As kvartsevat room at home

Kvartsevanie room with baby

For newborn babies always need to exercise maximum attention. Special care, hygiene, nutrition, and, of course, love and affection. It is not necessary to forget and that the child should be protected from germs and viruses, this will help you kvartsevanie the room where the baby is. This procedure is carried out in the home of the quartz UV lamp, which is ultraviolet radiation on microbes that are in the air. Just when Kvartsevanie produces ozone, in small portions, he finally disinfect the premises.

At birth, the child is too weak, his body, protected by my mother's belly, was under the protection of the environment. Now, however, it is subject to various types of viruses, the immune system, does not know how to deal with them, so the baby needs extra protection. Kvartsevanie room will help to protect the infant body, killing all the germs, but by the time the child is stronger, the procedure can be terminated. Ultraviolet lamp for kvartsevaniya premises sold in specialized stores.

Terms of use and precautions

Quartz lamp is a bit like a board. It must be turned on and off only while wearing glasses, but it is better to buy quartz with automatic shut-off timer. Install the lamp for kvartsevaniya need on a hill, for example, on a table or a chair in the middle of the room. It is necessary to make the room pots and flowers, remove the pet, not forgetting the fish, in general, the room should not be living organisms. After kvartsevaniya room, be sure to ventilate at least 5 minutes, even if it's cold outside. Do not overdo it with Kvartsevanie premises - this can cause dry skin baby.

kvartsevaniya space time depending on its size. For example, a small room of 15 squares can be irradiated more than 10 minutes. A room 30 squares to an hour. If you want to spend kvartsevanie for prevention, do it once for 5-7 minutes a day, then ventilate the area. If the baby is often sick or someone from home just prone to frequent colds, kvartsevanie can take morning and evening for 10-15 minutes, after which the same-ventilated areas. You can kvartsevat once a day for 30 minutes, then ventilate the room for 5 minutes. Only after airing can make vases, let pets, of course, to go with the child.

Opinion mothers about the need kvartsevaniya room where the baby is radically diverge. Some say that the immune system should be formed in a natural environment. Others argue that if it is possible as long as protect the child from diseases can mean a good mother should take advantage of it. Kvartsevat or kvartsevat - you decide!

Most popular articles on this topic:

This states that it is impossible to overdo Kvartsevanie. At the same time it recommended kvartsevat 30 minutes. BUT, the performance in bactericidal lamps (cubic meter / hour) is different, exactly like a different volume to disinfect the premises. Therefore, in view of her passport lamp performance and Calculate the amount of space (height x width x length). By drawing simple arithmetic proportions calculated life time kvartsevaniya: productivity: 60 min. = Amount of your room: kvartsevaniya time.

kvartsevaniya time (min) = Amount of your room (m³) x 60 (h): the lamp performance.

Note: x - multiplication; - division;

Thank you very much for the specific and helpful comments))

Terms of use quartz lamp

Especially carefully protected from light a quartz lamp eyes. Wear special protective glasses.

Also it is impossible to touch the glass quartz tube lamps. If everything is still touched, the lamp should be wiped with an alcohol solution with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Kvartsevanie air and room surfaces

Kvartsevanie dwelling is justified if the house is a large number of people or you're frequent colds. In such cases, quartz lamp will secure a space for you and your family.

The order kvartsevaniya room

  1. Free room from all living things, including flowers.
  2. Turning on and off the lamp wear safety glasses and try smaller in the room. You can use a timer to turn lights on and off at scheduled times, in the absence of people in the room.
  3. Turn on the lamp and leave for 30 minutes
  4. After every 30 minutes of continuous operation, the irradiator must be turned off before the full cooling of the lamp.

Processing facilities to produce at the rate of 30 minutes of work:

  • For germicidal lamps "MPS-15PM" and "MPS-15PP" 20 m 2 (ceiling height of 2.5 m)
  • For germicidal lamps "MPS-30P" 35 m 2 (ceiling height of 2.5 m)
  • For lamps "Sun OUFK-01" and "Quartz-125" at 30 m 3 (10-15 m 2)
  • For lamps "Quartz-240" at 60 m 3 (20 m 2)

For kvartsevaniya rooms is better to use UV germicidal lamp. These feeds more powerful conventional quartz lamps and are intended solely for the disinfection of surfaces in the room. In appearance feeds similar to the standard "T8" fluorescent lamps only emit ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 253.7 nm. Germicidal emitters are: portable (on a stand, in turn, allow kvartsevat all the rooms) and stationary (to mount on the wall / ceiling).

For disinfection of the room you can also use normal quartz lamps. As shown above quartz lamp "Quartz-240" is more powerful, so it is recommended to disinfect the room is with its help. Using lamps "Sun OUFK-01" and "Quartz-125" will have to once every 30 minutes (plus 40 minutes break) to move the irradiator in different places of the room to provide better disinfection. And in the case of "Quartz-240" medium-sized room can be decontaminated at a time. Since when human exposure so the lamp power is not needed, we recommend for general and intracavitary radiation skin lamp "Sun OUFK-01" and "Quartz-125."

In continuous operation the illuminator can be felt by the characteristic odor of ozone. Ozone, as well as ultraviolet light destroys bacteria. In this case, before you come back, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

Ozone has a bactericidal, fungicidal (anti fungal) impact. It applies to all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and their spores, cysts and protozoa etc. Residual ozone sterilizes the surface. After interaction with the microbiological polluting chemical substances, and ozone is converted to normal oxygen.

Before using the lamp, consult on contraindications and dosage suitable for you with your doctor.

Good results can be achieved only if exactly follow the doctor's prescription. Each person responds to treatment individually, so there are no general rules.

The skin of different people differently sensitive to ultraviolet rays. It depends on the age and general condition of the body, epidermal thickness, skin type and time of year (the susceptibility is increased in spring and autumn is reduced after exposure to the sun in summer). More pronounced erythema (redness) after exposure observed in blondes.

If you have very sensitive and dry skin, which can be easily covered with cracks, if there are dilated blood vessels, you must opt ​​out of the quartz lamp, in this case, we recommend the use of the device darsonval.

Ultraviolet rays are biologically active and inept use of the irradiator can cause serious harm. Therefore, exposure of an adult or a child should only be prescribed by a doctor and with the exact dosage.

  1. Wear safety glasses (are included). All areas that are not subject to irradiation, carefully close the towel.
  2. Human exposure must be performed within 5 minutes after ignition quartz lamp, because During this time, it sets its stable operation.
  3. The UV light should be at a distance of 50 cm from the irradiated skin.
  4. Before irradiation Spread the skin with oil or cream (better sun), but not very abundant. Butter or cream is necessary to uniformly grind.
  5. Exposure time should be increased gradually, from 0.5 minutes and adjusted to 3 minutes. Each subsequent irradiation is increased by 0.5-1 minutes. The number of irradiations of the skin area should not exceed 5 sessions (Session 1 day).
  6. It is very important to follow the recommended exposure time, t. To. The increase in the procedure time can lead to overdrying of the skin and cause pigmentation.
  7. By session is finished off quartz lamp can be turned on again after complete cooling for 20 min.
  • Not recommended for exposure in cases of increased body temperature, and recovering from a serious illness
  • Before Kvartsevanie patients with weakened body and (or) with dry skin should consult with your doctor
  • Quartz lamps are not designed for tanning treatments
  • The exposure area should not be indoor plants and animals
  • When the feed comply with fire safety regulations

There are people, which the body can not tolerate ultraviolet light, either artificial or real (the sun). If some time after the end of the session you begin a severe headache, nerve irritation, dizziness, it is better to stop the procedure.

Side effects of UV rays:

If you plan to use a quartz lamp for kvartsevaniya (disinfection) of premises for the purpose of disinfection is contraindications do not matter because the correct bulb using human exposure can be avoided.

  • kidney failure
  • cardiovascular failure
  • disorders of the endocrine system
  • neoplasm (tumor)
  • hypertrichosis
  • dilated surface blood vessels
  • active form of tuberculosis
  • bleeding tendency
  • acute inflammatory processes, chronic inflammatory processes in the acute stage
  • hypertension stage II-III
  • circulatory insufficiency stage II-III
  • thyrotoxicosis
  • peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in the acute stage
  • systemic blood diseases
  • far gone atherosclerosis of the cerebral arteries and coronary vessels
  • increased sensitivity to UV

Indications UV:

  • acute and chronic diseases of the joints
  • bronchitis
  • adenoids
  • allergic rhinitis
  • bronchial asthma
  • acute respiratory disease tonsils
  • Respiratory disease
  • inflammation ENT (ear, nose and throat): tonsillitis, rhinitis, and others.
  • diseases of the female reproductive organs
  • skin diseases
  • peripheral nervous system diseases
  • wound (local exposure)
  • Compensation ultraviolet deficiency in order to increase the body's resistance to various infections
  • lack of vitamin D
  • prevention of rickets
  • tuberculous lesions of bone
  • disease-band and mucous membranes of the human body
  • myositis
  • neuritis
  • trophic ulcers and bed sores

Kvartsevanie home: benefits and harms of decontamination procedures

The hospital buildings are often used such a method of disinfecting the premises as kvartsevanie. In this modern times, anyone can buy a lamp for kvartsevaniya and apply this method of disinfection in apartments and homes. Is this procedure safe? When a kvartsevanie home, benefit and harm of any nature can be brought for the person? And what qualities - positive or negative for the organism - to a greater extent are present from this procedure?

In hospital and sanatorium conditions due to application kvartsevalnoy lamp. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays efficiently allocated killed harmful microorganisms present in the room. If kvartsevanie use at home, this procedure helps to completely disinfect the premises and make all who are in it things and objects virtually sterile. That is, everything that falls under the influence of ultraviolet rays coming from the lamp kvartsevaniya fully disinfected and destroyed by the presence of harmful factors and pathogens.

In order to carry out kvartsevanie home, you can use one of several types of kvartsevalnyh lamps. Currently it produces enough kvartsevalnyh lamps for the home, which differ in small and compact size, and high efficiency. One example kvartsevalnyh household lamps is universal lamp. It is very simple in its use, but it provides maximum efficiency.

But, as noted by the statistics kvartsevalnymi lamps in the home areas are not in a hurry to actively use. The thing is that there is a perception as if kvartsevanie home can cause tremendous harm to the human body and adversely affect the microclimate in a residential area. Whether this view is justified, or whether it is pointless, you can learn only after it will be fully understood the benefits and harms kvartsevalnoy lamp house.

The main purpose of kvartsevalnoy lamp - it decontamination of harmful factors and disease microorganisms. The lamps have a positive effect of its antibacterial effect. When a kvartsevanie home, the use of any nature can be brought?

  • Kvartsevalnaya lamp is an excellent preventive method acting against an attack of influenza viruses and colds. If an infected respiratory illness a person is present in the living room, then the regular kvartsevanie help prevent disease in other households.
  • Kvartsevanie actively used at home with human diseases such as chronic rhinitis, adenoids, chronic bronchitis. Method caused a positive effect in that at regular procedures occurs kvartsevaniya complete destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and harmful bacteria that are causative agents and activators such disorder.
  • The main helpers in the treatment of otitis media and inflammation of ears is just kvartsevalnaya lamp. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays occurs destroy harmful microorganisms that activate the inflammatory process.
  • It is noticed that on kvartsevalnoy lamp rays have a beneficial effect in the treatment of many skin diseases. It is useful to regularly kvartsevanie dwelling in such skin diseases as psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes, acne.
  • Many dentists are advised to use kvartsevanie apartments to all those who suffer from toothache. The maximum effect of the procedure shall, if the toothache is caused by the activity of stomatitis.
  • Good use Kvartsevanie apartments for people suffering from inflammation due to the development of osteoarthritis and other joint diseases.
  • Recommend conduct regular kvartsevaniya in a residential area, in which the person who recently underwent major surgery or trauma. It is proved that the ultraviolet rays emitted from kvartsevalnoy Lama, have a restorative function, beneficial effect on the state of the damaged joints, cartilage and ligaments.
  • Pediatricians are advised to conduct ongoing kvartsevanie house, which is inhabited by very young kids. It is proved that this method of disinfection of the premises is a reliable prevention of rickets.
  • All those patients, the body undergoes an inflammatory process, kvartsevanie help get rid efficiently and quickly from the underlying disease.

All the above facts prove that kvartsevanie not only can be carried out in the flats and houses, but also necessary. But even such a useful procedure has its contraindications. If spending kvartsevanie home, damage of whatsoever nature may be applied to the human body?

The main damage to the human body in the process of kvartsevaniya can be applied when the lamp is not used for its intended purpose or method kvartsevaniya conducted improperly. Most modern lamps kvartsevalnyh suggest the possibility of finding people in the premises, which is disinfected. But, in order to avoid the negative consequences of the premises at the time of kvartsevaniya it is still recommended to leave.

Kvartsevanie has some contraindications for people:

  • Idiosyncrasy. Allocated to the ultraviolet rays have some impact on sensitive people, so in some cases, a person may experience an allergic reaction to the process kvartsevaniya. To protect themselves from the negative effects kvartsevaniya, the procedure must begin with the most minimal doses and with extreme caution. If there are physical changes in overall health (rash, runny nose, headache), kvartsevaniya home to conduct the procedure is prohibited.
  • There is an unproven belief that kvartsevaniya procedure can be an activator to the development of cancer, so people who have a predisposition to neoplasms, kvartsevanie not worth spending.
  • Some categories of people kvartsevanie house leads to increased blood pressure. To refrain from carrying out such a procedure is recommended for all those people who have certain problems with the blood vessels.

In any case, before the start kvartsevanie home, you should consult your doctor. Only after approving the solution obtained from a specialist, you can begin to carry out a useful procedure.

How to choose kvartsevalnuyu lamp for home?

Modernity offers a wide variety kvartsevalnyh lamps, which can be used in residential areas. Some designs involve conducting procedures only in the complete absence of people in the room. Other kvartsevalnye lamps are allowed to use at present in the apartment people.

It is important to note that kvartsevalnye lamps that are not permitted in the work in the presence of living organisms designed to handle large areas and have a high work capacity, so they are more suitable for offices, hospital rooms, health rooms but not for apartments.

For apartments, the most preferred universal kvartsevalnye lamp. They are characterized by compact dimensions and can be used for both the treatment rooms, as well as for disinfection of intracavitary or local facilities. Universal lamp is a structure assembled from several tubes, so the acquisition kvartsevalnoy lamps should pay attention to the integrity and availability of each tube. It is extremely important to clarify what materials are made tubes to prevent the occurrence of adverse effects to humans.

Before using kvartsevalnoy lamps need to carefully study the instructions for use and check that all parts and fittings as part kvartsevalnoy lamp.

How to use kvartsevalnoy lamp house?

The most important thing to consider when working with kvartsevalnoy lamp, is that to be in a room that quartz is only required to wear safety goggles. Touch the lamp surface is prohibited unless there was accidental contact with the surface of the bulb, place the touch must be treated with an alcohol solution.

In the instruction each kvartsevalnoy lamp described the recommended treatment time of the room. But to start with the minimum necessary kvartsevanie parameters to check individual tolerance to human Kvartsevanie.

In conducting kvartsevaniya home following important points must be considered:

  • It is forbidden to conduct disinfection of premises at an elevated temperature of the patient's body;
  • If human skin is characterized by dryness, before kvartsevaniya procedure is necessary to consult a dermatologist;
  • absolutely can not use kvartsevalnuyu lamp for tanning on the body;
  • it is not recommended to leave the animals and plants in the room, which is held kvartsevanie.

And one more important requirements that must be followed when handling kvartsevalnoy lamp - comply with fire safety requirements in the room.

Kvartsevanie dwelling is justified if the house is a large number of people or family members often suffer from colds. In such cases, quartz lamp will secure space for all the loved ones.

Kvartsevanie dwelling is justified if the house is a large number of people or family members often suffer from colds. In such cases, quartz lamp will secure space for all the loved ones.

Stupid article written by a copywriter, not professional !! The main hazards of the quartz lamp is its only radiation but also OZONE which is a powerful oxidant and bukvaltno burns the lungs. After kvartsevaniya house should be well ventilated!

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