, corrugated paper must be cut into squares of equal size. In the middle of the square insert a pencil and wrap around the paper. Then dip the tip of a pencil in the PVA glue and attach the paper to the cardboard blank. Fill in this way the entire surface of the volume numbers and gently straighten decoration hands. No less impressive look will decor made of tulle or organza. Material thus also cut squares and attached to the base by means of hot glue.

If used as a basis of the blank foam, the adhesive is not used. The paper in this case is wound on a toothpick, which easily pierces the foam and leaves it stippling. In technology, the facing is very convenient to create different patterns in the figures, it is sufficient to outline the drawing on the basis of, and use different colors of paper in his path.

Decoration figures fringe

Fringe of corrugated paper - this is probably the easiest and fastest way of decorating the volume figures. Paper cut into long, wide strips. Each strip folds into a rectangle and cut his fringe, and then straighten and stick to the base on the double sided tape.

Decoration figures pompons

First we need to make a lot of woolen yarn pompoms. For their production requires two equal-sized rings cut from cardboard. Rings superimposed on each other and winding them up woolen threads until ring opening is closed. Then cut the thread on the edge of scissors slightly pushing the ring thread and bandages. Remove blank of cardboard and shaken pompom. The same principle produce the required amount of pompoms. Ready decor is glued to a cardboard figure on the hot glue.

To work need a big hank of yarn and PVA glue. On the sides of the cardboard figures apply a small amount of adhesive and tightly winding start preform woolen threads. First across the wound yarn and then - along.

Volumetric figures suitable for both young and adult birthday. The size of the numbers depends on your desires and design ideas. Figures larger sizes are used for a photo shoot, and the small number plates - to design a dining area and a candy bar. To decorate the children's holiday is better to make a figure the size of a baby or a little above it.

Decor volume numbers may be plain or colored. To look more volumetric figure, the front portion should be in light colors to decorate and sides - in the dark. To date the birth of a girl figure can arrange flowers in pink paper, red, orange, lilac and purple. When creating figures for the birthday boy is better to use blue, light blue, white and green colors, and in lieu of flowers made of paper is better to apply the decoration in the form of fringes or pompons.

Production of bulk of numbers and letters with their hands

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If you know how to make the volume number, then a photo shoot in honor of the birth will take place unforgettable. These numbers can be used in the design of the company, when the company celebrated the anniversary. Unsurpassed props they will be on their wedding anniversary, if the birthday date is scheduled round.

How to turn the cardboard base of volumetric letters and numbers?

Volumetric figures decorate variety of materials, using the corrugated paper, thread, cloth. But from a master carton. If you want to make the number 1, then with your hands you need to first make a blank for it.

The diagram is shown marked with the recommended amount of this number. You will need 2 of these parts - one for the front and one for the back side, cut them out of cardboard. Decide how thick would figure so wide you need to cut a strip of cardboard.

After you attach a strip of cardboard onto the front side of the figures, also need to glue it to the second side of the number, which will be reversed.

Remains to glue the top of one end of the strap to the second, and then be able to say to ourselves that we were able to make the number 1 with his hands.

Let's see how to make the foundation for the next number. To make the number 2 of cardboard, his hands move represented a pattern on it. To do this, you can use the paper in the box, and then on to the template to draw a larger cell thus transferred pattern.

You can draw it out of the hand, repeating the lines and curves of this figure. As in the first case to work you will need:

Cut two pieces figures 2, glue them together with adhesive tape construction using the strip of cardboard. In this case, its width is 7 cm.

Now attach the second half figures.

As you can see, this does not necessarily stick adhesive tape on the surface, you can attach it in small pieces, fixing perpendicular to the surface.

How to make the fringe for decoration of letters and numbers?

  • in tissue paper in different colors;

Remove the paper from the packaging, cut it into strips having a width of 4 cm.

The long edges of the blanks using scissors is necessary to make an incision fringe. To expedite this process, fold from several strips or roll each to got 4-5 layers.

Apply at the bottom of the figures of the PVA cardboard, glue a strip of prepared paper here. Since it is very thin, it is best to stick from the two tapes. If you use it instead of colored paper or corrugated, then attach in a single layer. The second is a little higher, being located above the first.

Mix and match colors to figure was the most spectacular.

Once you have it completely dekoriruete, in the same colors decorate the corner of the apartment.

Paper for Large letters and numbers

To implement such a masterpiece, take:

  1. Using a compass or a circular pattern on the back side draw colored paper circle.

If you do the bulk of paper flowers, you can then use as the basis of a flat figure.

  1. For such a need to cut only one blank of cardboard, then decorate it. To do this, cut paper into strips the width of 5-6 cm, obkleyte edge of digits to both decorate the front and back sides.

See how to make a paper rose, a master class will help you with this. This flower can make not only to beautify the volume figures it suitable for other occasions. But then you need to create additional stem.

Cut from corrugated paper band at 19h58 cm. Fold it several times so that the width of the resulting preform was 7.5 cm. Redraw presented schematic pattern on a sheet of cardboard, cut it first.

Flatten item obtained, starting from the left end, screw it on the toothpick with truncated sharp end. In this case, it uses the wire, take this idea into service when making a flower out of paper with a stalk. The bottom tie with thread.

Having done a few of these preparations and decorate flowers cardboard figures.

Make other roses pleated paper workshop you will also help.

  1. Cut off the paper strip width of 6 cm. Fold its accordion.

To make a delicate flower, take:

See how to make a three-dimensional figure birthday, using these materials. From paper to cut strip, place it in a certain way. First peel back a small corner near the small edges of the tape, then once again turn in.

Thus Arrange the entire edge of the strip, such tucks are similar to the ones that you do on the dumplings, fastening their side.

Now twist the tape, giving it the shape of a blossoming bud. To fix the tie thread.

Here's another version, it is very easy to implement.

The next idea will require such materials and accessories:

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Instructions for the production of:

  1. Cut the paper strip roll across several times, once to cut a certain number of identical petals.

The last workshop in the series will tell about how to make the number 1, using colored paper.

  1. How to make a pattern, you already know. Now obkleyte cardboard colored paper. Paper strips should be cut, their width is equal to the radius of the flower.

It's time to switch to a different type of material, perhaps you just think now, how to figure 2 using the yarn?

Knitting yarn for decorating letters and numbers

  • the blank of cardboard figures;

Starting at the top or bottom edge of the figures here apply the adhesive with the brush, and then wind the thread. To a cardboard base is not seen through them, you need to reel in different directions, for example, first lengthwise, then crosswise, on the diagonal.

When you're done with one color of yarn, glue free tip to the cardboard. Further, the second attach region filament coil. Arrange volume figure in a different color. When the number is completely covered with the yarn, you can admire the wonderful results of their work.

In the capable hands of knitting thread quickly turned into a pom-poms. Their you can make with the help of a fork, the semi-circle of cardboard or other means.

  1. As you can see, first you need to cut two identical rings of cardboard. Put into the thread.

You will get here is such a wonderful figure 1, which can make bulk or flat.

Decorating Large letters and numbers ribbons

To make a number 2 so take:

  • satin ribbon in red;

Everything is simple. Since one minor edge figure wrap tape. The coils have to do overlap so that through them shone the inner contents of the number. Apply on the opposite side of the cardboard figures some glue with which it will be easier to attach the strips.

  • tapes of the same width, but of different colors;

Cut pieces of tape the same size, each tie a knot in the middle. Glue the resulting ribbons on a cardboard base, positioning them close to each other.

If you have enough free time, you have the patience, then you can make a rose of satin ribbons, decorate their whole number or only some fragments.

If you want to use the already known master-class to make such flowers or make them on a different principle.

As you can see, you need to periodically bend the corners of the tape, fix them with a basting stitch. When will it be framed so screw it, giving the kind of roses. Fix the workpiece by means of needle and thread.

You can make more than one circular row of the turns, but several. Each succeeding will be slightly less than the previous diameter. In the center sew a button and you can sew or glue the flower on the figure.

It can be not only flat, but also voluminous. For this you need all the same wavy ribbons. Cut two strips of it. Compare them, as is done in the photo, along prostrochite to connect. You will now tighten the belt so that it turned into a round flower. How to combine these two bands can be seen in the following photo.

Roses and other flowers from napkins with their hands

Put a few napkins, not turning them on one another. Place on top of the circle. Cut out the napkin on this template.

In the center of the workpiece is necessary to fix a stapler. Raise the first layer, fold it into a more inner unblown rose bud. The second row of petals will be looser. Thus the issue all rose.

To make the number 1, you need to stick these rosettes over the entire surface. See how the flowers look great different sizes and colors.

  1. Facing Technology will also create a blank for registration numbers. To do this you need to cut the paper into squares, place in center of each pencil, twirl.

Instead of glue, you can use plasticine. It is necessary to lubricate the surface of the carton blank to them or roll of plasticine small ball, and each trim obkrutit half a toothpick, insert these blanks into balls of clay. Then, attach to the cardboard backing.

First we need to make the blank of cardboard. Look at the example of the letter M, as they do. Of the two main cut cardboard blank that letter.

Decide how wide will the letter. This ring width cut from tubes of paper towel.

Glue them on one half of the letters, then glue on top of the second, slightly pressing it.

Cut sheets of white paper on the strip, they obkleyte sidewall letters and then all of it.

It can be painted with acrylic paint such letter or paste flowers of paper or napkins, or decorate their satin ribbons or threads. See how to make letters on the cardboard, declaring them with a cloth. How to make a thick foundation, you already know. Stick to it with the help of PVA strips of cloth, and on the outer corners - laced braid.

Of these letters can be folded word to arrange a photo session on the wedding day.

Letters can be pasted paper or wallpaper, which remained from repair.

Original, simultaneously touching decor will design such letters family pictures.

If the birthday boy loves the forest or you want to arrange a room on the subject, then glue on the basis of birch bark and moss or maple leaves.

If you want to make the letter quickly, then wrap a bulk carton blank thick yarn or jute rope.

You can make the basis of the wire obkrutit her yarn.

Final video will help you better understand how to make three-dimensional letters and numbers.

First Day of birth of the baby: figure 1 year old boy, a girl with his hands

Almost everything is ready for the celebration of the first birthday of a son or daughter. Laid out an action plan conceived and produced theme attributes to decorate the room. But how does stress that it is the first anniversary celebration. And not just a celebration, devoted to the child. Here come to the aid directly to the figure 1. Moreover, it can be used in the decoration of the most unexpected way. But the most interesting looks more decorative figures. We will teach how to make yedinichku birthday with his hands.

Children's birthday is 1 year old: how to use numbers

Let all around the festival just screams that your baby's first birthday today. And this will not only themed ornaments, clothes, food. But also the number 1, which can be used in various ways:

  1. Be sure to add the words "I am 1 year old" in a festive garland. Let the guests at the door see what dedicated holiday.
  2. You can make fun hanging garlands with numbers. Every yedinichku decorate according to the selected theme.
  3. For the decoration of dishes, sweets, drinks, use Toper with the image or as edinichki.
  4. Put the unit on the wall balls, ribbons or make a decoration of the paper.
  5. The photo zone necessarily planar or volumetric figure should be present, which will continue to remind when pictures were taken.

And most importantly, a large decorative figure which almost becomes a central attribute birthday.

It can be a miniature or vast, flat or volume.

Definitely a decor can easily order or buy ready.

But much more interesting is to look at the figure Birthday 1 year, made with his own hands. It was possible to take into account the chosen theme, in this case, the baby outfit, room dimensions.

And most importantly, the preparation of any holiday brings family, gives it a special significance.

The number 1 on the birthday of the balls with your hands

Kids just love balloons. Quite the crumbs come to the delight of the decor of the balls.

And to make the number 1 on the Birthday of the balls is quite simple.

Prepare all the necessary tools and the workpiece. We need the blue balls to 10 cm in diameter in the amount of 52 pieces. green and 36 of the same size. But it is better to buy balls from the reserve in case something goes wrong.

To inflate the number of balls is better to use the most simple pump. This at times will accelerate the process. Binding preform will use the fishing line.

To fill this air balls using a hand pump. At the same time control the size of the balls. Each ball tying.

Take 2 balls of the same color and link them together. We are making another such workpiece. Two finished workpiece interconnected by twisting. We had a basic segment of the craft.

In the same manner we do green segment.

All you need to make green segments 9 and 13 blue "fours".

We start manufacturing base edinichki of green pellets. The fishing line is fixed on the first segment, wrapping several times between the balls. Now we thereto press the next green segment and anchoring the fishing line. In this way, interconnects all green "four".

Cut the fishing line, and the remaining tail tying around the balls and hide a few times.

We've got the base number 1.

To the center of a green glade tie a fishing line, and begin to strengthen the blue segments. They will walk upright. Total will fix 10 blue segments.

Of the remaining three "fours" making of ones nose. For this purpose, the segments will strengthen the vertical side portion. When all segments associate, the edge of the spout attract to the vertical portion. Cut the twine tying and hide the edge between the balls.

Our edinichka ready. If desired, it can be decorated with balls of different color, from which it is easy to make a butterfly, flowers, ladybug.

In the same way it is possible to make figures in another design performance.

Dimensions, patterns, options decoration flat number 1 birthday

Original look flat edinichki that can be placed on the wall, curtains, just leaned on the other decorative elements.

It is enough to determine the size, the height of the workpiece and make a template out of paper.

Ready to transfer the pattern on the cardboard base - tracing the contours of a pencil. Cut along the contour of the figure.

Cardboard blank for a holiday edinichki ready.

Decorate this blank can be anything around, picking up design and material under the general style of holiday.

The easiest way to decorate the flat figures to use twine or colored thread, corrugated or colored paper, colorful cloth or film floristic, flowers or napkins.

Such materials are wrapped or paste base.

To give the decoration an additional amount of volume basis decorate with flowers, tassels, bows.

Volume number 1 of cardboard on Birthday

But much more interesting is to look volume figure. Her birthday will be able to rearrange, to play with her. This volume edinichka perfectly fit in the photo zone, and in the design of the room, the garden area.

Even if you do not have large boxes, you can glue the basis of several parts.

First we make two edinichki template itself.

The size of the cut side portions and the base number.

Billets are interconnected tape.

As a result, you should get is such a volume figure of cardboard.

Do not worry that it's not too beautiful.

All the flaws and irregularities will be safely hidden under the decorative elements.

Garnish with a base can be paper umbrellas and flowers, fringe and pictures, felt and thread.

How to decorate a birthday yedinichku

We offer several new options decoration figure 1 with their hands out of scrap materials. Save yourself the master classes - they will be useful for decorating volume numbers to other children's parties.

The number 1 eco-style of twine, thread

A very simple embodiment of decoration of the slab. We will need a regular string and glue.

On board gradually apply the adhesive. Treated area wrap twine. You can make a neat coils, and you can change the angle slightly. When Wrap pasted section, apply glue above and continue to wind the twine.

When Wrap the entire workpiece, leave the figure to dry. Edinichka almost ready. But if you want to string you can paint with acrylics or add decorative elements.

But you can not use the original twine and bright thread, which will wrap the carton blank.

The number 1 of wipes for the boy's birthday

Take your baby for the very fluffy digit birthday.

Moreover, this decor will much cheaper than ready-made figures.

Buy several packages of blue or blue plain napkins.

If you want to dilute the blue background with white flowers, buy a matching color napkins. Very cool look figures with smooth color transition. In this case, need wipes blue, blue, sky, and white.

To make salfetnye flowers, better to take a single layer napkins.

Napkin, not turning, folding twice. Cut squares is not necessary in the future, all bends will be cut.

The workpiece is held together in the middle of a stapler. You can use an ordinary wire to seal the base of the flower.

Now, cut the square in flower size, to get a perfect circle.

The first layer of cloth accurately collect upward, forming flower petals. We perform this operation with each successive layer. When the lift all layers flatten all the petals.

If you want to make a more beautiful flower, take two towels. It is also possible to cut a circular blank for several lobes dorezaya not to the ground.

Ready Flowers decorate the carton blank edinichki. Better to do it with glue in the gun.

After pasting tissue color turns a beautiful lush figure 1.

The number 1 for girls birthday of corrugated paper

Roses of corrugated paper look great. Figure, decorated with such flowers become chic decoration godovasiya. You can fantasize, experiment with color and arrangement of colorful flowers or simply do monotonous yedinichku.

It will take quite a lot of corrugated paper and still have time to do many colors-the-blanks.

Unfold the paper and cut out her band. Folds on the workpiece must be positioned across. The width of a workpiece to be 3.5 cm. But with the length decide themselves. It could be 20 or 50 cm. The longer the bar, the more elaborate turn rosette.

One side of the strip a little stretch and bends the edge. Due to stretch wrinkles should get a nice wave.

Fold the edge and form a whorl.

We begin to collect the flower itself, which holding the edge starts to twist around the base of a strip of paper.

When the whole band will be folded, the bottom of the flower need to grab a rubber band or string.

The first rosette ready. But we need to do another 50, 100, 300 flowers.

Cardboard-based figures are pasted over with paper.

This will help cover possible gaps that might happen when pasting.

Finished flowers glue to the base using PVA glue or adhesive Melt.

The result is a beautiful decorative edinichka that consistently please the birthday girl.

Other methods of using corrugated paper

Tinker with rosettes of corrugated paper no time or desire? Take advantage of a simple way to decorate yedinichku with its help.

Enough to cut multi-colored crepe paper into squares.

For this billet strip add up several times and cut for the folds obtained.

We get a lot of corrugated squares.

Cardboard-based grease with glue. Take a pencil and wrap it corrugated paper to the rod appeared in the middle.

Left bottom florets dipped in glue and attach to the substrate, spread-edge pitch.

Gradually, all the walls are papered cardboard blank. Try to shut down the entire surface of the petals figures.

But there is a whole lot easier.

Cut long strips of crepe paper of different colors. At the edge of each strip makes an incision, to get a fringe.

We begin paste cardboard yedinichku below. Glue first fringe strip, causing adhesive on the whole of the strip.

Slightly stepping, glue the next strip. Make sure that the following fringe overlaps the previous piece of land.

We continue to paste over the entire surface of edinichki, changing the color stripes.

The number 1 on the Birthday of pompons

If you have at home a lot of multi-colored woolen threads, you can use them to decorate the number 1. Only this time we will not wrap paperboard blank and make pom-poms from yarn.

We will need two rings that size should be exactly the same. They can be cut out of cardboard.

Fold the rings together. Gradually winding thread ring. You can take a one-color yarn or thread in different colors.

When the entire ring will be closed thread, cut the thread on the outer edge of the circle. At this stage you need to be especially careful that the workpiece is not scattered.

More thread bandages all threads slightly apart rings. Remove the cardboard ring and thoroughly shaken obtained pompom.

Doing so pompons from threads to be enough to paste over the entire yedinichku. In this way it is possible to decorate both planar and three-dimensional figure.

Photo: Decorative figure 1 Birthday

There are many ways to decorate the figure. And some of them are represented in our photo gallery.

It's easy to decorate children's toys or to make in accordance with the theme.

Creative look edinichki birthday with photo, decorated with buttons, bulky paper flowers, felt, paper umbrellas, with broken Christmas toys.

Video: edinichka on Birthday Balloons

Closely acquainted with all stages of manufacturing the number 1 of the balls can be in the video:

Original entertainment for kids and their parents, which are ideal for the air.

You do not know what to cook for the holiday? useful collection of the most popular snacks for every taste and every table.

July Wedding: arrange an unforgettable summer holiday and love

How to organize a beautiful wedding in the middle of summer. Ideas and themes for a July wedding.

The main stages of preparation and particularly to godovasiyu. Adhering to these recommendations, it is possible to organize a memorable birthday for baby.

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