How to fix a sink made of stainless steel on a pedestal

How to attach an invoice sink in kitchen set?

In the beginning, inspect that you are talking complete with sink.

Must be like these,

Sometimes they do not, will have to buy separately.

If podstole already in the collection, we begin to mount sink with markings of these same fixtures.

the upper part podstolya screws are screwed into fastening.

Usually enough 4-5 and fixtures.

but spinning "nagluho9quot; just not worth it, it is necessary to make a number of more action.

I usually install a siphon and a mixer to mount sink, and not after, so it is more convenient.

The corrugations in the sewers can be inserted at the end, but the trap is better to compile and install immediately.

Before finishing attachment, if there is no sealing tape included (a frequent occurrence), promazhte sealant, then cleaning for permanent dislocation and can finally clamp mounting (brackets).

The sequence may be different, the work quite difficult, the problem may be present, or mixer, or trap, but not the sink.

Excess silicone better immediately removed.

Check for leaks sink (I'm on the siphon and mixer), better 20 minutes later when the silicone-s just caught.

Mortice and overhead cleaning is mainly mounted in a ready-made cabinets kitchen set, with an empty opening, in which no internal bulkheads, which means no additional stiffeners.

On the sides and in the front there are special cleaning bill, slightly protruding ledges, they are designed to be mounted sinks, and a side from the back side there is, instead of a raised edge to prevent water from getting behind cabinet with sink.

Invoice sink can be mounted in two ways: by using a sealant and screws.

If the consignment note wash light, for example from fragranita, it can simply be glued to the quality waterproof sealant. It is applied generously on the entire upper perimeter of the hole in the table top and then from top to set herself sink. Moika support under load for 1-2 minutes, then gently remove excess sealant from the outside and the inside of the sink and countertop. Sink not use until completely dry sealant.

If the consignment note and heavy metal washer, then this method is not suitable, it is necessary to fix the bottom hole pedestals supporting bars or seating area. Then washing would not rely on a thin face, and support bars or corners. Necessarily apply sealant between the wood and metal.

Included are stored special attachment for washing (4 pcs.), They form T-shaped plate with oblique holes. First you need to make the top (on the inside) tables mark under the mounting plate. The height of all holes should be equal. Slightly below the self-tapping screw of about 16 mm in length, they set the mounting-plate. Before sink set in place on the perimeter of the hole to put a layer of sealant. Moika set so that the screws are locked in the recess.

I do not mean much vumnye if I say that to solve this daunting task will require a screwdriver, sharp awl, 6-8 screws 16-20 mm, the same seating area and 30 minutes of working time. Mounted sink into the workplace, then inside the cleaner itself should be pressed area in an inverted position, and indicating the mounting location with an awl, to tighten the screw. Between the sink and the area can and should pave the gasket made of rubber, cork or any other material to washing is not deformed. This operation is repeated several times and the wash will be held without visible from the outside fastening.

Draw more tired than working Securing washing. It would be very rady, if someone has presented a graphics tablet.

How to choose and install the sink invoice

Washing - this is a very important attribute in the kitchen. There are many kinds of these products, one of which is cleaning bill. Several methods can be used for its fastening. In addition, without any special knowledge and tools are not enough.

The main feature of the overhead sinks is their successful combination with a different design of the kitchen facilities. Clear advantages can be considered as low cost and ease of installation of the sink.

As for the disadvantages, then they include a small thickness and the space between the pedestal. Presented products can be operated for a headset, which is composed of separate modules, and washing is not a single part of the workspace. This option should be mounted sink in the corner.

For the production of such articles using a copper alloy, which prevents sink from corrosion and effects of food acids. The main advantages of stainless steel sinks include:

  • low weight, thanks to which the transport sink is not difficult;
  • when used properly cleaning bill will serve for a long time;
  • hygiene;
  • reasonable cost.

Is not devoid of such cleaning and weaknesses. These include the low level of sound insulation in contact with water. But this drawback have low corrosion-wash quality, the preparation of which is applied a thin steel sheet. To eliminate this problem, you must buy a washing bowl with homestead to its depth is sufficient.

In the role of material for the production of such an option sinks - a filler. His bond is carried out by means of a polymeric binder. In the role of filler may use chips of granite, glass, quartz sand. Due to the filler and dyes used can achieve the desired shade bill wash.

The advantages of this kind of sinks can be attributed lack absorbency dyes, in contrast to enamel surfaces. Granite sinks are not afraid of the harmful effects of aggressive substances. On their surface the scratch does not occur, hence the appearance will be observed for a long time. If we talk about the cons, the composite products are not cheap, however, and the service life is higher.

Such variant bill sink - the last century. Their use for manufacturing a metal-treated layer of white enamel. This option is the most impractical, because on the surface very quickly cracks occur. Enameled sink can not resist food dyes, resulting in the surface often yellowness. Apply these products is necessary in the case where the kitchen is made in bright colors.

To install the washing process was quickly and efficiently, you need to select the correct sealant. It allows reliably and permanently protect the sink from long-term effects of moisture. In addition, for the successful installation of shear washer will need the following tools

  • electric drill;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • pliers;
  • Silicone sealant;
  • line;
  • drills on a tree;
  • screws;
  • Scotch paint;
  • g-shaped fasteners.

The video shows how to install a sink made of stainless steel on the pedestal:

For these purposes, it is important to adhere to the following plan of action

  1. It is necessary to draw the outlines of the countertop sink. For this you will approach a normal eating simple pencil. Required to take care about the margins of the front and rear edges of at least 5 cm. Thereafter, measurements may be performed, where the cup is concentrated. For these measurements should draw the outline of the hole, performed under the sink.
  2. line along which the cut will occur should extend laterally outwardly from the bowl 1 cm. to form a hole in one point of the contour. If the shape of the bowl in the form of a rectangle, it is worth opening it should be made in the corners of the designated path.
  3. From the outside contours attach the masking tape. Thanks to him, fails to protect the tabletop from the damage that it can cause a jigsaw. During cutting the opening necessary to screw in screws at propyl small depth. Thus, it is possible to protect the inner part from falling. Removes the item should also secure the bottom backwater.
  4. Process the ends of countertops for Spila using silicone sealant. Thus, you will protect the product from moisture influence. Sealant Application is also possible on the drawn perimeter.
  5. Insert the sink and set the mixer and siphon into the prepared opening. Fasten it to the table top by means of clamps. These fixing elements are included in the set of sanitary appliance. All that remains is to connect the mixer to the water supply and discharge of the product through the siphon drain.

Video-mount sink to the bottom of the table top:

Process for the installation of shear washer cabinet

In this case, the installation process with their hands is as follows:

  1. Prepare a place where the cup will be installed. Its worth to turn upside down, cut around the outline with a pencil. Cut hole can use the jigsaw.
  2. In order to embed the item fell ahead of time, you must attach it with screws 2-3.
  3. Then try washing the resulting hole. In normal placing it possible to connect it to the headset, complement siphon, mixer.
  4. Attach the bottom of the mixer, using the nuts and washers. It screw hoses.
  5. siphon assembly takes place by means of the union nut. When cleaning equipment provided mobility, it is necessary to also connect it to the siphon. Ready sink is mounted in the appropriate place, and then connected to the water supply and sanitation. All available space repaired using a sealant.

The video explains how to fix the sink invoice to the pedestal:

Overhead sinks can be manufactured in various sizes. All of them are standardized under the perimeter dimensions produced kitchen thumbs. The most popular sizes are:

Overhead sinks - it is very easy to install and use the product plan. With a wide range every woman will be able to choose the best for your kitchen headset option. Reasonable cost to purchase the product allows virtually anyone.

At one time when you install steel shell, we also faced the problem of increased noise, but it was solved by wrapping noise insulation material inside the shell, on the basis of sound insulation in the car mount. Also, people glued thin foam than achieve the same effect. Probably not the most aesthetic solution, but sometimes you have to choose. Can someone come in handy.

How to strengthen the sink: the method of fastening the wall, cabinet, countertop

Many novice master interested in how to attach an invoice to the pedestal sink, if that were not pre-installed with special brackets. And though this situation is rare, deal with it is relatively simple.

In this article we present a review of currently available methods of fixing shells on various grounds, as well as describe the algorithms of work in most common situations.

installation technology depends on the product design

Depending on the design of the sink in the kitchen or bathroom can be mounted in different ways.

Each method has both advantages and disadvantages, but in order to understand how to deal with your situation, it is necessary at least in general terms, to explore all the technologies:

Model for wall mounting

  • Wall mounting is typically used for mounted sinks in the bathroom and kitchen sinks old design. The main disadvantage of this technique is that the siphon is in this case nothing is disguised, and therefore significantly detract from the appearance of washing.

To avoid this, you can close the drain vertical console (if we can do it "tulip"), or use the model for flush mounting, when sewer pipe is recessed into the thickness of the wall.

In the latter case, before attaching the sink to the wall, it is necessary to lay drainage pipe in Stroebe, and disguise it.

  • Surface mounting is used when installed square and rectangular shell models cabinets without countertop. The advantage of this method is its simplicity and high speed secure their own hands, but the appearance of the product is poor.

  • Cutting consolidation is used for the majority of round and oval models for articles of irregular shape etc. This technique quite laborious, but we get a shell, completely hidden under the sink unit with high quality sealed fit.

In the next section we present a sequence of works on the installation of such structures.

Algorithms for self-assembly

The choice of fixing points

Wall mounting is carried out as follows:

  • At a selected level drill hole (at least 8 mm) for mounting brackets.

The height was adjusted so that the upper edge of the shell was 80 cm from the floor.

  • Apertures hammering plastic dowels corresponding diameter.
  • The dowels twirl themselves brackets, making sure that they are at the same level.

  • On brackets put on the sink, align it (construction of the mounting lugs in the majority of models allows it) and fix the retaining nuts.
  • Attach drain siphon and install faucet to supply water.
  • If necessary - on the shell and the joint wall Apply waterproof sealant.

Cupboard without the upper portion

Guide tells about how to strengthen the invoice sink to the cabinet, too, is quite simple:

  • From inside the set mounting brackets, plastic or wooden blocks to fasten metal corners.
  • At the ends of sidewalls inflict silicone sealant.
  • Laid on top of the sink, making sure that it is not moved relatively podstolya.

Screwing screw Bracket

  • From inside the washing fix bumpers (or special tabs on them) brackets. If there is no bracket snaps on the edge with metal corners.
  • Using a screwdriver, turn the adjusting screws securely clamping mounting brackets.
  • Silicone, speaking from under the sink edge, remove with a wet hand or a clean cloth.

Price sinks that are mounted mortise process is typically quite high. Even the countertops are expensive, so that novice masters should not take up a job without training.

If there is no template, the layout applied as shown in the picture

If you are confident in their abilities, then the installation should carry out the following scheme:

  • Before attaching the washer to the tabletop, preparing the hole for installation. To do this, the surface should be laid or the cleaner itself, or a pattern that goes with it included. According to the stencil layout with a marker.

Where it is more convenient to work, removing the countertop and putting it on a workbench wrong side up.

  • At several points on the line marking bore holes using a drill on wood. Then connect these holes, slots propilivaya jigsaw.
  • The edges of the resulting holes handle rasp removing large burrs. Then apply the sealant to shear, which will prevent swelling of wood or MDF on contact with moisture.
  • If you have previously carried out the dismantling, we return the table top in place. According to the perimeter of the hole paste the sealing butyl tape.

Defaults in the groove cleaning

  • Set sink, positioning it so that the whole portion of the section going down collar at least 10 mm.
  • Using standard mounting, fix the sink from the wrong side. For mounting on the thin tops usually attach additional pieces of wood.
  • Additionally, sealing all joints with silicone locations.

The joint can be sealed or self-expanding tape or silicone

The described technique is only suitable for kitchen sets made of wood or MDF.

Construction of natural or artificial stone should be treated with a professional tool, because in this case the installation must be carried out by experts.

Figure out how to attach the sink to the cabinet or to embed it into the tabletop, quite easily. Much more difficult to realize in practice the knowledge acquired. That's why before you start we strongly recommend that you carefully watch the video in this article.

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