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cantilever shelving

cantilever shelving - a metal structure, which is used for the storage of long, large-size and outsize cargo on special horizontal consoles.

The main advantage of cantilever racking are unique and at the same time simple design. They are widely used in the wholesale warehouses, industrial buildings, Metal, warehouses, workshops, construction supermarkets and hardware stores. Scope is constantly expanding as cantilever racks have absolute advantages over other designs for the storage of long loads (sawing materials, pipes, profiles, chipboard, metal, household appliances and more.) For efficient use of the volume of production and storage facilities are made cantilever racks of two kinds : unilateral (with L-shaped support pillars) and bilateral (with reference T-shaped pillars). One-sided cantilever racks are designed for installation close to the wall and withstand considerable loads. Bilateral racks are serviced by both sides. They have a greater resistance as the load is evenly distributed on both sides.

Cantilever shelf is assembled from individual elements and typed into one line of any length with any number of sections. The main elements of cantilever racks: horizontal supporting cantilever system, the vertical supports, connectors and connections of the system. In some cases the cantilever racks are equipped with additional stops and abutments to prevent load drop from the rack. There is also the possibility of the equipment rack decking, which allows their use as a shelf for storing any cargo. In contrast to the shelf or pallet in cantilever racks are no front desk, and loading and unloading are carried out vilchatym loader. Front loading and unloading provides direct access to each cargo cell, increasing the productivity of warehouse operations. The versatility of this type of shelving makes them ideal for any use.

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What is a cantilever rack?

What is a cantilever rack? What is the use?

Cantilever shelving - this is one of the varieties of metal shelving, used primarily for placement of long and bulky objects.

In such racks may be arranged to store items in the form of long rolls, metal lengthy construction such as, for example, metal profile, board, lumber sawmills and other materials.

These racks are used mainly in the production and storage facilities.

Cantilever racking can be of wall-type, that is mounted in tight to the wall with direct attachment to it, and withstand high loads.

There are also two-sided cantilever racks, which are intended to accommodate the load on both sides of the rack. These racks must have a reliable stability.

Cantilever racking is easy and fast to install. In large warehouses and industrial bays can be mounted in a straight line as much as necessary, as only will allow the floor area. Shelves may be attached to each other, which further increases their durability and reliability.

Cantilever racking to some extent are universal, since they can be easily prevraatit in shelving racks, put on consoles boardwalks. Then on cantilever racks can be stored not only large but also small items.

Cantilever shelving - this structure is usually steel, used for placement of long and non-standard cargoes on horizontal consoles.

The main advantage of such racks - is simplicity and functionality of the design.

They are available in two varieties of one-sided (L-shaped) and bilateral (T-shaped) first puts against a wall, often fastened on it, to withstand heavy loads. While the latter hold more items.

Cantilever racks collected in a line of any length with an unlimited number of sections.

Main elements: the horizontal load-bearing elements, the support legs, connectors and connecting links

Metallic shelves console can be found in industrial premises, building and hardware stores, warehouses, workshops. At two (or more) of the uprights and braces console are in the required amount. Safety console should be painted a bright color. Cantilever racks of two types: single-sided and double-sided. They are simple, but versatile, they have a lengthy product or cargo. For example, the trading floor for floor covering them are: rolls with carpets or linoleum.

For loading and unloading of long loads such racks suitable specialized storage equipment, including - wheel forklift.

Cantilever shelving for warehouses

Metal cantilever racks are designed for storing long loads - metal profiles, metal boards and other construction materials in warehouses. cantilevered scaffoldings are dismountable structure which makes it easy to transform the storage rack for any problem. The company "1001 RACK" offers manufacturing of cantilever racking with modern equipment, according to the technical specifications and in compliance with GOST, at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time.

Types of cantilever racking structures

Cantilever storage racks are divided into 2 types: T-shaped (two-sided cantilever racks) and the L-shaped (single-sided cantilever racks). The difference between these 2 types of cantilever racking systems is the location of the cargo consoles. In unilateral cantilever racks are located on one side bearing beams, and a two-sided freight cantilever racking structure console arranged with two sides. Usually one-sided racks installed along the walls. At a bilateral cantilever loading system comes with two sides, which increases the efficiency of warehouse premises. Cantilever racks to load the bottom upwards starting from the base, and in the reverse order to unload.

Figure 1 L-shaped cantilever rack

Fig.2 T-shaped cantilever rack

Design metal cantilever racking

The main elements of the design cantilever rack systems are the uprights, which are installed on the horizontal console. Shelves can be additionally equipped with special underride stops and abutments that enhance reliable design and prevents falling cargo. Console can be installed horizontally or at an angle to prevent rolling long loads of circular cross section. To increase the reliability of the racking system design is screwed to the floor covering by means of anchor bolts.

Specifications cantilever racking:

- height shelving racks, mm - from 2000 to &000;

- Shell length, mm - 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000;

- loading the console kg - 100 to 750 kg;

- load shelving rack kg - 4500;

- step permutation consoles, mm - 75, 100;

- the distance between the uprights, mm - 1000, 1200; 1500.

Advantages of cantilever racking:

- solve the problem addressed storage of goods in the warehouse and order picking speed;

- Perforation rack makes it easy to change the height of the tiers;

- shelving elements are covered with powder paint, which gives an excellent aesthetic appearance and protects the structure against corrosion;

- racking going into the line;

- the console attached to the posts, on the one and on the other hand, it saves on the racks;

- the ability to install the racking system inside the building or on the street;

- Racks of this group are the basis for the construction of self-supporting warehouses;

- light weight and the ability to withstand heavy loads;

- bolted connections allow to assemble and dismantle shelves in any room;

- disassembled design compactly stacked and do not take up a lot of space during transportation.

Modifications cantilever racking: possible to produce self-supporting warehouse on the basis of cantilever racks or install a canopy on the top tier of the rack console to prevent the cargo rainfall.

Production time: Lightweight cantilever racks console load up to 130 kg in the presence of reinforced cantilever racks made for 25-35 days.

Price list for one-sided cantilever racks "SK"

Price list for double-sided cantilever racks "SK"

Why cantilever racks beneficial to book with us

Here you can order the cantilever shelving for warehouses on favorable terms. Production of metal cantilever racking is carried out on modern equipment, with strict control of final product quality. Produced cantilever racks are delivered to the customer site design installation. According to a further request, our specialists conducted the installation of cantilever racks in a warehouse, providing a guarantee on all work.

Buy or order a cantilever shelving

Our company makes cantilever racks according to customer designs and sample size. You can order or buy quality cantilever storage racks from producer. In addition to manufacturing, we offer delivery and installation of cantilever racking in your warehouse structures. All cantilever racks available official warranty from the manufacturer. For advice and on the order of production and purchase of console rack designs call please our managers by phone + 7499677 55 98.

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