How to get rid of mold in the apartment

Getting rid of mildew on the walls in the apartment

When we see on the walls of black spots - so there was a fungus. This whole colonies of living organisms. There is a great diversity of species, and they live everywhere. Fungal spores float in the air, are deposited on the walls and under favorable conditions start to grow. Fungus on the walls of the apartment is a health hazard, so to speak, to get rid of him.

One of the varieties of mushrooms - mold - these are the darkest stains on the walls, though mold can be of several types. Fungi life do not need much: any organic material and high humidity. Therefore, the main cause of - a violation of indoor climate, moist air. This happens when ventilation is poor, with leaking plumbing, if an error occurs during the construction or repair, and even with an excess of houseplants.

Molds on the walls of harmful and dangerous for the people and for the walls themselves. As soon as the humidity rises above 60%, fungi begin to grow rapidly. The nutrients are obtained from the material which have settled. Fungi secrete specialized enzymes capable of cleaving the organics to easily digestible liquid state and absorb all body elements necessary for them. This means that the finishing materials, whether wallpaper, plaster and other, will be broken. Mold is able to live even on concrete.

Particularly affected by the fungus wooden materials. The appearance of the fungus infected the walls may not be as bad as what happens inside. Wood simply turns to dust.

But not only destroyed the walls. If the time does not take action, the fungus infected furniture, books.

In addition, the fungus grows, feeds, it also produces spores that are easily separated and flying in the air in large quantities. Once in the human body, the spores of molds can settle in the lungs and cause some allergic diseases, even asthma.

With small centers it is possible to manage and traditional methods.

1. 2 tbsp. baking soda dissolve in a liter of water and add a quarter of a laundry soap. Soda has antifungal properties. But this method is very weak efficiency. To remove the mold, rub wall sponge soaked in this solution.

2. Treat the surface of the "whiteness" or "Domestos". In this case, the fungus fighting chloro. Apply the product to fungus infected place brush or roller undiluted.

3. The package of copper sulfate, a hundred grams in weight, dissolve in 5 liters of hot water. Divide the prepared solution into 3 parts. One use immediately, causing the brush to the wall. After 2 days, repeat the procedure, taking the second part of the solution. A third part put on a wall in another 2 days. Copper sulfate has fungicidal action. This technique on its effectiveness can replace many ready-made remedies for fungus, but highly toxic.

Among the antifungal agents most ready known the following.

Atlas Mykos. Concentrate. Easy to use, effective against mold and mildew. Deep material absorbed into the structure, destroying microorganisms. It contains chlorine.

Spectrum Fungicide. Good help in the fight against fungus. Designed for wet areas.

Alpa Fongiflyuid fungicide. Suitable for various surfaces. Odorless and chlorine. Means in the form of a solution.

Snow Puma impregnation. It copes well with a fungus. Inexpensive. Apply with a brush. Deep penetrating primer having a biocidal action.

Dali. The final solution for application to the fungus infected walls. Odorless. Inexpensive.

How to handle the walls of the fungus

By the beginning of the work to remove the fungus need to prepare protective equipment. Be sure goggles and masks to avoid inhaling high concentration of spores. And, of course, will need gloves.

Treated walls cleaned of all finishing materials to the concrete or brick base. Remove the plaster by using special liquid media. Rub wall metal brush to remove the fungal spores from the surface. It is important to remove all of the mycelium. You may come in handy for this drill with a nozzle in the form of an iron brush. It is recommended to clean the wall area with a margin, that all disputes had been removed for sure. Otherwise soon fungi will grow again.

Now again, dry wall construction using a hair dryer or a blowtorch. Next, spray the entire surface of the antiseptic agent that removes fungi.

Coat the solution waterproofing wall, and when it is completely dry, re-prime the surface of the antiseptic solution. After one day, the wall can be plastered and putty. When the wall is dry and decorate her chosen decorative materials. Try to pick the plaster and glue wallpaper with an antiseptic agent in the composition to prevent the fungus one more chance to grab the wall.

How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment: causes. How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment?

To date, there is no single individual or modern building material, which would not start mold.

Everywhere there are microspore, which after falling in a favorable environment, immediately begin to multiply.

This creates the risk that these dark and green dots are capable of provoking a huge number of diseases, as they are very strong allergens.

The fungus can spread over the surface at a high speed, so to get rid of mildew on the walls in apartment need as soon as possible.

Mold on the walls in the apartment: the reasons as to define it

Before you begin to combat this unpleasant problem, you need to find out what it is all about, why it is black in color and how to fight it.

Mold - a group of microorganisms, such as Strachybotrus Chartarun and Strachybotys Bcmpa, which can cause a person to big health problems. It can appear in every corner of your home, including ceiling tiles, wood (which is impregnated with moisture), the walls, floor and carpets. If you have a problem with the plumbing and there are even a minor leak, it may lead to the emergence and proliferation of mold, as best she feels it is in a wet environment. For example, if your carpet got wet and not fully dried out, it may become a mold, which then begins to spread throughout the apartment.

If you touch the mold spots with a gloved hand, you can feel that it is very slimy. Most often, this mold is black, but can sometimes have a green and yellow shades. It so happens that it appears in the "mertvyh9raquo; for the human eye locations, and is it not even suspect. But if you suddenly became difficult to breathe and there was an allergic reaction - carefully inspect the apartment, perhaps a consequence of the occurrence of mold.

Mold - a toxic fungus, which is capable of equally well to spread the wood, stone and brick surface. In the case of wood fungus this can only be removed by cutting the surface of the infected part. It must be done as early as possible, since the fungus is only one year to completely destroy the wood.

Where does it come from? Let's define the main causes of mold in the room.

1. The freezing of the outer wall. If the plaster is not properly engaged with the surface of the wall, it begins to freeze and syret. The mold in this case starts to occur at the joints in the corners and looks very similar to the black coating.

2. poor ventilation. This factor is most reflected in a healthy environment, kitchen and bathroom, that is, the rooms in which the humidity is always elevated. No air-conditioning system, inadequate ventilation, tight windows, and, as a result, in the corners of the walls of the fungus begins to emerge.

3. damp dirt. If the horizontal insulation is installed incorrectly, the fungus may appear at the junction of walls and floors.

4. Faulty water supply. If your plumbing problem and there began to flow tube, the fungus begins to spread at high speed. If you do not solve this problem in the early stages, it can cost the owners of a serious overhaul.

5. roof leakage. If it's warm, but this factor is not terrible, but the first major rainfall can form extensive streaks, which after some time become black mold. Winter such leakage risk that frozen water can remain in the plaster.

6. Lack of heating in the room. If your apartment or individual rooms in it poorly or not at all heated, it begins to manifest syret and fungus.

Each of the above reasons for the appearance of mold is a consequence of increased humidity. Let's see, how to get rid of it.

How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment: folk remedies

If the mold in your apartment is at an early stage of development necessary to use chemicals, you can do folk remedies.

Tea tree oil - one of the most effective ways to combat mold. He has quite a sharp flavor, but for that we need not worry, very soon he will leave. This oil has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties, and, in addition to the destruction of absolutely all kinds of mold, it also helps to cure head lice, dandruff and fungus in the nails. Therefore, a bottle of the oil must be present in your home. To get rid of mold to use the following recipe: take 1 tsp.. oil and 1 hour. L of water, the mixture is poured into a spray bottle, agitated and sprayed on infested places.

It is also quite effective in dealing with mold on the walls is a common vinegar. It does not contain toxins and it can be called a safe alternative chemistry. As shown by recent studies, even 5% vinegar solution will be enough to eliminate 99% of bacteria and 80% of viruses. So, take a spray bottle and pour it into a 5% vinegar. At the first sign of the emergence of the fungus on the walls immediately spray the infected areas. If you are afraid of the smell of the can add a few drops of essential oil, or even better - lavender oil.

Another exotic, but no less effective way to combat mold is Grapefruit seed extract. You can buy them online or at health food stores. To prepare the solution, we need to mix 20 drops of extract and 2 cups cold water. Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray on the infected places.

How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment: chemistry

If the mold in your apartment spreads very rapidly, and there is nothing you can not do it, you can use chemical means. Each of the methods listed below, is quite toxic, so use them very carefully, some of them can harm not only the coating, but also the man himself.

1. Bleach. Take 1 cup of chlorine bleach and diluted in 1 liter of water. Bleach cleans all surfaces except for porous materials. Another disadvantage of this method is an aggressive chemical reaction of bleach, it can ruin your carpet coloring, leaving it toxic fumes.

2. borax. This option cleans hard surfaces, moreover, it does not emit any toxic gases, but it is completely ineffective on soft surfaces such as carpet.

3. Ammonia. Prepare a solution consisting of ammonia and water in the ratio of 1 to 1. This solution is not interfering with the bleach, as will appear from this toxic fumes. Fill the solution into the sprayer and spraying it on the infected area. After spraying the solution should be left on the surface for several hours, then rinse.

4. Hydrogen peroxide. Fill with 3% hydrogen peroxide in pulverizer, spray it onto the infected area and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then washed off. Despite the fact that this embodiment is considered to be alternative bleach, it can also impair certain surfaces.

How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment, to prevent its occurrence

Do not forget that prevent the occurrence of mold on the walls is much easier than to fight it. To do this, you need to follow some simple rules:

as often as possible ventilate all rooms, including kitchen and bathroom;

laundry to be dried on the balcony or outside, but in any case not in the bathroom;

make sure that the drain and faucets will always be in good condition;

do not forget the day to open the curtains in all the rooms;

install ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen;

spend heating all the rooms in order to avoid overcooling the walls;

the door to the bathroom you should always leave open;

not to grow geraniums and violets, in these colors is very fond of the plant and the fungus proliferate;

do not place the furniture too close to the walls, so that air can circulate freely;

during the repair work, use moisture resistant materials.

Mold - a very dangerous and bad enemy, but to deal with it can and should be, and the sooner you start to do it, the easier it will be to get rid of mildew on the walls.

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How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment forever

Cleanliness in the house - that person is the hostess. Every woman is making a lot of effort, so that her dwelling was fresh and comfortable. Particular attention should be paid to safety in the home. To do this, you need to take care of preventing the emergence or destruction of insects and microorganisms that are hazardous to health. One of the most common problems on the way to a clean mold. How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment? Many will be interested to know the answer to this question. More information will be more urgent to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment permanently. To do this, there are reliable and proven methods, but let everything in order.

School biology course taught us that mold - a special form of fungal mycelia with branching without fruiting bodies. In common parlance we call plaque mold appearing on food products when they go bad. The fungus can be formed directly on the walls in rooms with high humidity: the basement, closet, bathroom. The street is easy to see mold on rotten stumps, tree trunks and just on the ground. Even in the air present its arguments, even though we do not see them.

Scientists call itself mold resistant and hardy life form on the planet. It can be of different types, shapes and colors. Useful properties of the mold used in medicine, food industry, wine industry, but at the same time does not stop the fight with dangerous consequences of its activity. The question of what is more - benefit or harm from the mold, still remains unanswered.

The danger of mold in a building

Ancient books say that if your house is struck by the mold, need to burn it with all its contents, and to get away from this place. It becomes interesting, what is it so terrible?

  • Mold spoils the aesthetic appearance of the room (very few people like the black plaque, fretting new wallpaper).
  • Irreversibly destroys the surface on which settles (books, wood panels).
  • Mold toxic agent and may be many diseases (inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, diarrhea, sinusitis) may symptomatically manifested in nausea, vomiting, headaches.
  • Dangerous for people with allergies, seasonal allergies cause aggravation or may itself be an allergen.

After reading this information, many immediately raises the question of how to remove mold on the walls in the apartment.

Before you begin to combat this dangerous and hardy fungus, it is necessary to know the reasons for which it may appear:

  • Building and finishing materials, which are used in the construction and repair of buildings. Now it is very often used drywall, which, under certain conditions, can become an environment conducive to the development of mold.
  • The second reason can be called wrong circulation of air. The old buildings are not always present the necessary ventilation system of the premises, and in our time, this issue is often neglected. As a consequence - the stagnation of air with all the unpleasant consequences.
  • Another reason for the appearance of black mold - it humidity. Can be caused by frequent use of a humidifier, a large number of indoor plants, regular drying laundry indoors.

If the appearance of mold in your home was caused by one of the above factors, it is first necessary to eliminate it, and then think about how to remove mold on the walls in the apartment. Otherwise, after successfully getting rid of fungus you risk in the near future to meet with this problem.

Prevention of mold during repair work

Now in specialized stores of building, along with finishing materials, can be purchased and a special anti-microbial agents. With their help it is possible to protect yourself from the appearance of mold, even during maintenance. You ask how?

  • Remove mold on the walls in the apartment, when she appeared before the repairs. It is possible to make a rigid brush or scraper. If the mold has eaten deep into the layer of plaster, it must also be removed.
  • Thoroughly dry the surface.
  • Apply antiseptic primer according to instructions.
  • Continue to finish the walls (putty, painting, papering).

Methods of dealing with mold in the living room

If the problem with mold have appeared, and to relocate you still do not want to, and do not intend repair remains one option - to fight. To the west is accepted in such cases, the cause of experts who are using chemicals and special equipment to solve the problem of mold. This procedure requires the financial costs and time-consuming. Tenants during this period leave for a week to soak up the sun on the beach or stay with relatives.

Our people are used to understand such issues on their own, without outside help. Most housewives, faced at least once with a similar problem, will remember how to remove mold on the walls in the apartment folk remedies.

Indeed, the methods of combating a fungus very much. Not all of them are equally effective, but many can help in this task.

How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment furatsilinom

Many call furatsilin magic bullet, helps fight mold. Partly because it is. In order to get a positive result from furatsilina, you must correctly apply it.

The usual solution sold in pharmacies, will be effective for medical purposes, but it can not cope with mold. Therefore it is necessary to buy further furatsilina tablets and dissolving them either in solution to increase its concentration, or in water. To obtain an effective remedy in a glass of water take 10 tablets crushed. Next, using a pre-washed sponge purified from fungal plaque surface and then drying the same solution sprayed again (atomizer can be used).

According to reviews, this method will help to forget about the mold for 1-2 years. Also recommend periodic preventive cleaning: 5 l of water to dissolve 1 tablet furatsilina, used to wash the sills, floors and other surfaces.

Other popular methods of dealing with mold

Copper sulfate - a popular tool in the fight with the fungus. Getting rid of mildew on the walls of the apartment with his help? It should take 100 grams of copper sulfate in dry form and dissolved in 10 L of water. To wash the affected areas with fungus. The disadvantage of this method is that the agent may impart a bluish tint surfaces.

"White" - a means of widespread, accessible and everyday life is every good housewife. Chlorine present in the composition, is capable of removing that appears on the surface of the mold, and for some time to stop the formation of new foci of the fungus. How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment "WHITE"? There is even no not need recipes. Simply put it in its pure form the old sponge and cover the area to be cleaned. After a while the "White" starts to corrode the fungus, five minutes later, he brightens. After that, once again with a sponge to wipe the surface.

When dealing with "whiteness" is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the room and protect the skin from contact with the substance.

In some cases, the initial stages of the emergence of the fungus and at low prevalence, it is possible to use a solution of soap or tea tree oil.

Special antiseptics to combat mildew

When traditional methods do not give the desired result, so as not to aggravate the situation, it is better to move without delay to more aggressive measures to combat the fungus. Forget about the black mold on the walls will help special formulations.

  • Anlas mykos - a professional anti-fungal agent, can be used both indoors and outdoors. Easily cleans even old, infected with a fungal bloom, surface.
  • Profilux - antiseptic, designed specifically for wood surfaces. It can be used to prevent the appearance of fungus, as well as to deal with it. Wooden structures after treatment with this agent can change color slightly.
  • ANTISEPT - used during repair and construction works for priming. It penetrates deeply into the surface and besides the antiseptic function improves the adhesion of construction materials.
  • Schimmel Vernichter - used as a disinfectant and household cleaner. Well absorbed and effectively combats mold on a variety of surfaces.

The final touch: how to get rid of the smell of mold

Now we know a lot of effective ways to remove mold on the walls in the apartment. One of them is sure to be useful to you, and help deal with the problem of the fungus. But could it happen that after a successful fight will backfire. Some surfaces are so well "remember" the presence of mold, even after removal of an unpleasant black flying for a long time exude an unpleasant smell of rot.

To eliminate it, the walls that used to be covered with mold, it is necessary to put the soda. A couple of hours - to remove it with a vacuum cleaner. May be useful in this case, and carbon filters to clean the air, effectively struggling not only with the smell of mildew, but also with other undesirable flavors in the apartment.

Best fight - is prevention

Everyone will agree that to keep clean and dry, to carry out periodic maintenance cleaning of surfaces is much easier than to remove the mold on the walls in the apartment.

What can we do to prevent mold? The primary task is regular airing. In the winter time can be reduced, but not to abandon this procedure completely. Wet cleaning in the apartment, do not allow water to accumulate in the joints of tiles or parquet cracks. Try not to clutter up the walls of furniture and carpets, blocking access to them fresh air.

And most importantly - start the fight with mold needed immediately at the first signs of its appearance, but not when it feels full citizen of your apartment.

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