How to make candles at home

How to make candles with their hands at home? candle making technology at home: materials, tools

A small flame can always be removed from the head bad and sad thoughts, and his light is so sincere: any discussion or recognition by candlelight has a kind of special aura and creates a truly unique atmosphere.

Perhaps precisely for this reason that the candle has long been considered a great gift, which is able to bring not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical application.

How to make candles with their hands in the home: Is it possible?

Of course, such a thing as a candle can be purchased at the gift shop, because there you can always find a lot of different variations of the candles, but if you want to make a gift is doubly pleasant, better to do it yourself. This article would like to dedicate the topic, how to make candles with their hands at home.

In fact, the manufacture of candles at home - not so difficult, as it may seem initially, and if competently approach to this issue, you will find that in reality everything is simple enough.

As a confirmation, you can lead a fact that people who decide to deal with the production of candles, a little drawn, and for them it's not just salary, but also interesting and exciting experience. The more you practice the more often the case, the better you get a ready product.

To make the candles with their hands in the home does not require a lot of money, so in addition to the pleasure that you get from the manufacturing process, you also get a decent save.

Making candles at home: the necessary materials

Before we proceed directly to the manufacture of the product, it is necessary to determine the right materials that will help to create our product the desired shape. To do this, fit an ordinary pot, which we will need to create a water bath.

Also need some kind of a container, in which we melted paraffin or wax. As the container is better to take some unnecessary dishes, because at the end of the process to rid it from adhering wax will be extremely difficult.

If we consider that the vessel necessarily need a fireproof, it is better to ordinary tin can, we are unlikely to succeed to find. So, take a tin can, it bends the edge to appear little nose (through it will pour the wax).

As for the raw material, the wax, paraffin or a special helium can be bought in a specialty store or order online.

If you decide to focus on creating the spark for the first time, be sure to start with paraffin wax as the work much more difficult, it is less light and pliable material. You can also start from the old home of cinder or buy ordinary household candles.

Next, you need to take care of the material of which will be done wick. Often this is used for a 100% cotton thread, paper, as they do not have an unpleasant smell and a much longer burn. Also we recommend trying the floss (thread of different colors) for this purpose, to find them just enough to spark they look very interesting.

To make the candle unusual character and flavor, make them decor and gives the product a certain tone and hue. These candles will delight you and others, not only for its warmth, but also the beauty and unusual appearance.

To give the product the desired color, use children's wax crayons, choose softer better options as they are more soluble and more evenly dyed molten mass. Some people use this lipstick and eye shadow, it is also a good option if you are not sorry to sacrifice cosmetics.

There is another common variant - staining by special pigments in the form of tablets. They come in different colors and shades, so they can be used to make absolutely any color scheme for the product.

Before determining how to make candles with their hands at home, you need to determine not only the materials, but also with their skillful use. This example relates to the wick, it is necessary to learn how to properly twist, because of this depends whether and how long will burn brightly candle.

For example, if you are going to apply the wax or gel, for these materials is better to use a thin, tightly twisted yarns. Wax candles for the better to take thickened wick woven "kosichkoy9raquo ;, not too tightened threads.

You also need to worry about special forms, because from them will depend on the basic shape and appearance of the product. It is better to use the dishes that you do not need too capable of withstanding elevated temperatures. For this purpose suitable containers of yogurt, creams, bottles, small bubbles and so on.

To make the product not only an attractive appearance, but also a pleasant aromatic content, add to the overall weight of a few drops of essential oils, the aroma of which is similar to the appearance of your candles. For example, the smell of lime or mint perfect light green tint products, and vanilla or berry smells need warmer shades.

How to make candles with their hands at home: technology step by step

Here we come to the main point: the process of making candles at home. For example, we will consider the option with the manufacture of candles on wax.

Preparation wax melting

To begin to determine the type of wax, which will prepare a candle. Do not forget that the wax can cause irritation in some people, so approach the matter seriously.

The most popular today is soy wax as it is easy to work with him, it is environmentally friendly and burn slower than the other species.

Before you get started, prepare your work area. To do this, lay a newspaper on your work surface to prepare cardboard and towels. Also, you should always keep a number of warm, soapy water, it is useful in case you spill wax.

Prepare ordinary water bath, the same way you do when cooking.

Attention! Melt the wax in direct fire impossible. The melting process must take place slowly, or it may be burned and evaporate.

Pour polkastryuli water and set it on top of the pot smaller, it will need to melt the wax. Do not forget that the wax is almost impossible to clean, so you do not need, use utensils.

Put wax on the board and cut or planed it. The smaller the pieces, the easier it will be to work with them.

Pour into a small saucepan pieces of wax or shaving, and set a strong fire. When the water boils, it will start to gradually melt the wax, heavy fire Keep pushing.

Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wax. For this fit confectionery thermometer or meat thermometer.

Depending on the type of wax, it melts at different temperatures.

Consider the main types:

paraffin wax melts at 50-60 ° C;

beeswax - within 62,7-79,4 ° C;

old candles - 85 ° C (before using them be sure to remove the old fuse tongs).

Then you need to add flavor in the melted wax, the fragrance is chosen according to its own discretion. Flavors are available in all craft stores. To determine the desired amount of flavor read the instructions, then stir well.

After that, according to the instructions, you need to add the right amount of dye. Ordinary food coloring in this case is not suitable, because they are water-based. It is better to opt for oily dye or special dyes for candles. Add dyes need to, as long as the mixture does not acquire the desired color, then the mixture should interfere.

Place the wick in the middle of molds for candles. Wick need to be fixed at two points is shaped in such a way as to lock turned in the center. For convenience, you can attach the wick to a pencil or pen, and then move to the center. After installation of the wick in the right place, fill the wax form. If you have a long clip, you can use it. Hold the wick in the center of the form, at the same time it should be long enough to be able to rely on the entire form.

Then you need to pour the melted wax into the prepared mold. Pour slowly need to wax spilled, you will need to make sure that the wick is securely fastened in the same position.

Important! If you are using beeswax, do not forget that he was somewhat reduced when cooled, keep in mind this point when pouring molds.

Then you need to give the wax to cool. It is recommended to give it to cool 20-24 hours, if possible. The longer it is cooled, the better as a result of the resulting material.

Each species has its own cooling candles:

paraffin candles for cooling needs 24 hours;

soy will be enough for 4-5 hours;

candles beeswax require at least 6 hours, the optimal solution would be to leave them on all night;

old spark is enough for 2-3 hours.

Were the last steps - remove the product from the mold and cut the wick, leaving no more than 7 mm from the source of the spark. This length will provide your desired height candle flame. If you leave the wick is too long, the fire will be too high.

All your homemade candle is ready, turn on and enjoy!

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Making candles at home. Decorative candles with their hands

At the time, candles were an important source of light, and they lit up the room. Today they are mainly used for decoration of the room, exuding a pleasant aroma and bringing the atmosphere of comfort and coziness. As artisans create decoration articles of various shapes and colors, the decorating all kinds of additional material such as artificial and natural. Making candles at home has become for many a fascinating hobby. Following the advice in this article, this process can take even a beginner.

Buy a special material to make candles at home, not necessarily. Everything you need can be found in the kitchen or children's lockers. First of all collect the cinders from the previously used candles or buy the simplest paraffin at a hardware store. Prepare small tins and colored wax crayons for coloring. Forms can be cups of yogurt, silicone baking cups, baby sets to play with sand and various shaped containers. You can pour the composition into transparent cups of glass. But keep in mind that to remove the finished candle you can not. To release the glass will need to fully use it. Dyes can be not only small, but also acrylic or oil paint, and even cosmetics. Also need a thread of cotton sticks for mixing and fixing the wick, the capacity in which will melt the wax. Saucepan operate task steam bath. Optionally, you can add essential oils to the candle, making it flavored. Decorative detail give the products originality and attractiveness. When all the materials are collected, making candles at home is simple and entertaining.

The wick should provide high quality combustion. To create a decorative candles with their hands, which will not smoke, it is important to choose the correct thread. It must be made of natural fiber, which, burning, crumbles into ashes. If the thread is minimized when ignited, leaving solid ball, it is a synthetic material.

The choice of the wick influence the future size and shape of the candles, the type of wax and dyes. If you are using a glass beaker, the wick on a metal stand will keep the bottom from overheating, to prevent fire to reach the base. The diameter of the candle defines its thickness, which depends on the size of the flame.

To make the wick itself, it is necessary to take the yarn or yarns of natural floss and soak in a solution of 1 tablespoon of salt, 2 spoons of boric acid, mixed with a glass of water. Withstand filament in a liquid for at least 12 hours. After drying, the cord can crochet or weave strands together.

Methods and how to make candles with their hands, a lot. They differ not only in color and internal content, but also a variety of forms, which are used in their manufacture. Skilled workers create products in orange skins in large shells in cardboard constructions, made with his own hands.

Very interesting solution are candles in the sand mold. Due to the sand can get any product shape. Candles, photo below, are a girl posing on the beach. Of course, you can repeat this process and in the home. For this moist sand is taken and placed in a broader capacity. Next, recall childhood and sculpting mud pies in the sandbox. Potter with sand, squeezing it in a variety of shapes. Then necessary to fill the recess with liquid wax, which is filled with a spoon. Wax slowly flows down the metal that prevents the destruction of the form in the sand. Wait for the contents to cool, then take out the finished candle.

Very impressive look transparent products. Consider the manufacture of candles in the home using the gel. To create them, need tannin, glycerin and gelatin. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to dissolve gelatin in water and glycerol added at a ratio of 20: 5: 25. The mass is then heated in a water bath until transparent. At this time should be mixed tannin with glycerin 2:10 and also to heat and add to the first composition. Continue heating until clear mixture. Pre-prepare molds for filling mass. They should be transparent and resistant to high temperatures. It can be glasses, wine glasses, wine glasses or glasses. Shape can be decorated with beads or shells placed on the bottom. Take the wick and fasten it to the pencil across the width of the opening of the glass. It is not necessary to lower the wick close to the decorated candle, lift it up to 1 cm. Then, slowly introduce the solution in the form and wait until it hardens. As a result, we get the original transparent candles. Photos (for example) is presented below.

Making candles at home using gel marred formation of unwanted air bubbles. If the presence of air is not intended specifically for creating realistic carbonated beverage, then look at a few ways to get rid of the bubbles.

The air from the gel goes faster when it is not frozen and is warm. Therefore, do not remove the steam bath gel until all bubbles come out. The warmer the composition, the faster it is free of air. If the candle is already filled in, hold it near the warm oven, the sun or wrap a warm scarf. Heat gently cup itself, in which the product is placed.

If creating decorative candles with your own hands, you use the little things, such as shells, fill them initially gel and allow to cool. Then use them for decoration, not exempt from the gel mixture.

Decorative candles with coffee beans

Above we have looked at how to create a candle with gel. Next, we describe an example of how to make candles from beeswax with added decorations from natural materials. To produce a shell of the coffee beans, it is necessary to prepare two forms of different sizes. The main thing, smaller form must fit in the form of larger size and thus provide a wide space between them. Geometric shapes can be arbitrary.

Insert one form to another and fill the gap in our case, the coffee beans. Optionally, you can put any decorations, beads, shells, dried flowers. space is then filled with wax content and postponed until dry. After some time form located inside must be removed and placed in an empty portion wick. Next fill the inner space of the candle weight. Candle wax is ready!

In some cases, to create a romantic mood, you can use natural ingredients, exuding fragrance. Such products are short-lived and can be used disposable.

To create a scented candle take the orange and cut it in half. Remove the pulp with a spoon, taking care not to damage the skin, which will serve as a form for the future a candle. Decorative edge cut away the peel, leaving the cloves. Install the wick and fill with colored wax inside of both halves. We wait for the wax hardens. Candle can be used. When flame heating of skin will release a fragrant substance and impart special comfort heat atmosphere and Romantic.

It looks beautiful and original candles in the shape of a cone. Wax can be painted green and decorated, giving the kind of Christmas trees. And how to make candles at home-cones? It's very simple! To create the needed white paraffin candles and candle ends, crayons made of wax, glass container, the sheets from the magazine, beads or beads, toothpicks.

To begin smash candles, remove the fuse and fold the pieces in glass containers. Add grated crayons and place the container in a pan with hot water to melt the wax. At the same time, twist the bag of coffee sheets and secure the edges with tape. At the bottom of the plastic bag fix a toothpick plasticine and fix it on the wick. Dip it into a bag and pull out of the hole formed in the top of the cone. Next, a bag should be placed in a container with a narrow neck width than the mouth in a folded leaf. Then the bag is filled in an inverted melted and colored wax. After solidification of the wick at the bottom to crop, remove the paper.

To decorate the candle, beads need to heat in hot water with tweezers and gently pressed into the wax (can be arbitrary, and it is possible to lay out a beautiful pattern and label).

To create marble candle will need pieces of wax. They can make themselves. Melt the wax desired color, pour it into a wide container and cut into pieces, without waiting for complete solidification. Place the pieces in a hardened form, relying on your imagination. Pieces can be placed, creating a mosaic on the walls, or in layers in several colors. Next we fix the wick and pouring melted wax into a mold of a different color. Very hot mixture may be slightly melt the pieces, pour a little if the cooled mass, the pieces will look brighter. After pouring tap the surface of the container, causing the wax to penetrate into all cavities. After complete remove the cooling plug from the mold.

Creating candles - a very exciting experience, which does not require great knowledge and great experience. Engaged in the creation of such products, you will not only decorate the interior of the new decor, but free yourself from the search of gifts for family and friends. After all, every candle - it is the fruit of your imagination, which will have its own personality and creativity.

How to make a candle at home: 7 fascinating recipes

I want to tell you how to make candles with their hands at home. The light sources are at least no longer relevant, but it is excellent in the role of decorations and original gifts. You will learn the most popular recipes that can be put into practice even without artistic skills.

Photos homemade candles

Create masterpieces on their own

Recipes production of candles that are easy to implement, without leaving your home:

Ready a copy of wax created at home

Wax candles have a very simple structure:

structure diagram of a wax candle

They are created by the following materials:

For the first time I recommend to take someone to his assistant, as the melted wax will begin to fasten within fifteen minutes after its removal from the ring stove. Inexperience alone you can not have time to perform all the necessary actions.

Now consider step through tasks:

  • By mid-stick or pencil bind one edge of the cotton thread or floss;
  • Itself stick or pencil form is placed on top, after putting on its edge so that the second edge wick down on the bottom of the tank;
  • So we perform with each of the harvested form

  • To melt the wax or paraffin to start their treatment in small pieces. This will speed up the process;
  • Then recruit approximately polkastryuli water and put on a slow fire;
  • The ladle is poured prepared material, and then immerse in a heated water tank;
  • Stir the contents of the melts to its full transition to a liquid homogeneous state without lumps

  • Melted wax or paraffin in a small amount in the form fill exactly so that it fell lower region of the wick;
  • If necessary, to correct the thread or floss to commit occurred qualitatively;
  • About a minute waiting for curing the material.

  • Carefully pour the remaining molten paraffin or wax;
  • We reserve the form to complete the setting.

  • Approximately 24 hours check how well stiffened used to create the body of the candle material;
  • Then the eye is metered length of the wick so that it was convenient to light;
  • Cut off the excess;
  • After another day the product can be used for other purposes

Better to use form with smooth edges or disposable, which can be simply destroyed. Then you will not have to leave them ready candles.

For example, a candle from the mold to form a plastic cup will be very easy to remove

Colored candles with their hands in the home creates almost as accurate as conventional wax, except for one additional ingredient: wax pencils.

Examples of wax pencils of different colors and shades

They have a very large range of possible colors, that opens up tremendous opportunities for the transformation of the appearance of candles autographic manufacturing:

  1. So you can make a simple one-color product, adding to melt in a water bath or paraffin wax pencil piece like the color. He also dissolved by painting a bored yellowness in a fun and interesting shade;

For each of the interior can make a model of the appropriate color

  1. If in the melting mass to throw several different colored pieces, then you will iridescent candle;
  2. The most popular are the striped specimens. In their manufacture each piece of wax with a new color scheme is poured after the complete solidification of the previous. The process, of course, is delayed, but the result looks great.

Alternately filling the new wax portion with its own color gives a very nice effect

If the same form after pouring each new layer is not directly put on the table, and set the angle, it is possible to obtain a more complex patterns than the "zebra".

Changing molds angle allows for even more interesting results

Not necessarily limited to the addition of only one color wax pencils. At home, you can also add to the prepared solution before filling a few drops of essential oil. In this case, your candle will still smell sweet and even a positive effect on the body.

Here are some examples of the effects of essences:

  1. Lavender and bergamot help to relax as much as possible, which is essential after a hard day's work;

Would you like to relax? The aroma of lavender will help you in this

  1. Lemon and rosemary help to raise a good mood, and the removal of negative thoughts;

Solid negativity in your head? The smell of lemon and rosemary will help to tune in a positive way

  1. Geranium, rose and lavender relieves stress;

Stress, panic? Aromas of rose, geranium and lavender to help relax

Candles made of gel, sold in specialized stores

Here, in order to make a candle in the home used a special gel instead of a candle wax or paraffin.

Since the gel candle looks up processing

This gives a very important visual effects - transparency, due to which also made adjustments to himself and izgotovitelny process:

  1. If the form is used with concave edges, then it must necessarily be transparent. Otherwise, the whole point of helium candle will be lost;

To be able to appreciate the beauty of helium products, you need to use them exclusively for transparent molds

  1. Selected shape to direct pouring melted gel should be heated to prevent the formation of bubbles in the structure of the manufactured articles;
  2. During the formation of the candle body in its material immersed decorative elements, which are due to the transparency of the composition solidify helium inside. And as a decoration suitable all that you tell your imagination. It looks amazing.

Garnish with helium candle can even dried leaves

Human ingenuity to the above does not stop, I wish you to prove by demonstrating candles recipes using pieces of real fruit. For work you need the following materials:

After gathering all the necessary, proceed to the implementation of tasks:

  • Gently lemon cut with a sharp knife;
  • We take out of it the entire inner pulp;
  • We perform the same operation with the second fruit

  • Paraffin wax or drown in the water bath, since it was described in wax candles to create instructions;
  • Add to the resulting substance Dried lavender flowers, a few drops of essential oils and food coloring;
  • Thoroughly mix all

  • In the center of each of the resulting lemon halves fix on the wick;
  • Then fill them with a mixture of harvested

  • Put filled fruit bowls in a cool place;
  • We look forward to their full hardening

But in any case, do not put lemon shape in the fridge, as there fill them wax can harden unevenly.

Ready candles from lemons

In this case, a set of materials and the process is similar to all the same manufacturing classical wax candles. But added More and coffee beans to give the product a special entourage.

And it is possible to perform four methods:

  1. One need only add the coffee beans in melted wax or paraffin, and you already get the original picture on the finished product;

"Coffee with a twinkle"

  1. Also, you can oblitsevat grain ready-made candle, glue them with glue or pressed to not yet completely congealed material;

Finishing candle coffee beans may require the use of additional material into paste form

  1. However, the most easiest option - it is a frozen sample removed from the mold and place in a large transparent container and fill the space between the walls of the coffee beans;

Glass, coffee wax and flame

  1. If you want to bet on flavor rather than appearance, then add the melted wax or paraffin ground coffee. And then in the process of burning candles in the room would be nice to disperse the smell of coffee.

In the case of ground coffee emphasis is more on the smell, not the look

The presence of photos in a candle guarantees her originality

It's not exactly the formulation of manufacturing candles, as the whole process repeats the original creation of the wax copy. But then, when it is already fully hardens, you can begin to spray pictures on his wall. For this need:

Procedure looks like that:

  • We select the appropriate photo;
  • Tracing fix on a paper sheet using adhesive tape

  • Refill-combined sheets in the printer so that the copied image was printed on tracing paper;
  • To print photos;
  • We separate the tracing paper and cut it out of the main image, leaving a thin white border

  • Wrap printed out a photo a candle;
  • Top cover with its waxed paper;
  • Hairdryer to warm up until the show through the image is crisp

  • Carefully remove waxed paper;
  • We get the original product

Summing up, I want a little more detail the options for the use of candles, made with his own hands:

  1. Creating a romantic atmosphere. Full electric lighting, of course, handmade candles are not replaced in the home, but on the other hand will be able to bring the romance is excellent;
  2. Decoration surrounding interior. Several decorative candles bizarre shapes may become the main attraction of your home;

As decoration for candles can be used even cinnamon sticks

  1. interesting hobby. Making such ancient lighting is very exciting. And if you present a commercial vein, it may become more and profitable;

Candle making at home can be sold

  1. aromatization of premises. If we make an aromatic candle, it will fill an enjoyable and in some cases even beneficial scent any room in which you install it;

Products having in its composition of essential oils can help to combat unpleasant odors

  1. a gift to friends. Homemade candles can also be used as gift souvenirs. So that's enough to break your head over what to give, it's time to get to work!

Beautifully decorated by candles cope with the present function

You have read some interesting recipes for the manufacture of candles at home. This is not only interesting souvenirs and original gifts, but also an interesting pastime.

Articles made with his own hands

Videos in this article contains additional materials related to consideration of the topic. In the comments you can on it to ask any questions you may have.

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