How to equip the garage with his hands in the photo

How to equip the garage with his hands

What is the garage for a man? This is not only a place to store the priceless treasure in the form of a car, but the Holy of Holies. Garage must be different extreme versatility, everything to be close at hand and not have to search through all the shelves in search of a wrench or screwdriver. This place should be in order with the organization places for each instrument and tools.

Feminine and masculine understanding of the order of a few different. If the girls look more on aesthetics and able to easily find the desired item among many others, standing side by side, it is important for men universal application space. Keeping all the things in the same place so that, as they say, to turn out muscle or motor memory, and did not need to, instead of repairing the car half a day to look for a tool that is not in its place. Scientists argue that all this is due to the fact that man's vision is set to on single objects and call it the "tunnel", women also have a "panoramic" vision that can capture all items that fall within the field of view. Thus, among the many things the ladies are easier to find a specific thing. Therefore, optimization of space for men is very important.

What things might be in the garage

Of course, the owners of the car and the garage would not use such a space solely as a parking lot for your beloved car. Any motorist exactly there:

  • Spare wheel and parts of the old car or a spare;
  • Liquids required to service cars;
  • Soup to improve the comfort and safety of the machine;
  • Car shampoos, polishes, cleaners, anhydrous removers, air fresheners;
  • Charging the battery, a standard set of tools;
  • Casings;
  • Welding machine;
  • grease skimming;
  • Equipped desktop or workbench.

There are circumstances when life forces to define a place in the garage for skis and bicycles. All this is quite possible, if immediately on the construction of the garage to consider these options and provide space for household items, and a viewing hole, and even the cellar.

Do not forget about safety rules. Each garage has to be equipped with a fire extinguisher, shovel and sand reservoir. Not bad more hygienic and equip the space, putting a clothes hanger and a washbasin.

The internal arrangement of the garage and how to optimize the space properly

To begin to understand how to build a garage in their own hands? The first thing to do is to estimate the size and volume of the room. The standard garages have dimensions of 3x6 with a 2 meter height. Well if you have the opportunity to expand the garage at least a meter.

To approach the car from all sides and to conduct full manipulation is necessary to select the distance between the shelves and the workplace of one meter.

Then you need to definitely consider:

  • What kind of things will not get into the garage, and will not be stored there under any circumstances;
  • Objects to be used with a maximum frequency;
  • Group sets with instruments suitable for its intended purpose;
  • Determining that is multifunctional - equipment, tools;
  • Assume what will be cleaning the garage;

Think about what would be the floor. In order to be able to easily clean the garage with water from a hose, to do self-leveling floor with a slope to the gate. Then the water will easily flow out from the slope and you do not have to spend a lot of time with a rag and mop vydraivaya floor surface. And also need to make shelves and desk legs 15 centimeter. See how to equip the garage with his hands in the photo.

Storage system with ceiling and walls

To create a comfortable and organized place in the garage needed:

  • Shelves which can be positioned and on one and several walls;
  • The materials of steel tubes and bars to accommodate the railing on the wall for hanging tools and equipment;
  • Panel with holders for collections;
  • Galvanized network for hanging the tool;
  • Wall box storage equipment;
  • Compact boxes for small parts;
  • Wall hooks for large equipment;
  • Jars for storage shurupikov, nails and other small items.
  • Mesh metal containers suspended for fertilizer and paint;
  • Tensioning cord for tubes and rods;
  • Boxes in limbo a large diameter;
  • Tanks made of plastic for storage underceiling;
  • Shelves for storing ski equipment, garden tools, lumber, which are used infrequently.

If you do not really understand how it all should look, you can easily spy solutions in specialty shops for obustroyki garage.

Every man dreams about his own bench, and if the amount of free space allows to place it, the dream is feasible. Specialized work desk and buy and make their own hands.

At the same time there are a number of rules that must be followed in any case:

  • This table should not be massive, so as not to clutter the space;
  • In use should be universal;
  • The table must be stable, the weight is quite heavy;
  • The table needs a suitable height, to see which one, count the distance from the floor to the middle of the palms;
  • You can not have a table in contact with a wall storage system;
  • If the table of the wooden material, it requires the impregnation of the refractory;
  • Wooden table reinforcing sheet metal of a thickness of 5 millimeters;
  • Metal Workbench brewed from tubes or parts;
  • Holes on the legs of the table can add storage space under the table for drawers and shelves;
  • The table is divided into zones, where clutches are settling, emery and drill area;
  • Take care of the table sides, they will save from falling small Circuits and tools;
  • Table do not deeper than at arm's length, so as not to exert extra effort in order to get something from the far end;
  • Wiring must be accurate, it is impossible to wire dangling beneath their feet, the outlet installed next to the table;
  • Desk should be well illuminated. If this is not a natural light source, the need additional lamps;

When planning for a garage space is calculated so that it was convenient to work with a car without it.

If you want to use a workbench for minor works directly with car repairs, you do not need a huge table, and you can get:

  • A desk with a folding top;
  • Single portable workbench;
  • Sliding table on rails;
  • Wall folding desk.

If you use a bench, not only to repair the car, but for other broader purposes, it is better in this case to bring the car into the street, as the abrasive dust, oil and dirt is not quite good effect on the car and in the cabin.

What should be shelves and shelves

Of course, the choice that you can make your own in the garage come to mind racks and shelves. Shelves particularly distinguished by their strength and the ability to withstand a lot of weight. And they are more mobile in use. Shelves are attached directly to the wall itself, and in fact, are not as reliable as racks. In this regard, for the garage is best suited racks, they can withstand heavy loads, especially if additionally attached to the wall.

For manufacturing a skeleton of metal shelving needed or bars and shelves are made of plywood, OSB. Metal shelving elements processed corrosion inhibitor, antiseptic and wood. More channels are used to enhance the multisection racks.

These racks can be divided by type:

  • Optimal stationary shelves for the garage;
  • Racks;
  • Suspended shelving of the galvanizing;
  • Purchase generic rack.

Shelves do not sag under the weight of admonition on the shelves.

For storage of keys and screwdrivers these false instruments, it is best to make a stand or wall-mounted self-tapping screw. This will allow maximum density to keep these things and do not clutter up the space on your desktop, and all tools will be on hand.

Ease garage. Without which it is impossible to

Almost every motorist has the skills and experience of service of the car without a visit to the SRT. For such people, it will be very useful observation pit. Such an arrangement is made more in the planning of the garage and the relevant documents. In order for this all to "bring to mind", it is necessary to know the depth of groundwater and further equip it.

The depth and width of the well is determined by the increase of the vehicle owner and width. If the width of the wheelbase cars 80 cm the depth is 20 cm and contain the growth of the owner. Length is based on the length of the car plus one meter of free space. Pit to be exactly in the middle of the place where it will be permanently parked cars.

The walls of the pit and floor close up roll bituminous sealant, and at the bottom of concrete reinforced. After the surface of the concreted or oblazhivayut brick, leaving a small hole for the tool. And also need to install light fixtures and sockets, protected from moisture for electrical equipment.

Wiring in the room should be done by man who knows, in any case, do not spend it yourself, if you do not possess the appropriate skills.

Similarly, as an observation pit, cellar must be provided when only planning to build a garage. This can be done, if the depth of groundwater afford to make a recess in the 3 meters. Very important:

  • Build a system of draining rainwater;
  • The perimeter of the cellar should be drainage;
  • The walls must be waterproofed;
  • It has to be gravel-sand pillow, drenched bitumen, which is raised on the walls of one meter;
  • Concrete floors;
  • Brick walls;
  • The inner side walls must be in the sealant;
  • Ventilation must be present;
  • If there is moisture in the cellar of it must be disposed of;
  • You must be insulated walls and ceilings;
  • Basement hiding monolithic plates, which in future will be the floor of the garage. Do not forget to leave room for the manhole;
  • Laz sealed the hatch;
  • Produced interior;
  • Set ladder.

The cellar is very long and expensive, and it is possible to recoup the cost only if it is really necessary. For example, to save a huge amount of harvest.

Now that you know how to create it for themselves and their need to own garage. All quoted in this article, the idea certainly help motorists finally tidy up your work area and make it a versatile and convenient. Now you do not have to spend a huge amount of time looking for the right tools and equipment. Everything will be based on the places, and it can be fast and easy to find. For a man, a garage is a special place where he retreats with his value and brings it in order not only to the safety of driving, but also for pleasure. It is rare to find men who do not like to delve into his car. Now to do this will be a hundred times more comfortable, easier and more pleasant.

Do not forget about safety in the regeneration of the garage. Be aware of the mandatory presence of a fire extinguisher, shovel and sand stock, as well as treat the refractory material wooden materials, to improve the safety of work in the garage. The cases are different, and we want these cases you never have happened! Good luck in the arrangement!

Construction of a garage in their own hands. Practical and inexpensive arrangement of the garage with his hands

Garage - is not only a space in which the car is worth. Often, it becomes a real home away from home for the motorist. Construction of garages, construction, repair - priority tasks facing the owner of your own vehicle. It is believed that these issues can not devote a lot of attention. However, as practice shows, this is negligent attitude significantly reduces the service life of the vehicle and makes uncomfortable all work associated with it. Later in the article we consider how to implement the arrangement of the garage 6x4 m.

To implement a practical and inexpensive arrangement of the garage with his hands, you must take into account several important points. Primarily shelter for cars involves maintaining the temperature and humidity at the desired (optimum) level. The machine must not freeze even in severe frosts. In addition, the arrangement inside the garage should be comfortable. Owner must be enough space to carry out any work in the room. The garage should be comfortable. The room also should be allocated space for the storage of spare parts. It is very important to know how to plan the space in the garage. Access to the details should be as convenient and comfortable. There must be provided an opportunity to quickly warm the room and protect it against intruders. It should be said that this is not an exhaustive list of existing requirements. Adjustments are made to suit personal preferences. But we should not neglect the main points. The tasks you can add the creation of the vehicle inspection pit and the construction of the bench.

Construction of the garage with his hands: how to make shelves and racks?

In any room in which to put the car, even for large dimensions need extra space for keeping various items. In order to properly implement the arrangement of the garage in their own hands, you can use the method of sealing. In this case, you should fill the entire space, which is not made free movement, cupboards and shelves. Above the windows, benches, tables, shelves can be mounted on the walls. It should be remembered that the seal should not be too strong. From the car to the wall should remain at least one meter away. The more shelves in the garage - the better. An excellent alternative to it can serve as hooks. They reinforce the walls. Also in the garage should be a wardrobe with shelves and hangers for clothes. In this case, things will not clutter up the space.

In the construction of tables and racks must take into account a number of features. To facilitate the cleaning of the room floor designs appropriate to establish on the legs with a minimum clearance of 150 mm. The shelves themselves should make holes, through which it will be easier to sweep dust and debris down. Due to such "tricks" can also provide ventilation of objects located on the shelves. This, in turn, will significantly reduce the likelihood of rapid spread of corrosion.

Fulfilling arrangement inside the garage with his hands, it is necessary, first of all, to create a comfortable working space. As a general rule, as this zone stands farthest from the gate wall. This is where you can place supplies, working equipment. It will definitely ease the implementation of maintenance and repair, as everything you need is at the motorist at hand. The working area construct workbench mounted compressor, and so forth. Proper arrangement of the garage in their own hands, and involves the use of so-called "dead zone". This space is located on the car. It can also be equipped with shelves outboard type. Here, as a rule, stored items, which we have to use not often: bars, shovels, corners and other things. In this case, it is important that the shelves have optimal size. They should not interfere with the free approach to the vehicle and implement the inspection or repair.

In rare cases, the arrangement inside the garage with his hands do without it. However, the need for construction of a viewing hole is solved in accordance with specific conditions. If it is possible to use public overpass, then build a specially ditch in the garage is inappropriate. In addition, it should be said that often pit is the source of the dampness in the room. If, however, the decision to construct a pit was made, when its construction of the wall will need to be concreted by adding a waterproofing solution. The edges should be reinforced with metal corners. In this case, will form quite comfortable pad-rim. They can lay wooden boards or planks. They will cover the hole in the non-working period and prevent accidental ingress of wheels in the ditch.

In the walls you can build a niche in which to store tools. Do not interfere in the pit and lighting. If the garage is located within the city limits, the digging of the pit may be carried out only after obtaining the relevant permits. This is due to the fact that can be located near an electrical cable, gas or water. Concreted bottom of the hole can be closed with boards or old tires.

The internal arrangement of the garage is not without tools. For routine replacement of wheels and tires, as well as the implementation of simple works under the hood will be enough conventional basic standard set of keys and the jack. For more complex manipulations, such as car repairs or painting, you need to use more serious equipment.

By implementing an internal arrangement of the garage with his hands, a desktop construct, as a rule, in the first place. The material for the bench will serve wood and metal. Best would be 2 or 3-level table. It can put a lot of useful items. Tabletop (or some portion thereof) should be covered with sheet iron to be able to carry out various small work without risk of damage to the surface.

The acquisition unit in accordance with the purpose for which it will serve. For example, for easy welding can buy a standard electronic device. However, it is not suitable for the repair of the body. To work with metal thick (more than 0.8 mm) need other unit that does not leave a hole in the material. Well suited for this apparatus performing welding a tungsten electrode, or a carbon dioxide unit.

It can not be avoided during application and prepare for it without this unit. Compressor also greatly simplifies and improves the quality of work in the garage. For example, using this unit simply performed cleaning tool or workbench. Compressor can be purged engine or pump wheels. For motorists, the most accessible considered diaphragm and piston assemblies.

This device is designed for filtering the transmitted compressed air spray gun. Vodomaslootdelitel clears stream of oil, water vapor and other small particles that may be in it. This device is indispensable for painting cars. Vodomaslootdelitel supplies purified paint, whereby the coating falls smoothly.

There is no need to equip a professional camera in the garage. To wash the car enough to bring water. Under the floor is necessary to build a "sand trap", connecting it to the sewage system. If you plan to wash your car in the garage, the room should create a high-quality ventilation system and protection of wiring. In the garage when it should be set corresponding to the electrical equipment.

Proper air circulation system is an integral part of maintaining comfort and safety in the garage. Ventilation helps eliminate unpleasant odors and noxious compounds reduces dustiness. A simple system is created from arrays, mounted on both sides of the gate at a height of 200-300 mm. Ventilation holes should be made as to the ceiling and in the wall furthest from the entrance. The exhaust pipe at the height of the walls of at least 3 meters must be less than one meter. With regard to lighting, it should be natural as possible. To this end, at least one wall should be a window. When you install an artificial lighting is recommended to do its multi-position. We are talking about a common source for the entire premises and local - to work area.

Often, carrying out arrangement inside the garage, trying to fill it with a variety of things, motorists forget about their comfort during their stay in it. Quite unpleasant to be in the room, which will resemble a landfill. The garage must be order. First of all, racks can be curtained curtains (screens). Despite the fact that the room is considered to be economic, its color scheme need to be concerned as well as the creation of optimal working conditions. As for colors, you should not use flashy, bright colors. The garage will look good calm and bright pastel colors. This gamma visually expand the space and will not adversely affect the present.

The basis of purity is considered to be in the garage floor. The base of the room, where there will be a car, should be tough and durable. To facilitate cleaning, the floor covering should be to lay at a slight slant to the gate. In this case, the surface can be watered with a hose, and the water will flow out into the street. Along the perimeter of the garage facilities for total comfort should install sewer grating and drainage drain out.

By following the above simple enough recommendations, can be equipped with garage space independently in accordance with the preferences. It will not only be a good hiding place for the car. Among other things, in a comfortable environment much easier and faster done fine work, such as repairing household appliances. In the garage with proper arrangement of space to get a lot of shelves and racks, cabinets for storage devices, tools, parts, clothing and other utensils needed motorist.

Practical ideas on how to equip the garage inside

If the kitchen is considered to be women's space, the garage on the right belongs to the male half of the population. This room is not only a place to park the car, but also a place of storage of tools, fishing equipment, friends meeting area. But that is not a garage turned into a storage room in which it is difficult to find the necessary thing, it is recommended to do its arrangement. And while many believe that this process is absolutely useless, because after visiting the garage two or three friends and machine repair, creative chaos will return to its original place. Nevertheless it is necessary to try to elevate the internal space of the building.

Equip the garage with his hands inside is not difficult. First of all, it should comply with the basic requirements for this room. What is meant in this case? Creating a warm and dry space. Since the garage, first of all, necessary for vehicle safety and related tools, there must be sufficient heat and dry if possible. Secondly, the structure of the garage must be protected against burglary. This means installing solid doors and locks.

Desirable, albeit optional element is the construction of a viewing hole. This is a practical solution to make car repairs with their own hands. And that repairs were carried out quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to organize a comfortable, spacious shelves on which to store the tool and spare parts for the car.

To a garage in the photo, not turned into a cluttered space, it is necessary to build racks, shelves and cabinets. Section for storage must be of different sizes, to tools and spare parts were placed on shelves without difficulty. Do not forget that under the rules of arrangement inside the garage facilities on both sides of the vehicle must be kept free space, at least one meter.

If you can not determine how much of shelves and racks, it is recommended to use alternative - mounting hooks along the walls. They can use as a clothes hanger or tool holders.

A convenient and practical solution in the photo, is the use of the space above the car. Here you can store blocks of wood, shovel, skis, angles and other elements that are not used often. For storage, it is recommended to build a hanging rack, which is the width and length will occupy all the space of the vehicle. However, for a smooth passage of cars, the size of the rack should be no more.

Necessary and practical details

One way or another, but the garage space is connected to the vehicle. With this in mind, to equip the garage inside, it should be in terms of the ease of maintenance of cars. In order to be able to repair their own hands the transport, install the necessary equipment in the garage. To the list of desirable pieces of equipment include:

Since the garage facilities and there is increased accumulation of fumes in unpleasant odors, it is necessary to organize high-quality ventilation. The easiest option - installation of two ventilation grills near the entrance gates at the level of 20-30 cm from the ceiling. At high altitude areas, additionally installed vent pipes.

One of the mandatory elements of the arrangement of the garage, is an organization of lighting. Ideal - the creation of natural lighting. If it is not possible to install a window, artificial lighting has to be multi-level. First of all, the light sources are installed above the work surface. Then, equipped with overhead lighting and water area near the door. Additionally, you can set the LED strip on the shelves and racks.

Equipping garage inside, many car owners for some reason forget about the little extras that turn an ordinary room for the parts and cars in a comfortable space. The easiest option - the screen on the shelves and racks. Unpretentious curtains in a light color scheme will not only create a sense of order, but also comfort in the garage.

To be able to put things in order, the distance from the floor to the racks must be at least 15 cm. This will not only sweep away the accumulated dirt from under the shelves, but will also provide ventilation, and reduce the risk of corrosion.

In order to maintain flawless purity level of the floor must be sloped. And on the perimeter, better equip wastewater. In this case, cleaning will be reduced to watering the floor with water from hoses.

Equip the garage with his hands is not difficult. Using these guidelines, each owner of the garage building will be able to turn it into a convenient and comfortable room. While respecting the fundamental rules in the garage perfectly will feel not only the car but also its owner. If, however, to the list of desirable pieces of equipment to add a small folding table and a couple of chairs, meeting with friends, will take place in a comfortable and convenient setting.

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