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Design and interior of 12 sq.m. - tips and pictures of the room arrangement

When you make a small space, many owners are faced with obvious difficulty. How to Put everything you need in a small room, where for that is too small? However, professional designers can give practical advice for the organization of functional interior. Following their recommendations, design of the room 12 square meters may well satisfy demanding owners. What you need to do and where to start - explain further.

Key points Your small room

When choosing the style of the specified premises should focus on the décor throughout the apartment. It can be a simple, classic and modern hi-tech. However, experts recommend to refrain from excesses of any design as an optimal solution looks only minimalism.

Thanks to its aesthetics, involving a minimum of decorative elements, the design of 12 square meters will not appear flawed in terms of quadrature. If no design frills in any way, then it is allowed to mix style directions - complement the minimalist decor of different motifs and furnishings. Such concerns are often eclectic furniture set. We talk about him a little further.

Equally important will also have zoning and lighting a small room. To clear delineation of a small space is best to use color. The main recommendation is to install the majority of experts in the bright colors.

Such a serious role, which is assigned to the color, due to its ability to expand the space visually. If recklessly disturb the overall harmony of some contrasting insert, it can lead to the opposite effect. Keep in mind that dark colors are so narrow and small space. Their impact is characterized by psychological pressure, a sense of discomfort. Narrowing the same property can "boast" a warm tone.

Despite the feeling of warmth and comfort that they cause, their intimacy has a negative impact on the design. It looks much more effective application of cold, refreshing tones because they are clarified by the surrounding atmosphere. Make it visually cooler, which is perceived by the eye as a sign of a spacious room. The most striking examples are all shades of white, silver, pink and light blue.

Attention! The snow-white shade is a win-win situation. He brings lightness and a sense of peace. small room atmosphere will contribute to complete relaxation after a busy weekdays.

If the ascetic design of 12 square meters of interior room not included in the plans of the owners, the use of accent wall is quite permissible. Her pose for the head of the sofa or the bed, so that it does not interfere with sleep at night. The most popular are the sandy tones, coupled with a touch of blue.

Popular shade is also considered accentual beige with chestnut. But you can use other home furnishings to create a bright accent. It can be a luscious coloring of textiles, characteristic texture of furniture, wall posters fussiness. They perfectly diluted white range of the small room. A opponents contrasting inserts may restrict the use of semi-transparent patterns in the design of flat surfaces. This liner can be found among all kinds of wallpaper and plaster.

When creating accent wall, the main thing - to observe a sense of proportion. It must be one. All the other walls should be light.

Another important observation designers are strictly limiting the number of colors. Even if the style of eclecticism, there should be no more than three. Only then we will be able to lay down a holistic impression of the design of a small room of 12 m.

Even such a modest squaring sometimes necessary zoning. Since the massive walls here are misplaced, for zoning uses the same color and the lining material. Various structures are used materials perfectly replaces bulky items headset. Much less frequently used textiles to using the same curtains delineate functional areas.

And it is difficult to meet the design tiny room of 12 square meters with a podium near one of the walls. However, it is quite multi-functional, as it involves the organization of a compact bed with drawers for clothes. At the bottom of the workspace is the freedom of movement. For the same reason the room is almost always open.

Surface finishes and lighting

When laying a floor covering it is recommended to use a textured pattern competent manner. For example, using the last laminate panels can be laid diagonal method. Such an approach enhances the visual perception of a few square room. The same effect can be commended ceilings. Their snow-white texture visually enhances the useful volume of a small closet.

But even ordinary gloss paint can perform the above operation when the ceiling surface is perfectly flat. On the walls of the place is worth a few mirrors. They are a priori increase the space of the room due to an optical illusion of doubling. Or two small or one, but little more. It can be positioned in front of the window opening. Then the sun rays will illuminate and further increase the visual interior room of 12 square meters.

Attention! Three or more small mirrors can make a return - visually reduce the floor space.

Glass surfaces are generally considered a good filling for a modest little room. They can be represented on a small coffee table, furniture facade elements. The effect of lightness perfectly complement good lighting. It is about the installation of small lamps as the volume applied is clearly not worth it.

Local, spot lighting is sufficient, provided that it will go around the perimeter. Elegant light fixtures easily solve the lack of light, if the owners are accustomed to the bright lights of the big chandeliers.

It would be logical to look out of most of the furniture. Instead tall units is recommended to use compact drawers because their storage capacity is not much different really. Operation of various niches and soft elements of the headset also looks better than heavy shelves and cabinets.

If near the wall to arrange shelves, the shelves empty of some profitable emphasize lightness cozy room design 12 square meters. The obvious advantage will be the presence consoles and shelving units. They allow you to save useful Meters Limited quadrature, while providing enough space for various accessories. The latter should be quite a bit.

Disposition of the small room, depending on the destination

Here we consider options for the use of a small space.

  • Design of a small bedroom. Without a minimum set of headset in this apartment can not do. It should consist of bedside tables and chest of drawers, the bed itself, as well as a wardrobe. Women can insist on the dresser. But it is important to understand that all pieces of furniture should be modest in size. If you place the TV, you should only buy a thin plasma on the wall. Not to conceal utility meters, it is recommended to the cabinet sash sliding. Or did abandon it in favor of two canisters of smaller dimensions. To visually correct the shortcomings of layout, the walls should place art objects. Picture with a glossy surface, a photo of city streets - all of which can look extremely stylish. Home refrain from massive framework;

  • Making a small living room. You can use the principle of pairing - where are all the same decors are placed opposite each other. Of mirrors - up articles of furniture. It helps to expand the living accommodation in the form of a headset "D" letter. Then it would be appropriate to monitor the location away from the couch. If the living room boasts a bay window, the placement of furniture in this place would "extend" the room. Besides accent wall here, you can use a decorative fireplace with brick masonry and light. Spotlights are perfectly combined with glass panels;

  • The design of the nursery. For one child the size of it. Since it is possible to limit the minimum set headset and leave at the same time enough space. For two children will have to use a bunk bed or teams of designers with drawers. Pediatric Subjects presupposes a striped lining surfaces and the use of air textiles. It is important to use only ecological materials bright colors;

Colored wallpaper in the room a young man or woman

  • kitchen design. To design a small-sized room of 12 square meters did not seem boring, it can be decorated with bold color palette. The kitchen allowed color experiments, because of the squaring enough to accommodate all the necessary items. However, experts recommend the use of niches method for household appliances.

Attention! To plan was the most practical, it is better to use a U-shape. Island or Peninsula for this area is not necessary.

If the room is very narrow, it is better to do without the dining table. Instead, it is possible to choose a modern bar counter and stools chairs replaced. Seating unit on wheels will also look appropriate. Its versatility will play a significant role in the preparation of food.

By the design of small-sized dwellings should be approached creatively. Under certain investments and follow the recommendations of professionals - 12 square meters would be enough for any ideas. If you correctly set up the lighting, it can be interesting even arrange the living room. However, a successful interior easiest to set up for the children's room and kitchen facilities. But everywhere should limit the number of items ponderous furniture. Minimalism is the best choice for the owner.

Interior design bedroom 12 sqm - choice of furniture and bedroom colors

The bedroom is the most intimate, quiet and comfortable place in the house where you want to relax, calm down and relax after a busy day.

A bedroom is often given to one of the smaller rooms in the apartment. And as one of the most popular buildings in cities is a panel high-rise buildings, the room of 12 square meters, and often performs this function.

On the one hand it seems that it is quite small, on the other hand, with the right arrangement of furniture and the right choice of colors, the interior of the bedroom 12 square meters can get very cozy and cute.

The choice of furniture for a bedroom 12 sq m

Modern design bedroom 12 square meters of accommodation here means the most necessary and modern furniture and accessories. The bedroom must provide a bed, nightstand, closet and a small chest of drawers, TV on request. Accessories in a room can serve as a floor lamp, usually placed in the corner of the room or table lamps, which are located on the bedside table. Modern furniture, in particular beds, can be equipped with a folding mechanism allowing it to fold more compactly. Some additional tables, cabinets and other interior items in this bedroom has no worth, so as not to clutter the space.

Colors bedroom 12 square meters

Small bedroom visually help to make more bright colors and shades in the design of the walls, ceiling and floor. If the ceiling is to make pure white, the visual room immediately will be extended up to add space. The walls are painted or pasted wallpaper in milk, beige soft blue or light green will add the amount of room that you need in a small bedroom. And finally, the floor is also made of light cover. If the rest of the house light floor, the bedroom and do the same. Same sex visually "erase" walls throughout the apartment and make the room more.

Since the bedroom is always considered a more intimate place than any other room, and the lighting should be appropriate here. No bright and huge chandeliers. A small chandelier in the center of the room with soft light - what you need in a bedroom. If you really like to read, hang sconces bedside or put a desk lamp on the nightstand.

The actual design of the bedroom 12 square meters - is not such a difficult task. The main thing to approach it creatively, proactively and with imagination.

Design ideas bedroom 12 sqm (60+ images)

  • Many dream of a cozy bedroom, which could gain strength for the coming day and always "get out of the right foot." But in malogabaritok have to place all the objects in space rather modest square, recalling the aesthetics at the last moment. We will try to dispel the myth about the futility of small spaces, describing the various embodiments and the secrets of design bedroom 12 sqm

    Modern design involves the modification of the strict canonical styles to the needs of the space while preserving the main distinguishing features, the formative principles and image. The main thing - imagination and understanding that is suitable for a room in your particular situation.

    Bedroom 12 sqm in a modern style

    The most popular option that meets the needs of the time: fewer parts, and "beauty for beauty's sake", more functionality, comfort. Bedroom 12 sqm in a modern style can be filled with a minimal set of objects, forming lines through aesthetics, light, space and materials.

    In such an interior often use modular furniture that allows you to create your own original design, adapts to the design. Bedroom, which should be a place of relaxation and rest, this decision is good because it helps to create the right conditions for this.

    Bedroom 12 sqm in classic style

    If you prefer the classics, then it is also possible to enter into the space of 12 sq.m. But it is better to sacrifice quantity for quality: place a large double bed with carved back and patterned textiles, small wooden chest of drawers, bedside tables, as well as to decorate the interior paintings, sophisticated fixtures and light curtains.

    It is a harmonious combination of components to create a complete song, can bring a feeling of coziness and comfort in their traditional interpretation.

    Bedroom 12 sqm in the style of Provence

    Provence came to us from the French villages, immediately won the love, thanks to its simple charm. This style is able to create a soft atmosphere, is associated with a leisurely rhythm of life in the province - is not ideal for the bedroom 12 square meters? registration rules are not much: pastel colors, floral motifs, antique furniture, mainly natural materials and rich décor.

    But, despite its apparent simplicity, it is quite time-consuming option. If you do not want to spend much money on antiques, you have to walk around the flea markets, as well as connect a little bit of skill, additionally decorated with furniture or aged. But the result is worth all the effort!

    Fashionable solution that will bring a bit of brutality and audacity in the interior. But this is not a one-sided style! With proper design can be, and vice versa - to make the bedroom more cozy and warm look.

    Loft loves contrasts, like a combination of vintage items with modern appliances, cabinets frame with luxury beds, leaving forward wiring works of art. Random objects acquire meaning here, and the variability of filling the space of bare brick walls allows the imagination to run wild, even in an area of ​​12 sq.m.

    Bedroom 12 sqm Scandinavian style

    Not losing ground, and the Scandinavian style, is gaining popularity in the CIS countries. Despite its "harsh" origin, as well as a modest set of tools for expression, he looks very comfortable, light and airy, passing these qualities, even a small space.

    The optimal option: predominantly white finish, in the center of the composition - a bed of small size with a veil made of natural textiles, the minimum set of wooden furniture, plants and contrasting details.

    The color palette for the bedroom 12 sqm

    When choosing a color scheme premises should start from several aspects. First, what style do you choose? For example, the loft will dictate white or brick walls, and the Provence - pastel palette.

    Secondly, what effect you want to achieve? To design a bedroom of 12 sq.m. best fit bright colors, which visually add a few "squares", or at least allow them to save. Calm colors better to give preference even for practical reasons - they will create a soothing atmosphere, which will contribute to sound sleep.

    But that does not mean you have to be afraid of a deeper range. The dark palette brings a sense of intimacy to the space, which also looks comfortable. In this case it is better to focus on natural shades.

    Third, where the windows in the room? If here rarely looks the sun compensate for the lack of it will help warm shades, and vice versa - cold balance the "temperature" in the room.

    When choosing a finish, it should be understood that this is not a key element of the interior, as a kind of frame in which to enter a specific song. In order to maintain a balance between dull and colorful design, do not go into these extremes, you must follow a simple principle: bright accents can create only a few elements, but not all. For example, highly decorated furniture is balanced by a muted finish, and vice versa.

    Bedroom - a place where a man must feel as comfortable as possible. And laminates perfectly cope with this function. The more natural covering - the better, because it is for him more often have to walk barefoot. The floor in the bedroom of 12 sq.m. It should be as bright, but lighter than the walls.

    For the walls in the bedroom of 12 sq.m. suitable conventional paper, non-woven textile or wallpaper, which are breathable and environmentally friendly.

    Also wallpapers will look harmoniously on one of the walls - usually the one to which the charge bed. However, other parties should be made neutral, "giving" all attention is the central figure.

    Well it fits into the interior, and a wall painted in bright colors. But there should be a responsible approach to surface preparation - it must be perfectly flat.

    an ordinary ceiling light is suitable for small spaces. Note that attachments and other types are used for the modern style; while Provence, loft and Scandinavian - love the simplicity and naturalness.

    The decor and linens for the bedroom 12 sqm

    Filling the interior details depending on the selected style. When a contemporary style is better to do a minimal décor, giving preference to the modern works of art, photographs, as well as the beautiful practical subjects. Provence suggests colorful painted figures, patterned textiles and vintage. modern art objects suitable for loft.

    Setting aside the stylistic rules, in the bedroom of 12 sq.m. better to be limited only to the necessary set of objects - this will save space, creating a comfortable environment for sleep. If the room is supposed to work area, it is best to visually distinguish it from the rest area.

    Curtains can not only hide you from prying eyes and decorate the space, but also visually increase the height of the walls: to mount enough ceiling cornices and fabric extend to the floor. Bedroom needed blackout curtains or a combination of a light tulle with shutters.

    On the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom of 12 sq.m. affects layout, the number of people living in it and the functions it must perform. Room is simply a place to relax or it presupposes the existence of the workspace, storage sites and TV zone? Of course, the best option - one large bed, bedside tables and a small closet. But do not forget that often plays several roles in malogabaritki bedroom.

    In a room with a rectangular geometry will look perfect next song: bed close to the window, and next to the door - wardrobe. The interior looks symmetrical and balanced.

    When a square geometry - the bed should be located in the center of the charge and the wall. In front of her: the rest of the set of furniture, including wardrobe, a narrow shelf or workstation with a TV.

    At the same time, in both cases, close to the window, you can place a chair, a small table and chair, saving space at the beginning of the room.

    Design bedroom 12 sqm with a balcony

    If the 12-meter bedroom has a balcony - believe you are very lucky! By combining it with the bathroom, it is possible to increase the usable area, keeping a division into zones.

    Dismantling the partition and filling out the space formed in a single style, it can be used as a work area, storage space or recreation. The absence of the wall will increase the amount of natural light in the interior.

    It is important to observe all the preparatory measures - to insulate a balcony window and change, if required.

    Design bedroom 12 sqm in the Khrushchev

    If your small bedroom 12 sqm Khrushchev is in, it can be expected that the conditions were even worse: low ceilings, small windows and inconvenient layout. Such a space requires a special approach in the design.

    The sill can be used as a workplace, previously increasing it. Zone of the window suitable to be positioned where the bed, thus freeing up space for other items. In this case, better to prefer a bit mundane furniture - it is visually raise the ceiling.

    Increasingly, designers use the bed on a small podium, which acts as a repository for items or clothing. Very radical variant - the furniture-transformer. It deprives bedroom traditional comfort, but gives it additional functions. In any case, Khrushchev - is not a sentence.

    The bedroom is 12 sq.m. You can use several levels of lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps and lamps on bedside tables. If the room has a work area, then on the table you want to place additional light source.

    Not recommended "break up" the space spotlights. The room, designed for sleep, light plays such an important role, but rather serves as a component of comfort and coziness.

    Interior design bedroom 12 sqm - a photo

    Even the bedroom of 12 sq.m. It can look stylish and cozy. To convince you of this, inspire new ideas, we made a selection of photos with beautiful interiors ideas. Enjoy watching!

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