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Bedroom design 10 sq.m. (65 photos)

  • If you face the task of repairing the apartment, which was built in the last century, it is likely that there will be a modest-sized bedroom. Converting such a small space is quite real, though not easily distinguished. Yet designers find the optimal solution of the problem, the coating in the right choice of color palette accented receptions and successful planning. In the end design of the bedroom 10 sq.m. it turns out not only aesthetically appealing, but also comfortable.

    art design focuses a whole abyss of various concepts and recommendations to get lost in that simple. That is why we have prepared a small tour of some popular styles that can recreate both amateurs and professionals with the design of the case.

    Bedroom of 10 sq.m. in a modern style

    When choosing a stylistic trends, pay attention to the modern direction. Spacious and light minimalism is perfect for a small space.

    Maximum functionality and comfort while minimizing the presence of decorative elements, the lack of spare parts, and at the same time the most necessary wealth - that offers a modern design. Direct and clear-cut lines create a slim and elegant bedroom interior, concise and colors do not "steal" the innermost square meters.

    Bedroom of 10 sq.m. in classic style

    You want to bring classic elegance in the interior of a small bedroom? In this case, you can create a modern variation of the traditional design, using some features of both styles.

    We borrow the classic symmetry in the arrangement of the furniture and decor, and the modern - straight lines and some strictness design. To meet the balance makes sense to build on the basic light colors gray, white or beige.

    Bedroom of 10 sq.m. in oriental style

    Oriental style is unobtrusive and refinement. Here reigns the order and cleanliness, air and light, and the finish is made of natural materials, minimalist design.

    For such a mandatory bedrooms are an abundance of horizontal lines, pictures with Japanese motifs, Buddhist statues, low pieces of furniture, as well as the availability of space for the circulation of positive energy.

    Bedroom of 10 sq.m. in style Shabby-chic

    Vintage Shabby chic is also ideal for the design project of a small space. To recreate the style should place furniture with worn surfaces, refurbished items, cute decor and apply light shades.

    However, it is important to bear in mind that decorative elements should be used in a very dosed amount so as not to overload the interior of the bedroom multiple ruffles and frills, antiques and collectors' items.

    Another well-known passage of the oversized rooms is eco-style. "Eco-friendly" design is sure to settling with the help of an abundance of wood-based materials, natural motifs in the form of imitation leaves, branches, insects and images of all kinds of plants.

    Since this is a modern trend, it is minimalist and competent geometry shapes and basic colors to create light and unobtrusive atmosphere.

    On the eve of the beginning of the repairs necessary to determine the main points of registration, among which an important place is occupied by colors of the future interior. If it proves successful, then even the most modest decorations will look attractive and atmospheric. Otherwise, you risk dampen even the most ingenious idea. Consider a few win-win options for small bedroom.

    White - the perfect companion for a given size of the room. But, of course, monochrome interior must be diluted with other colors that will add brightness, comfort and will mark the character design.

    Many will say that red is too aggressive for the bedroom. This is indeed the case, but there are some nuances. First of all, note that it should be used in limited quantities, in the form of accents. Also try to choose the most muted and deep colors, among which are: burgundy, cherry, pomegranate, terracotta, carmine - they will add a touch of elegance to the overall atmosphere.

    Life-affirming color in the case of the room to sleep and needs a proper selection of the desired tone. For example, the optimists and dreamers will certainly taste the interior, painted in coral together with turquoise.

    At the same time, the orange is not necessarily characterized by high brightness. Quite relaxing mood creates salmon, especially when used together with ashen purple or pink bleached.

    Pastel blue color is simply created for rest and relaxation. He is particularly relevant in this case, because it is a lighter shade, which visually expand the vastness of space.

    Since it is difficult to overdo it, but it is better to surround it with a warm cream, milk or beige for soft and warm palette.

    The color of the most secret and cherished dreams of love to young girls. Therefore, it is in the interior of the lovely ladies, as a rule, chosen pink hues.

    In recent years, at the peak of popularity are whitewashed variations of pink. They look very noble and discreet, so with them is quite easy to operate.

    You can go the other way and pick a bright, saturated color. Add to it a white, black and blue, and so you get an interesting contrast combination.

    Decorating the bedroom of 10 sq.m.

    Materials for finishing small-sized rooms require careful selection. Practice builders and countless photos of failed experiments on the internet suggest that in a compact room should refrain from a lot of gloss and wallpaper with large prints. To repair a bedroom there is nothing better than paint and flooring in soft colors as the general framework of the interior.

    Standard requirements for the material for the floor is its durability and wear resistance. Also note that in the bedroom, we can walk barefoot, so the coating must be pleasant to the touch and cold.

    Parquet is still at the peak of popularity for many years. Quality and natural materials, as well as a wide variety of colors make it organic for any style. Among the disadvantages denote its low thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics.

    Alternatively, you can use parquet laminate. It is characterized by durability, good thermal insulation and practicality. However, everything has its time, and eventually the outer side wear out and have to completely change all the floors.

    It's no secret that the main rule in the room of modest size is decorated in bright colors. The walls are a better finish in one or two colors without a bright picture.

    Ideal - to paint in white or light shade of beige, pistachio, apricot, blue, pink. Another interesting place to look decorative plaster and horizontal wooden panels for finishing accent wall. Another good way to achieve the impression of a spacious room - use wallpaper with stripes.

    Multilevel plasterboard is able to create an original shape and form the basis for a number of spotlights. However, very low ceiling conceals the volume of the already small bedroom, so it makes sense not to overdo it and transform with the help of a small section of the ceiling.

    Stucco molding made of gypsum will be the perfect complement to the classic interior with elements of Rococo and Baroque.

    In general, the simplest solution - painting in white or light beige - the right thing for a small 10-meter bedroom.

    It leaves little room is not much space for decoration. Yet it is no less in need of decoration. For this fit:

    - Mirrors of small size in different parts of the bedrooms;

    - Curtains, cushions and rugs. They emphasis in using colors, interesting textures or ornament;

    - Pictures and photos with a beautiful frame. They can hang on a wall or placed on a specially equipped shelves at the entrance or directly by the bed;

    - Decorative potted plants or fresh flowers in a vase.

    But even these, not replacing a precious place, the details should be used in moderation, because for a modest likelihood of creating space Pile great.

    No one will deny that the compositional center of any bedroom is the bed. If you choose this piece of furniture is to give preference for the option without legs, but with internal drawers for storage. Sleeping place can be issued with restraint to create the effect of light and spacious rooms. However, this applies to the rest of the furniture. Conciseness, compactness and functionality - is the main landmarks.

    Next is to deliver compact bedside tables, lighting and other necessary details. Very interesting version - cabinet with pull-out table for breakfast in bed.

    In such a space organically fit shelves and wall shelves. For the location of the clothes stay on a high and narrow standard or built-in wardrobes. They both will look modern and stylish, but also save area.

    Modern realities pleasing abundance of various lighting technologies. Today, you can use several types of lighting for individual zones vary the intensity of the light from my own moods and needs.

    Bedroom of 10 sq.m. fit floor lamps, bedside table lamps, lamp, wall lamp, built-in lights for the ceiling chandeliers. In order to create a cozy atmosphere and accentuate the decor - you can add a LED strip.

    In the development of small-sized bedroom design project need pretty try to get as a result of competent plan, properly fitted interior materials and color palette. We hope that the pictures featured selections will assist you in creating an effective plan for registration of the room to sleep. Enjoy watching!

    Interior of a bedroom 10 sq m photos

    Each owner seeks to build housing, create an interior in accordance with their ideas of comfort, beauty and convenience. One of the most important places in the house is a bedroom - a place of rest, where you can be alone with his thoughts of yesterday, the future, where we bid farewell to the old day, and meet new. This room requires special attention and approach.

    Realize the original design of the bedroom 10 square meters can be, if harmoniously match colors and textures of materials, to give up the furniture with large dimensions, use the space to illuminate correctly the maximum. The interior can be made in any style - classic, Japanese, Provençal, in the style of hi - tech or modern.Na following picture presents interesting options for addressing the needs of small apartments owners.

    Interior small bedroom 10 square meters requires special attention. It is necessary to draw a scale plan of the room, put on paper the furniture, all the necessary elements of design, check the width of the walkway between the openings, to evaluate the different options and choose the best.

    Decorating the walls and ceiling plasterboard - a popular decision. The interior of the bedroom 10 square meters of functional niches in the walls are ideal to accommodate both necessities and cute knickknacks, frames with photos or souvenirs, vases, statuettes. Constructions of plasterboard can be of various shapes, as rectangular or rounded. Permitting parameters bedroom, multilevel plasterboard with lighting of each level is also perfectly fit into the design.

    In the photo you can see, it looks like a solution in a small bedroom.

    Wallpapers for a small bedroom should be selected with a moderate pattern. Psychologists say that all too often, in a small room small ornament is depressing. The general recommendations are as follows:

    • Horizontal pattern suitable for narrow and high bedrooms;
    • Vertical pattern visually increase the height;
    • Design of small bedroom area of ​​10 square meters requires monochrome, light pastel wallpaper;
    • Alternating broad bands of light and dark wallpaper, you can achieve the effect of increasing the space;
    • If the wallpaper with a large picture, in combination with the wallpaper of the same color, but without a pattern on an adjacent wall.

    As for the flooring, when it is selected should be guided by the interior. On the bright floor looks better darker furniture and vice versa. Shades of the furniture and the floor should be combined harmoniously, preferably one tone, but different saturation.

    Parquet or laminate with diagonal pattern will contribute to increasing the visual size of the room.

    Examples of suitable wallpaper, floor covering can be seen in the photo.

    So, back to our drawing, first rasplaniruem placement of furniture. Bedroom starts from the bed, so the first thing that will need to be placed. Consider the options:

    • Headboard to the wall - with the traditional arrangement of two cabinets;
    • In the inner corner - we have extra space for a locker or chairs;
    • Island status - when the room is not planning any more furniture;
    • The long side of the wall, you can place the bed, if necessary along the same wall to place some items of furniture and free center of the room.

    If there is an intention to use part of the bedroom into an office, will be the most correct placement of the bed in a corner or along the long wall. As one of the above photo below.

    For a small bedroom is comfortable bed with drawers. There is easily placed bedding, and some other things, such as shoes. Of course, you can not hang anything, but do not need a large closet, which occupies a significant part of a small bedroom.

    Small bedroom design provides for the combination of beautiful ideas with real solutions. Most couples want to have a double bed, but in the bedroom of 10 square meters it will be better to put a-half or double the parameters of 1.4 x 1.6 m The real solution of the problem may be and purchase the bed -. Transformer, corner sofas, which are able to unpack and gather daily.

    Relevant in this case are these photos.

    Your room will have a trendy modern design, if you decide instead of a bed set sleeping podium. Advantages of this solution:

    • No need to buy a bed at all, just enough of the mattress;
    • Internal functional space used for drawers;
    • Itself can serve as a podium place for the pull-out bed, and its surface will place the work area, if needed. It is hard to not appreciate this ergonomic interior.

    In the photo you can see how interesting and modern looking interior with a bed - the podium.

    An interesting accessory that perfectly complement the bed with a podium - the canopy. It looks impressive, creating the conditions for full-fledged sleep.

    The best option for bedroom area of ​​10 square meters is wardrobe compartment. Immediately ready for what will have to perform it on order to take into account all characteristics of the premises and ideas on planning. The main plus - the cabinet will take all the space in height, up to the ceiling, allowing the maximum to fill it with the necessary things. In addition, you can choose any design that best fits harmoniously into your interior.

    If the cabinet is not enough space, there is a version of the small size of the placement (for wardrobe with hangers) and a mezzanine on the perimeter, along the walls, and even the bed.

    The mirrors on the sliding doors are not only suitable for daily use in the selection of clothes and prepare to leave the house, but also create the effect of a large, bright room.

    Here are a few photos showing the options for placement of the cabinet.

    From the chest should be abandoned, and bedside tables, move up close to the bed. Height pedestals should not be more than the height of the bed.

    Optical effects for increasing the visual space

    We should not forget about the main rules to help develop a design corresponding to a small bedroom:

    • Dominating light soft colors. Ceiling - white or light blue, creating the effect of open air space. Walls - white, beige, peach, pale - olive.
    • Refusal of popmpeznyh decorative elements. Massive carved headboards, chairs and curtains with velvet wallpaper with shine strongly welcome in the bedroom area of ​​10 sq m;
    • The use of mirrors and shiny surfaces in the decoration of furniture, ceiling recesses. It is important to observe moderation, to the interior has not got a cold, uncomfortable feel. Try positioning a mirror in a way that was not reflected in their bed;
    • Wallpaper should not be darker than the floor, be not too variegated pattern.

    Photos from the ready-made solutions to help you decide.

    Textiles play a very important role in creating the atmosphere. Small bedroom come to life and sparkle with new colors, tasteful if formalize its decorative elements such as curtains, bedspreads, bed pillows, tapestries. Harmonious combination of colors and furniture textiles will live a warm atmosphere. It is better to avoid large carpets with long pile fabric with sequins and too contrasting bright colors. In a small bedroom, it would be inappropriate and will weight the interior.

    Paintings, photos on the walls is best to hang in thin, elegant framework, observing moderation in size and number.

    Flower arrangements find their place on a window sill in the corners of the room.

    Books, souvenirs, figurines, different cute trinkets to place on the shelves and wall niches, they will complete the decoration of your favorite small bedroom.

    To date, the number of modern technologies used for lighting, is very diverse. You can use several light sources for different areas of the room, adjust the degree of illumination depending on the needs, moods. Even the old interior sparkle with new colors when you upgrade lighting.

    The main thing is that the light in the bedroom was a soft, comfortable. It is better to use the following tools:

    • small spotlights;
    • lamp shades;
    • built-in ceiling lights;
    • lamps, having the form of spheres or hemispheres.

    Make the lighting of the working area, or focus on the decoration can also, using modern LED strip. They may be of different brightness and regulated via a special control.

    The following photos demonstrate efficient lighting solutions.

    Light plays a major role in creating the atmosphere, has a certain mood, and requires careful forethought. Like the rest of the design of your favorite small bedrooms.

    Design bedroom 10 sqm - 50 photos

    Bedroom - the most important place in the house, so its equipment can cause a lot of problems and difficulties. Small rooms measuring 10 sq.m. It requires a careful approach to zoning, furniture arrangement and choice of finishes. Competent approach will enable visually expand the space and make it as functional. To design bedroom 10 sqm - not an easy task, but interesting. When your room is "Sweet Dreams" takes only 10 square meters. meters main thing - to use a minimum of furniture and interior design to create a way that it was aimed at increasing the visual space.

    We make design plan bedroom 10 sqm

    The basic rule of finishing a small room - bright and calm tones. Walls should be as bright without bright large figures. Perfect choice - calm wall beige, pistachio, gray, peach, blue, pink shades. Diversify wall decor can be light panels made of wood. The effect of the walls can be achieved wide horizontal stripes on the wallpaper.

    Suspended ceiling with a glossy reflective surface visually expand the space. Color is better to choose white and not experiment. If glued to the ceiling wallpaper, it is better to choose light-colored or with a strip of options. Stripes on the ceiling visually make it higher.

    For registration of sex designers are advised to choose laminate flooring or light tones. Parquet laying diagonally makes the space wider. You can pick up the tone of the floor of the wood-paneled walls.

    The first step - is to prepare the design of the plan. It's simple - take a pencil and try to "outline", which will be the basic furniture. The first to "settle" in a small bedroom, the bed will be. From it and begin. There are several ways the bed location:

    • Headboard against the wall - so you make space for cabinets
    • Corner - when the bed occupies the inner corner of the bedroom. This layout will free space, for example for chairs
    • The island location - when the bed is placed in the center of the room. This method is useful for those who want to install a large bed, and the rest of the furniture will not be important
    • Setting the long side of the bed against the wall - cabinet saves space for additional cabinets

    When you have decided on a place to bed, you can choose the "island" to accommodate the cabinet and only then should start to place the rest of the furniture - cabinets, tables and chests of drawers.

    If you intend to use your bedroom as an office, or you need a work area, it is best to use the angular placement of the bed, or to put it the long side to the wall.

    Then you make space for a small table and chairs. If your bedroom has a balcony - use it as an additional room. Connect with a bedroom - and do not get 10 and 13 square meters. meters, or take from the balcony your personal account.

    Furniture tricks bedroom 10 square meters. m

    Place in a small bedroom "royal" bed and a large amount of furniture you do not get. You remember that the main thing - as much as possible to save space and to reduce to a minimum the amount of furniture. What you will need in the bedroom? Only a bed, a wardrobe and a couple of cabinets, decorative items. From all the rest should be abandoned.

    The required minimum of bedroom furniture includes:

    • Bed;
    • Bedsides;
    • Wardrobe or pencil;
    • Dressing table with mirror.

    Wardrobe takes a lot of space, but it is functional item that can replace a chest of drawers, wardrobes and tables. The facades of the cabinet is better to choose the mirror or glossy. Any furniture should be done in bright colors: ash, birch, beech.

    • Choose a bed without legs or feet with a low - then the room will look taller
    • Discard the models with carved headboards and beds made of solid wood - they will appear bulky
    • If you are planning to place in the room for a chest of drawers or shelves of books, replace these pieces of furniture built-in drawers in the bed itself. So you can use a small space as efficiently as possible, and in the "headboards" fit boxes and books and clothes, and other optional accessories
    • Since the cabinet will not give up, choose the model built-in closets with a height-to-ceiling
    • Can be placed and a small closet, and supplement it with a small mezzanine bedroom around the perimeter. This accommodation option will save square meters and will allow you to comfortably spread out clothes and underwear
    • Bedside tables should choose small and compact - their height should be less than the height of the bed, and they must be placed close to the couchette

    And another trick - furniture with a smooth surface will visually increase the room. Pick up the wardrobe with large mirrors and front door with a matte surface - mirrors and frosted glass will design bedroom 10 square meters. meters spacious and create the impression that the room was twice as wide.

    Decorating the bedroom - design techniques that visually enlarge the space

    As for the decoration of a small room - it is important to remember that the color should be light and fluffy. Dark tone and too variegated colors make the bedroom a small, narrow and uncomfortable. The more used to light colors, the wider and more spacious bedroom will seem.

    • Wallpaper can choose any light color - sky blue, light green, beige, peach, pale yellow
    • You can also choose wallpaper with a pattern - it is best if the pattern is small, and the main color of the wallpaper - light (white, beige, blue, yellow). The pattern may be a darker shade of the main
    • Wallpaper with stripes visually "raise" the ceiling - to choose the possible options with horizontal stripes of different colors - such as blue and green or beige and light coffee
    • The ceiling must also be made in bright colors - ideal - classic white or pale blue. These bright colors will be associated with the open and visually "facilitate" space. Dark ceiling color (brown, gray, dark blue) will make the bedroom low
    • Floor Color may be configured in a dark and contrasting colors - light brown, dark coffee brown - quite acceptable options. It is best to select a shade close to the floor with the color of the furniture. If the furniture you have light (beige or cream color), choose light brown or dark beige color. If the furniture is made in dark colors, the floor finish is best to choose lighter. And another trick - if the diagonal lay parquet or laminate, bedroom will seem more than a couple of squares

    Create a spectacular light and add comfort

    You have chosen a practical furniture, choose the desired level of completion - in general, everything is done correctly and tried to use the space as efficiently as possible. Now the most important thing - to choose the necessary lighting to emphasize comfort and convenience a small bedroom.

    The basic rule for choosing the light - it should be soft. To achieve this soft lighting, you can use the:

    • miniature spotlights
    • lamps with shades
    • embedded in the ceiling spotlights
    • lamps in the form of balls or hemispheres

    • Add comfort to the room, you can use the carpet with a long nap - the color must be the same sex shade. If the floor you will have brown carpeted flooring or laminate, carpet can be beige or cream color
    • Good will look light translucent curtains. Ideal - when the curtains matched in color with bed suite or finished walls
    • Fans of vintage style you can decorate the bedroom lamps handmade, small shelves or bizarre picture that can hang over the bed

    Design bedroom 10 square meters. m. will look stylish and "home" if all the accessories you choose one color and style. For example, blankets, pillows and drawers cabinets can be made in any color.

    Well look "fresh" colors - green boxes, green and white pillows. By the way, psychologists say that the colors in the bedroom affect mood. For example, a sense of security and comfort give additional shades of beige and pale orange.

    Light blue and sky-blue shade will provide a good sleep - this color is soothing, but the "charges" of energy and helps to create a warm relationship with the second half - a golden color. However, in a small bedroom is better to use one or two colors with gold or bedside lamps with golden legs.

    The choice of bedroom design style

    The basic rule in the design of the small room - it should be as concise and simple. When choosing bedroom design should pay attention to the following styles:

    1. Scandinavian. It combines bright colors and natural wood texture, minimalism in the choice of furniture and decorative elements;
    2. Modern. The focus is on the zoning of the room, you can design a bedroom, living room or bedroom-office;
    3. Provence. This style inherent in warm sunny shades, light abrasions and floral designs;
    4. Classical. Bedroom in warm brown colors with textured finish, small tables and carved headboard made of wood;
    5. Japanese style. Concise, comfortable, with a focus on the sleeper.

    Design options for the bedroom are limited to fantasy owners, important to follow three simple rules:

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