How and when to plant tulips in the fall

How is the planting of tulips in the fall?

Planting tulips in autumn is always preceded by a spring variety of colors, a variety of forms, elegance drawing the petals of these elegant colors reminiscent of festive glasses. To enjoy the splendor of the spring, it is advisable to plant tulips in the winter as they are in need of rest cold seasons. To some it may seem troublesome: to dig, dry, sort out, and then re-planted bulbs in the icy ground is not too pleasant weather. But all the troubles will be forgotten in the spring, when their bright beauty will be the first gift of the garden is still empty.

Planting tulips in autumn it is necessary for the "rest" of bulbs, their rooting, growth replacing the main bulb children. Enhancing the development of the aerial parts of the flower begins in the first half of the spring, when it is too hot and the soil capillaries filled with life-giving water. By the summer flowering ends. The roots, stems and leaves of a tulip die. Deep in the earth is only a bulb - the keeper of all accumulated during the growing season of nutrients.

After a mild Indian summer comes cold days and even colder nights. It was then, and it is necessary to plant tulips, daffodils, crocuses. Bulbs should be held in the ground not less than six weeks before the first frost. It is the buildup of powerful roots. Bulbs can not be planted early, then they will go to the growth and fall under the first frosts. Will navigate to the local climatic conditions and characteristics of the ground, which must cool to + 12 ° C.

Optimal timing for planting bulbous plants - September to early November (depending on the growing region), that is the period when the soil surface is not frozen, and the preparation of pits for planting will not cause significant problems.

By the spring in tulips, planting of which are confined to cold, time to form all future complex system of organs, including the embryonic daughter bulbs. Feeding from the mother bulb, they are gaining strength, and drain it at the same time. Motherboard replacement bulb "daughter" for the winter grows significantly, ahead of all its other counterparts. In anticipation of the winter the flower seedlings appear, almost reaching the soil surface.

Before planting tulips, you need to think about the formation of high-grade bulbs. Cutting off the flowers on the stem should be left for at least two leaves that continue to fuel the plant. When and how to plant, know all gardeners, but not all of them pay attention to the timing digging tulips or does not do so within a few years at all.

Experts believe that some varieties of bulbs desirable regularly "raise to the surface." Hybrids, for example, can bloom two or three seasons in a row without this procedure, but are being depleted, lost in the beauty and size of the flower, so the annual planting them relevant in contrast to the biological and ordinary tulips.

After remaining yellowing leaves and flower stems are dug, and before planting the bulbs, they are dried in the shade and have purified from the roots, leaves, and old coating flakes, put in gauze bags for storage. Saves planting bulbous ventilated dry environment where the temperature +20 ... + 25 ° C and humidity of 60-70%. Illumination scattered preferable. These conditions are maintained for about two weeks, and then the temperature was lowered to + 17 ° C. Some gardeners recommend before planting the bulbs to cool further, by holding them in the refrigerator for 8-12 days.

The entire period of storage until the time when it is possible to plant tulip bulbs browsing, remove diseased, rotten and infected with fungus (mold). Proper storage - the key to the future of the flowering plants.

If the flower is supposed to grow out of the material produced in the nursery or purchased at the store, the selected tulips, planting of which are guaranteed to give a good result. Important:

  1. 1 Select bulb with a thin but solid skin (akin to the bow or the wrapping paper), smooth to touch, without any visible damage.
  2. 2 Culling soft or shriveled bulbs.
  3. 3 Determine the placement of tulips in flower beds and rabatkah on timing of flowering.
  4. 4 Choose the optimal time when it is better to plant tulips, and pre-prepare the site.
  5. 5 Ensure disinfection of planting material.

Before planting the bulbs for 15-20 minutes etched in 0.4-0.6% m TMTD solution - disinfectant with bactericidal and fungicidal action.

How to plant tulips is not for distillation, and for the magnificent spring bloom? Many people believe that they grow in any soil, and careful preparation for planting is not necessary. But right when planting tulips in the fall, select a site well-lit, flat, drained, not flooded at any time of year, with the groundwater table no higher than 70 cm. The reaction of the soil environment should be neutral or slightly alkaline (pH 7-7.5).

And it is quite good, if planted material is placed on a sandy subsurface horizon and fertile layer of at least 40 cm. On poor soils tulips shrinking rapidly and degenerate. Destruction of weeds and cleaning the stones, too, can not hurt.

Answering the question of how to plant tulips, experts recommend to start preparing the ground for planting in advance, having filled with plenty of organic fertilizer or peat compost. By the time of planting, they should be fully perepret. Before you plant tulips in the fall, that is, during preplant tillage, soil supplement complete mineral fertilizer. In dry weather, the soil is moistened.

The decision on how deep to plant tulips, take depending on the type of soil. Heavy they are planted closer to the surface to light, easily freezing, - deep. General recommendations boil down to a depth of 12-15 cm. It has value and bulb size. Dutch experts recommend digging wells up to 20 cm from the bulb base, adding to the value of its height. Thus, when the three-centimeter height of the bulbs need pit depth of 23 cm.

When thrown tulips, are removed from the wells roots, large stones and other debris that would interfere with the growth of tulip. But Gravel, holly leaves platanoides, branches of thorny bushes, neatly arranged on the bottom of the pit and around the tulip, protect newly planted flower from mice and other rodents, damaging the bulbs. Block access to the bulbs in well help thin metal wire or mesh in the bottom of the landing.

On heavy soils (loam) is recommended to fill the bottom of the pit fine river sand (3 parts to 1 part of the ground). If this place 5-6 years grown tulips, the place you want to change or add to the ground a little fertilizer. Bulb gently placed on the bottom of the wells in the vertical position, being careful not to dent it into the ground.

Seat flowers should be at a distance of 10-20 cm from each other. In such a landing with 1 sq. m area planted bulbs in spring gardener get about 50-60 bright beautiful flowers. Small bulbs can be planted in the region of 3 to 7 cm.

After planting should clean up all scales of tulips, other reject material, so as not to attract to this site possible lovers bulbs among small rodents.

When planting tulips autumn falls in the dry land, they should be watered abundantly. This is important because in this way the plant is given a signal to start growth. But on a rainy autumn watering impractical: the bulbs is enough moisture. From its excess bulbs rot and die. Get out of a difficult situation will only elaborate drainage.

If watering is needed, it is preferable to produce a spray, rather than a strong stream from a hose. Once chilled topsoil planting mulch leaves torfokroshkoy, pine needles. In the harsh, snowy winters but they are covered with peat, humus, leaves, straw, a layer of 10-12 cm.

Early Spring all types of shelters removed and the tulips produce the first feeding (per 1 sq.):

If the soil is poor, exhausted, by the first feeding on each square meter is added to 20 g of nitrogen fertilizers. The following fertilization occur in the period of budding and flowering in the same proportions, but nitrogen supplements is not recommended.

Small spring frost does not damage the bulbs, but they can destroy kidneys open. However, nature has created tulips able to survive. An early warm spring may cause the bulbs to bloom earlier, but also do not cause any damage to the bulbs themselves.

The question is, how to plant tulips, is not limited to the depth of planting and the distance between bulbs. It is worth thinking about the placement of the bright spots of blooming tulips throughout the garden area of ​​the site. Planted in regular rows, they do not bring to the landscape design originality, will be boring to watch in flower beds and rabatkah.

Tulips are good to create brilliant color effect. In raznotsvete joint landings lost individuality flower, its grace and elegance. Therefore, to create colored spots should be an array of tulips of the same color, height and flowering period. Especially good for this purpose bright clean glass of red, white, yellow, dark purple hues. No less interesting are two-colored and variegated tulips, lily and parrot species.

For planting in open ground suitable varieties of tulip Darwin and Triumph Group, as well as a variety of tall hybrids. In rockeries and rock interesting biological composition with tulips, undersized species, e.g., tulips Greig, Kaufman, et al Torda.

In recent years, many breeders are working with the Central Asian species of tulips. They help create new sustainable, brightly colored species of this flower. The gene pool of breeding work has Tulipa sylvestris with single yellow flowers, stars with drooping buds, which are of interest to both the earliest, although their participation were created and later varieties.

When planning floral arrays mixborders and inclusions on lawns search subject of attention becomes harmonious combination of these colors with daffodils, Pushkina, Muscari, grouse, ornamental onion (Allium) Camassa.

Tulips can be part of the existing vegetation, to break through the ground cover plants and flowering of their tender green colors, grow at the foot has not yet blossomed trees and shrubs or to settle in a flowerpot. But in this case, the colors should be muted tones, soft.

There should work the imagination of the grower. It is only necessary to know when to plant tulip bulbs, how deep, how to prepare the site, choose the desired color array and plant height. flowering period the tulip - about two weeks. Planting tulips in autumn - early, srednetsvetuschih, late-, wild - will create the illusion of continuous flowering spring.

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Planting tulips in autumn: Tips experienced

Tulips - one of the first flowers, symbolizing the coming of spring. Their dense elastic leaves delight the eye on a black background, only detached from the cold ground. Proper planting tulips in the fall - the key to their early and successful flowering. Do not be afraid of challenges: growing tulips only seems complicated process. In fact, even a novice gardener to cope with this mission. Adherence to the simple rules and recommendations - and your flower garden gather enthusiastic eyes of neighbors from the neighborhood.

There are 2 ways landing bulbs: winter and spring. More benefits from planting tulips in the fall. That's about it and will be discussed further.

Tulips dug annually. Exceptions are kids-bulbs that remain in the soil for 2 years. What is needed: discarded patients instances, improved appearance (color amalgamation) increases the ability to produce children.

There are a number of rules, when and how is Digging:

  1. Do not miss a moment: digging tulips need, when sheet 2/3 withered. If you get an onion before, it does not have time to collect the necessary headroom for the subsequent flowering. Later removal of the risk that a part of the parent goes deeper into the earth, and the kids are separated from it. Highly likely to miss or damage the planting material.
  2. Arm yourself with a bayonet spade: you have to stick it deep and with a "margin" around the edges to prevent damage to the flowers.
  3. Just change the bed into the 3 years.

Now more about how to keep the tulips in the fall before planting. Received socket to be divided, free from the husk, roots, leaves residues. They were then washed (when required), carried antifungal treatment and dried. Before laying the planting material in the boxes, it must be sorted into grades and discrimination. Patients instance is removed.

Successful tulips autumn planting the soil depend upon the temperature and humidity. The bulbs are stored in a box without a lid, placing them in 2-3 layers. Periodically, they need to be inspected to remove decaying copies. Storage temperature is gradually lowered: in July it is 23-25 ​​°, in August - 20 °, in September - 17 °. Failure temperature limits leads to the appearance of blind shoots, which does not form flower.

If during the inspection you find rot or mold, it is possible to try to save the tulips. If the extent of the mold a little, remove it with a dry cloth and sprinkle ashes. If the rot has gone deep, cut the affected part with a knife. Slice sprinkle ash or grease Zelenko.

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Choose the place and prepare the seedbed

The convenient location of the beds and planting roses in the autumn when and how to plant selection will be less problematic. These flowers love the sun, sheltered from the winds of space. In the spring there should not be formed puddles. Soil should be well drained - the best one will loam or sandy loam soil with a substantial proportion of humus.

Dig the earth stands on the depth of 25-30 cm, carefully removing the weed roots, trees and bushes. If the soil is heavy and poor, add sand and fertilizers: compost, ash, peat, mineral complexes. Cow dung can not be used - instead, add the bird droppings. If indicators PH increased towards oxidation, it is required to carry out liming.

I need to prepare the ground for a month before the expected date of planting. This is to ensure that the soil is "settled." In loose "cushion" likely to damage the roots appeared. Before the actual planting abundantly spill ridge - is finally distribute the land.

Usually this care after planting tulips ends in the fall. Harboring a bed is not necessary - it can lead to the fact that the bulb will go into growth early, worse perezimuet and later bloom. Exceptions are sudden-onset cold. With a sharp decrease in temperature, use a special covering material. Do not use this garden waste, leaves and mulch - it can attract rodents.

Treat tulip bulbs before planting in the fall - this will protect them from fungal infections. For this purpose, special preparations are available that can replace conventional potassium permanganate. Once again, make inspection: planted with healthy and diseased plants is impossible. Affected bulbs should be disposed of.

Standard tulips landing scheme is as follows: Case series at a distance of 25-30 cm Their location should organically fit into the flower bed perimeter.. . The distance between the bulbs 8-10 cm planting depth depends on the size of:

Note that the small bulbs produce small flowers. That they did not shade taller flowers are planted on the edge of their beds on the south side. If the "uncultivated" you like the view, the need to combine not. Make the distance between the flowers and enjoy the wider natural, natural garden state.

If you are fond of landscape design, the Planted tulips in drawing. It draws observe flowering time, inflorescence diameter, color petals. Think ahead and sketch a diagram on which will be planted bulbs. The pattern can be supplemented by other primroses.

Video "Planting tulips in autumn: the scheme, the depth of planting time"

Longlines and sandwiches: alternative ways of landing

Creative approach will make any business interests. This also applies to gardening. Recently gaining popularity unusual methods of planting tulips. They save time, decorate the garden and attract attention. In addition, they are quite simple and master them under the force of each.

Container planting or planting in baskets simplifies the process of growing tulips. The essence of this method consists in the use of baskets, containers and other containers instead beds or beds. They can both dig in the ground, and freely dispose of, in any convenient location.

Advantages of this method:

  1. You firmly believe that completely dug planting material. Sami onions minimally injured and, therefore, it is better kept.
  2. You create optimal conditions for the growth of plants. News for Badlands - easier to create ideal conditions in a confined space.
  3. Less likely to damage the bulbs rodents. Mice can not overcome the barrier at the bottom.

As a container, you can use anything: plastic bottles, boxes, baskets, pots and even bags. One condition - you need to make holes for drainage of excess water. Use for this red-hot needle, or other similar object. Holes should not be large, or through them proberutsya mouse.

The second way is unusual to place flowers - a tiered seating. The essence of this method - the laying of the bulbs at different depths. The first, starting from the bottom layer occupy large bulbs. The higher the level, the lower the resolution. In order not to make mistakes and do not plant one flower to another, use long, thin sticks. Plug them next to the landing site, and after the complete filling of the pot to remove. Another such combination method is called "lasagna" - its structure resembles layering this dish.

It is important to consider the color, size and shape of the petals in the preparation of such a composition. Try to play on contrasts: smooth sadite with double red with yellow. Beautifully will look like clusters of flowers, united color. For example with solid-colored: color insertions should correspond monocolors neighboring varieties petals. Effectively will look band that matched the tulips on the timing of flowering.

Video "tulip planting methods"

At planting time influenced by soil temperature. In the autumn is the groundwork for the subsequent flowering, so it is important time to plant the bulbs in the beds. That all processes have started, it is necessary that the soil was not cold of 10 ° (the lower value of the border - 8 °). Check data using the depth of the thermometer.

In different regions of planting dates in open ground are different. So, in the autumn planting tulips in Moscow takes place from mid-September and all of October. The hotter the region, the closer to winter timing shift. If the pre-plant inspection you notice that the bulb is ready to actively embark on growth, it makes sense to leave her for forcing (ie, put in a pot and keep the house).

In other regions, which are more severe climatic conditions, the landing deadline falls at the end of September to mid-October. If the autumn is hot, then planted until the beginning of November. For example, the optimum planting tulips in the fall in Siberia falls on 10-20 of October.

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Tulips - beautiful colors, present decoration spring garden. Autumn planting bulbs tyulpanov- optimal solution for early flowering. They do not require complex care and special skills, so anyone can try to master the unknown for itself a flower.

Tulips: when to plant the bulbs in the ground in the fall?

After the winter monotony look greedily clinging to the first green in the flowerbeds. As if on purpose to please those tired of the cold people, nature has created a bright and elegant decoration spring flower beds - tulips. Their colorful buds like a flipped the calendar page, which indicates the year riot of colors. But take care of such beauty would have long before the first warm days during the autumn fading. The theme of today's conversation - Planting tulips in autumn, when and how to plant flower so that the result was the occasion for a well-deserved pride.

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Why do we plant tulips in the fall?

Novice gardeners often make the mistake of believing that the natural time for planting this perennial is a spring. Obviously confused churning mass appearing in retail bulbs. To land in the spring, you also get the seedlings and flowering, but believe me, the result will be much to lose to those for whom it is axiomatic planting tulips in the fall to the ground.

The reason for such an algorithm action becomes quite clear, if you think about the natural life cycle characteristic of wild plants:

  • Early spring is formed by the aerial part, and it is for this part of the cycle of tulips got a well-deserved international recognition. Large, tender buds soloist on the background has not yet awakened landscapes.
  • As soon as the sun's rays are gaining strength and bring with them the heat, delicate petals soon wither, the leaves wither, and the bulb becomes the only living part.
  • When the temperature starts to fall, and the whole nature prepares for the winter period, bulbs, on the contrary, wake up and begin to form a root system, through which the stockpile nutrients for subsequent growth.

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Thus, planting tulips in the fall ensures that after heating the ground, they will be transferred immediately to the formation of the aerial part. This means that the flower ball at the site will begin as soon as weather conditions permit.

A reasonable question, but why dig up the bulbs if natural vegetative cycle that does not involve? On the one hand, yes, a perennial plant, and you can often hear from truckers that in the spring tulips beautifully ascended without much fuss in the past year. Believe me, this is a temporary situation, and without complying with the rules of care with the result of each year will be worse due to the following factors:

  • Leaving the plant in open ground, you expose his contact with the infection, the effects of excessive humidity and temperature changes, resulting in replacement bulb is formed low.
  • Digging tubers, you control the quality of planting material, small or culling the affected instances. This prevents the transmission of infection through the soil to healthy bulbs.
  • If you do not withdraw the tubers, many formed around the daughter bulbs leads to degeneration and degeneration of grades.
  • Annual procedure allows to form the desired thickness and shape of the finished beds, unlike chaotic natural growth.
  • Ability to self-reproduction favorite varieties of saving the cost of buying the planting material.

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As you can see, planting tulips in the fall before winter fully justified, and worth the time and effort. In addition, it frees up time during the spring garden hassle, and in April you will remember with gratitude of his hard work.

Tulips: when to plant bulbs in the fall

In order to fully rooting occurred, and in the spring the plant was ready to grow is necessary to observe a number of conditions. Of course, not everything is in our hands, and the weather can present various surprises, but in general, you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Optimum soil temperature at which the root begins to form, is in the range from 6 to 9⁰S at depth measurement 10 cm. A certain deviation of this parameter is not critical, and will still increase, but the root system will be weaker.
  • Rooting process takes about four weeks, and therefore it is desirable that during this period the soil is not frozen. Otherwise, shoots and blossoms are late and weak.
  • If zero temperature will last much longer period of establishment, there is a risk that the tubers sprout, which will soon freeze.

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If the soil temperature to determine quite realistic, to accurately predict the weather for the next month can not afford even the Hydrometeorological Center. Therefore, like it or not, it is necessary to determine the timing of planting tulips in the fall based on average climatic parameters for a specific region:

  • The landing of tulips in the fall: the timing for the suburbs. In central Russia the most suitable weather is typical of the period from the last week of September to mid-October. Plan to work on those terms, if the weather will not make its own changes. Stable steady-night temperature + 3⁰S - a signal to the fact that postponing work on impractical.
  • The harsh conditions of Siberia is not a hindrance for growing beautiful flowers, just the time constraints are slightly shifted. The first frosts the inhabitants of this region are met before the others, so the landing tubers already starts in the last week of August. If the set is zero temperatures, it is permissible to carry out the work until the middle of September.
  • Planting tulips fall in Ural directly connected with the direct site location. Middle Urals better to complete it before the twentieth of September, and in the South, you can count on suitable weather conditions until the second decade of October.
  • Climatic features of the Kuban allow postpone all activities planting bulbs on the second or third decade of October, without fear for their safety.

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But what if you miss the deadline, when the tulips planted in the fall, in what month to land? If there is time until the beginning of winter, gardeners are advised to still not postpone it until spring, and immediately after the excavation of land covered with dry leaves, pine needles or straw, and if the first snowfalls are the slim - náměstí snow on a flower bed by hand.

How to plant tulips in the fall: preparing soil

The significance of this step is not necessary to clarify, and if you grow flowers is not the first year, that's nothing new for themselves, most likely, will not open. But for those who do not consider themselves ace floriculture, say all the key points still needed.

To start preparing the ground for the best couple of weeks the estimated time of landing events. Tulips like a loose, fertile, well-fertilized soil with sufficient sunlight. Select a suitable site on the basis of floral preferences:

  • Digging up the ground to a depth of about 20 cm is easier to do it in moist soil, so if there was no rain for a long time -. A couple of days good pour selected locations.
  • If the soil is very dense, heavy, it makes sense to add to pit sand, before you plant tulips in the fall, as the land around bulbs compacted under the influence of melt water. And thanks to the sand tender young roots will be easier to grow in the loose environment.
  • Properly smooth out portion, as the dimples and recesses will drain the water, and after freeze ice with a high probability of damage plant.

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  • The sun's rays are vital to these colors, because without them, the stems will elongate, thinner slender rows with large buds you will not get.
  • Blown leave the place better than other green pets. Fragile thin stalk easily damaged by wind.
  • If you decide to grow tulips, planting in the fall, landing time and care it can be wiped out by ignoring the chemical properties of the soil. This flower prefers alkaline environment, so that the introduction of the ash directly into the hole not only fertilize, but also the ground limp.
  • Superficial shallow water table is not desirable, since the roots of which reach half a meter in length, will rot and spoil the rest of the plant. If you are familiar with the problem - choose sites on the dais.
  • Pipette organic or inorganic fertilizers - well suited compost, dolomite powder, potassium nitrate, or wood ash.

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How to plant tulips in the fall?

Regardless of what you aim at - even floral carpet or small islands, compliance with the rules will provide perfect, smooth and large flowers. Do not confuse an extensive list of all the items in it are very simple and will not cause difficulties even for novice gardeners:

  • Select the quality planting material. Immediately after digging bulbs sort affected by rot, seed large and medium items, and soak them in a 0.5% (slightly pink) solution of potassium permanganate as an antiseptic treatment. Deciding when to plant tulips in the fall, remove the bulb from storage and process their growth stimulants, if you wish.

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  • When deciding how deep to plant tulips in the fall, should focus on the bulb size. The golden rule is considered that the depth should be three times the height of the tuber. Of course, the accuracy of you, no one needs, and if the size of a large planting material or medium, the depth of planting tulips in the fall will be about 15 cm.
  • In terms of botany and aesthetics of future beds, large bulbs should be placed in the center, and small - on the periphery. Thus high large flowers will not overshadow the minor from the sun and admiring glances.

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  • The distance between the colors have to be taken into account, so that the roots do not compete for nutrients and moisture. Larger bulbs must be separated from each other by 10 cm, and small at 6. For uniform carpet drop them in a staggered manner, and note that to 1 100 m2 need bulbs. If you prefer a symmetrical rows, the row spacing should be 20-25 cm.
  • Make notes on the boundaries between the different varieties and colors - so it will be convenient to extract them from the ground, without fear that they messed up. In addition, different varieties differ in terms of flowering, and look after the flower bed will be easier if they are well delineated.
  • The hole bulbs place without indentation, so as not to damage them. But it definitely sure that under them do not form air pockets.
  • After the wells are covered with earth, you need to very carefully smooth the surface, so it does not subsided after the rain, forming a cavity with stagnant water.
  • If you get dry weather, 10 days later pour their future flowers, and in the rainy autumn will make it for you nature.

Special lattice basket greatly facilitate the work. Dig up the plant can be safely damage the bulb or to mix plants of different varieties. But even such a convenient device does not negate the knowledge how to plant tulips in the fall.

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In this issue it is important not only when, but what to feed so carefully cultivated plants. Based on this, pay attention to them in the following points:

  • As autumn feeding ammonium nitrate works well, especially if after planting site will immediately nestled;
  • First shoots, before the sheet forming appreciated respond to nitrogen fertilizer, realizing itself in a strong green mass;
  • Two of these sheets formed - a signal for making the complex fertilizer;
  • Period tying mass flowering buds and require high concentrations of phosphorus and potassium in the soil.

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Now you know exactly when and how to plant tulips in the fall, and will be able to confidently apply the useful information in practice. A delightful view of a portion spring flower-inspired for further achievements!

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