How to clean suede shoes

The treatment begins with a cleansing: how to properly handle suede shoes?

Another great Elvis Presley sang: "Do what you want, but get away from my blue suede shoes." Of course, with today's abundance of the most diverse footwear-specific shoes are not experienced such a thrill. But Suede has remained the highest quality, the majestic and beautiful material for accessories.

Suede boots or shoes look a winner, always elegant and refined. Even ordinary shoes in the style of the American work shoes can acquire a kind of charm, being made of this fabric.

Unfortunately, for all its obvious merits, suede is surprisingly moody, delicate and vulnerable material. And if you do not provide it with adequate careful and delicate care, you can not even purchase shoes based on it.

Our off-season and winter thaws are famous, and huge quantities of mud. A velor, as we know, does not like humidity. If you do not care for suede shoes, her fast shiny patches, scratches and bald spots.

Particularly delicate items can and does fall apart under the influence of liquid penetrating into the pores of the material. To all this did not happen, it is necessary to clean properly, dry and store things.

How to clean suede shoes? Unfortunately, your usual brush to the skin in this case emphatically not fit. Unsuitable and rough metal brushes. you can purchase a brush with natural bristles or a small rubber "teeth" for high-quality cleaning.

In addition, steam cleaning is permitted, in your home, over a saucepan of boiling water. Connoisseurs unanimously claim that it is - the perfect cleansing of footwear from the delicate material. If you are wondering - where high quality clean suede shoes, not having in its arsenal of home caregivers needed funds, please contact your local workshop.

Clean up your favorite shoes from dust and dirt

Wondering how to clean your own suede shoes at home? We are pleased to illuminate for you some of the secrets of this procedure. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary and difficult to clean suede. It is enough to adapt himself and gain some skills to begin to deal with this problem in a jiffy.

But at first, we recommend that you strictly follow the standard instructions. Listening to our basic guidelines, you can easily and brilliantly cope with the task to clear the dark, light, heat insulation and open suede shoes.

How to carry out cleaning?

  • If you have physical facilities, get special funds for the care of suede. This will greatly facilitate your life and eliminate the time-consuming. But do not look for them a cheaper alternative - if you do not have large sums of free money, get a better handle on their own. Otherwise, causing low quality of impregnation, creams and sprays, you run the risk of losing the very shoes. Remember - the miser pays twice! And about any economy when purchasing a surrogate can not speak;
  • Pre-clean the shoes, to remove her excess dirt and dust conventional dry cloth;
  • With scuffs and scratches must be addressed when suede is completely dry. This material is incredibly receptive and sensitive to water, so if you come for a thorough cleaning of shoes, make sure that it was completely dry;
  • The most acceptable shoes cleaned of dirt with a special brush. It is not necessary to carry it on his boots or shoes with a force or a circular motion! Move the pile in one direction, carefully eliminating lumps of dirt and dust from your favorite shoes;
  • It is very desirable to gently clean the shoes after each wear. Coming from the street, just treat the product with a brush in the above scheme;
  • Glossy portions appear on the shoe because fine grains suede lie in one direction. Just raise their nap, and you can get rid of the "bald patches" without further manipulation;
  • You have the house there is a pencil eraser, or clerical eraser? That it will help you cope with a particularly stubborn "bald spots";
  • Recover glossy zones will ammonia solution. Simply soak a cotton ball in it and walk around the defective places;
  • What else can clean suede shoes? Corrosive dirt stains can be easily removed with gasoline and common cosmetic talc. Wipe gasoline shoes, and then sprinkle "problematic" places talc, which has the property of instantaneous absorption of fat. Leave the shoes to rest for a few hours. Then treat barely wet cloth soaked in a mild soap solution and "comb" brush;
  • How to properly clean bright suede shoes, which were local contamination and roughened areas? You will help ordinary pasteurized milk! Take ½ cup of drink, enter a few drops of concentrated ammonia and 2 tsp baking soda. Stir the resulting suspension vigorously and uniformly apply the product using tight tampon. A few hours later treat dry brush. Your shoes are guaranteed to acquire a clean, neat appearance;
  • In severe cases you may need to paint suede shoes. It also is not worth saving. Pre you will need to fully prepare the shoes, and evenly spray paint her chosen color in several layers. Scratch will be over !;
  • How to clean suede shoes from oily streaks and stains quickly and correctly? Sprinkle parts of cornstarch, leave at night and in the morning the treated areas of the steam iron.

Spots of any etiology, caused on the surface of suede, can be removed with an ordinary pair of ...!

How can I clean suede shoes with steam? Pre you must prepare the product by any method described above. The shoes should be clean and dry. Remove it from contamination by ammonia, a soap solution or a special spray cleaning.

Then the plate put on a liquid (e.g., a kettle) and wait for it to boil. Hold the shoes of an intense steam jet, leading its direction around the perimeter. Clean the shoes over the steam can without leaving the house. Alternatively, it is possible to use a steam iron.

After the shoes or boots are completely processed intensively wipe them with a special brush to suede. You are guaranteed to impress the effect achieved - shoes literally acquire a new, original appearance.

Shoe Suede - an integral part of the regular care of a competent material. If you watch your shoes all the time, you do not touch the "unsolvable" problems associated with its appearance and condition.

Try to observe the recommendations of the time, take care of their shoes, take care of the aesthetic component of her, and she generously repay you with preserving their quality and beauty for many years!

How to clean suede shoes? 8 tips

New shoes of suede looks expensive and stylish, so it can become the main decoration of any image. But if you do not properly take care of it, it did not last for long and very quickly turn into a worn-out pair. Find out now how to clean suede shoes at home, and avoid blunders!

Rules daily care of suede shoes

To suede shoes, shoes or boots have kept appearance, remember a few rules of daily care.

  1. Regular cleaning suede shoes against dust and dirt by using a special brushes or soft dry cloth (flannel).
  2. Treat spray with water-repellent effect.
  3. Do not leave dirty shoes - will be very difficult to clean!
  4. Suede shoes can be washed. Make a soapy solution and add ammonium chloride (just a few drops). Moisten the brush in the mixture and carefully wipe suede. Then repeat the process, but with clean water.
  5. Shoes made of suede can not be dried near heating devices - it can deform under the influence of heat.
  6. Wet boots necessarily tamp newspapers - paper absorbs moisture and allows you to keep in shape. But it is better not to wear them on rainy days.
  7. For each color suede buy a separate brush. Be especially careful with the shoes light color - it can be easy to get dirty dirty brush.
  8. To eliminate attrition and move the brush back and forth, and to clean off the dirt, perform movements in one direction only. Remember! Clean can be just dry chamois! If there is no special brush, replace it with a rubber band, a crust of bread or a matchbox (need a side part).
  9. Recover suede color by using a special cream or aerosol paint. Suede brown color can be well cleaned emaciated coffee grounds. Enough to put it on a shoe surface and rub with a dry brush.
  10. To create a strong protective layer that will withstand dust, water and brine divorces, treat suede surface in advance, and not before going out.

How to clean suede shoes, if it zalosnilas? For this purpose there several options!

Method 1 - steam

Zalosnivshuyusya shoes can rub the eraser or hold over steam - it will raise the nap.

Method 2 - ammonia

  • Mix 2 parts water to 1 part ammonia;
  • Moisten in this solution a clean swab or a gauze;
  • Wipe problem areas;
  • Rinse with clean water;
  • Process footwear with a brush dipped in a light vinegar solution - for 1 liter of warm water 1 tsp.. vinegar.

Method 3 - sandpaper

Another good way - rub iced place with fine sandpaper. But be very careful not to get too carried away, otherwise mess up shoes!

Quite often there are different suede spots or stains from the water. To get rid of them and clean the shoes of salt, use our selection of simple but effective recipe.

Recipe 1 - talcum powder and gasoline from oil stains

  • Dampen the stain with gasoline and sprinkle it with talcum powder;
  • Allow to soak in gasoline - it set aside footwear less than 2 hours;
  • Walk on the surface of a stiff brush.

Excellent alternative become common salt, tooth powder or crushed chalk for chronic oily stains. Sprinkle a layer of dense, let the salt soak up the fat and all repeat again. If you have managed to put a stain from juice, wine or other drinks, zamoyte suede shoes weak vinegar solution.

Recipe 2 - vinegar salt from divorce

  • Clean the surface of suede;
  • Dampen a toothbrush in vinegar and walk divorce;
  • Treated area with a soft wet cloth;
  • Completely dry shoes and apply a water repellent;
  • Wait for it to dry, and once again wipe the brush.

Recipe 3 - cleaning foam on stubborn stains

  • Mix a glass of warm water with 2 tbsp. l. liquid ammonia and liquid hand soap (some detergent is used);
  • Shake the mixture to foam;
  • Dip it in a soft cloth and wipe suede shoes;
  • Rinse with acetic water.

Bright suede shoes should be brushed on a regular basis - it will prolong its life. If the favorite pair lost appearance wipe dirty portions gauze pad dipped in liquid ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. The greater the pollution, the stronger must be the solution. Use this tool is not more than 1 time in two weeks!

It is also possible to clean off the salt with a stiff brush and clean piece of rubber. If this does not work, use a solution of vinegar. Next, dried shoes well, fan brush.

Milk ideal for cleaning suede shoes light, ammonia and soda:

  • Connect 1 hour. L. baking soda, 100g fresh milk and a few drops of ammonia;
  • Moisten in this solution a clean rag or sponge and good wipe stains.

Now your shoes made of suede will look great even active socks!

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How to clean suede shoes

Many people avoid buying suede shoes, preferring leather or imitation leather, believing that for suede shoes need to constantly take care of, otherwise soon it will have a very poor condition.

This is partly true. But if you know the rules of care for suede shoes, the shoes or boots of this kind of stuff will serve you faithfully for several years without losing its original form.

Very often suede shoes eventually shines, salted, on its surface appear white stains. Sometimes shoes fall and other substances: dirt, grease, salt ...

To clean and care for suede shoes produce special tools and aerosols. How to use them, at each of these vials has a corresponding instruction.

In addition to these tools, obtain and Accessories for cleaning suede shoes:

  • Special brush for cleaning suede. Instead, it is possible to use a toothbrush with hard bristles.
  • Impregnation of suede. It is applied to the surface of the shoe, that it would produce water and moisture barrier, protecting suede from wet.
  • Foam cleaning suede shoe. They are not only well clear material without wetting it, but also improve its quality.
  • Rubber brush, and simply put, an eraser.

But in addition to specialized tools for cleaning suede, there are national ways - a very simple and affordable.

From folk remedies, you will need:

How to clean suede shoes from mud

Shoe Suede should be cared for on a daily basis. If you come from the street, and suede shoes remained the dirt street, the shoes should be brushed. But before that, it must be good to dry, then clean off the dried mud, and only then proceed to the main cleaning.

  • Prepare a soap solution, which add a few drops of ammonia. This solution with a brush, clean the shoes. Then wipe with a damp clean cloth and leave to dry completely.
  • It must be remembered that the suede does not like moisture abundance, so wet cleaning can hold suede shoes only in exceptional cases. For everyday use more sparing cleaning agent: cleaning or dry cleaning foam.

How to clean suede shoes zalosnivshuyusya

  • Rub lost species crocus cloth seats - the smallest and lasy may disappear.
  • Sandpaper and can remove stains from ballpoint pens or minor scrapes. After cleaning with sandpaper to nap suede lift with a special brushes. Or take the tooth.
  • If there is no skin, use a different method. To this end, a regular table salt. Wipe zalosnivshiesya place salt, and then clean the rigid brush.
  • Instead of salt you can take a crumb of white bread and use it as an eraser. Then rub the surface of the shoe as a rigid brush, scraping leftovers crumb.
  • By the way, the usual student's gum with this task, too, good job. But we need to take a new gum, unused. Otherwise, you can add more sites to zalosnivshimsya and ink stains from the eraser.
  • Eliminate greasy place to help suede shoes and ammonia. Dampen a cloth with ammonia and wipe shoes. Dry. The treated place clean fine-grained sandpaper.
  • If suede faded, or, conversely, zalosnilas, then you can fix it with steam. To do this, first clean the shoes from dust and dirt, and then hold it above steam. The pile should rise up and restore its original appearance. During such a pile of bath treatments is not recommended to clean the brush. Yes, and excessive moisture suede too, should be avoided. Special brush suede brush can only complete its drying.
  • Gloss (do not compare with a nice sheen) with suede shoes, you can remove soda and milk. To do this, mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk. Good shoes wipe this solution and then rinse with clean water. Water may be replaced by acetic solution by preparing it from a liter of water and one teaspoonful of vinegar. The method with good milk, but it should not be used if the shoes are dark in color, as they can remain white spots.
  • Zalosnivshuyusya suede white or light colors can be cleaned in a similar manner, but in addition to milk, add more soda and a few drops of ammonia. Wipe this lineup shoes. If the milk does not add baking soda, then add more alcohol.
  • If your suede shoes were lasy, then dilute the vinegar mixed with water, armed with a brush and a solution of this well rounded these places.
  • If suede in some places is so shabby that it is impossible to give it original appearance, use spray paint for suede, which can be bought in the shoe store. But we need to accurately match the color, so as not to spoil the shoes even more. Check the shade of paint on the inside of the shoe, where the site will not be visible.

How to remove grease stains on suede shoes

  • If the shoe suede appeared greasy spot, rub it with a cloth soaked in gasoline.
  • Grease stains on suede, remove with a toothbrush dipped in undiluted white vinegar.
  • Well removes grease and talc. To do this, sprinkle the stain with talcum powder and leave for one hour. During this time, the talc absorbs the fat, and you will just have to clean this place brush. This method is good for the care of footwear made of white suede, as aqueous solutions may leave traces on a white background.
  • Talc can be replaced with starch. If the contamination is not removed, make starch and ammonia slurry, apply on the stain and leave it to dry completely. Then remove the dried starch with a special brushes.

How to remove the whitish stains on suede shoes

These spots appear from moisture or improper care of the shoes. Do not use suede shoes in wet and rainy weather.

If you are in such shoes is exposed to rain, then come home, it is necessary to fill newsprint, dried, and then thoroughly clean the brush.

Do not dry shoes, suede and even more so next to a radiator.

Put the shoe so that the dried and outsole.

How to clean suede shoes, if it were divorced from the salt

Very often on a shoe appear white stains from salt, which is used to deal with the snow on the roads.

But salt is not only leaves white marks on the suede, but also corrodes the skin. Thereby significantly shortening the life of the shoe socks. Therefore, these salt stains need to be removed at the earliest opportunity.

  • When he came home, immediately clean the dirty areas with undiluted vinegar. Footwear dry and then to brush clean the special suede.
  • If after cleaning stains do not disappear, do soap solution and this solution using a sponge Rinse footwear. Wipe clean with a damp sponge to remove excess moisture. Good dry, and then go over the surface of the shoe special brush for suede.

If you take your shoes in storage, for example, until the next season, then make sure that the shoes were clean.

Be sure to dry it well in order to avoid the appearance of unwanted plaque.

Treat the Shine suede surface impregnated.

Put the shoes in crumpled newsprint. It will prevent the shoes from moisture and deformation. But it is better to fold each pair of shoes in a separate box and stored in a dry place.

We must remember that it is better not zanashivat shoes to the point at which you do not help either one of these methods. At the first opportunity, clean shoes, and then the process will not cause you difficulty.

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