How to get rid of the mice in the country forever

How to get rid of mice. Overview of the most effective ways to get rid of mice: folk remedies, mousetraps, poisons, etc.

Did you know that only one mouse is able to give birth to about 50 young in a year?

Therefore, if you suspect that your abode bred these small rodents, deal with their elimination should be as soon as possible.

How to get rid of mice: can we get rid of them forever?

Mice and rats are the same, are the eternal companion of man throughout the history of existence. But it is unlikely you will find at least one person who is experiencing the comfort of living under the same roof with these small little animals, but most people, especially females, have an aversion to them, and their meetings always lead to panic and the desire to escape from the place meetings as far as possible.

When the mouse appear in the house, they start to do all sorts of things that are unlikely to approve the master of the house: gnaw holes in the wall, to eat foods and frighten a people. In addition, they are also the carriers of various infections, so in addition to fear they may be even dangerous to human life. This is the reason that the question of "how to get rid of mice," takes great significance and requires urgent resolution.

Autumn - this is the season during which the rodents are most active country. Just at this time we need to start fighting with mice. At the beginning of autumn is going to last harvest from the fields, and food for the mice, there becomes little, besides the street come the cold, which leads to the fact that hordes of these small rodents begin to look for a new shelter in towns and cities.

Often Mouse prefer private estates and summer residences, but the apartment they also like to visit. They can be in apartments through the garbage disposal, sewage or ventilation shafts. If you live on the first floor and you have hardwood floors, the rodents will not be difficult to get into your home through basement.

The first thing to start with cleaning the unit. Rodents, as well as people, it is impossible to live without food and water. Therefore, the location they pick up such that they are always close at hand was enough food and water. Make spring cleaning in your home, clean all the corners, cabinets and other places to eat leftovers. Also, remove all foods in the refrigerator, watch for cleanliness on the tables and around the house - it will cause the rodents appeared to consider whether they should continue to remain in your home.

Also did not prevent would carefully inspect your home for the presence of cracks in the ceiling and floors and repaired them - this will help to avoid further contact with the mice in the house.

Mice - rodents are very sensitive to the well-developed nervous system and sense of smell, so if they sense any threat or discomfort - immediately start looking for a new place of residence.

To do this, to deal with these small gray animal, you can use insect repellents, which are one of the main enemies of any rodent. The smell that emanates from them, absolutely not perceptible to humans, but a very strong influence on rodents. Repellents can perform just two important features:

1) their smell is very unpleasant for small rodents and causes them to leave as soon as possible;

2) they can irritate the psyche of mice, making them a very effective method in the fight against rodents.

A similar system is used and special Repeller with ultrasound, the only difference is that they do not emit any sounds. Instead, ultrasound works, which it is very annoying psyche mice and causes them to flee. the radius of the radiation in such devices is large enough, and causes the rodents to leave the premises in about a week.

These and other ways to get rid of small backbiters, we discuss in more detail below.

How to get rid of mice: folk remedies and methods

So, go directly to the most popular national methods. To begin with talk about the repellents. These include the following plants:

The smell of these plants are not able to bring a man no harm, but very detrimental effect on rodents. The whole cause is the high content in their composition of essential oils, which are capable of hitting small rodents, even at a distance.

Use repellents may be in the dried or in dry form. To do this, they need to chop and package them in a small amount in the cloth, which can then be tied in bundles and laid out around the holes in the floor, and holes in the corners of rooms. You can also bind to each other in bundles of branches and lay them on all your favorite places rodents.

Fight with the mice may also be by dry boric acid to be sprinkled with fine track on or about the perimeter holes. However, remember that this method is safe only if you have at home there are no children or pets. Otherwise, it is to abandon this tool, as they can at any time to try acid "taste."

Do not forget about the old-fashioned way - a mousetrap. We charge it, put the bait (for a small slice of bacon, cheese and other goodies) and ranked in the place of "progulok9raquo; mice. This method is unlikely to help you eliminate all the mice, but their exact number will be reduced by 2-3 times.

Well, the easiest and most simple way to know where even children - cat. Rodents are afraid of the smell and feel it a great threat that forces them to leave your home.

How to get rid of mice: types of mouse traps and repellents

Now let's talk in more detail about the mousetrap and repeller. Mousetrap: an old proven way: it is simple to use, inexpensive, and does not bear harm people around (unless you climb to her hands). But there is a drawback: if the mice have divorced much, it is unlikely you'll have to catch them quickly with a mousetrap, and indeed hardly will catch them all to one.

To increase the efficiency of mouse traps, use simple tips: Teach them mice. For this arrange a mousetrap with bait on the house, but the platoon of them. For a week the mouse should be used to free food, and when you start cocked mousetrap, rodent trapping process will go much faster. For greater productivity expose multiple devices: can be in groups of 3-5 units along the wall, which runs around the mouse.

The most attractive bait for mice is:

bacon (in crude form);

However, over the cheese has a few notes. He is not very practical as bait, because after a few hours of stay not in the refrigerator it will begin to dry and may fall off. Mice like cheese, but do not lose your head from him as much as it is shown in children's cartoons.

Council. When catching a live mouse, do not let her in his own backyard. Scientific evidence shows that in most cases, it will return to you the same. Therefore, a small rodent should either eliminate or release at a minimum distance of 100-150 meters from your home.

With regard to repellents with ultrasound, then they must be used according to the attached instructions. It must be remembered that the device only works on open space and positioning it needs to be at the level of living rodents. That is around the corner, above or below the level of living mice - and the effect of it is almost absent.

How to get rid of mice: a review of poisons, the application of the rules

The poison is very effective against rodents, is also not too expensive, but it has one very significant drawback - the harm to the human body. So if you have at home there is a small child or pets, the poison can not be used!

For this reason, the poison can be used only in hidden places or shed. Yad emit an unpleasant odor, so use it at home is unacceptable.

Ordinary poisons, which are sold in hardware shops, may not be effective immediately. Mice should eat it for several days, and only after the accumulation in their bodies enough doses, they will start to die. To speed up the process of destruction of rodents is recommended to use specialized poisons, they cost a bit more expensive, but the effect of them, you will notice almost immediately.

Mouse - a territorial rodents, and they live, usually led by the alpha male. Often, it was he who first killed by poison. To speed up the process of eliminating the mice need to expand the poison in small amounts in several places rodents dislocation.

Prevention of mice

In recommend that you follow the rules to prevent the re-emergence of rodents:

keep all food in the fridge or the reach of rodents in metal or plastic containers;

keep order and cleanliness of all surfaces in the house;

seal the holes through all foam scrap or other means;

spread out on the corners melkodroblenuyu peppermint or cloth soaked in oil;

Remember that if you notice traces of the presence in the room of unwanted little guests, we can not postpone the problem under the carpet, because female mice is very fertile, and if you create a favorable environment, they will have to bring much more difficult for them.

Therefore, to resolve the problem, follow this list of simple rules. If the mouse you have already appeared, use one of the methods listed above.

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How to get rid of the mice in the country? good advice

Before we tell you how to get rid of the mice in the country, let us know what they are, in fact, different from the rats. The difference between them is only one - smaller body. Mice calf length is from 6 to 9 centimeters, and tail length - up to 60 percent in relation to the body length. These animals weigh 10 to 30 grams.

Despite their minimal dimensions when compared with rats, mice are hardly harmless creatures. Remember! If you find yourself at home, in an apartment or cottage presence of these rodents, the urgency to take action. Otherwise, they will thrive and will cause tremendous damage to your economy, especially when it happens on your hacienda. Here we come to the most important. In this article we will talk about how to get rid of the mice in the country.

Traditional methods of struggle with the mice in the country

We are not in vain are talking about folk remedies. The fact is that many people are scratching their heads over how to get rid of rats, mice and other vermin in the country and in the house, unable to pay for the call of a professional in the house because of the high cost of these services by commercial organizations. Therefore, most people prefer the old and proven methods. So, how to get rid of the mice in the country on their own?

  1. Melt fat, add a little flour (in the ratio of fat in two parts - eight parts flour) and four parts of barium carbonate. The resulting mixture was stirred to form lumps of it round. Lay out poisoned bait near the putative mouse burrows.
  2. Mix the flour and dry putty. Make the same lumps, as in the first method. Arrange them from potential habitat of rodents.
  3. We all know that the mouse can not tolerate any strong smells. In this and you can play. Scatter peppermint leaves in the summer house (for sofas, in a cellar, for cabinets of shelves). You can use the wormwood. Its dried stalks magically expelled rodents away from your possessions. If you want to know how to get rid of the mice in the country without any extra effort, then use mugwort or peppermint. The effect is amazing!

Other methods of dealing with the mice in the country

  1. Use mousetrap (trap). There are different types of these devices - and not very humane. The choice of the device will depend on the fate of the rodent.
  2. It should be noted that it is not necessary to use the cheese as bait for mice. It is best to put in a trap with oil soaked piece of bread. Good fit, smoked sausage or peanuts.
  3. You can use special glue traps. Places them near the mouse holes or in areas where rodents behave particularly active.
  4. Do not forget about the chemical baits! their use is not recommended at home, but in the country as possible.

The modern method of dealing with the mice in the country

We told you about the different methods of rodent control, occupied your cottage. However, we have not mentioned the most important to date way to deal with these parasites. How to get rid of mice? Of course, with the help of ultrasonic repellents! In recent years, this method has become widely popular. Modern ultrasound device an excellent job both in mice and rats at any place - at home, in an apartment in the country.

Getting rid of the mice in the country: folk remedies, traps and application of ultrasound

How to protect your cottage from mice? We have to get acquainted with several methods of varying complexity - from folk, several centuries before the use of the sound of modern instruments. Let's get started.

This cute little animal - a sworn enemy of gardeners.

And what, in fact, interfere with rodents?

  • The most obvious consequence of their appearance - a spoiled harvest. What is particularly unfortunate, mice and rats often follow the strategy of "do not eat, then ponadkusyvayu"; as a result of traces of sharp teeth has almost half of harvested vegetables.
  • Voles often destroyed shoots svezheposazhennyh plants, dig grain and gnaw the roots of fruit trees.

Curious side-effect of an abundance of mice - active multiplication of weeds.

After the destruction of the host plants is loosening the soil, and a holy place, as we know, is never empty ...

  • About storage of grains and vegetables, too, can be forgotten. Mice make their way through the gap so small that it and see - that is impossible; their larger cousins ​​- rat - are quite capable gnaw their way into the barn or storage through wood and even concrete walls.

How to get rid of the mouse to the dacha folk remedies?

The simplest and most obvious solution - to get a cat. Even pampered comfort of urban cats, hitting on the nature quickly remember the basics of hunting and recklessly mouse. Not only: the mouse is well aware that a cat in a protected area to be unsafe, and quickly leave it.

How to get rid of the mice in the country in the winter when no one lives?

Rodents landmark to a large extent due to its highly developed sense of smell. However, some strong and pungent smells irritate the mice much stronger than humans. The source of the odor may serve as essential oils, colognes and ... plants.

Dried herbs with pungent smell well scare the animals in the winter; Live plants are able to accomplish the same task in the summer.

In the photo - mugwort.

How to display the mice in the country, if the cat does not want to start, and the listed plants you do not grow?

You can try to catch you living rodents. Here are a few schemes of traps, which can be easily built with your own hands.

  1. We collect half a bucket of water and put a bucket in the house.
  2. Puncturable aluminum can of beer or cola and puts it on any axis (e.g., the round stick or thick wire).
  3. Put the axle on the edge of the bucket.
  4. By any means is mounted on the wall of the can bait - a piece of cheese.
  5. Are constructed from scrap materials platform that allows access to the bucket. The trap is ready: the mouse easy to pass through the axis, but inevitably slips off the cranks under her weight cans. In the opinion of truckers, this simple device is able to gather the night before a dozen rodents.

Note: need water to mice did not jump out of the bucket.

With its modest size, they are quite capable to force the barrier of 30-40 centimeters high, especially in stressful situations.

A simpler kind of trap requires manual recharging.

The second trap is even easier and that nice, humane.

  1. Pour into a glass or plastic bottle a little unrefined vegetable oil. Its odor attracts rodents.
  2. Rotate the bottle in a horizontal position so that turned inside wall lubricated.
  3. We fix the bottle in an inclined position with its neck up. Going into it the mouse will be able, but to get out - no longer exists. Release the animal outside the site easier: Flip the bottle is enough. (. See also the article The fight with the mice in the country: special features.)

The simplest trap.

How to get rid of bats in the country? One way is so versatile that it is equally effective influences the winged predators and rodents of all kinds.

You see, in comparison with the small animals people desperately hard of hearing. This concerns not only the amplitude, but also the range: the sound with a frequency of 16-25 kHz we do not hear. And here they are - over.

Actually, the stop solution is the ultrasonic generator with continuously varying frequency. How to scare the mice in the country with such a device? Simply bring the wiring under any canopy and turn the device into an electrical outlet; from that moment all the little animals in the area will hear continually tearing hearing screeching.

Price ultrasonic repellents based on their simple circuitry seems somewhat exaggerated; it ranges from one to four thousand. (See also the article Incineration in the country:. Features.)

Ultrasonic repeller Belgian Weitech WK-0300. Cost - 3850 p.

Seemingly harmless creature, but it can bring a lot of inconvenience!

We hope that the proposed solutions to the reader completely rid him of the problems with rodents. As usual, the video in this article contains an additional thematic information. Good luck!

I am for humanity. Well, what's the mouse something wrong? They created such. We left the dacha repeller (battery-EkoSnayper LS-989). The next time come (can not remember exactly how many, but like two weeks has not passed), the mice were gone.

By the way, I liked that article explained that ultrasound does not affect humans. And many tales walks. 🙂

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