How to set up feeds on tricolor

How to set up Tricolor TV by yourself?

After you have installed the satellite dish and connect all the necessary connections, you have to search for and activate your subscription to your favorite channels Tricolor TV. Setting Tricolor TV is produced by following a particular algorithm. And if you follow simple guidelines, you can do it yourself, and very soon will enjoy watching your favorite TV programs in high quality.

When properly connected, the TV cable to the head of the satellite dish on the TV screen, you should see a software interface of the receiver casing. When you have installed the console and turn it on, the first thing the receiver will ask you to produce the sound settings, and customize the main menu language.

Followed calibrate video output, for this must go to the «menu» by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control and select AV setting. In the menu you can set your picture and sound settings according to the actual connection.

If you do not correctly specify the parameters of the output video, the picture from the receiver to the TV will be displayed incorrectly. For your convenience, when you first turn so it is recommended to set the date and time, proceed to the "time setting."

To find proper channels need to go to the main menu by pressing the "menu" and find the item "auto-tuning". The next step is to select the satellite on which you are tuned. Choose from the list of the satellite you need and start the automatic search.

With proper action sequence should appear on the screen showing the line signal level and quality.

Step by step guide channel settings tricolor

To set up the receiver, press the button "menu" and select "Setup", press the OK button and enter the standard code for access 0000. We find the item search Tricolor TV channels and press OK, after scanning click OK to save.

To find and keep a free television and radio transmission press "menu", the "adjustment", enter a numeric PIN code 0000. Go to the "automatic search", we expose the type of search on "network", select the item "skip the scrambled channels" and press the button to start the "search ". After the telecast have registered, click save.

This method allows you to find free channels and those channels that are not included in the packet Tricolor TV. Among them you will find free channels, as a rule, foreign service providers, which are relayed via satellite.

Once you have made the search, you can start sorting to your taste. To sort by alphabetical order, you can use the OK button on the remote control and displays a list of channels. After pressing the green button in the open window, you'll see a column in which you can select a specific letter. When you select the desired letter and pressing the OK button on the right you will see all channels that begin with that letter.

Shell program your receiver allows you to create lists of favorite TV programs, it is very convenient, do not have to sit around and look for the favorite channel among hundreds of others. Standard firmware already has four lists:

Lists of selected channels can be edited; delete, rename or rearrange. If you want to distribute the TV channels on the list need to proceed as follows. Press the Fav button to call up the list, click on the OK button in the window that appears, select your favorite TV channel, such as music. After selecting being on TV again, press the OK button, and your favorite TV channel appears in the favorite channel list "Music."

Thus, it is possible to distribute all the channels on the list, it is very convenient. To change the favorite lists, just press the blue button.

On top of the company provides the tricolor and free services. These include:

Electronic Program Guide - a handy program guide, which displays, start time and end time of TV shows, the name and a brief description. Cause a useful function by pressing the EPG button on the remote.

Telechat - a special window flag, which is usually located at the bottom of the TV screen. Telechat supports sending short messages from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Karaoke - innovation company flag, which can be found in the information channels Tricolor TV. Through the channel is broadcast every evening music tracks are accompanied by captions to all friends of the composition.

Problems that may occur when you first turned on and set Tricolor TV

  • A common problem when you first turn it is no signal. If the TV shows a similar inscription, should first check the power of the receiver. After that you need to make sure the reliability of the contacts of all cables and connectors. The problem may be in the wrong source is selected, it is necessary to press a few times on the TV's AV button.
  • On screen the words "no signal" may appear, but at the same time, tricolor TV channel access menu opens. In this case, there are two possibilities, either the channel maintenance work carried out, or on your antenna, for example, after a strong wind got off setting.
  • If the screen appeared the words "scrambled channel", the reason may be in default of payment, or you forgot to register your receiver. To register, visit the official website Tricolor TV and go through the simple procedure. The cause of the hateful signs may be hanging receiver, in this case, you must restart the receiver. Completely unplug the power cord, wait 5 - 10 seconds and then on again.

If you find the inscription on the "scrambled channel DRE» screen, and before that, all the channels open, it may mean that your receiver stood a few days and update the keys did not happen from the satellite. In this case, you need to tune to one of the federal channels, and leave the receiver on for as long as the open channels.

As you can see, self-tuning Tricolor TV channels and channel sorting is easy. Setting tricolor TV alone can perform even a schoolboy who does not have special education.

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Restoring Tricolor TV channel list

July 20, 2017 changes were made in broadcasting, designed to divide the regional channels for the respective lists, and designed to make watching television more convenient data.

Here is a list instrutsii all models of receivers (see below on the page).

Instructions for setting up the channel list Tricolor for GS E501 receivers, GS E502, GS C591, GS C5911, GS U510

To correctly display the channels list, follow these steps:

to configure the channel list Manual for receivers GS U210, GS U210 CI, GS B210, GS B211, GS B212, GS E212, GS A230

To correctly display the channels list, follow these steps:

to configure the channel list Manual for receivers GS B520, GS B521, GS B521L, GS B522, GS B531M, GS B532M, GS B533M, GS C592

To correctly display the channels list, follow these steps:

to configure the channel list Manual for receivers HD 9303, HD 9305.

To correctly display the channels list, follow these steps:

Attention! You must select one of two regions - the "Moscow 0 hr." Or "Moscow two hours." - depending on the region you live. In the first case, all the channels will be broadcast on Moscow time, in the second - of the TV channels will be broadcast with a time offset of 2 hours from Moscow.

to configure the channel list Manual for receivers GS 6301, GS 8305, GS 8306, GS 8307, GS 8308, DRS 8308.

To correctly display the channels list, follow these steps:

4. Set the time and time zone, and then click "Search."

Instructions for setting up channels for TVs with CI + module.

To correctly display the channels list, follow these steps:

• frequency (transponder) (Frequency) - 12226 (H / L)

• Symbol rate (Symbol rate) - 27500

• Satellite (Satellite) - Eutelsat 36E

If necessary, make these settings manually.

• Connecting a satellite TV (turnkey)

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To search for channels Tricolor TV?

On Tricolor channel search process is simplified to the extreme. So, if there are no preset channels when you turn on automatically prompted to select the operator (Tricolor Center, Siberia, East, etc.).

After clicking "Prodolzhit9quot; automatically to load all available channels:

After that it will be asked to select the region. It is necessary for the correct TV program (automatic time adjustment, taking into account time zone):

That's all. It remains only to press a button "Sohranit9quot ;:

It should be noted that this procedure is only possible with a customized antenna. In case of a weak signal (or lack thereof) channel search impossible.

Setting Tricolor TV channels in two stages:

Step 1: The receiver Tricolor TV when in the zero state is turned on, automatically opens the Guided Setup menu. At all stages we must press the "Next" button. After going through all the stages of the receiver settings, the channel list will be about 32 channels. But this is not all channels Tricolor TV.

Step 2: Finding additional Tricolor TV channels manually. Execute the following commands: Menu-Settings (pin code: 0000) -Manual search. Do a search by changing only the parameters that we have indicated below.

Frequency: 12226 Polarization: Left (L)

flow rate: 27,500 - "Start Search"

Frequency: 11727 Polarization: Left (L)

flow rate: 27500 - go to the item "Extras" (below the button "Start Search") and put in the "Skip coded" - and Post Search

Frequency: 12303 Polarization: Right (R)

flow rate: 27,500 - "Start Search"

Frequency: 12174 Polarization: Left (L)

flow rate: 04340 - "Start Search"

Setting Tricolor TV channels is completed, and you can exit the menu by pressing repeatedly button «exit»

The channel search is performed as follows:

first click on the main menu, usually a button "Menyu9quot; in English.

In the list, select the section "automatic settings".

Select the satellite for which you have been configured.

Next on the menu are looking for "Nastroyki9quot ;, press the four-digit code, as a rule, it is four zeros. Next, we are looking for the option "Search channels" and click on "OK9quot ;. To begin scanning. At the end click on the button "Sohranit9quot ;.

Firstly, when you just turn on your Tricolor, you will need to determine the right choice of the operator. Next, you will need to click on a button called "prodolzhit9quot ;. Next, right click your region - it is important that the channels have been chosen according to your time zone. It now remains to press on "sohranit9quot;

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