Room for girl in a contemporary style photo

Room design for girls - photo and interior examples

When children grow up, parents have new worries. This is especially true when a teenager in the family - a girl. Young girl is vitally important to have your own space. This period is characterized by the awareness of his personality, the need to be alone with him. It is also worth to be alert to the possibility that the girl will often come girlfriend. Share secrets, to listen to modern music, boast squads. And as to continue their studies, need to organize a comfortable workplace. Therefore, to create the design of the room for the girls, you need to divide the space into functional zones. Further details on how to better design the interior to meet current trends.

The basic principle of the design rooms for girls

Very many adulthood memorable by the presence of cozy personal space, which may never in my life will not be. There are recorded everyday hobbies teenager, his sympathies, feelings. human self-knowledge is a very important point, so take everything to the question of his comfort zone should seriously. For the interior design of the room for the girl put forward some requirements that allow to satisfy the needs of adolescents. The first and most important requirement is the ability to self-government. The girl should be allowed to participate in the interior and to choose the decorative elements. The optimal solution would be a joint shopping trip and purchase the appropriate style of design products. This event will be remembered for the young beauty once and for all. Will long to please her.

When you select should be guided not only on fashion items, but also in functionality.

You need to keep in mind such mandatory area in the room as a bedroom, a guest to meet friends, work place.

You can be sure that the girls have their own opinions about how it should look like private space. To him worth considering, since it is she has to be there the longest. This does not mean that the teen is given a blank check and credit card. But it is understood that responsible parents will gently guide your child to acquire a practical, universal things that will not lose its value over the years. You should also provide an opportunity to local changes in accordance with the change of the temporary interests of the girl. Interior room in the 15 and 19 years will be quite different.

Highlights in the design of functional zones

The aesthetic is an important question, however, we must first take care of the functionality of the space created. Regardless of the style of design, there must be room for everything practical room furniture set. For the maintenance of the things young ladies will need a roomy closet for books and personal notebooks - a desk with shelves. To save the usable area, it is also possible to equip the lower bed drawers.

It begins with the purchase of a convenient desk for homework. You can also provide a stand on it, if learning requires active use of the computer. Dimensions of furniture products should not embarrass the girl in movement. It should therefore be possible to effectively dispose of occupied space, using drawers and shelves.

Attention! The main condition here - is the placement of the table near the window, towards the light.

For evening activities required to organize comfortable lighting. Room design for girls implies a harmonious blend of pastel interior colors with the texture of the classic writing desk. This is the most optimal solution, proven more than one generation. In the remaining moments of the initiative should be left to the girl. She can choose an ergonomic chair, original lamps and other elements that create a design of the room for the girl in a modern style.

Unlike their parents, who think about the crucial importance of the desktop, they teenager thinks otherwise. Creating a youthful dream of its soft, comfortable bed. She will give warmth, which it is so necessary at this age. Single product must meet a girl notions of beauty and be calculated on the growth of an adult. She can choose stylish textiles, original cushions. Post bed (which can be bunk) should as far as possible from the entrance. You need to purchase a bedside table, which can be additionally equipped with a mirror. This will save space on the dressing table, dressing table. Design ottoman, beautiful lamps, decorative accessories - clearly reflect her personality, will allow the creative imagination to manifest.

There is no and can not be compulsory elements, so you should listen to the young mistress. design of the room for a young girl assumes the presence of free space, to carry out the fitting dresses, play with her friends. It is recommended to take care of the installation of underfloor heating in the room, because at this age, teens still like to spend their time there. They are comfortable at the bottom rather than the top bunk bed.

The main element of the situation can be a spacious wardrobe. It can be divided into functional areas - for clothes and various accessories. On the cabinet door can provide a large mirror for fashionistas. The construction of large values ​​of the door does not, single or double - does not matter. This does not prevent fitting trendy images and the choice of dresses.

Important. This piece of furniture can be designed not only for storage.

rooms for girls Design suggests a desire to teen use decorative stickers or posters of your favorite heroes on the cabinet door.

Design maiden room includes colorful or discreet walls, depending on their age. If a young person of 15 years, the walls can be painted with a mixture of a special marker that allows subsequently create her imaginative drawings. If the paint is magnetic, then the plane would be possible to arrange pictures or posters of idols. This will protect the walls from contamination with tape or adhesive substances. We should not expect that the wallpaper will remain in its original form, since this period is characterized by rapid change of interests and needs of the authorities. Their images are always placed at or slightly above their heads on the walls.

When choosing the color of wallpaper encourage parents to hold their children from ill-considered actions. You should not encourage excessive enthusiasm of young creatures pink color and decorate the room this vanilla shade. Here you need to show a sense of proportion. Perhaps a compromise - one of the walls will be a match for the character of the girl, the others - combined with the overall design of the apartment. Since the monochrome version can quickly get bored and go out of fashion. The color scheme of the walls may comprise neutral pastel shades (white, beige, cream), eye to have the opportunity to relax.

Attention! A teenager can "break" on the decoration of the room with bright accessories.

Light wallpaper will allow not to overload the space of an abundance of colors. In addition, they are an excellent background in the placement of the same posters.

You can choose the flashy, stylish curtains or neutral color, but heavy materials should be avoided. The range of this element of decor on the market allows you to select the original image to match the overall interior design. A good option is the use of blinds. The emphasis should be on providing a sufficient amount of room light.

Modern design styles for the girls' rooms

Interior room for the girl could be made in any style, but must necessarily reflect her inner world. Therefore, parents are advised to familiarize themselves with a variety of design ideas of design to understand the issue. Next, we represent some of the most popular of stylistic solutions for the teen room.

If a girl can be called a visionary man, this refined style will emphasize its sophistication and femininity. The surface of the walls is made exclusively light shades to contrast with the black-and-white images of the French capital. These may be signs, posters or wallpapers. Then the minimalist design of the room is filled with elegant accessories with a French accent. Excellent will look carved furniture set with mirror.

The special features of this style include the functional combination of modern technology finishing with practical furniture design. Bright colors are possible only as a decoration plant ornament on the walls. The rest of the interior is characterized by soft colors.

Fits older girls (20-25 years), who have already decided on your taste. Despite the fact that this style is called a classic interior design can look very modern. To do this, you must use high-quality wooden furniture and expensive look of wallpaper. I would also pick the girl alone beautiful chandelier. Par with the mirror, it will become the main decoration room.

matured interests of the child should be taken into account in the design of the interior of the youth room. He has formed his own opinion, and requires only a competent support. A variety of materials and style allows you to choose the best design, if you follow our practical advice.

Room for girl in a contemporary style photo

room design for young girls: stylish, romantic and modern

Every girl needs in her cozy corner where she can unwind, relax, give yourself a little time. Usually in the role of such a "refuge" acts bedroom. Therefore, the choice of style for women's dormitory - is not easy and very responsible.

You must first determine the starting point of the development of the design of the room for a young girl. That is, it should take into account the nature, occupation, hobbies. Tip can also be a style of clothing. For girls relaxed and dreamy, most likely, will appeal to the romantic style with pastel colors and all sorts of ruffles - country, classic or Provencal, and an active and temperamental - fusion or modern.

No matter what style of interior decoration of the room for the girl nor was chosen, there are some general points that should be kept.

room design for young girls

The choice of lighting in the room for a young girl

The first thing to face when planning a design room for a girl, is to ensure its proper light. In her room does not leave a feeling of comfort and tranquility in the evening and reached by a dimmed light. And in the morning it is necessary to provide adequate lighting for applying makeup. This means that in the bedroom for a young girl must necessarily be multiple light sources.

The modern design of the room for the girl

Interior room for a girl photo

Room for a girl design photo

color of the room for the girls photo

Modern room for a girl photo

An important part of the room for the girl - Mirror

Every girl needs a mirror. However, if you want to put in a bedroom full-length mirror, remove it as far away from the bed, and in any case do not put in front. This can be attributed to the requirement of Feng Shui bedroom concerning registration and can be attributed to the basic safety and aesthetics.

room ideas for girls

Photos of rooms for the girls

Ideas in the storage room of a young girl

The third point to which you should pay attention - this storage space. Every girl certainly have a lot of nice little things, clothes and accessories that have nowhere to put. In this case, put in a bedroom closet to the ceiling height. Seasonal items can be stored on the top shelf, and for accessories to make small drawers. Trinkets can be folded into a box or basket, and put on the uppermost shelves. One, but a multifunctional wardrobe, and best-in closet can solve several important problems.

Styles of rooms for the girls

Room for two girls

Furniture for the room of a girl with storage space

The choice of interior style for the girl: to consider all the details

Of course, stylistic direction is thought out from the beginning. Both furniture and mirror, and a wardrobe should fit into the design direction for the materials, the decor, the method of manufacture. But the important stylistic touches, and "smears artist" will have to add almost finished interior. A woman's bedroom is more associated with Romanticism. And it has its own pastel colors in the design, many details: lace inserts openwork floral pattern, decorative pillows, canopy over the bed. Do not go overboard with the design, because the romantic style involves humility, rather than an abundance of luxury.

Beautiful room for girls

Furniture for a girl's room

Four-poster bed for the girl's room

Making room for the girl with storage space

room ideas for a young girl photo

If you think romanticism primitive and old-regime, it is quite suitable modern. Its essence lies in the practicality, the division into zones bedroom and some contrasts. Highlight the zone above the bed insert bright wallpaper. Modern style makes it possible to place in the room a lot of things without cluttering up the space at the same time. Furniture roomy, easy to design, without curly decors and grooves, so it is easier to care for.

design of the room for a young girl in modern style

For lovers of glamor furniture fittings can be supplemented with stones and rhinestones. And for bright extraordinary people can be advised to use elements of fusion style - a combination of incongruous.

How to decorate a girl's room

Youth Room for a girl photo

Similar to the Art Nouveau style interior room for a young girl - minimalism, but even more strict. Minimum details, maximum capacity. One and the same element of the interior can perform several functions, allowing you to store more things in the same room with a sofa or bed with drawers, padded stool instead of a chair.

design of the room for a young girl in the style of minimalism

Very beautiful bedroom for girls photo

Bedroom for a young girl with a round bed

For a more peaceful and balanced approach natures soothing Zen style with massive furniture and natural materials. The colors should be light and unobtrusive. The main thing - convenience and brevity.

Making room for the girl in the style of Zen

Do not stop at one style, combine them, experimenting, because the girl should feel free in my bedroom.

Bedroom design for girls: photo, design features

When designing a bedroom design for a girl in the first place be taken into account that the bedroom should reflect the character of his mistress, as well as being cozy and comfortable. In the interior, you can use interests and hobbies: drawing, collecting, photography, books - all this will help to create in the bedroom a unique, individual and modern style.

Zoning bedrooms for the girls

As with any room in the apartment, the bedroom should be divided into functional areas: it will make it more comfortable, and will allow for the room not only hours of the night.

Area for sleeping and relaxing during the day, in addition to the mandatory bed, provided with modern storage system, and bedside tables, allowing to organize a place to read. If you can, additionally equipped with a place for beauty treatments - a dressing table or small chest of drawers with a mirror hanging above it.

The opportunity to sit behind a laptop, see the email, write a few letters - the need for the modern man, and in the interior of a bedroom for the girl must be provided for this work a special place.

Desk should be positioned near the window, in the light in the room. However, the geometry of space may be such that such a location would be inconvenient. In such a case can be transferred to the work area to the far wall of windows, but at the same time - at the maximum distance from the front door. The working area needs a good additional lighting.

Tip: If you can not arrange a separate dressing table, it can be combined with the workplace. In this case, on the wall above the table you need to hang a mirror. Next to the table you can place a rack or hang a shelf for books and documents required for the work.

To be able to chat with friends in a cozy atmosphere, it is necessary to think over the equipment the guest area. When sufficient size bedrooms there can be a sofa, if the area of ​​the room is not large, instead put a chair or a few handy puffs. Wall hanging television panel. On the floor in this area is appropriate to put a rug with a soft bristle brush.

The furniture in the interior of a bedroom for the girl

When choosing a bed should be considered primarily convenience. Sofa in a modern bedroom for the girl can not be a basic place to sleep, it will adversely affect the spine condition. Bed base necessary to provide orthopedic and corresponding mattress. It can be as a single, and a wider, depending on individual preferences and the availability of space in the room. View headboard is chosen according to the selected design of the room interior. If the sleeper sofa is still selected, be sure to provide it special mattresses for sofas.

Desk (as well as a chair) should be easy and should not take up much space. In the interior, it can be combined with a window sill, and can be detached object - it all depends on the size of the bedroom and personal preferences.

The interior of the bedrooms is well looked ordinary wardrobe, but it takes a lot of space. Sometimes it is wiser to place a modern built-in storage. It should not be too small, and its interior arrangement should be well thought out, so that there was a place for everything you need. Mirror sheets on the doors of the storage system (or the cabinet) to visually increase the room.

Makeup application requires a dressing table with drawers for storage of cosmetics, as well as a large mirror. It is not only utilitarian but also decorative objects in the interior: it can be beneficial to emphasize the style of the room.

Lighting in the room for the girl

Light design bedrooms for the girls thought out, taking into account the overall brightness of the room. If it is not enough, you need to provide additional coverage. Light circuits used in the interior of at least two: day and night. From the large and festive trimmings should be abandoned, unless it is dictated by the chosen style.

  • Instead of chandeliers as the main lighting is better to use the point sources of light, evenly dispersed on the ceiling area. They are suitable for any interior design solutions and illuminate even the most remote corners of the room.
  • For the working area is best to choose a modern lamp with the possibility of changing the direction of light. This lamp also can be used for additional illumination of other areas, pointing it in the right direction.
  • Bedside lighting can be implemented in various ways: the lamp standing on the table, wall or a floor lamp at the head of the bed will provide an opportunity to read before bedtime.
  • Windows must be equipped not only with light, transparent, but black-out curtains, providing insulation from the light from the street - it will allow to fully relax at night. Instead of curtains in the bedroom design, you can use blinds.

As additional accessories in the interior of a bedroom for the girl can be used not only photos, souvenirs from travels, but also the favorite toys, figurines collection, embroidery or patterns bedrooms hostess, and all those little things that give comfort and warmth to this most intimate room in the house.

How to choose a style for design bedrooms for the girls?

Before proceeding to the equipment bedrooms, you must define its style. Here come first preferences of the girl, her personality. Selection of possible styles is very wide.

One of the most romantic styles. Many girls choose his name, wanting to emphasize their femininity. The design of the bedrooms is dominated by delicate pastel shades - blue, pink, beige, peach. Furniture can be forged elements, the bed is usually patterned headboard. Welcome additions of textiles and soft lines. When decorating are mainly used natural materials, this applies to both the furniture and textiles.

Modern bedroom for the girl in style Shabby-chic richly decorated: wood carving, mirrors in elegant frames, candlesticks and vases, potted plants - all this creates a nice atmosphere in the design of the girl's room.

Special attention - the textile elements. Curtains should fall large folds, cushions in different designs, sizes and shapes are designed to not only add comfort, but also create a cozy atmosphere. For bed linen also selected in pastel colors, with patterns of colors or monograms.

Design a bedroom for the girl in a modern style is made with bright colors, uniform illumination, the minimum amount of furniture laconic forms. The choice of this style decision is justified in that case, if a bedroom set aside a small room - it will allow visually enhance the area. The modern styles using the minimum number of add-ons and accessories, and a feeling of warmth and comfort in design is achieved by thoughtful color combinations and interesting interior design accents. Modern bedroom is characterized by elements such as:

  • maximum free space;
  • the use of transforming furniture;
  • natural materials for finishing;
  • quiet colors;
  • lack of design rich decor.

Typically, girls prefer the modern style living with the times, as well as requiring the presence of a computer desk. The interior fit perfectly into modern audio and video systems.

The classic interior of a bedroom for the girl - a spaciousness, quiet comfort and a certain solemnity of the situation. In such an interior not place bright color combinations and super-modern design solutions. The color scheme of discreet, warm - beige, pistachio, gray, purple, white. Using the design of wood - another sign of the classical style.

Wooden bed must be equipped with a spectacular headboard or upholstered or decorated rezboy. Suppose canopy over the bed - it will make a romantic touch to the design of the bedroom. The fabrics used in the classic interior, also should be natural, good quality.

You can use velvet, satin, silk, furniture upholstery. Dressing table, ottoman next to it must not only fulfill its intended purpose, but also to emphasize the selected style decision, they can become the main elements of the classic bedroom design. A large mirror in a carved frame will become a bright accent of the situation.

Modern bedrooms for the girls often perform in a Scandinavian style. Its main advantages - simplicity, the ability to use even in very small spaces. The abundance of light and air, clear shapes, clean lines combined with vivid colors and traditional patterns create a soft and stylish atmosphere in the design of the bedroom in which to relax.

The main pastel tones add bright accents of blue, turquoise, red, obtaining expressive and distinctive interiors. As wall decoration, you can use graphic black and white images, in this case, the color is added by using decorative pillows. Green plants will add to the design of freshness and warmth.

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