How to clean windows without streaks quickly

How quickly and without divorce yourself to wash windows at home?

Surely every woman had to think about how to wash windows without streaks at home. After all, without the shining glass will never be able to make sense of perfect cleanliness in the house. But for many cleaning windows remains the task that does not want to start. You only imagine how difficult it is to get rid of the hated divorce. Fortunately, experienced housewives know how to deal with the problem quickly and easily. Try to understand what is the "secret" information owned by the lucky.

Proper preparation - the key to success

A good hostess always has in its arsenal of special devices to help her put things clean. In order to wash the windows, you need:

  • sponge (preferably to one side of it was tough - it will remove stubborn dirt);
  • cloth (best suited for washing windows or microfiber cloth coarse linen);
  • dry paper;
  • basin or bucket.

That's all. With the above tools, you can easily wash the windows well, because our grandmother quite manage only this equipment.

However, progress does not stand still. Now every store you can buy useful gizmos, greatly simplifies life mistress. So, for washing windows is very useful it may be a special brush that one side has a view of the sponge, and the other - a rubber scraper. To learn how to use such a device, it will be described later.

But do not wash windows only some instruments also need special tools to help you effectively wash the windows in the home.

The choice of means for washing is carried out, depending on how heavily soiled window, and how quickly the hostess wants to give it crystal clear. What could it be?

  1. 1 Water. This tool is the most affordable of all. And for windows suburban or village house, it is fine, as far away from roads and large enterprises are protected from the appearance of stubborn dirt. However, residents of the city, as a rule, have to resort to a "strong" means.
  2. 2 vinegar. This product has been input in the days when the stores did not have such an abundance of tools for house cleaning. Acid corrodes pollution, after which they can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

When searching for an answer to the question of how to wash windows, to avoid divorce, many housewives becomes aware of proven "old wives' ways of solving this problem. Following the experience of generations, can be used for high-quality purification of windows:

Some people prefer to go to the store and buy a special tool for washing windows. This can be:

  • special spray that is applied to the glass, and then simply removed with a dry cloth;
  • cleansing solution to be diluted in water;
  • gel;
  • paste;
  • cleaning wipes for glasses, the use of which does not require the use of water or any cleaning agents.

It is difficult to say what is best to wash the windows. Every woman eventually finds "his" method that allows it to return the "eyes of the house" clean.

Thinking about how to properly wash the windows, it is necessary to take into account the suggestions below sequence. She was advised to follow, regardless of which tool was chosen for washing.

  1. 1 Fully release the sill from all objects located on it (most often it is, of course, flower pots).
  2. 2 In a bowl or bucket to pour warm water into a container and add the crushed using a float soap, liquid soap, dishwashing liquid, washing powder or a little special means for cleaning the house.
  3. 3 Wet cloth in the solution and wash the windows from both sides, the sill knob. Qualitatively remove contamination from the openings and cracks by using a cotton swab (or a toothpick, which is wound wadding).
  4. 4 Empty the bucket or bowl and fill the container with clean water, through which once again wipe the window.
  5. 5 again replace the dirty water.
  6. 6 Wash glass (how to do this will be explained below) inside first and then the outside.
  7. 7 Once again, wipe the frame and sill with a damp cloth to remove any residual funds flowing in the process of washing of glasses.

Following this algorithm, it is possible to avoid unnecessary effort and wash windows as quickly as possible.

If the wooden window, the frame when washing should be remembered that:

  • as a cleaning agent can not use baking soda as it erodes the paint and can damage the structure of the structure;
  • best used diluted in plenty of water liquid soap or dishwashing detergent.

In most modern city apartments installed plastic windows, cared for also requires compliance with certain recommendations.

  1. 1 When washing frames in this case can not use powder detergents, as they may damage the user's profile, scratch it.
  2. 2 If used purchased detergents in their composition should not contain acid benzene or thinner, as these chemicals can damage the structure and change its color. It is best to give preference to a cleaning product based on alcohol.
  3. 3 The optimal solution for anyone who does not know how to wash windows, will be the preparation of a concentrated solution or liquid soap.
  4. 4 After drying, metal accessories plastic windows must be treated with lubricating oil, and rubber seal - silicone grease.

Now that the frames and sills are washed, you are ready to wash glasses. Typically, at this stage, many housewives and difficulties arise. Try to figure out how to quickly and streak-free wash windowpanes.

Folk remedies for cleaning windows

Many housewives window cleaners use folk remedies. As a rule, the products needed to prepare them, there is always at hand.

Such means are typically applied to the glass with a sponge or cloth and then removed with a dry cloth or paper. special sided brush can be used for applying the cleaning composition:

  • sponge soaked in the solution, wiped with glass;
  • agent is removed using a rubber scraper (like wipers to windshield), the movement necessary to carry out downward at a slight angle.

The cleaning solution can be prepared, if diluted in 3 liters of water:

  • 6 tablespoons. l. vinegar;
  • 3-6 Art. l. comminuted into powder of chalk or tooth powder;
  • 3 tbsp. l. starch;
  • 150 g of chlorine bleach;
  • 4-5 Art. l. salt;
  • 3-4 tablespoons. l. dishwashing liquid;
  • 4-5 Art. l. pulverized using a float soap.

For heavily contaminated glasses can be prepared more effective means, to use one of the following recipes below.

  1. 1 in 4 liters of warm water to dissolve with 100 ml of liquid ammonia and white vinegar, and blue by bit 2 tbsp. l. starch. Received agent placed in a container with a spray. When window washing solution sprayed on the glass, spread with a cloth or sponge, to remove dry cloth, paper cloth or paper.
  2. 2 Wipe glass cut in half with fresh raw potatoes then rinsed with cool water and wiped dry.
  3. 3 to grind the chalk powder and dilute it up to the vodka liquid cream consistency. Rub the resulting gruel glass, remove with a damp cloth and wipe dry. This method is suitable for those who want to quickly and without stains wash the windows.
  4. 4 Very often on the window glass can be detected black spots - traces left by flies. To get rid of them, should be cut in half fresh onion and wipe the glass.

We go to the shop: Purchase funds

Sometimes messing with the preparation of cleaning solutions have neither the time nor the desire, then you can resort to the purchase window cleaner.

The method of application of such products depends on their release form. Usually they are applied to the glass in pure form or pre-diluted in water. The composition of such means is not very different, it typically includes:

  • water;
  • alcohol or acid;
  • Surfactants (surface active agents);
  • Ammonia (used to impart gloss, not contained in all products);
  • antistatic or silicone (added to some means to protect the glass from excessive settling thereon of dust and dirt).

There are also special wipes for cleaning glass. According to the manufacturer, their use does not imply the additional use of any devices or detergent, just enough to wipe the glass. However, many housewives claim that the use of these wipes is effective only in the case of slack contamination.

Despite the fact that the means for washing windows, how to make your own hands, as well as store bought, there are many, their use does not always guarantee the absence of divorce.

How to avoid soap bars: the secrets and subtleties

Adhering to the above suggested sequence of washing windows and properly using detergent, can significantly reduce the likelihood of divorce. However, there is something else you need to know to avoid this trouble.

One of the most important rules that recommend experienced housewives learn to avoid divorce, says: my window on a cloudy day, when there is no rain and the wind. The fact that the rays of the scorching sun and the water cleaner dries quickly, leaving streaks. Avoid annoying and difficult to trace and during strong winds or rain.

Another valuable secret is that when washing the glass to make a circular motion, directed from the top down.

Thinking about how to quickly wash the windows, do not forget about the final details of this procedure: polished glass. This simple action will remove stains if they still appeared during washing windows. So, polish the glass up to the light as possible if intensive, circular movements rub it:

  • crumpled newspaper;
  • a piece of suede material;
  • special cloth;
  • old nylon stockings or pantyhose.

Wise people do not get tired of repeating that knowledge - force.

Indeed, if the hostess has good information on how to properly wash the windows, this problem no longer seems to her as something excruciatingly difficult.

Following simple tips, you can make this process is not only fast and efficient, but also pleasant. It's so wonderful to contemplate the crystal clear window, through which penetrate into the house of the sun's rays easily!

How to wash windows without streaks: folk remedies, effective methods and recommendations

The purity of the windows - that person hostess. It is only natural that women want to make crystal sparkle glass. But sometimes it is difficult to wash the windows without streaks. Folk remedies, household chemicals and little secrets will help achieve the ideal of purity.

Key factors of glass contamination

In the task "How to wash windows without streaks", folk remedies and household chemicals may show varying degrees of success, depending on the degree and type of contamination. The purity of the windows may affect the following factors:

  • Weather conditions (rain and snow) - the main cause of dirt and stains on the windows. Glass to remain clean longer, use detergents with silicone. It will create a protective film on which the water will just drain away.
  • On the dust from the street you can influence by means of an antistatic agent (part of the detergent). To less polluted window on the inside, often do wet cleaning in the house.
  • On the kitchen windows pattern appears due to accumulation of condensate. Salvation will be only a powerful extractor.
  • Smoking - is one of the most common causes of divorce on the glass. Nicotine deposited on the windows of fans to smoke on the balcony or in the kitchen.

How to clean plastic windows? Without divorce, they will look better. First you need to prepare all the necessary equipment, so as not to be distracted in the cleaning process. You will need the following:

  • Water tank. This may be a bucket or bowl. The second option is more convenient.
  • Sponges. If the windows have strong contamination, use two-sided with a hard coating.
  • Detergents. You can use the shop household cleaning products or try many traditional recipes.
  • Rags. There should be many and they do not leave lint on the glass. Best microfiber.
  • Scraper. Rubberized tip will allow water and soap to remove funds from the windows without leaving streaks.
  • Old newspapers. It is simply an indispensable tool for polishing.

If you are determined to wash the windows without streaks, folk remedies and household chemicals, of course, will be useful. But most importantly - it's clear organization and process planning. Cleaning - it is also an art, and therefore it is important to concentrate. Schedule yourself this algorithm:

  • Remove from the window sill flower pots, picture frames or other items that you would normally store on them. Set aside - not an option, because in the process of cleaning them will drip water. Yes and your maneuverability is significantly reduced.
  • In the basin, bucket, or any other convenient container, pour warm water (your hands should be comfortable). Add any detergent (suitable even grated soap).
  • Microfiber cloth or flax soak in the fluid and good wipe frames, window sills, soffits, pens.
  • From hard to reach areas to remove dust and dirt with conventional ear sticks.
  • Empty the container and fill it with a new portion of the warm clear water.
  • Again, wipe window sills, frames and handles to remove them with detergent residues.
  • The next portion of clean water will it take to wipe the glass on both sides, flush with their accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Now the glass must be carefully wipe and polish with a special tool.
  • Using a clean, damp cloth again go over the frames and sills, to remove detergent residue that may have gotten on them in the process of washing of glasses.

Digression. or a little about frames

Any owner interested in how quickly wash the windows without streaks at home. But behind the glitter of the glasses do not forget about frames. If you put enough effort, they remain dirty, and if you overdo it, they simply can spoil, which also does not add to the attractiveness of your windows. So, my windows, follow these recommendations:

  • Discard the powder means. And wooden and plastic profiles, they are harmful.
  • Carefully review the composition of the detergent. They should not be petrol, acids, solvents and other components that can change the color or affect the integrity of the structure. The best option - it is alcohol based.
  • If you are not fully confident in the choice of detergent (especially when it comes to plastic windows), stop using liquid soap or economic.
  • When the main job is done, carefully treat the metal fittings machine oil, because under the action of water and other atmospheric agents therein may be signs of corrosion.

How to prepare their own window cleaner

Each experienced hostess has its secrets, how to wash windows without streaks. Folk remedies are sufficiently numerous, but there is one part that has won the greatest popularity. Preparing it is based on three liters of water. It added the following components:

  • six spoons or customary apple vinegar;
  • the same amount of tooth powder or a crushed chalk;
  • 150 grams of lime;
  • 5 tablespoons of salt (desirable "extra", that it is more soluble);
  • the same amount of grated soap;
  • 4 means the spoons for dishwashing.

Working with this solution, it is necessary to wear gloves. Dampen a sponge and it is good to wipe the glass. Remove part of the window you need a special rubber scraper. That there was no divorce, traffic should be directed downward.

Folk remedies for stubborn dirt

If, for some reason, the glasses have a strong pollution, or they have not been subjected to cleaning, not so easy to wash windows without streaks. Folk remedies have always come to the rescue. Here are the most effective ones:

  • 4 liters of water need to take the bubble ammonia, the same volume of vinegar, 2 spoons of starch and a pinch of methylene blue. Mix all ingredients and pour the liquid into a container with a sprayer. Distribute agent on the glass and wipe dry with a cloth or paper.
  • Pre-washed with water glass good rub raw potato. Then wipe the window of the cold water and buff dry with a cloth.
  • Spread chalk dust vodka and dilute it to get an array similar to a liquid cream. With a sponge rub the resulting mixture on the glass, paying attention to the most polluted places. Wash the window with clean water and wipe dry - no streaks remain.
  • If the glass were black dots left nuisance flies, get rid of them, you can use the Cut onion in half. Simply rub a slice contaminated sites and clean water glass.

What to look for when buying household chemicals?

If you want to wash plastic windows without streaks, folk remedies taken away from you a lot of time to prepare. If, however, every minute counts, go to the store household chemicals. Qualitative glass cleaner must contain the following components:

  • Water as a basis;
  • alcohol or acid;
  • Surfactants which allow easier to separate dirt from the glass surface;
  • ammonia, which serves to make the surface gloss and transparency of windows;
  • silicone or another antistatic agent which prevents dust settling on the glass, dirt and appearance of streaks after rain.

How to keep divorces

Wash plastic windows quickly and is not as easy as it seems, without streaks. When it seems that the work is already finished, the glass becomes noticeable white stripes that and want to delete. To avoid this, use these tips:

  • Do not wash a window in a sunny or windy conditions, because it promotes rapid drying of detergents. As a result, on the glass remain white stripes. And if you do the cleaning, when the air is humid enough (for example, after rain or in the evening), it will be easier to wash off household chemicals from the window.
  • Wipe the windows need a circular motion. It is recommended to move from top to bottom, to "round up" excess fluid to the bottom of the window.
  • The final step should always be polished. This can be done using paper, a chamois or other soft cloth, microfiber cloth. old nylon stockings are also suitable.

If the divorce is still there

Unfortunately, it does not always work perfectly wash the glass. It is therefore important to know how to remove stains on plastic windows, if they are still there. You can do this about by such folk remedies:

  • Vinegar. Per liter of water will need two or three spoons 9 percent substances. After processing this box means you will not only get rid of the divorce, but also deter insects from his window.
  • Starch. The liter of water, dilute incomplete tablespoon product spoon. Such a mixture would have on the glass polishing action.
  • Manganese. Add the water a little money, that it was painted in light pink color. Make sure not to remain undissolved crystals, otherwise they may discolour the plastic window frame.
  • Ammonia. This tool is just perfect for a divorce, which was the cause of nicotine film on glass. The proportions are as follows: 10 liters of water have to cup ammonia. If you use this tool, do not close the window as long as the pungent odor is not completely erode.
  • Salt. Dissolve in a glass of water a couple of tablespoons of the product spoons and soak it in a cloth made of microfiber, wipe the windows washed.
  • Glycerol. It acts also as silicone, creating on glass film, repelling dust and water. Just need to mix glycerine and water in the ratio 2: 1, drop a little ammonia and treat glass.

A good hostess simply has to know the folk remedies for washing windows. Without divorce, they look much better! Transparent sparkling glass - it is not just beautiful. They give a good mood all the household and let in plenty of light in the home. A major advantage of folk remedies is that they cost mere pennies compared to household cleaning products.

As you wash plastic windows in the home

Now, many residents of high-rise buildings, as well as the owners of country cottages and private houses set modern plastic euro windows, which have gained huge popularity among the population due to its functionality, the high level of noise reduction and excellent design.

How to care for old windows with wooden frame we all know, but what about the plastic windows: what tools to use, how to wash, etc...? This will be discussed in this article.

Means and methods of cleaning of plastic windows

Wash the windows, however, like any other, must be at least 2 times a year (this is usually done before and after the frost, that is, in the fall and spring). And if you live out on the busy road in an industrial area or window of your apartment - wash will have at least twice as often. Clean windows in the apartment - is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but also economically. Dirty glass transmits 30% of light is less than the net and, accordingly, electric power for lighting is spent more.

To begin, prepare all necessary. First of all, take care of the rag. Some people think that pollution is better to remove the rigid sponge: in general that, on the one hand, the durable material to clean the glass easier and faster, and on the other - remain ugly scratches, get rid of that is no longer possible. therefore better to give preference to a soft cloth, you can buy at the hardware store.

Now, about cleaning products. Here the views of the hosts of choice cleaner fundamentally disagree: some believe that to wash the plastic profiles is better to use products containing ammonia, while others prefer to use the old-fashioned way - vinegar and water. But they are all equally believe that the use of plastic for washing windows aggressive chemicals (Solvents, acids, scouring powders and so forth.) In any case impossible.

How to wash windows, to avoid divorce?

Wash any glass without streaks, including the plastic is difficult. In addition to the right of the selected detergent and a soft cloth prepared, you need to take care of the presence of a dry sponge or microfiber cloth or microfiber. Glass first wash cloth, dipped in a soap solution or wiper, and then wiped dry with a cloth or sponge, an absorbent water.

Be sure to check the condition of the drainage (the groove located at the bottom of the window). He is usually clogged with dirt, fuzz, leaves and other debris that must be removed periodically.

Now we proceed directly to the washing frame. Wipe the frame and the window sill with a cloth soaked in a conventional soap solution. You can also use dishwashing detergent or special cleaner, small cracks treat polish.

Spray for cleaning, cloth and paper.

This is the easiest and most common way to wash plastic windows, which are usually used for small or lightly soiled windows. Dial in a little container of warm water, moisten the cloth and the basic wash dirt from the glass, which then greatly facilitate washing. Then apply the spray over the entire surface of the window zigzag movements. Clean cloth to wash the glass and wipe with a dry cloth or paper.

Sponge on a long handle.

Does not always get the cloth to the entire surface of the window, so that means stains on glass still are? There is an exit - A special mop, has several useful baits: a rubber for collecting excess moisture, the scraper for cleaning and soft tip for wiping dry. This method is typically used to wash the windows that are difficult to find or reach. Screed 25-30 centimeter handle will help you simply and efficiently clean the window from contamination.

Folk recipes detergent composition

Making solution. There are several recipes for the detergent composition:

  • Vinegar and water - 1 cup of 1 liter;
  • ammonia and water - 1 tbsp. spoon into 2 liters;
  • starch and water - 1 tbsp. spoon on 1 liter;
  • bleach and water - 50 grams per 1 liter;
  • Detergent and water - 2 6-7 drops per liter;
  • ammonia and water - 1 tbsp. spoon on 1 liter.

Everything is done the same way as in previous versions.

When it is better to wash the windows, to avoid divorce?

Windows, including plastic desirably washed in cloudy weather, so hot the sun's rays, aimed directly at the window, instantly drying the washed surface causing the deposition of the divorce, which are very difficult to remove. For the same reason it is not recommended to work in strong winds.

Tips on caring for plastic glazing

Several tricks proper washing of plastic profiles:

  • A few drops of vinegar or ordinary essences inflicted on the surface of the window, will protect him from the "invasion" of flies, which is especially important during the summer.
  • A small crack in the glass can be used for a long time "disarm" by treating it with varnish.
  • To give the glass a nice blue tint can be treated with his usual dry ultramarine. A solution of copper sulfate (1h. L. / 1 ‚Äč‚Äčliter water) will give it a beautiful greenish hue.
  • The glass does not pollute the longer it is necessary to handle after washing with a solution of glycerol (70 g), a few drops of ammonia and water (30 g).
  • Damage to the glass brine (2 tbsp. L. 1 v. Water) will protect your screen from freezing.
  • Do not wipe the glass dry as it electrified, well attract dust.

So, in this article, you learned how to properly and efficiently to care for plastic windows, when and how to wash them, and what to do to fix the result. Through the work of washing plastic double-glazed windows, Follow the safety precautions, especially if you live in a high-rise building. In this case it is better not to risk it and call specialists from the cleaning company.

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