How to draw a Christmas postcard

How to draw yourself a postcard?

Not sure how original congratulate your favorite Happy New Year, or how to draw a Christmas card?

Give a gift with their own hands. Such Present bring joy doubly because made with love. Making cards will not take much of your time. Take a mental note as to make a greeting card for the New Year.

Christmas card with a picture of dogs

Christmas card can contain any drawing festive theme: Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus, Snow White or a symbol of the coming year. As a basis for the New Year greeting cards, you can take any photo.

Let's try to draw a pencil dog in a hat of Santa Claus:

Figure start with the dog. Draw the head and muzzle. Curved lines outline the center of the head and place the eye position. These lines do subtle, then to wipe.

  • Draw ears.

    And sketched cap. Vertical line from the head to the feet do not too noticeable.

  • Now draw rim caps, tip and bubonchik.
  • According to prepared lines draw dog eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Now you need to delete a circle, which we have designated muzzle small animals.

    At this point it is necessary to draw a line short hair. Strokes inflict wool around the eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Then wipe the oval head, and at this point we draw the wool.

    We make our dog curly, putting the finishing touches on the ears and head.

  • Harder pencil paint the eyes, nose, ears.
  • By the same principle we do bubo rim hats and fluffy.

    Slightly curved lines makes a bend to the cap.

  • We treat the dark areas of the image, pressing hard on the pencil.
  • Now we need to draw the background Christmas cards.

    In the upper right-hand corner draw a Christmas tree branch, it will hang a garland. Along the edges of cards you can draw a Christmas decorations and fireworks. Snowflakes decorate the space. At the bottom of the remaining place the inscription "Happy New Year!"

  • Christmas card with his hands ready. You can paint it with colored pencils or leave this. Creative imagination and make the background on your own. Such a gift to put under the Christmas tree, and it is sure to bring joy.

    Let's try to draw a colored postcard "Bullfinches on a branch."

    We will need a piece of paper, a simple and colored pencils:

    1. On a sheet of paper to sketch the two branches of spruce, which will sit our birds.
    2. We imagine snow on the branches will lie down, and draw its contours.
    3. Now you need to delete lines and branches draw bumps, which will sit bullfinches. Only three birdies.
    4. We make a sketch of the two cones, which will hang on the lower branches.
    5. Draw top bullfinch: his torso, head, beak and wings. Dorisuem abdomen and tail of the bird.
    6. We proceed to the second Snegirev who portrayed the head, back, wings, chest and beak.
    7. Shows a third bird, drawing head, beak, wing, breast, tail.
    8. Paint the darker color of the head, wings and back bullfinches. A red - belly.
    9. Green pencil dashed movements draw the needles on the branches of fir trees. We present them close to each other, making it slightly bent. Light green pencil go through a needle, making them more realistic.
    10. Brown pencil draw two bumps and rising above the needles between the branches.
    11. Take the blue pencil and shade the snow on the branches. A purple paint shade more.

    Card is ready. Can draw some Christmas symbols on the background or leave it, the inscription "Happy New Year!" Such a postcard with your hands put on a festive table or donate.

    Drawing Santa Claus near Christmas tree

    On New Year's Eve can not do without the main symbol of the holiday - Christmas trees.

    Let's draw a card with a picture of Santa Claus with a bag of gifts, standing near the Christmas beauty:

    1. We think over, which will depict our characters cards. On the left is depicted Santa Claus. Drawing the nose, whiskers, eyes and bottom caps.
    2. Now draw a hat with bubonchikom.
    3. Dorisovyvat beard and mouth.
    4. Next depict coat, sleeves, boots and mittens. Decorate with white sleeves. Santa Claus ready.
    5. Then depict the Christmas tree, standing to the right of the grandfather. To do this, draw the upper left branch of Christmas trees, making it a slightly curved. On the other hand it is necessary to try to draw the same twig. Draw the following branches, making them slightly larger than the top. We need to get the three tiers.
    6. Near Santa Claus, a Christmas tree in the center draw a freeform bag with gifts.
    7. We give our characters a realistic look, decorating the Christmas tree toys and garlands, as well as the five-pointed star. On the bag depict folds.
    8. It is possible to draw the shadow of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and bags.

    Do the words "New Year", and the beautiful card is ready. Give your child crayons or markers, and let it help you to decorate a card, giving it a lively appearance.

    The tradition of putting gifts in the socks come to us from the West. Santa Claus making his way to the chimney of the house, puts the gifts in socks hanging on the mantelpiece.

    Let's try to draw a card with a picture of Christmas socks:

    1. We will draw three sock hanging on the mantelpiece. Let's start with the right sock: draw fur stocking part and draw from it two parallel lines. Then dorisovyvat nose sock.
    2. Full-length stockings decorate the snowflakes and ornaments.
    3. According to this arrangement, draw the remaining two socks.
    4. Using a ruler, draw a two straight lines - this will crossbar.
    5. Pririsovyvat to toe loops on which they hang.
    6. You can portray the contents of the stocking: any toy or candy stick.

    To give the card a finished appearance, paint the socks red bar - black, do not forget to paint the toys. The postcard can write a New Year's greetings, poem or song, as well as the standard phrase "Happy New Year!"

    How to draw a Christmas card, you get the idea. This postcard can be decorated apartment New Year's table, put it under the Christmas tree or to give relatives and friends.

    Now stocked imagination, paper, crayons and start to create.

    Surprise your loved ones with gifts made with love and with your own hands!

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    Learn to draw Christmas cards

    Snow Queen - Winter snowdrifts piled up, hid the roofs of the houses and streets of our cities with its white veil - the sparkling snow. Soon will come the New Year 2017 and Red Fire Rooster will take over the destinies of people control the authority on our blue planet. In the past, the most romantic days before the New Year we decorate their homes and prepare gifts for loved ones. Great idea for the design of such a gift is an original Christmas card drawn by his own hand. Our current drawing lesson on simple examples explain dear readers, how to draw a beautiful Christmas card in pencil and gouache.

    Santa Claus, pencil card

    The most important characters in the New Year - a Santa Claus with his granddaughter - Snow Maiden. Santa Claus has a big bag, in which gifts are. To receive your gift, children sing songs, tell a poem. Maiden entertains the kids dances, riddles and cheerful competitions. Thus, we begin to draw our Christmas card!

    It is necessary to draw on this blank greeting original line Maiden figure. Draw a circle, it will be a headache. We hold the line in it at eye level. On top of the circle draw a triangle - the crown. The crown, make a rough line down - plait. From the head to the side draw a line of shoulders, arms and coats.

    Now we start to draw Santa Claus. Again, draw a circle - head. Also draw a line of the eyes. At the top of the circle draw a hat. At the bottom of the circle - a beard. Under beard draw a line down for coats and hand to hand.

    We start drawing mustaches of Santa Claus. Draw a mustache under his mouth. Also make the cheeks and the face of the Snow Maiden.

    It is necessary to transform the hat of Santa Claus. To do this, draw a fur kaomku and over. A granddaughter to do a hat with a pointed top. And to decorate a winter pattern.

    Now draw the hair and beard Santa Claus. Snow Maiden, a pigtail with a bow lying on a fur coat.

    Now we need to draw on fur coats. There is also a Snow Maiden collar. Draw a belt on a coat grandfather. Granddaughter to coat, winter patterns, buttons, paint boots. we also dorisovyvat her sleeves with fur mittens and pens.

    After doing handle grandfather, a lift, and a second bend and dorisovyvat bag with gifts. Also now it is possible to draw and facial features of the two characters, as well as uberom all unnecessary circuits. Well, our card draw a pencil ready.

    Christmas card painted colors

    Draw your own hands and paint postcard easy. Repeat all that has been described in the drawing with a pencil, and finally color the paint. For example, a cap and a fur coat grandfather do the red, blue coat Maiden. Fur should be white two characters. Maiden hair painted in yellow and a gray-haired grandfather's beard will do.

    Video Master class on drawing cards paints

    Christmas card, drawing in gouache

    Now we'll show you how to draw gouache New Year's Eve with a Christmas tree in the snow. Figure simple, and the child will be able to draw a card.

    First, you need to make the paper blue background with gouache. In this case you need to put in several different colors. White gouache make the contours of trees.

    We continue to use white gouache for our postcards. With it, you do the white branches. If something does not work, then you can fix it by filling in an error in the color of the background. At the foot of trees, doing little white spots, it will snow.

    It is possible to decorate our Christmas tree to make it elegant. But we do this we will not. Our Christmas tree and so good. Draw away small houses. In the windows of the yellow dots show a lighted light. For small houses Christmas trees too blue gouache with a lighter shade. Bright stars in the sky. For them, using gouache and white, our Christmas card is ready.

    Video tutorial on drawing Christmas cards gouache

    The result was a beautiful card that you can give to someone in the New Year 2017. It should be noted that each of these architectural drawing is always unique, creative, and has the warmth of your relationship to endow the person causing the kindest feelings. Health and happiness in the New Year!

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    How to draw a card for New Year's with a pencil in stages?

    New Year - this is the most joyful and anticipated holiday, which is famous for its pomp and panache. On the eve of this great night to give gifts, and greeting cards with mental and beautiful wishes. For information on how to draw a card for the New Year, we will cover in this article.

    The creative process: how did it all begin?

    Any creative process, including the drawing of cards, starting with elementary planning. At this stage, we should think about the following points:

    • what technique will be made card (application of colored paper to draw pictures);
    • any shape and size to be card;
    • what tools will be used (paints, pencils, markers);
    • that is depicted on the card (which is a ready configured own print or sketch), etc.

    To learn how to draw a card for the New Year with their own hands, we will explain further.

    Suppose you select the standard option - the creation of cards with the help of a white sheet of cardboard, a pencil and felt-tip pens. But first it is to make a kind of mock greeting cards.

    To do this, take a sheet-based and to prepare additional tools and decor. Next, bend your workpiece exactly in half and on its front page, mark up, bottom and middle.

    Then you should pick up the image for the main page (in our case it will be a funny Santa Claus with a bag of gifts and a Christmas tree in the background) and draw a card with a pencil New Year.

    Moreover, pre-locate the main image: please specify which side of the sheet is planned to place the figure (right, left, closer to the center). For example, our character will be located in the middle of the card.

    In the first draw stage nose by a small oval. Then it pririsuyte on both sides of the mustache, resembling slightly rounded and elongated triangles. Next picture the two eyes and pupils select proteins. More details on how to draw a card for the New Year, described below.

    Finally, draw a mustache on one another semicircle - this will open part of the face of our Father Christmas, not covered with beard and cap.

    How to draw a card for the New Year: draw a cap and pompom

    Go back to our character and received over a small semi-circle (just above the eyes and nose) shows a second arch, but larger. Then divide the resultant semicircle top half. Put barely visible flyspecked and from it draw an arc to the boundary of the beginning of a mustache.

    Proceed slowly and not too zealous with the guidance of bold lines to create the pattern, since it is just a sketch. Yet too much then eliminated by the eraser. These simple rules must be observed. This approach will help you to most accurately draw card for the New Year with a pencil, gradually working through all the details.

    Drawing of the cap and connecting the line pririsuyte side of a small pompom. Headdress Santa Claus ready.

    Draw a beard and coat your character details

    Once the cap acquires its original appearance, you can begin to draw a beard hero greeting cards. To this end, both sides under the mustache make a small indentation. From each of the obtained points slide along the curve. Then slightly sharpen their ends and Draw an elongated part of his beard. Here's how to draw a beautiful card for the New Year, using a pencil.

    Go back to the mustache (in the nasal area) and draw a small strip. This will be his mouth. Thereafter, both sides beginning from beards slide down along the curve (they should be slightly longer than the tip of beards). Connect lines derived inverted curve. Round off the ends. The result was the basic form for fur character. Bottom paint on the legs, and on both sides of two triangles coat - sleeve. Then each of them draw on the gloves and make them fur cuffs.

    Next to create greeting cards Happy New Year (pictures drawn by children will be a wonderful gift for a holiday for all the family and friends) should make a small bar under the beard and conduct re-curve just above the bottom of the coat of the character. And finally, to complete the image erase lines in the shoulder area and armpits. Character is ready.

    After you have prepared Santa Claus, beside him begin to draw a Christmas fir. To do this, the right of the character to draw curved lines, which later will become the crown of our tree. Set the center and in mirror image draw a second line of the same branch.

    Next, before you draw a card for the New Year in stages, take a ruler and accurately measure the two points, a few remote from the previous two acute angles of the crown of the tree. Connect the line of the triangle, and delete unnecessary. Repeat the same with the third layer of branches. The tree is ready.

    How to draw a bag with gifts?

    Our next step will be the image of a bag filled with gifts. To do this, at the bottom of eating make a small indentation and draw yourself a triangle with an obtuse angle. Paint on the side of a small ponytail.

    Return the pen to the beginning and make small oval pencil. Take away from him 5 different lines on the very foundation of the bag and 3 formed on the tail. These folds and create the effect of tied Christmas sacks. Next, go back to eat, draw on it with confetti and toys. Add small details and greeting card ready. It will only paint. Now that you know how to draw a card for the New Year.

    The supplement ready card?

    Ready-made greeting card can be supplemented by beautiful congratulatory inscription. And it makes sense to take advantage of additional decorations. For example, you can take the card and decorate with sequins, small snowflakes in different colors. Alternatively, you can play a bit with the image and give it volume. For example, coat and fur on the cap and beard can be made from pieces of the artificial fur, or (in the absence of such suitable pieces and wool).

    When the final design of spruce, bag and character, you can use the technique of collage, cutting out the individual parts (toys, branches ate, part of the costume of Santa Claus), and then pasting them into a postcard.

    In a word, show imagination! And you get an unusual, and most importantly, the author's work.

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