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Custom options Wallpapering in different rooms

Despite the huge number of modern materials for finishing the housing, time-tested wallpaper has a leading position in the design of our homes. Of course, it should be noted that today is not the same "babushkiny9raquo; Background representing paper webs with a primitive pattern.

Today, it is a high quality, made in accordance with the latest technologies material, meets all the requirements of modern man and has environmentally friendly, resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and so on. D. In addition, its cost is often much lower than those of many finishing materials.

Today, the traditional options wallpapering recede into the background, making way for new interesting decisions on registration of premises. All of the two (or more) types of wallpaper in one room often were used. Combined color and texture. What this method has the effect of glueing, and how the room after such experiments, we describe in this article.

Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of wallpaper for the walls, which differ in texture, manufacturing method, operation life. They are designed for different rooms. The most popular today are the following:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • textile;
  • bamboo;
  • cork;
  • Mural.

Options combined gluing wallpaper

Combining wallpaper - it is a popular design method. Prior to the acquisition of material present, what would you like to see my room after repair. Evaluate its purpose and all the characteristics (height of the ceilings, lighting). What are the options for gluing the walls with wallpaper to fit your space, taking into account the height of the walls, the width of the room? The proposed embodiments below can be used for standard interior. With rooms of complex geometry is necessary to experiment, combining several types of fabrics. This will be discussed later.

Application in interior wallpaper with vertical stripes of two kinds (of different texture and color) - the original way to make the room dynamics. You can use shades of the same color or contrasting combinations. The combination of monochrome canvases create the play of shadows and contrasts are able to emphasize the character and uniqueness of the interior.

Unusual wallpapering embodiments, which include the separation of horizons allows any alternate webs with different surface relief and shades. What alternate - monochrome or contrasting stripes depends on the willingness of the landlord. It is important to correctly calculate the width. For example, in premises with high ceilings, experts advise combine strips in a ratio of 2: 1.

Often webs have different widths. The use of wooden slats or polyurethane moldings (depending on design) helps to successfully meet this challenge and diversify the interior decorative element.

First, you need to prepare the walls. Their okleivayut background wallpaper (or paint). On top of this finishing paste insert. Technology is quite simple: insert cut from the wallpaper denser, usually on a paper basis. These may be pieces of different shapes and size - it all depends on your imagination. Flanked by such decorative elements by means of thin moldings. Glued inserts easily masked by the edge frame. This way of design, without a doubt, will accentuate the originality of the room.

The use of patches of different colors

Someone options wallpapering two species may seem too conservative. In this case, you can use bold and rather unusual way of combining several rolls. If you do the repair yourself, then this option can be used only if you have the imagination and sense of color, because the room should be beautiful, to avoid the impression that you have collected the remains of unnecessary wallpaper and pokleit them on the walls.

This embodiment allows the use of all lumps and sticking them on the wall in the form of organized combinations of various elements (triangles, ovals, and t.).

Select individual designs, niches and ledges

Now back to the rooms with complex geometry. With the wallpaper can be interesting beat and create an original interior. Highlighting the ledges and niches of common space, you force them to tune in a new way. To do this, they should be wallpapered contrasting colors. For example, if the main tone of the walls white, the niche better to make a black and gray. For the blue wall is suitable peach lip, well, and the room in pink tones will look very fresh light green color. In plain areas for niche better to choose wallpaper, painted with different motifs, characters.

Mural with contrasting bright pattern create an interesting focus, especially when used with webs in cold and monochromatic colors. With photo wallpapers can not use material with a pattern, otherwise you too reboot the interior.

So, we looked at possible options for wallpapering. Now let's discuss how to arrange one or another room apartment

This room you always want to draw like something unusual, original, and to the household and guests feel as comfortable as possible. Options for wallpapering (in the hall), two species are different, we talked about above. It is important to choose a suitable for your home to meet your preferences.

Living room (as, indeed, any other room in the house) has certain features of registration. To achieve the desired effect, you should observe some simple rules:

  • visually "pripodnyat9raquo; ceiling can via a vertical strip of wallpaper, and fabric expand space patterned, horizontally oriented;
  • for the small size of the living room is not suitable samples with a large pattern;
  • dark, poorly lit room needs a light colored wall coverings;
  • when combining the two (or more) types of wallpaper in the living room to consider their style decision.

We have already talked about the diversity of the currently existing wallpaper. Which of them are suitable for the living room more often? The stylish design of the room is better to give preference to non-woven wallpaper, because they have a dense structure, concealing irregularities of the walls, are durable, resistant to deformation and can be used for coloring.

Vinyl differ little from non-woven quality. They are easy to clean and wash, "maskiruyut9raquo; seams. But a special decoration will be a living tissue. It will give the room a special charm, elegance and originality. Decorate the living room and bamboo wallpaper. They are easy to care for operation

With the help of two types of wallpaper the living room can be divided in functional areas. For this purpose, fabric of different textures and colors. You can use wallpaper companion.

Okleyte one wall wallpaper with a bright pattern or stripe, and remaining monophonic textured webs.

Originally it looks like interior in which one wall is allocated strips of polyurethane or plaster. They then pasted contrasting patterns. This room looks very stylish

This room in each house should be cozy and warm, so that owners can fully relax in it before the upcoming day. Options wallpapering bedroom involve the use of pastel colors. This combination is ideal for rooms, decorated in a classic style. However, for a bedroom in modern style suit black-and-white palette. This room looks very original.

It should be noted that the options wallpapering (photo you can see in this article) in the bedroom of a small size allow you to use only a small upholstery inserts. Other methods are ineffective in a small room.

Using two colors of wallpaper in the bedroom will help to zone the room or to allocate a certain part of her. The main element of any bedroom is the bed. It is possible to allocate a spectacular wall canvas. For example, if the basic background of the room is light and soft colors, the wall at the head of the bed cloths paste over with bright and expressive print. If you prefer wallpaper with an ornament, you can pick up for one part of the room monochromatic canvases in for another - with the figure, but at the same background. Such combinations are called companions, and today they are widely available in specialized stores.

Undoubtedly, any options Wallpapering requires adherence to certain rules, which we discussed above. However, not forget to deviate from the standards. Quite often, it helps you to create original and imaginative interiors. Completely depriving room monotony, use the same pattern, but the color of the wallpaper should be different. The most interesting option is the use of small and large plant or geometric patterns.

Discussing options for wallpapering in the bedroom, the designers point out that the most popular at the moment is the horizontal separation. This method is perfect for bedrooms, decorated in a classic style. The easiest way to use this ready, picked up a pair of wallpaper coating manufacturer. As a rule, they are complemented by decorative wall borders that are glued at the junction of paintings. Today, such a composition is simple to assemble and independently.

As you can see, the options are varied wallpapering. Technology does not have any strict laws, which can not be derogated from. Creative imagination, experiment, and as a result you can get a unique interior, which will meet all your requirements.

Beautiful couple, or pokleit wallpaper of two kinds

When planning for the future of the room decor is often the question arises: how pokleit wallpaper two kinds of right to a combination of ornament and color became the highlight of the interior? The use of wallpaper in companion help hide minor flaws premises, to shift the focus to the desired zone. This technique is appropriate and in small spaces. Elegant wallpaper coating fabrics with a large figure, pasted all over the wall, there will be inappropriate, but the band is beautiful, bright "tapestries" with expressive ornament as an accent, while the more subdued tones enliven the design of the room.

what combination will suit the room choosing wallpaper, you must first decide. There are different options for pasting wallpaper companion:

  • vertical strips;
  • horizontal division;
  • small wallpaper coating paste;
  • wallpaper coating inserts over large areas;
  • wrapping rags;
  • allocation zones, recesses and protrusions.

Horizontal combination suits a classic interior design. It can be done with the help of special wallpaper. They are sold in tandem, it is proposed in addition to the decor - thin strips, curbs. If you want to choose the composition of their own, need to consider the following recommendations.

  • From dark to light: the lower part is chosen darker top.
  • Harmony of color: the color of the lower part of the support should be in the upper figure of wallpaper.
  • Height: horizontal division looks beautiful, if the height of the lower segment is approximately 1 meter.

The combination of different wallpapers in the form of vertical stripes will visually "raise" the ceiling. This technique is used on one or two walls, to turn an entire room in a striped robe Bukhara is not necessary. Typically such a combination - a kind of wallpaper performs vertical dominant, the other - the background. That is, selected two kinds of wallpaper, one of which has a distinct pattern or texture.

Choosing options for vertical combination, pay special attention to the density of wallpaper. With this method of combination will not hide the transition between the different thicknesses wallpaper via molding. For vertical stripes wallpaper is better to buy the same manufacturer and even from one collection.

Rules of combination of different patterns

Ornament plays an important role in the interior: a properly selected, it brings together the various elements of interior composition. To navigate the choice of patterns when decorating, you need to know what all the different patterns divided into three groups.

  1. Geometric patterns, which are used as the basis of geometric shapes.
  2. Fitomorfnye or vegetable, ornamental patterns representing images of plants lifelike or stylized.
  3. Meander ornaments - pattern of polygonal ongoing line.

Creating a design with a combination of plain and patterned wallpaper, it is difficult to make a mistake, since the pattern always looks a winner on the single-color background. However, there are some conditions, following which, we can significantly diversify the answer to the question as pokleit wallpaper of two kinds with different pattern.

  • If the ornamental motif on different wallpaper is the same, the color may vary. On the other hand, it is possible to combine different patterns on the wallpaper of the same color.
  • Large expressive fitomorfnye elements are combined with fine geometric patterns.
  • Strip - the perfect ornament for combining. It is combined with almost any wallpaper, if there is a color harmony.

Decorative borders for edging tapestries with meander ornaments are the best finishing touch for decoration wall wallpaper with floral ornaments.

living room design requires careful attention to detail. This is not surprising, because the room - the front room. The hall mark family events, it is to invite the guests, there spend their leisure time all the inmates of the house. Very often, this room has several functions. Most common options - a living-dining room and living-room. Application in the design of the wallpaper companion helps organize and zoned space.

The hall organically look wallpaper coating paste on one of the walls or projections and recesses selection. There will also be appropriate allocation of your walls with colorful wallpaper, if the main colors in discreet colors. Design in the living room allows for a combination of conventional coatings and photo wallpapers. Mural print on must support the basic concept of design. For urban style suit Photo metropolis, sea design will be combined with the image of the sea and suitable for ekostilya landscape wildlife.

As pokleit wallpaper of the two species to create a calm, comfortable design in the bedroom? To do this, you can pick up material with a vegetative ornament and shade it with wallpaper that mimic the natural materials - wood, leather and silk. This option is suitable for almost any style and will help emphasize the atmosphere of tranquility that is characteristic for this room.

Beautiful and interesting here will look pasting scraps. This technique will transform a bedroom into a cozy casket, help get rid of coldness, which brings a modern functional furniture. To choose the right material for this decorative technique, you need to choose the main color in accordance with the general design of the room, and other elements related to the chosen colors and shades.

Eclecticism in the kitchen space

The kitchen is often a multi-functional space. It is not only ready, but also use of the kitchen space as the dining room. Decoration of the walls in the kitchen with different wallpaper allows accents and create a relaxed atmosphere.

combining the options here are diverse and depend only on the style and taste of the house owner. In decorating the walls here can be combined not only different wallpaper, but also different materials. If the apron is decorated with tiles of blue color in the ornament wallpaper too must be supported by this color.

It is best to look in the kitchen wallpaper of bright, cheerful colors combined with cooler tones. For example, orange as the basic color to be combined with inserts of olive elements and lighter complementary color: beige or light gray.

Often, from the wallpaper, different in texture, do not refuse because they do not fit, and for practical reasons. They are difficult to stitch, and the thickness of different fabrics can ruin the overall look. Meanwhile, the decoration molding joints will help to solve this problem. Molding approach in the design of upholstery inserts, as well as horizontal differentiation of different types of wallpaper.

The kitchen has an area where the finishing materials become contaminated quickly. These are places around the plate, sink, over the working and dining tables. If you plan to paste their wallpaper, you need to choose practical washable variants. In addition, you need to take one or two rolls of the reserve to be able to refresh the interior, it sets out is not a large-scale renovation.

Very practical design with wallpaper pasting on one of the walls, if it contains irregularities. In this case, all the walls are pasted over self-colored materials and problematic wall is made in bright colors - photo wallpapers or wallpaper with an expressive print.

Given the rules of combination, it is possible to develop a project of interior design, which is suitable for the most demanding esthete. The combination of colors, textures and patterns will turn even a standard apartment in the homes of typical building in a comfortable, beautiful accommodation, inform her personality, her unique style.

How beautiful pokleit wallpaper

Let's talk about how beautiful pokleit wallpaper in different premises. To begin with, how can modern paste over the room like a hall. It is this premise is presented in front of guests, provides them with an impression about the house or apartment. Interior planning is necessary to perform slowly, pay attention to the various small parts.

As a modern and beautiful pokleit wallpaper? This issue is of concern to all owners of urban and suburban housing.

For those who choose to paste over the room beautiful decoration materials, note that you need to start to choose their specific type.

Paper webs, currently proposed by manufacturers, divided into several types. In the photo presented paper wallpaper, which you can paste over the small living room.

Such materials have excellent mechanical properties, it is easy to work with them, you can buy them at affordable prices.

The photo shows an example of an interior that demonstrates how you can nicely stick wallpaper in the living room.

Washable materials with a variety of patterns better stick to the walls of the kitchen or hallway. The room like wallpaper out of place, they do not create the right atmosphere in the room.

Non-woven fabric can be glued in those rooms where the walls have significant defects. Dense structure of these materials perfectly cope with this task will help get rid of the peaks and valleys on the surface.

How beautiful wallpaper paste over the room to enjoy the result? Currently, there are a huge variety of options for wallpapering, involving the use of a combination of different textures of wallpaper, color. The photo is an example of how you can paste over one room several wallpaper.

Among the fashionable examples of how nice to hang wallpaper, select use of two kinds of wallpaper, with the same color but different shades. Due to such a combination of wallpaper paste over the walls can be beautiful in the room.

Plain wallpaper can be combined with the wallpaper, which have a pattern or picture. This option will make the interior dynamics. In addition, thanks to this unusual reception can be carried out zoning premises do when glueing focus on a certain area.

You can stick the web (sample pictured) with a picture of different types. For example, a combination of materials with ornament, with webs having vertical or horizontal bands, gives great effect. Look beautiful wallpaper with geometric shapes, supplemented by wood theme.

Thinking about how beautiful wallpaper paste, look at the contrasting options. For example, you can pokleit walls contrasting materials of the room, making the interior a fashionable and unusual.

Young homeowners prefer to glue the wallpaper on one wall of bright accents, this is especially true in the apartments-studios. The photo shows an embodiment of how to paste over the wall in a small residential area.

Responding to a question, how beautiful pokleit wallpaper (photos see below), we turn to the advice of professional designers, offered in the form of fragments

In addition to the combination of pasting when some kinds of wallpaper, there are plenty of other options on how to hang wallpaper.

The wall is divided into two parts. Each wallpaper various color and design, having one color. This glueing at relevant materials with a similar structure wallpaper. In order to eliminate seams, specially selected decorative borders.

You can pick up fabric in a contrasting color, use a monochromatic color. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the owner of the dwelling.

If you decide to pick up the wallpaper with pattern, they should be combined in design. At the joints between such materials need to paste the decorative molding. It will give the effect of having indoor decorative panels, will make the room elegance and refinement.

With such an unusual gluing you can create original zoning in the living room, office. For example, highlight the location of the fire zone, the TV.

Recently, interior fashion trend experts consider the allocation of the interior wall particular. The photo shows a sample of how to glue finishing materials to mimic on the surface of the panel unusual. Patchwork technique involves the use of multiple wallpapers that are combined with each other in color and texture.

Technology such decorating comprises pre-cutting of webs of segments of desired size and shape, sticking their butt joint. gluing can be carried out at random, especially when decorating a wall in a modern interior style if desired. Such an option can be used in glueing teen room, as they force the psychological characteristics tend to maximalism, including and in the interior.

If you have chosen a vertical gluing otelochnyh materials, try to pick one type of fabric with the same thickness. In this case it is possible to avoid the unsightly joints between the individual webs.

Particular caution should be exercised when combining decorative materials with surround pattern. It must be remembered that such webs may influence the visual perception of space parameters.

For vertical webs of the same type suitable for pasting, having equal thickness. If the inside of the room there are any niche, they can also be selected using the decorative materials. Professionals advise to use for such purposes trellis with a slight pattern.

When you select a paper material do not forget that they have excellent air permeability, but very quickly lose its original aesthetic appearance. Such material is better to draw children's rooms, but they are not suitable for gluing the walls in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen.

Vinyl materials are ideal for use in interior patchwork art. Their dense texture makes it possible to carry out numerous experiments with the creation of decorative panels, the implementation of zoning in the room.

Textile fabrics are suitable for lovers of luxury. They require extra care, moreover, have a relatively high cost.

When gluing the walls of any kind of materials, it is important to be taken seriously, not only to the selection of special glue, but also to the choice of colors, textures.

Cool colors positive impact on the mental state of a person. For short-tempered and impulsive human psychologists advised to choose to decorate the walls of green or blue saturated color. For romantic desirable to select warm shades.

Beige, peach color of finishing materials for the walls will give them the perfect solution. Black and gray color feel depressed, so they can not be the main background when decorating a room, suitable only for minor emphasis in interior design. The materials chosen and properly sticked to enrich any interior unusual and original.

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