How to get rid of the smell of mold in the apartment

How to remove the smell of mold in the apartment?

In any house or flat mold may appear. It is provoked by condensation that appears on the walls, in the corners, ceilings and inside cabinets. Key risk areas - kitchen and bathroom. But even in your bedroom will be a fungus if the walls from time to time accumulated liquid droplets.

How to start the fight against mold?

Start with the infected area search. Check the corners and the walls in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Pay attention to the outer walls, and do not forget the closets - there, too, is mildew.

Offensive odor and remove the source of his appearance industrial products that are easy to find in the hardware department. The main advantage of spray - the ability not only to fight the fungus itself, but also to prevent its appearance due to absorption of moisture surplus.

Bleach, of which consists of chlorine, copes with mold. The main element, destroying fungus spores, is sodium hypochlorite. It is used in the cleaning spray.

One part bleach stirred into 10 parts lukewarm water. This composition is rubbed the affected area with the following nuances:

  • If the moldy little black, the cleaning, use an old toothbrush. Dip the brush into the solution and scrub the affected areas.

After treatment and removal of mold cleaned to dry land, otherwise fungus will very quickly again.

Vinegar for non-porous materials

For processing apple vinegar used nebulizer. It is poured into a bottle and spray the entire mildewed surface several times. The fungus removed stiff brush. After complete removal of the dried mold portion.

  • Vinegar is used only for non-porous materials, such as tile. For wood, this method nepozvolitelen.

  • How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment forever:

borax dissolved in water not only removes mold, but also inhibits further growth. One cup of borax diluted in 4 liters of cold water.

  • borax solution was most effective on the tile.

Wet flat portions are dried for at least 24 hours to prevent the re-formation of mold.

For cleaning require 3% peroxide solution. It is added in a spray bottle and liberally applied to the surface of the mold. Wait 10 minutes and only then start brushing.

To operate using toothbrushes and sponges. To prevent further occurrence of mildew place very well dry.

Ammonia for large pockets of mold

In equal parts were mixed ammonia and warm water. The composition is added to the atomizer and be applied to the affected areas. The fungus removed with a brush, and the site is wiped with a dry towel, absorbent moisture.

Baking soda is used alone or in the form of a powder paste. This soft, non-toxic and effective means. Its great advantage is that it not only removes the surface from stains, but also noticeably freshens the air so that the unpleasant smell evaporates very quickly.

  1. In 250 g of water was added 2 tablespoons baking soda.

Soda is useful if the fungus appeared on the wooden surface. In this case, not cope audio bleach or borax solution. If the fungus on a porous surface appears again, as far as possible, the affected area is removed, for example, in the case of drywall or ceiling tile. The fact is that in this case the fungus is very ingrained, and impossible to get rid of him, and all measures will be temporary.

The alcohol is not used in concentrated form, only with the addition of water and only on non-porous surfaces.

Eliminating mold raid - this is not all. If you want the odor of dampness was no longer necessary to take certain measures. All of them will be aimed at reducing the humidity in the rooms, especially those which already had time to settle mold.

  1. The bathroom and kitchen hoods are needed. From time to time, check their serviceability.

Typically, the mold accumulates in the corners. you can arrange a special mixture collecting in these areas. 100 g of table salt was triturated 3 activated carbon plate. The powder is spread on containers with a wide neck and are arranged at the corners of the problem for a week. Then replaced with fresh powder.

Mold - a home wrecker, which causes an unpleasant smell in the apartment. Therefore, if you want to surround yourself with only the scent of freshness, you need to eliminate all pockets of mold. How do you tell an expert in the following video:

Mold - a serious problem that needed to cope as soon as possible, because the fungus has the ability to spread. And then the bad smell will be less of your problems. The cleaned surface with home remedies and maintenance of dryness will help get rid of the pest, as well as support in the apartment clean and tidy.

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The smell of mold in the apartment, what to do and how to get rid

Want to know how to get rid of the smell of mold in the apartment? Read our article to identify the causes of odor, as well as learn about the tools that can help get rid of it.

If you can not, for one reason or another, regularly clean up your apartment, you might have to deal with the smell of mold. Accommodation in the old apartment or the contents of old furniture - these are just some reasons for the stench, which may be limited to one corner of the apartment. However, if you do not take the problem into account in due time, the smell may cover the entire apartment as soon as possible.

In most cases, the main cause of the odor becomes a fungus, mold, which grows in the most unpredictable places apartment. For example, if wood is your apartment, whether it's flooring or furniture are not cleaned for a long time, the environment is quite suitable for the growth of mold, which causes odor.

On the other hand, if you smell mold immediately after a rain, it is possible that there is a leak in the apartment and the water comes inside, although this problem is more likely for private homes. Often when water stagnates in one place for a long time, mold spores begin to grow and form a mold. That is why the bathrooms are among the most affected areas of the house.

In addition to the bathroom, there are other problem areas, which are more likely to fall prey to mold, including air vents and air conditioning system. If you neglect cleaning the house, fungus and dust can cover the furniture, get inside the cabinets, every crack in the wall, and even carpets, forming a persistent smell of mold in the apartment.

How to get rid of the smell of mold in the apartment

One of the first things you can do to get rid of the smell, it is the use of air freshener. These sprayers are characterized by a very strong odor, which is able to immediately hide the smell of mildew. This, however, only a temporary solution.

Another useful solution that helps you get rid of the smell of mold, it ionizer. This device sprays ions in the atmosphere, which is much stronger than the odor molecules, thereby they eliminate odor for a while. However, as air freshener, ionizer offers a short-term solution.

To fully bring the smell of mildew, caused by a fungus, you will need to apply the acid directly on the fungus, such as vinegar. We recommend using Pufas the company's products, especially the line of products Glutoclean mold remover. Spray bite in areas suffering from excessive humidity and mold, you will soon see that mildew smell recedes. To get rid of the smell of mold in the cupboards and furniture, it is necessary first of all to free them from the things, and then install a dish of white vinegar inside. Leave closed cabinets with vinegar inside all day, then remove the vinegar smell is gone!

Another equally effective solution becomes lemon juice, which is diluted with a little water. Pour this liquid into the fungus. If you find mold on clothes, apply this solution, because it is very effective in removing mold from clothes. Then it is necessary to treat the affected area with soap and water and rinse with water. You'll never hear a bad smell again!

If you find a bad smell coming from the bathroom, you may need to hydrochloric acid. This acid is so strong that it can easily lead to mold marble and tile bathroom. However, you should be very careful to use the acid on the wooden floors can not be, because it can severely damage the wood.

Invest in a dehumidifier. This device draws moisture from the air, thus preventing the formation of a comfortable atmosphere for fungus and bacteria. Dehumidifier helps to keep the air in the apartment fresh and dry, constantly surpassing stale and musty air.

As you can see, taking a little more proactive in the fight against mold, you can prevent the problem and even get rid of the musty smell in the house. This is not something that should be taken lightly, because the fungus can cause serious respiratory problems. So if you have found a fungus on the inside of your apartment, gather everything you need for cleaning, wear a mask and apply solutions mentioned above, to get rid of mold once and for all!

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How to eliminate the smell of mold in the apartment and to prevent it from occurring again

The causes of the smell of mold

Usually the smell of mold occurs when pockets of mold formation. This usually occurs in areas with poor ventilation and high humidity. Rooms with inadequate heating are also a breeding ground for mold.

In addition, mold likes to hidden places, so you can find it behind the sofa, under the carpet or in the closet - in the latter case, the clothes will also smell of dampness. The fungus may appear in the old furniture or mattresses if they were kept in a damp room and not dry. Clothing and bedding may suffer if were not allowed to dry and tightly stacked in a cabinet or furniture when she was struck by a fungus.

How to get rid of the smell of mold in the apartment?

Completely eliminate mold spores without having to get rid of the lesion, it is impossible. Of course, there are short-term funds, such as the different air fresheners, but their effect is questionable: the smell of mold will seep through "camouflage." When this fungus spores that remain in the air will continue to harm the health, and the mold itself will grow still further. Therefore it is necessary to start with in order to identify all of mold space.

Methods of combating fungus is largely dependent on the surface on which he appeared. Typically, the mold is striking:

How to remove mold from walls

Remedy will depend on the size and depth of the lesion. For example, a small spot can be washed off with the wallpaper. To this solution can be used any chlorine-containing detergent with water at a ratio of 1:10. This method is quite efficient is, but it has several disadvantages: it is better not to use in the room where there are allergies and small children. In addition, chlorine-containing substances may be taken together with the mold wash off the color of wallpaper.

Equally efficacious hydrogen peroxide. She, like vinegar, it is necessary to use undiluted. After treatment, peroxide patches need to rinse with water, and then carefully wipe.

All of these options are good, but if there is mold on the wallpaper, then most likely, and under them, too. Therefore, if after treatment spots appear again, you need to remove the wallpaper section. If the lesion is very deep, you may have to remove part of the coating under the wallpaper. Then you have to cover a wall of special antifungal primer, which can be purchased at the hardware store.

Destroy the fungus on clothing and bedding

Sometimes the things that are stored in the closet, dark mold stains can be detected. In order to get rid of them is not enough just to wash things. Before washing, wet stains need lemon juice and leave for an hour, then wash and iron the iron on the largest allowable temperature.

To remove mold from the carpet, it takes a lot of effort. Firstly, it is better to take out into the street. If this is not possible - to open all the windows. After this, take a brush with hard bristles and thoroughly clean off the stain from both sides of the carpet. After that, mold occurrence place to pour antifungal.

Purified from the fungus or wooden floor finishing

Save the wooden surface of the mold to help the same tools that are used in the fight against the fungus on the wallpaper. That's just the top layer of wood is necessary to clean off the metal brush and burn. Then apply a chlorine agent or a mixture of vinegar and peroxide. Give them time to act - is usually enough hours - and clean off again. Apply the product again and rinse. Thoroughly dry the coating.

Bathroom and kitchen - places with high humidity and poor ventilation. These spaces are usually wall trim tiles. Mold often emerges in the grout between the tiles. From the very mold and its smell can be removed using hydrochloric acid. This substance is so caustic that is able to remove mold from tiles, ceramic and marble.

Old grout is better to remove, rinse the acid sutures, thoroughly dried and repaired their new grout with a rubber spatula. It is better to give preference to water-repellent grout with anti-fungal effect. In addition, read about how to clean tiles from pollution and how to deal with mold in the bathroom.

Sometimes the fungus may be found in a wardrobe or in the sofas. In this case, you need to rinse the mold with bleach (first you need to check on an inconspicuous area to see if it will wash away the furniture and color) or ammonia solution. Then wipe dry and dry thoroughly, such as a hairdryer. After that, in a place where there was mold, place the container with vinegar, to close and leave overnight. In the morning remove the vinegar, open all doors and lift the couch cushions and dry during the day.

Cleansing of the mold ceiling tiles and suspended ceilings

These two types of trim combines the need for dismantling in the case of mold. After that, the ceiling must be removed whitewash and treat stains with chlorine bleach, ammonia or special antifungal. After treatment, stains need to wash it, dry it and treat the ceiling completely.

Prevention of mold odor in the apartment

If you take all possible measures to fight, but neglect prevention, mold will return. Therefore, winning the fungus once, you need to think about how to eliminate its causes.

  • The first - ventilation. Living rooms must be regularly ventilated, and the bathroom and the kitchen is better to provide special devices that provide extract and supply of fresh air. Bathroom need to be equipped with electric towel: wet towels, long time being in an enclosed space, contribute to the appearance of traces of moisture on the walls, and the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Read more about ventilation in the bathroom - can be found here.

Mold can be removed permanently if you use special means, chlorine bleach, baking soda or vinegar. It is important to remove the affected areas of finishing and care of the regular airing of the room.

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