How to wash Zelenka

Zelenka washes with things: all conceivable ways

Zelenka - an indispensable companion of broken knees and abrasions. Sooner or later face the consequences of careless contact with the emerald green solution is necessary for everyone. So it comes time to deal with the consequences.

Top 9 Ways to wash clothes with Zelenka

You can save any thing, the main thing - to choose the right approach. Methods listed below are suitable for colored fabrics, cottons and synthetics. But with silk and wool should not be rashly - perestrahuytes, preliminarily testing the composition in an inconspicuous underside or inner seam portion.

This tool is sold in any drugstore, and stands as a one-time ticket on the bus. Pour the contents of the vial on the stain and leave for 5-10 minutes. Everything is ready - you can send the clothes in the drum of the washing machine.

Fresh green stains effectively removes the 7-percent vinegar. Put a spot of paper towel or napkin. Pour 2-3 tablespoons vinegar in a green area and leave for 5 minutes. After complete dissolution of the product zelenki washed as usual.

This method is risky only for dark and black things, other colors are not affected. Dilute hydrogen peroxide to water in proportions 1k 1. Wet sponzhik or wool composed and engage spot. Then proceed to the usual washing.

Dilute the contents of the cap 200 mL water and treat the stain dipped in this mixture sponge. Green dissolve before our eyes. However, such a method should be applied with care, pre-checking on tissue resistance in an inconspicuous area. After treatment, rinse thoroughly enough to wash clothes or to fast mode.

It is best to wash jeans with Zelenka help acetone, however, means nail polish remover without acetone can not handle. In addition to the favorite jeans, this method is also applicable for the coarse and dense matter. So, we treat the soiled place a sponge soaked in acetone, and the ship washed jeans in the washing machine. Instead of cotton or sponge and use a soft, lint-free cloth. Acetone - very good solvent, which will help you to wash even the stubborn oil with clothes.

You will need rubbing alcohol, or any other alcohol-containing composition. Amiss even vodka. Moisten a cotton ball in it and walk on pollution. If the effect is insufficient - attach wool for a few minutes to the fabric. Then proceed to wash. In the same way it is possible to wash the stain of iodine with a tissue.

Sunflower oil for hopeless cases

Extreme and dangerous path of struggle with traces of green fodder - sunflower oil. The old oil remove stubborn stains promptly. The only catch is that after it will have to be reduced from the fabric itself vegetable oil. Yet we dare: Pour a couple of tablespoons of oil in the contaminated area and leave for 2-3 hours. Rinse and refill gel dishwashing detergent (preferably colorless). Leave overnight or 8-10 hours and proceed to machine washing.

Starch from the persistent effects of communication with the brilliant green

For the success of this method have pouporstvovat, but the result will justify your efforts. Dampen the stain with running water and thoroughly rub it in the usual starch. The procedure will have to be repeated several times. Remove excess and faded thing hand soap. To be sure, send it into the washing machine.

Here the choice is limitless funds. Manufacturers excel as they can, offering specialized gels, laundry soap, soft or harsh bleaches. Your target - select feasible means. For light dirt suitable soap, if the diagnosis is unfavorable, then take the stain remover.

The green footsteps: the struggle for the snow-whiteness

A separate theme - the white stuff, small spots on which catch the eye immediately. But still return intense white color of your favorite shirt is much easier than to win from brilliant green color. The following method is suitable for office clothes and cotton T-shirts and Zelenka wash out with bed linen, tablecloths and curtains.

  1. Whitening soap for washing - the best option for natural fabrics. It is used for instant response to svezhepostavlennoe spot.
  2. Oxygen bleach (for white) - suitable for severe cases, it is good to wash out white socks from severe dirt. Just follow the instructions.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide cope with zelenkoj on white fabrics. Moisten a cotton swab it and treat the area. After 10 minutes, send the clothes into the washing machine, select a moderate washing temperature.
  4. Chlorine-containing compounds such as Domestos or similar means for cleaning toilet bowls will drive Zelenka a couple of minutes. Sprinkle on a damp sponge concentrated gel and the treated tissue - is ready.
  5. Suitable for white and purification method using alcohol. To achieve a rapid effect in the alcoholic solution of lemon juice is added or dissolved therein citric acid.

Remember that brilliant green - not a sentence. In an extreme case, the clothes can be taken to a specialized salon or dry cleaners.

As Zelenka wash out with things and bed linen?

Despite the abundance of all kinds of modern facilities to disinfect minor wounds, proven decades ago brilliant green has not lost its popularity. Moms trust him, it is inexpensive, access to germs closes tightly - what to look for something better? The only thing that people are upset - almost inevitable splashes, as Zelenka is very difficult to wash off. Meanwhile, the bottles are closed so tightly that around is virtually impossible to do without the green drops. Yes, and treated the child rarely sits still, increasing the chances to stain all around.

How to wash Zelenka: peroxide to help

The simplest means of pharmacy well that is suitable for all fabrics, but only white. Hydrogen peroxide is non-aggressive, and the likelihood of damage to her clothes and underwear minimal. Take the wool or drive to remove makeup and well wetted by the "magic" liquid. Swab blotted ugly spot; as the absorption of green fodder it changes. Do not rub - can increase the size of contamination. When it is strong pale, covered with a fresh plate and left for a few hours. Periodically "kompress9raquo; need to change, peroxide evaporates quickly. Last thing prostiryvaetsya and becomes snow-white.

If you are looking for a way to wash off Zelenka with a linen colored or colored clothes, pure peroxide will not work: can discolor. It should be diluted by half and repeat "podhod9raquo; repeatedly. Or soak the item in a solution and change it to remove the washed brilliant green.

Another good method is to wash Zelenka suggests the use of ammonia, a conventional 10-percent solution. processing technology similar to that already described: the multiple soaking the cotton swab with subsequent washing. However ammonia can destroy artificial tissue so that first necessary to test its effect on an inconspicuous area or piece of the material from which is made contaminated item.

This method is Zelenka to wash, suitable for white and for colored things. It requires regular vinegar (five percent). At detection on kitchen shelves concentrated essences, it must be diluted to the desired state. Under spoiled clothes is enclosed loose paper (the most simple and proven option - toilet), and with the change of swab of cotton wool and stain the substrate is eliminated fairly quickly note. Final wash - and the thing is again fit for use.

This method is especially good if the brilliant green stained furniture. From the ammonia will remain persistent odor which erodes weeks peroxide can discolor upholstery and vinegar though take sufficient time to remove stains, but after the water washing and drying bed may be used immediately.

The best method is to wash Zelenka with things made of cotton, it is considered a primitive potassium permanganate. It requires less effort than all the facilities mentioned above, as to rub the stain is not necessary. The basin is preparing a very slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, immersed in it at night the victim thing - and it's done. If the fabric is white, she can buy a light pink shade that goes after normal washing.

A very original way to wash out Zelenka, propose bold mistress: Fill spray cleaner toilet. Perhaps the method has a right to exist, because the stain is removed with an absolute guarantee. However, how this will affect the state of the fabric and its color is highly dependent on the fluid used. If you're willing to take a chance, try to gently dip in the means of the things on which the defects are not visible. For example, the back seam.

All of these methods are effective only if you woke up immediately. When the stain is left unnoticed and was found to have withered, they are ineffective, because Zelenka wash off after it absorbed much more difficult. However, the situation is not hopeless: you can try as many as two ways:

  1. Normal potato starch is rubbed into the soaked cloth and immediately rinsed. The procedure enables the partial adsorption of the dye, whereby the spot brightens noticeably. Repeat manipulation have up until the soiled area is not equal in color with uninjured "okrestnostyami9raquo ;.
  2. No less long, but it is not as time consuming way - use vegetable oil. They are filled with colored section and left for six hours. During this time, if the fabric is not thick, the oil will pull out of it all Zelenka. True, the next step will be getting rid of greasy stains. It is recommended to fill it with half a day with any liquid dishwashing detergent, rinse after item and pass through the washing machine in the normal mode.

Experts claim that a majority of natural and high-quality fabrics fresh stain zelenki eliminates the conventional washing machine with the addition of a mild bleach. If the spot is large, a better pre-rinse the affected area to avoid uneven spread of dye on all things being in the drum.

When backfilling brilliant green leather, linoleum or plastic problem is solved much easier. The main thing - not to delay the removal of a long time: these materials are soaked in brilliant green abide therein forever. Puddle first blotted with paper towels or cloth and then place getting overwritten zelenki any alcohol-containing liquid. Suitable not only ethyl alcohol and derivatives thereof, but also salicylic, and its effect softer and recommended for delicate surfaces. You can use ammonia or peroxide, if you believe that the first will not damage the material (for example, certain types of laminate ammonia unstable), and the second will not leave discolorations (this may happen with linoleum).

As no trace to wash clothes with Zelenka

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As is known to all of us, the most unpredictable thing of all, which is stored in our homes and apartments, we can confidently be called a bubble with a solution of brilliant green that the familiarly popularly called simply brilliant green. Do not have time to recover, as this one seems to be a mind completely safe object begins to spoil everything beautiful, emerald-green spots, and if it is still open, and even more so. And stubborn stains stubbornly unwilling to depart neither from the skin or the clothes and helps usually only regular washing and cleaning, and not the fact that you are lucky and your favorite t-shirt or jeans then you can wear anywhere, except on the garden weeding beds. But things are not so bad, as it seems at first glance, because let's deal than you can wash out Zelenka with clothes, it does not ruin a good thing.

Simple rules for instant response: Does Zelenka satisfied with this content with the clothes

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Zelenka, as a means of disinfection has been known for a long time, even our grandmothers were treated with their kids and husbands with the help of such a formulation. The color of the alcohol solution has a really bright and persistent, and in the encyclopedia you can read about it a lot of interesting things that did not hurt to know before embarking on the fight against not derivable green spots. What a strange package designer decided to package Zelenka maloudobnye in glass bottles, sealed plastic caps and corks, get that out of the neck is simply unrealistic carefully.

According to an article in the well-known online encyclopedia "Wikipedia", Zelenka - is an antiseptic, and in fact, simply a synthetic aniline dye. Moreover, in many cases brilliant green is used as a steady tone for silk and wool.

If you already have it so happened that on the garments, to bedding, as well as on other textile things broke ugly poisonous green spot, then we must act not even just a quick and instant. Having time zamyt everything quickly, you definitely save a thing and not have to suffer long to scrub this old spot. In an extreme case, a half-hour delay, too, does not hurt, but should hurry. If the bright spot of green fodder appeared no one knows when, then there is need to work hard, and even folk remedies and methods of their application is really lacking.

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If the stain has appeared recently: how to wash clothes with Zelenka quickly and easily

  • How to wash clothes by Zelenka does not have time to think, if the stain immediately pour plenty of warm water. It is desirable to carry out an emergency wash under the tap, ie in running water.
  • Wash the stain is necessary as long as the water is clear.
  • Next you need to lather the place where still preserved traces of green, plain soap, and rinse, repeat the procedure.
  • Will only throw rotten thing in the car and on the spot will be left absolutely no trace.

Inveterate stains: wash off than Zelenka, if repeated washing does not help

First and foremost it is worth paying attention to the various means of spots, which offers an abundance of modern industry. However, it should be extremely careful, because too "toxic" aggressive substances can damage not only the fabric coloring, but also its structure. Because you should definitely read the instructions carefully before purchase. And, for example, bleach for laundry if Zelenka satisfied with this content, the issue is controversial, but the colored items will be spoiled hopelessly and forever. It is because of this should be treated to such reagents with extreme caution and always observe the enclosed instructions, usually written directly on the label.

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Many housewives even manage used to remove stains zelenki not only standard specifically designed for this purpose, stain removers and bleaches, and even household chemicals for cleaning the toilet bowl, for example, "Toilet Duck", "hedgehog" or "Domestos". However, we must be very careful here, and immediately wash off means that it is not corroded fiber fabric and paint. Generally, the better to experiment with white things or to test on an inconspicuous area. Zelenka will wash out really hard, and have to take into account also the type of fabric, which she got, otherwise you can get rid of your favorite T-shirts or shorts easy.

How to wash colored clothes with Zelenka: Help laundry soap

Fresh or slightly stuffy spots of green fodder perfectly satisfied with this content in such means as good old soap. However, there are nuances that you should definitely consider. Firstly, you need to buy a brown soap that has an inscription 72%. No other with such a daunting task not handle, though it is possible to try and less concentrated.

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Second, it is necessary to understand that you need to be washed in warm water. Moreover, its temperature must be such that you could easily hold his hand, otherwise the stain will likely "welded" even stronger than before. Soap - the best solution if you have a question tormented than wash Zelenka with clothes made of wool. The thing is that the aggressive agents can easily disrupt the structure of the fabric and ruin the thing, and in fact we do not achieve this.

Let's see what is in the medicine cabinet: than to wash clothes with Zelenka tell pharmacists

As it turns out, if you give enough time to the question, you can find a fairly simple solution for such problems, which at first glance seem quite intractable. So, you should look in their own home first aid kit and see what we have there is this, that would be able to help wash out with brilliant green textiles.

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  • If green spot broke any white cloth, moisten it should just three percent hydrogen peroxide, which is almost exactly in any home. For convenience, many are advised to simply soak a cotton ball with peroxide and gently, but is strong enough to wipe a speck. If a great spot, it is necessary to change a tampon on the net a few times. Next thing you need to leave for ten minutes or fifteen, then wash in the machine. You can try this remedy for colored fabrics, but it is better at first to breed peroxide with boiled water.
  • Surprisingly, the fight with spots of green fodder can also help normal ammonia, and other alcohol-containing liquid. Means need to be poured on the spot, and waited seven minutes to ten, wash as usual.

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  • It also helps to ammonia, which is on sale in any drugstore. You need to buy a ten percent solution, and do everything the same way as with smelling salts.
  • Ethanol, Medical - Here is another tool that can help if you have an urgent need to understand how Zelenka wash out of the fabric. Wipe the area with an alcohol as many times as necessary, and then the thing just wash.
  • It will also help get rid of the green spots conventional potassium permanganate. The solution of warm water should be done very weak slightly pinkish, and then soak in it soiled items. Leave a bowl will need an hour or two or three after that thing must be thoroughly rinsed.

Plain vinegar and baking soda: how to wash clothes with Zelenka improvised means

Soda and Vinegar exactly is in the arsenal of every housewife and even an inveterate bachelor, these substances have at home ved with vinegar, for example, you can eat dumplings, why they get a unique taste and aroma. action algorithm outrageously simple:

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  • Fill the area with soda ash to sufficiently abundant catches the edge.
  • Pour vinegar on top of everything. Start a violent reaction, but should not be afraid.
  • That is the reaction of soda and vinegar will cause the spots to move, and the thing will just wash.

Good old bleach in any case help

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It is clear that any chlorinated means exactly will help get rid of the nasty green stains on the fabric. However, we must also be aware that for the color of things such exposure is detrimental, as the surface is likely to remain whitish spots faded fabric. Because bleach should be used, for example, bleach "Whiteness" extreme caution and use only white fabrics.

If you think, than to wash Zelenka with baby clothes, you should be sure to remember that all products containing chlorine, should immediately put aside and not even considered as an option. The thing is that even ten times rinsing the fabric, from the traces of the caustic chemical element rid hardly succeed.

Vegetable oil: how to wash stains zelenki

Many hostesses say that any stains on the fabric of brilliant green can be washed using conventional vegetable oil, which has exactly the kitchen each. It is understood that this method is very dangerous in terms of completely ruined things. The thing is that sunflower may "eat" Zelenka, but has a spot on it, too, will bring no less difficult. However, this method shall sound.

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  • Oil should choose a refined, purified and frozen, that is, such tracks and the smell of which will be less corrosive and resistant.
  • Pour oil on the stain, rub it well, and let it sit for five to ten hours.
  • As time passed, pour the fat on the trail of oil every household degreaser, such as "Fairy" and then leave an hour for three to five.

After all the procedures described above, the thing that needs to be very carefully washed, it is better in the washing machine. The idea is that all the spots, both on the green stuff, and of oil, should withdraw completely. However, in reality often it turns out wrong and what you did not spoil green paint, oil will bring to perfection, so it is necessary to be extremely cautious.

Simple tips and tricks than to wash clothes with Zelenka

Of course, we can say that the spots on the green stuff actually are the bad washes. If you respond quickly, all the leaves are more or less good and fast, but if a speck inveterate, it is not the fact that it will be able to wash. Moreover, there are fabrics from which any impurities descend like water off a duck, but there is, and vice versa, in which even a simple water leaves traces that are simply impossible to wash. Experienced mistress, like our favorite moms or grandmothers are exactly in their own arsenal of several of his own making such a complex issue as otstiryvaniya stains from clothes, because should listen to them, because life experience there is more than enough.

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  • No need to rush with aggressive cleaners and detergents, vinegar, alcohol or potassium permanganate, even if the thing with a spot of green fodder is already long enough. Just try it first thing to wash with soap and water, because there are tissues in which spots are simply not hold.
  • To green stain has spread when brushing down the web, you need to sprinkle it liberally edge simple food starches, for example, potatoes, and slightly moistened with water.
  • With some fabrics stain from green fodder can even be displayed using the starch. To do this, you need to put on the spot from an aqueous slurry of starch solution, to hold ten or fifteen minutes, and then rinse with water. If necessary, ie if the stain is still visible, you can do it all again.
  • Always when you buy stain removers, bleaches, and other chistyasche-detergents, read the instructions, even if they do not take the first time. Be sure to consider all the nuances, because their composition may vary, moreover, that in this case you do not use them to their destination.
  • Keep a bottle of green paint in the bathroom, and it was there on the sink, open the artful cap. Hands can easily wash peroxide, sink - any cleaner, but with the clothes, or even more, bedding, have to tinker.

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It is a pity that had not stumbled upon this article, and threw a T-shirt with a spot of green fodder. Well, now at least I'll know what it can be cleaned. Here's another would write, how to clean an inveterate Zelenka from white silicone.

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