How to prepare for the winter red viburnum

Kalina Krasnaya: recipes for winter harvesting of viburnum

That is why the berries are so necessary in the winter, a season of colds and flu. If someone in the family gets sick, viburnum always come to the rescue, will quickly put on a sick leg, raise the immunity of all family members.

That winter is a wonderful medicine has always been at hand, it is necessary to prepare for the future fruits of Viburnum. How to do it, I want to tell you. This you can find out more from the article "Kalina Krasnaya: recipes for winter harvesting snowball."

As we all know, viburnum berries taste bitter. Therefore it is best to collect them after the first frost hit. In this case, the bitterness will disappear, and the fruit will be sweet, pleasant taste.

Recipes for winter preform Viburnum

Kalina with sugar

Kalinovoye tasty jelly

Now add the juice to the sugar at the rate of 1: 1 or 1: 2. Stir well, put on a low flame, heat, stirring constantly. When the sugar is completely dissolved, the jelly is ready. Pour it on hot sterilized jars, roll up. Do not throw away the remaining raw materials. It can be used for the preparation of fruit drinks and beverages.

Berries in its own juice

Healing juice viburnum

Sweet viburnum syrup for winter

Kalina versatile berry. As if you have not prepared, it will still retain its healing properties throughout the winter until spring.

Kalina Krasnaya: recipes for the winter. billets viburnum

From ancient times it was considered and is considered viburnum berries revered. Since using its healing properties you can get rid of many diseases or to prevent them. In folk medicine, many recipes exist, both the berry and its components. Miracle fruit is rich in many vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin "C". Therefore, in the winter colds and flu can not do without such a "doctor" as viburnum.

2. pour over boiling water (this is to remove the bitterness).

3. Wipe through a fine sieve.

4. puree mixed with sugar (same proportions).

5. At low heat boil.

6. Arrange for banks and to close.

For this purpose, miracle fruit sorted out, washed and laid in a single layer on a towel and dried. Further folded berries, e.g., a plastic eating utensils or containers and frozen. Freeze retain the full value of Viburnum. Cooking with berries rather wide. From them prepare fruit drinks, syrups, baked pies, and much more.

- reduce blood pressure.

Viburnum fruits possess very popular all over. And, of course, the highest quality drink is the preparation of the miracle berry fruit drinks. To make it, take a portion of berries, half distilled through a juicer and the other half is ground through a sieve. It turns out the juice and puree, all this combined with the sugar and bring to a boil, but do not boil, immediately turn off. This drink is endowed with useful substances and stores a maximum of vitamins.

Everyone is familiar with such diseases as angina unpleasant or throat disease. Under these colds, indispensable tool perform infusions Viburnum for rinsing the mouth and throat. So that any harvesting this miraculous berry and help get rid of unpleasant diseases, which is why in the first place should be as much as possible to make stocks for the winter because of Viburnum.

How to prepare for winter viburnum?

Kalina has long been known as a great medicinal plant. The first mention of the treatment of Viburnum occurred in the sixteenth century. And the healing properties have not only the berries, but also leaves, seeds and even the bark of a bush. Still, the content of vitamin berries occupy the first place. They contain the following vitamins: C, A, E, K, B9. And the content of vitamin C in Kalina, even more than in a lemon.

Among other useful substances in Kalina are pectins, which promote excretion of radionuclides, strontium and cobalt.

Picking berries viburnum occurs in the fall, after the first frost. During this period the berries become a specific sweet taste.

The benefits of viburnum can argue for a long time, which is only its invaluable help in the cold, under high pressure, in convulsions. But to be able to use the berries for a long time, you need to know how to prepare for winter viburnum.

Popular recipes red viburnum in winter

The first recipe is dedicated to the preparation of the winter of Viburnum with honey. To do this, you need to pour boiling water over berries viburnum, following rub them through a sieve to get rid of the seeds and peel. You can also use a colander. The resulting mass was mixed with honey in a ratio of one to one, and put in a cold place. Viburnum with honey is ready for use within a week.

Kalina with sugar for winter

Workpiece viburnum berries in winter on the recipe, you'll need for each kg of berries take 0.5-0.7 kilograms of sugar. Kalina is necessary to thoroughly wash and dry on paper towels. Then into clean glass jars fell asleep mixed viburnum and sugar so that the berries are fully coated with sugar. We close the lids and the cans kapron put in refrigerator.

Kalina in sugar syrup, or as a close for the winter viburnum

To prepare you need Viburnum 1 kg, 400 g sugar, 600 ml of water. As in the previous recipe, viburnum berries need to wash and dry. While dry berries, sterilize jars. Kalina fall asleep in banks, pour its sugar syrup (ratio of sugar / water two to three), and sterilize banks. Half-liter jars are sterilized for about 15 minutes, about half liter. After sterilization roll up jars with metal lids.

FROMok from the winter of Viburnum

There are several ways to cook Kalinovoye juice.

  • You will need 1 kg viburnum, 250 ml of water, sugar or honey. Viburnum fruits need to put down, and squeeze the juice from the resulting mass. Remaining skins and bones boil in water for 10-15 minutes, strain broth and mixed with the juice. Add sugar (honey) to taste, store in a cool place.
  • You will need 1 kg of Viburnum, 1 kg of sugar. Viburnum berries need to blanch in boiling water for about five minutes. After that, fill them with sugar and leave for 10-15 days. Then filter the resulting mass. Keep juice in cool place.

Viburnum juice is very useful, but you can not drink it neat, as it is highly concentrated. Therefore, from the juice, we offer you to cook, for example, viburnum juice.

You will need a 250 ml Kalinovoye juice, 1 liter of water, sugar or honey. Viburnum juice diluted with cooled boiled water, add sugar or honey to taste, and insist for about 5 hours.

Syrup of viburnum in winter

To prepare the syrup Kalinovoye, you will need a 1 liter Kalinovoye juice, 2 kg of sugar, 10 g citric acid. Kalinovy ​​juice mixed with sugar, brought to a boil. Then it is necessary to remove the formed foam, add citric acid and boil for another 5 minutes. After strain the syrup through a cheesecloth and pour into bottles (cans) for storage. How would you decide not to prepare for the winter viburnum, it still does not lose its beneficial properties, and will come to your aid in case of illness.

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