How to measure the diagonal of the TV

How to measure the diagonal of the TV

How to measure the diagonal TV

Properly selected TV size - the key to comfortable viewing of your favorite programs, and other media content. The statement "the more the diagonal of the TV the better" is not entirely true. Generally accepted measure of the diagonal of the TV is considered inch. This value is usually indicated on the box on the TV in a 22 "42" 52 "b, etc.

Immediately specify that one inch equals 2.54 cm or 25.4 mm. Those. you just need to multiply the size of your TV to this. If your TV diagonal of 22 "(inches), then 22 * ​​2.54 is equal to 56 cm.

To calculate the diagonal TV can use the calculator and the converter units.

How to measure the diagonal TV

If the box is disposed on the TV, and the instruction is not found, the diagonal of the TV can be measured in different ways:

• Find the model of your TV on the Internet (on the website of the manufacturer, or of Yandex.Market) and see what the diagonal.

• Measure the diagonal of the TV manually.

In the first case, everything is simple, find the model you want, go to the tab "Features" and see the information we need:

For the second method of measuring the diagonal of the TV, we need the line or "meter". We are taking measurements as indicated in the figure, from the lower left corner to the top right (or vice versa). Measure only the screen without considering the frame.

If you are interested in the size in inches, then divide the resulting number in centimeters by 2.54 and get the result in inches.

How to choose the size of the diagonal of the TV

When selecting the size of the TV, you need to pay attention to two things - a viewing distance and screen resolution. The second is now a whole lot easier than before, because All modern TVs support at least HD Ready resolution. But the distance to the TV to be calculated. This can be done easily with the help of the table:

Choosing quality of broadcast programs and the diagonal of the screen, get a comfortable viewing distance.

How to define the diagonal of the TV?

How to measure or calculate?

Generally very helpful to know diagonal of the TV. For example, in case you need to repair your TV. In addition, knowing TV diagonal size, you can select a suitable viewing distance.

  1. You can see the size of the manual (if applicable). Typically, information about the size of a diagonal is directly on the cover of the instruction manual.
  2. If the instruction is lost, you first need to determine what you want to measure TV - LCD, CRT or plasma.
  3. Diagonal TV with a picture tube measured on the glass bulb. How to measure? Stretch centimeter from one corner of the glass screen to another, the result is written in inches.
  4. LCD or plasma TV is measured in the ON state. It is necessary to move away from the TV to half a meter, to see where the light pixels on the screen corners. Usually in LCD and plasma TVs on the edges of the image has a black frame. Therefore, to measure the need at the pixels at the corners. Now, going to the screen obliquely putting a centimeter between corner pixels and measure.
  5. As diagonal TVs and monitors measured in inches, you need to divide the result is divided by 2.54 - this will be the diagonal size of your TV in inches.

To determine the diagonal of the TV you just need to simply measured with a ruler or meter distance from one corner to the other through the center, that is to say on the diagonal. And then the obtained distance in inches and dividing by 2.54 to get the diagonal inches.

The task is simple, if you have a tape measure handy. Measured the distance from one corner to the opposite, translated centimeters to inches - everything's done.

And what if in our possession, say, only very brief line, and we need to measure the diagonal of a huge TV? Just as eye mentally draw a straight diagonal difficult.

Outputs of at least two. First, calculate the diagonal (it - the hypotenuse) of the Pythagorean theorem. No, I'm serious.

The second is to take the cord or tape to stretch it from corner to corner, thus as if using instead roulette. The length of the tape or lace to be easily measured with a ruler of any length. If it is really about a large scale, it can be used as a basis for its growth, but this measurement is very rough, of course.

Diagonal TV can be determined using a tape measure or long rule. You just have to measure the distance from one corner to the other, on a diagonal. Then you can convert centimeters into inches.

You can also enter the name of the Internet model, and determine the line of television sets, to understand what you have.

TV Diagonal define a snap. This information can be found in the instructions supplied with the TV. If it does not exist (it is lost, for example) it is possible to measure the diagonal of the TV (or itself). It is necessary to take centimeter tape or tape and measure the distance from the top right corner of the monitor to lower left or from the upper left corner of the monitor to the lower right. This distance - this is the diagonal of the TV.

By the way, the TV diagonal measured in centimeters.

TV Diagonal measure is not difficult, for this you need to take a tape measure or a centimeter and measure diagonally, how many centimeters is from one angle to another. Measure need only glass, frame not measure. If you need to find your size in inches as the diagonal are usually measured in them, then the resulting figure in centimeters, divide by two point fifty four hundredths, so you get the length in inches.

Me as a girl, was always interested in how and why the size of the monitor and TV is called a diagonal and how it is measured.

Everything was easy. Size is measured from the top corner to the lower right corner, passing through the center of the screen.

In order to find out the size of the TV screen size to be measured on the diagonal. But it is important not to make mistakes and measured from corner to corner "diagonally."

Further, the size of the table determines the size.

If we have the length - is equal to the diagonal of 81 centimeter, this size is 32 inches.

Monitor Diagonal TV to determine is quite simple. To do this you need a simple tape measure or normal range.

The measurement must be carried from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner, and it will be considered a screen diagonal.

Mark ordinary roulette, and measured, the width of the upper right corner to the lower left corner, and width is typically simply left to right across the screen, and which does not need to calculate or compute the multiply and add)

How to measure the diagonal of the TV? Basic methods and measures of length

If you are going to buy a new TV, it is one of the critical points that need to be sure to pay attention - this is the size of the future device. Rooms, as well as the furniture in the house have their own individual form, so it is useful to pre-run around the apartment with a tape measure and figure out what size to choose a purchase.

Once you have decided on the size of tables or a wall, then there are places where there will be a device, you can go to the store look the right diagonal. So, we shall understand how to measure the diagonal of the TV. All the following methods and techniques are readily available and easy enough to understand a regular user with them, so any serious problems should not be.

Before you measure the diagonal of the TV, we shall understand with centimeters and inches, that is, with the main line, which is estimated this kind of devices.

One inch (duim (niderl) -. The thumb) is equal to 2.54 centimeters. This measure of length used in European non-metric catalogs. In most cases, the word "dyuym9raquo; British understand measure length (inch), which is the same 2.54 cm.

Despite the fact that after the approval and adoption of the European countries unified measurement system, where there was no place inches, some manufacturers continue to use this measure to determine the form factor of their products. So keep that in mind before you measure your TV diagonal in cm.

For example, if you see before you is a gadget with a mark 37 ", it means that the device has a screen diagonal of 37 inches or 93.98 centimeters, ie 37" is multiplied by 2.54 cm and get the size in centimeters. Pay attention to these simple calculations before the TV diagonal measure one way or another length.

Some mistakenly believe that, for example, the size of 32 inch - a unit length in a width, i.e. from the left to the right. But in reality this is not so, 32 ', or otherwise 81 cm - distance from the top corner on the left side to the lower right, and vice versa (upper right - lower left). Be sure to focus on this point for myself before to measure the diagonal of the TV.

Many users allow a very rough (especially for built-in appliances) the error by measuring the angles devaysa frame. The resulting figure will be wrong, because the frame can be thicker, more or less, that sometimes, even absent. In the latter case, no problems, but in the other - you get the wrong information.

Before you measure the diagonal of the TV, remember that you need to measure only the screen itself without a frame, otherwise a particular model may not be suitable for your furniture in size. In addition, it is useful to take into account the depth and the device which also affects the installation site.

After all the calculations are done, it's time to choose your favorite model. Let's say you have chosen a 46-inch device (117 cm). Its width varies between 113 cm and a height not exceeding 64 cm.

Technically, it will fit in the most modern of the walls, designed for this kind of technology, but it will be what is called a butt, and aesthetically it does not look very nice. Therefore, in this case it is better to stop on the 40-inch (102 cm) that look great and do not look alyapisto and to press against the backdrop of the entire wall.

As for the TV depth, here everything is standard. Most of the models are not wide spread on the item, so that time can be called universal. Nevertheless, it is useful to clarify in the store this option in order to avoid additional problems.

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