How to repair a leather jacket at home

How to restore the torn leather jacket at home

The higher the quality of the leather product, the thinner and softer skin, from which it is made. For example, break biker black leather jackets, which is sewn from thick rough skin, have yet to try. But the hole in the ordinary may appear very easy. Hooked for carnations awkwardly reached into his pocket, pulled out in the transport of meat a button - and all, broke your favorite clothes. I broke - fix it. It is not difficult.

How to seal the leather jacket and is it possible to do it yourself? Can! Anyone who has a little effort and a set of tools and materials can proveti fix.

To fix the thing you need to have in place:

  • Adhesive suitable for skin and tissue. This may be a "Moment", any of shoe adhesives, but in no case PVA or "Superglue" instant bonding.
  • Sharp small scissors.
  • A piece of thin leather or suede of the same color as the product that you want to repair. future patch size should be of a size to cover the torn seat or cut a couple of centimeters on each side. You can take a thin dense fabric, but leather and suede stick better. If you need to repair a hole or cut small, you can put a patch on the old leather or suede gloves.
  • The solvent for degreasing the bonding surfaces.
  • Stiff brush and a pair of toothpicks.
  • Paint or cream for the skin.

You may also need a hammer and something heavy, than you are glued to pin down a place. All work is best done in a well-lit desk.

  1. Remove the product inside out and inspect the lining on both sleeves. On one of them you will see that the seal is on the outside. Her helpers carefully slip the hand inside and turn.
  2. Locate the cut or the place that broke malicious nail, and well rounded with a solvent to degrease the surface. You can glue the cut and without this procedure, but hold the patch will not be so reliable.
  3. Cut out the leather or fabric patch. In order to reliably seal the defect, shred size must be greater than the area of ​​1.5-2 cm on each side.
  4. Brush promazhte adhesive surface of the patch (on the side suede) and cut. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Put another thin layer of adhesive. Let also dries out a bit.
  6. Begin to stick. First, carefully glue one side of the gap, and then align the edges and glue the patch to cut entirely good press down for a few minutes.
  7. Turn out. Fold the skin over the break line to the junction of print edges. Gently put the tip of a toothpick some glue between the edge of his break, and as closely as possible their slide.
  8. Smooth out the product on the table, press down on the seat load bonding day.
  9. If necessary, touch up the bonding line, or simply treat cream suitable color.
  10. Sew lining.

If you did everything correctly, the defect is almost imperceptible. Do not be afraid that the glued place disperse or breaks again - this is unlikely. Rather, the thing breaks elsewhere, but not where you glue the patch from the inside.

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How to seal the leather jacket and return to her original appearance?

The better the skin, so it is softer and thinner, and therefore leather product will be the same.

It is because the tear "black leather jackets" you are unlikely to succeed, because such things are made of hard and rough skin. But the hole on the spring a light jacket may be formed very quickly - and do not have time to notice.

But do not worry - we'll show you how to glue leather jacket to make it look like new.

Hole in the leather jacket - whether it will sew?

If it so happens that you accidentally broke a product, do not be nervous - act decisively, having carefully studied our article before proceeding.

The first thing to do - to get an ordinary patch can even be in the film, not to spend money. Place the cut piece of plaster seal the inside. This will prevent the further spread of the fabric, which is especially important if you can not do the work to restore the product right now.

Next, carefully studying the place where the torn jacket, in order to understand how we can best do - sew or seal it.

In some cases, the best jacket to sew?

For example, if the hole is very large, resembling a hole torn piece of skin, then there is no thread, and fabric machines for the replacement can not do. Let's look at how to sew leather jacket, to return it to its former appearance?

restoration Instructions Product:

  • Unpick the lining in a place where the seam inside out.
  • Exactly clipped the edge of the hole.
  • Cut a piece of fabric of suitable size and color so that it is the material out of the edge of the "wound" on a couple of centimeters. We put inside.
  • With a piece of skin, which we sew, we must be more careful - Pick up an identical material, as it will be on the outside.
  • We put the two selected pieces and sew it.

Tip: better to take a strong needle, which is suitable for use with the skin. If we ignore this rule, you can spoil not only the jacket, but a machine.

Instructions for fixing jacket by sealing

In order to qualitatively carry out the work, you need the following:

  • Glue. The main thing is not to use the "Superglue", or the work will have to be repeated.
  • Sharp scissors.
  • The patch on the leather jacket suitable color and size (should be 1-2 cm larger holes).
  • The solvent suitable for defatting material.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Brush with hard bristles.
  • Cream for leather (or suede) products.

  • The seam should be carefully podporot.
  • Treat tissue in a solvent cut. Of course, you can do without it, but in this case no one will be to ensure that the patch will last a long time.
  • Cut a patch of skin. Using a brush, apply glue on it are also processed glue spot gluing. Leave so minutes at 40. Then, apply a second coat and let it dry out a bit.
  • Then proceed to gluing. At first, attach one side of the gap, and then combine the edges and glue the patch completely, crushing well for 4-5 minutes.
  • Remove the product and the skin fold to edge slightly parted. Then apply adhesive to the edge of the fabric. Here it is best to use a toothpick. Move the edge of the fabric as tightly as possible.
  • Razravnyayte coat on a smooth surface, and press down being restored place any load for 24 hours.
  • In conclusion, treat the surface with a cream-paint the right color and sew the lining.

We told you how to glue leather on jacket. This means that you can quickly and effectively solve the problem of cuts on the product in the event of their occurrence. Most importantly, carefully read these tips that will make a noticeable flaw!

How to recover a leather jacket?

Alas, even the highest quality leather products lose their appearance. If you really love your fall jacket or boots, listen to our following recommendations to restore the appearance of products from this material.

So as to restore the elasticity of the material, process it with glycerol or boiled warm milk. To refresh a product suitable soap solution with the addition of ammonia, then wipe the surface with vaseline material. If you are soaked jacket and you hang it to dry, then should treat the skin composition of 1 egg white and 50 ml of castor oil - just whisk the ingredients and apply makeup on his jacket.

Leather - the material is elastic, and because it often happens that favorite jacket begins to stretch over time. To solve this problem, you need to wax - first treat wax jacket, then dip it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. At the end of the product to dry on a flat surface.

Tip: To the product does not stretch, do not dry them on hangers.

The skin also perfectly absorbs odors. Here you will Vinegar - moisten the sponge in it, and go over the material. Remove grease stains can be cleaned with a mixture of gasoline and flour.

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  • 2 ways to self-seal the leather jacket at home

    Of course, the repair leather jacket - it is quite laborious, but in the process there is nothing that you could not do. Without a minimum of experience in how to glue leather jacket, your patch, maybe it will look a little less accurate than in the studio, but the self-sealing up will not only save money, but also give the knowledge that you can use to repair other leather products .

    For both methods of repairing jackets with your hands you do not need anything special: a skin patch and to the substrate, glue and a toothpick.

    • If a piece of skin ripped angle, the material for the patch is usually left in place. If a piece of torn out completely, you will have to pick up a small piece of similar thickness and texture equal in area formed hole, unless, of course, tear off a piece you have not been preserved.
    • The substrate can be used not only the skin and suede, but dense tissue, although the latter is glued worse.
    • Seal leather jacket any glue will not work: the super-glue and some variation of "moments" harden during solidification. Use the classic "Moment": it has sufficient ductility after drying.

    The first method is the sealing of the jacket with your own hands is more suitable if you need to repair the rupture angle, however, it to the tools you need to add a small piece of adhesive tape.

    • In order to fix the jacket at home, we need access to a break not only from the front, but from the wrong side, and it means that you have to compromise the integrity of the lining. Rip it down the seam can be at any convenient location, but it is best to do it along the arm at the place where the factory seam appearance.
    • So, first fix the gap on the front side by means of an adhesive tape so that the torn piece packed back as carefully as possible.

    Very sticky tape can leave marks after removing, so stick it in his hand before gluing gap to slightly loosen its stickiness.

    • Now inside glue patch of cloth, leather or suede according to the instructions to the glue. It is important to maximize the material evenly spread out, that at the time the bonding is not formed folds. Despite the fact that when bonding "moment" it is important to stress, rather than the time of pressing, set to have a sealed portion of the load in order to avoid deformation and smooth as possible plot. By the way, the patch should be at least 1 cm to go beyond the edge of the gap to completely close the hole.
    • When the patch is completely dry, remove the tape with a toothpick and apply the adhesive ejected through the joint portion. Glue need quite a bit: all the excess must be removed with a cloth to dry.
    • The last stage of repair jacket with his hands will touch up skin patches liquid, special paint, or at least ordinary skin cream to match the product.

    Fix the jacket with your own hands you can and using other tactics, first seal the hole from the inside, and only then seal on the front. The second method is more suitable to repair the jacket with a completely torn piece of skin.

    • Provide advance access to breaking from the inside, as in the first method.
    • Stick the patch on the inside as well as in the first method, pressing the place gap with something heavy.
    • After drying the inside patches make repairs on the front side, gluing the outer piece of skin. The most difficult step is cutting a piece of skin, as close to the hole shape. It is important that the piece should not go beyond the edges of the tear, but the place in which the edges loose docked, it will be possible to fill a small amount of glue.

    Internal patch can be any color, and even the front of the tab you can use a piece of a different color, if you paint over it with paint or liquid skin. But if you are only going to use the cream, the color of the outer patch is necessary to select the most similar to the color of the jacket.

    • When dried outside the patch can start painting repaired portion.

    These methods differ only in the sequence of actions and will have the same accurate results if you approach the process of repair with patience and precision that would make the place a patch virtually invisible. And yes, do not forget to sew the lining!

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