How to pay for housing and communal services through Sberbank Online

How to pay for housing and communal services through Sberbank Online

Age of Internet technology much easier life for citizens, keeping up with the times, saving time, nerves, and even money. Today, we consider the options utilities payment through the savings bank, without leaving home.

To begin, it should be noted that the list of public services, which can be paid through Sberbank, includes kvarplata, electricity, gas, water, security and repair services, intercom service, parking lots and so on.

Savings Bank offers a number of payment methods that can be done without leaving home or while traveling or at work, as well as the method of payment through the nearest terminal.

To pay for utility services through the Internet bank, you must have a bank card and activate the service Sberbank online.

If there is no card or not connected to the correct option, you can go to the nearest branch of Sberbank, and consultants will gladly help you with all the prompt.

So, we explain the algorithm of payment.

  1. We go to the savings bank's website via the link and login through Sberbank Online button in the upper right corner. In the window that opens, enter your ID number and password, and confirm the input by code that comes in the SMS to your phone number.

  • In the personal online office find the tab "Transfers and Payments", then "Payment for goods and services", the "housing and home phone."

  • Next, looking at the list of the managing organization of your home, on whose details will need to make a funds transfer. To do this, first select the region of residence, then their respective companies.

    IMPORTANT: to see which organization serves your home, you can on the receipt for payment of utilities. On it, the organization appears as the recipient.

  • Next it offers a choice of paid services and map, which will be transferred to the money, and the account number of the payer.

    IMPORTANT: The account number is written on the receipt. Read the clue, or see an example of a receipt is possible by placing the cursor on an empty field where you must enter account number.

  • We enter the account number. At this point, many taxpayers have trouble. If the account number is entered incorrectly, the online banking system will tell you that the value is not found. You will need to enter the number again.
  • IMPORTANT: if the account number consists of 11 digits, and has the form 00,000,123,456, and the system requires to enter the 10-digit number, then remove the single digit "0" in the beginning of the line.

    In any case, if the entered number is true, a new window with data and details of the company on whose account you transfer the money.

    If done correctly, the "Continue" button. Next you need to confirm the operation through SMS, in which your phone for the code. Upon successful completion of the operation, there will be a graphic print with "done" inscription. The money will be sent to the bank not later than the next working day.

    Save the template, and then for the next payment you will need to enter only the amount of payment specified in the receipt. And also you will be able to pay utility bills through the phone.

    IMPORTANT: Please note the commission charged by the bank for the conduct of payment. If you pay via internet banking it is 0.5% of the payment amount. By comparison, when you pay through a bank or post - the commission is 2%.

    Can I pay for the water line in the Savings Bank?

    And how to change the name of the payer.

    how to fix the details of the payment period

    • 8 (800) 555-55-50 For RF calls (free of charge)
    • 8 (495) 500-55-50 for calls from anywhere in the world
    • 900 For calls from mobile

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    How to pay for utilities through an online Savings: Walkthrough

    So, today, we look at how to pay for housing and communal services through online-Sberbank. This issue is of concern, perhaps, many holders of plastic cards, which are perfectly own a computer. After paying the rent and other bills at the post office - is the last century. And it's not very convenient for the modern world this approach. Often, the fact that the pay slip, it is necessary to spend the whole day. I am happy about this? So you have to think, how to pay for housing and communal services through online-Sberbank. Let's try to understand this delicate matter.

    The first thing we need - is to register in the service of the Savings Bank Online, and then go out there authorization. Recently, in the production of plastic cards automatically offer you complete this process. Directly in the bank consultant quickly tie the phone number to the service, and then will give you the data for authorization. And yet, you can continue to think about how to pay for housing and communal services through online debt Savings Bank, as well as all other receipts.

    If personal cabinet in service there, just enough to get authorization. Enter the official website of Sberbank Online is your identification code (easier login), and then enter the password at the bottom. On the mobile phone will receive a message with a special secret code. Enter it in the appropriate box. This is to confirm that a real user has decided to use the services. Ready? Then we move on.

    Well, there is nothing difficult in the further process. Especially if you know exactly how to carry out the payment of bills. To begin with, it will try to go the easiest method is a direct choice of the recipient.

    Pick up the necessary receipts. For example, the electric bill. Now go to your personal account on the site of the Savings Bank. Next will have to click on the section "Payments and transfers". How to pay utility bills online through the Savings Bank? To do this, pay attention to the appropriate section on the site in the selected branch. Here you'll see "Utilities and home phone." And under it there are a variety of services section. In this case, you must select "Electricity".

    Note: you can quickly and easily select any services you may need to use the navigation on the site. The main thing - is the availability of appropriate receipts. With all of this debt will be calculated directly by filling out the details. We decided on the choice of paying bills? Then we move on to more challenging parts of the process.

    It comes to choosing the recipient. Take a good look to your city was recorded in the settings. If it is incorrect, then click on the line, and then correct. But, as practice shows, city of residence is automatically selected.

    After schelkchka on the "Electricity" (in our case), you will have a small list of possible recipients. Where you have to turn to expelled receipts. Look, what company you serve, and then click on it. Thus, the most difficult part will be completed.

    Why is it considered to be difficult? All because of the complexity of the search of the recipient in some cases. Then answer the question of how to pay for housing and communal services through Sberbank (online) step by step, very difficult. After all, to find the recipient in the list is not always possible, as has already been noticed. What do you do if you were not able to quickly find the desired recipients among you? How to pay for housing and communal services through Sberbank receipt line in this case?

    Suitable automatic search. It is issued on the list. This line is written clue for the implementation of the request. You can dial it the name of serving the firm, as well as the recipient's VAT number or checking account. All the information given in the receipt of payment.

    Be careful - it is a beneficiary and not about you. To search for a TIN or account, will have to indicate the data on the organization. Otherwise, the search will not give any results. Once entered the desired data, press the Enter button or the corresponding implementation process. The result did not take long. If everything written is true, only one organization will appear below the search line, corresponding to the requirements imposed. Just that, which is what we need. Select it by pressing the mouse button. Next, go to the next step.

    We are talking about the details of filling. How to pay for utilities through an online Savings? After all the data issued for the novice user to the receipts very much. And to understand them is extremely difficult.

    Fortunately, the site of the Savings Bank has a distinctive line help. In it you will find all the necessary sample data exactly where they are located on the receipt, and how are called. In addition, in most cases, simply enter in the appropriate field the front of the client. For example, when paying for electricity. All calculations are performed automatically.

    In addition, you can also select "Insert an arbitrary amount." Then any calculations on payment of housing and communal services will not be, you enter the desired numbers on their own. Very current offer, which helps to pay it forward. Fill in all the data? Then click on "Continue".

    You're just two simple steps. If all the details are filled in correctly, the system will let you Sberbank on the data sheet. There you have to see if everything is spelled correctly - the recipient, your home address, the recipient company, as well as the amount to be paid. This is especially necessary when administered any number of means.

    Once you are satisfied with the details, click "Verify by SMS". The mobile phone you will receive a special security code. He is entered in the appropriate field on the page (appears after clicking). Just press "Confirm" after the action. Bills paid!

    Now the page will appear in front of you, which will be paid receipt. To print a check should click on the "Print receipt". Choose a printer from the menu and press on "Print". Problem solved.

    To several times not constantly look for their recipient, just click on "Save template" in the bottom of the payment page. In this case, all the details are stored. On subsequent payment simply select the corresponding receipt in the templates, check the correctness of the calculations, and then confirm the operation. Nothing complicated. Now we know how to pay for housing and communal services through online-Sberbank.

    How to pay utility bills online without commission Sberbank - the algorithm of actions in steps

    Most of the citizens of a country have to pay a monthly set of accounts, such as rent. To do this, people go to the bank to repay your debts, get a receipt, and then continue to go about their business. Payment for utilities through Sberbank online without commission is a convenient service that helps pay with a credit card for the utilities.

    Is it possible to pay for public services via the Internet

    Although many prefer to use the cashier of the bank, and all those who do not have too much free time, prefer to use the Internet to pay off their bills. Payers make most of the banking transactions through special services. Payment of utility bills through Sberbank Online provides the ability to not stand for hours in queues. With the help of this service to pay off debts for communal at any time of the day and it will take only a few minutes.

    Pay certain expenses via the Internet practical, besides, we live in the XXI century, when developing computer technology. The online operation is better use of bank funds? Advantages of payment through the Internet:

    • Fast. Payments are made in real time.
    • Profitable. Commission charged by internet service is less than in the bank office.
    • Conveniently. Possibility to translate in any country at any time. Templates for payments allow you to quickly transfer funds.
    • Safely. You control the movement of money by SMS through the mobile application.

    How to pay utility bills through Sberbank Online

    Cardholders should create a personal account on the bank's website to simply, quickly and without commissions to pay off bills for rent and other monthly payments. How to pay for housing and communal services through Sberbank Online for ordinary citizens? This service can be connected to the official website of the Savings Bank, in the terminal, or bank branch. After entering your personal cabinet note the section "Payment for goods and services" and select "Utilities", where he carried out these operations.

    Your Personal Area for utilities

    The self-service terminals, select "Connect Sberbank Online" and then click "Print ID and password." If you have not connected the mobile bank, then select the "one-time passwords Print" item. Send sms to number 900 to get an ID and a permanent password, after which the payer should call in the message to a specified customer service phone number and tell the control word by credit card. From now on, pay utilities through Sberbank online with no commission will be more convenient for you.

    Select "Payments and Transfers", then click "Utilities and home phone." Subparagraph "Electricity" and "Rents" just and the payment is made through the Housing Savings Bank online without commission. That the funds received about a particular recipient is necessary to choose the right service provider. If you can not find the desired recipient in the list, you should use the search (by name, VAT number, checking account or a specific service).

    Required details for payment of utilities

    Details of the supplier HCS is important to complete without errors. Using Sberbank Online is hard to get lost and to transfer funds to the wrong organization. The following steps will help in how to pay utility bills through a mobile application or a terminal:

    1. Select the service that you want to use, for example, to pay for electricity.
    2. Specify which account funds should be transferred.
    3. Enter a single number from a receipt. Then the supplier details will be displayed automatically.
    4. Check the amount that you need to make, check data with the receipt, enter meter readings.

    Review and verify the accuracy of the entered details and other data. If you notice that you need to fix something, edit the information. Then click on the "Confirm via SMS" on your phone will receive a message with the code, which should enter to confirm the payment. If you use one-time passwords, printed on the check, that at one time you can pay no more than 3000 rubles. Right at the bottom corner of the page to appear stamped with a "Done" inscription. Print out a check and save the payment as a template for the next payment for communal.

    Payment of utility services through Sberbank Online mobile app,

    Bank customers who value their time and have a smart phone with an Internet connection, to pay utility services Services may, at any time and in any place. Applications are installed only from trusted sources, such as Google Play. Do not forget to take care of that your electronic device is protected by an antivirus program. After registration and set a password to start to use the application. In fact, as a communal pay via Sberbank Online help following statement:

    1. On the "Payments" page, select the category "housing and home phone."
    2. Find the type of payment, such as a specific housing office in Moscow.
    3. Choose a suitable organization.
    4. Scan the barcode of receipt.
    5. Select a map and confirm the method of payment.
    6. Check auto-completed details.
    7. Confirm the operation.

    Sberbank avtoplatezh service utilities

    To carry out operations in the automatic mode is easy and safe. How to pay utility bills through the savings bank online without visiting the bank? From the dashboard, the system select My Avtoplatezhi, Create Avtoplatezh. Since the funds will be debited from your credit card a certain number, you do not have to constantly keep in mind when you need to repay a particular debt. The day before the date set for the system to send a message to your phone about the upcoming surgery. You have the right to waive payment.

    Check how much money on your card and top up if necessary, because the debit does not happen, if the account is not the full amount for repayment. Every three days, the balance of the state will be checked. When the money will go to the map, you will be asked to carry out the payment of utility through Sberbank online without commission. The operation is confirmed by SMS, a receipt can be printed using an ATM or through the app.

    Instructions for the creation of templates for terminals, ATMs and phones. If after some time the pattern has become unnecessary, it can be disabled. Instructions about what steps need to do to properly fill out fields avtoplatezha:

    1. Select the type and purpose of the payment (gas, rent, water, heating, electricity, and so on).
    2. Specify the name of the organization providing the service.
    3. Select the card with which to pay for communal.
    4. Enter the amount.
    5. Indicate the regularity of payments (monthly, quarterly).
    6. Set the date when the bank must request information on the personal account of the debt at a service company.
    7. Specify a limit beyond which financial transactions with your card does not have to be carried out automatically.
    8. Confirm the operation using the code sent in SMS.
    9. Save the information in My Avtoplatezhi, assign each composed pattern its name to distinguish avtoplatezhi.

    Sberbank commission paying utility receipts

    The amount of commission depends on the payee and the region. In each case, the tariffs can be viewed in the directory of remittances on the bank's website. Most of the payment of utility bills through Sberbank Online is made without bank fee, provided that the utility is working with him. In other cases, charged one percent of the amount.

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