How to connect the water heater flow

How to connect to the instantaneous water heater and the mains water supply with their own hands

Earlier, we conducted our review in which thoroughly lit instantaneous water heater unit, and provides recommendations on the selection.

Installation and connection of the instantaneous water heater to the water and electrical

So, the new "protochnik" spared from the packaging, read the instructions and now is the time to think about where to install the instantaneous water heater.

Location for the instantaneous water heater is advisable to select from the following considerations:

  • whether at a given point on the unit to fall from the shower spray;
  • how comfortable would include-off device;
  • how it will be convenient to use a shower (or crane) device.

You need to decide before you start the installation:

  • whether the device is convenient to use in the place of taking a shower (or, say, dishwashing);
  • convenient to be using different modes of operation (if any) of adjustment;
  • Do not bude get moisture or water on the device (since there are 220 clean!).
  • It is also necessary to take into account future eyeliner water - how it will be convenient to connect the water supply to the instantaneous water heater. Any special conditions to the wall shall be available - weight of the device is small. Naturally, that curves and a very uneven wall mount device will be a bit more complicated.

Installing the instantaneous water heater with your hands

Usually included is a required hardware, but often, so that the very short dowels (for example, on the wall of a thick layer of plaster) and the screws themselves are short, so I would recommend to buy in advance the necessary hardware required dimension. In this installation can be considered complete.

Installation and connection of the instantaneous water heater to the water and electrical

Connect instantaneous water heater to the water mains

An electric instantaneous water heater can be connected to the water in several ways.

Method one - simple

Take a shower hose, unscrew the "funnel" and reconnect the hose to the cold water inlet to the water heater. Now, install the faucet handle to the "souls", we can use a water heater. If you set the knob to "tap" that comes from the tap cold water bypassing the heater. As soon as the centralized supply of hot water is reduced - Turn off the water heater from the "soul" back to fasten the "watering" the soul and continue to enjoy the benefits of civilization.

The second way - a more complex, but more correct

Connecting to the water heater apartment through an outlet for a washing machine. For this we use troynichok and fumlenty skein or yarn. After the tee to disconnect the heater from the water and to adjust the pressure and temperature of the heater is required valve.

When installing the faucet should also pay attention to the usability of the latter. Indeed, we have repeatedly in the future open-close it.

The site of our water supply from the tap to the water heater can be installed using a variety of pipe from metal plastic and PVC flexibles to normal. Most likely, of course, make the liner using flexible hoses. If necessary, our water supply can be secured to a wall (or other surface), using staples or any other means of fastening.

Installation and connection of the instantaneous water heater to the water and electrical

How to install water heaters Electric - video

Connection to the mains instantaneous water heater

Typically, domestic single-phase flow-type water heaters - a very powerful device - from 3 to 9 kW. Accordingly, the need for proper connection leased line (be sure to separate RCD for automatic emergency shutdown) as usual will not sustain such stresses.

Not be used for powering a standard wall outlet, due to the fact that in most cases they do not have proper grounding.

When connecting wires to the screw terminals must be followed phasing:

- L, A or P1 - phase;

- N, V or P2 - zero.

Perform electrical work yourself is not recommended, it is better to use the services of a specialist.

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We understand how to connect the water-heater

Organization of a constant supply of hot water - the matter today is quite simple. In the market you can buy a variety of devices that provide this automatically. We are interested in one of them - the water-heater. With his help, you can instantly warm up a flow of water to the desired temperature. Set water heater with your hands is quite simple. But first you need to read the instructions on installation and the nuances of the installation process.

On the market there are two types of instantaneous water heaters - gas and electric. Both options are quite popular, but demand more from electric.

  • Firstly, the country where the most often used such a model, with the gas supply problems are very acute. Most of it is simply no country towns.
  • Secondly, electricity - the most accessible and most common type of energy.
  • Third, when it comes to installing your own hands, the electric version is simpler.

Let us remember that in addition to the flow of designs and manufacturers offer storage options. This conventional boilers that are heated tubular heating elements or heating elements easier. Installation of a storage boiler is as simple as the flow. The only difference is that the water heater has a certain capacity of the tank. If hot water consumption was calculated incorrectly, its volume can not be enough.

We return to the question of how to carry out connection of the instantaneous water heater without causing the master, that is, with his own hands.

Only three steps:

  1. The first unit is mounted on the wall at your chosen place of installation.
  2. Connects the electrical part of the device.
  3. Carried out the connection to the water mains.

In accordance with these three steps you need to prepare the tools and additional materials. For installation you will need a drill, screws with dowels, screw gun or screwdriver. For electrical connection - copper wire cable. Its cross-section indicated in the instructions that the manufacturer applied to the passport of the product. If one is not found, get a cable with a diameter of at least 2.5 square.

Of the tools require a screwdriver and pliers. To connect to the water supply, use a wrench and fum-tape. The presence of the plastic pipe, shutoff valve, fittings and welding machine - a prerequisite.

With the installation of the water heater problems should arise. Usually it is hung on the brackets that attach to the wall with screws.

Important! To set a hot water appliance correctly, it is necessary to put it precisely horizontally. No distortions or biases! Optimum mounting height - at the level of human growth.

Connection to the mains

AEG RMC 65 Instantaneous water heater

Connect instantaneous water heater a little more complicated than the storage device. The fact that the cumulative option works periodically, consuming electricity at a lower amperage. That is his load on the appropriate cable below. With running things differently. It should use a current power to heat the water instantly. In this case, it is taken into account and the rate of flow. The water heater and the water is not moving.

Experts advise to use a separate line to the electrical panel when you connect the device with your hands flow. You can not turn it into an ordinary wall outlet, because it just does not break down and burn.

Well, if your home is new, and there in the organization of the mains all modern appliances were taken into account. And if the old house with the age of 30-40 years, and so many electrical appliances in it was not there before? Then: house electrical wiring does not meet modern requirements.

In this case, do so:

  • The distribution panel is installed separate machine, designed to force electric current corresponding to the set water heater. This indicator manufacturer necessarily indicate in the passport of the device.
  • Held a separate cable.
  • Introductory machine is better to change to another. In this case selected the one that can withstand the current strength in the range 50-63 A.
  • RCD is installed and connected. In fact, many manufacturers recommend their devices be installed only with the device RCD.

Connection to the water mains

There are two connection options - temporary and permanent. You need to temporarily connect an ordinary hose or hose from the shower mixer. With it connects the conduit and the inlet of the heating unit. For durability clamps used compound. If from water pipe at the pipe end mounted spigot, the compound is best done shower hose, the ends of which there are mounted threaded one-way clutches.

Persistent Connection requires a plastic pipe and valves. The sequence is as follows:

  • On the water pipe is set off valve. It can be used to block the flow of water if necessary to repair the heater.
  • Then, in the instrument sleeve is mounted American.
  • Then between the valve and the usual American set plastic pipe.

Wiring diagram of electric boilers

And that with an outlet? all just here. The manufacturer assembles water-heater with special nozzles which are screwed to the outlet nozzle by a threaded connection. The density and integrity of joints provide or rubber or plastic sleeve.

Some of the recommendations that are necessary must be performed:

  1. Use other attachments that do not go in the kit, you can not. This is due to the fact that the elements are supplied fully comply with electrical safety requirements. We add that the manufacturers today offer water heaters with different nozzles or complex. That is, this device can be used as a shower, a sink for the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.
  2. When choosing a water heater, it is necessary to pay special attention to the power of the device. For example, if you decide to install it in a city apartment, it is better that it was a flow-storage option. He is a low-power. But the pressure flow heater is best installed in private homes. This powerful device, so experts do not recommend to carry out its connection with his own hands.
  3. Pay attention to the connection terminals. Usually of three wires sticking out of the device. Red (Brown) - a phase, blue (cyan) - is zero, and the yellow-green - is the grounding.

Summing up the above, we draw two conclusions:

  1. Independently connect instantaneous water heater is not so difficult. Of course, knowledge of the nuances of connections and skills to work with simple tools are required.
  2. The complexity of the mounting process attaches around the electrical connection device. This is an important step, which affects the effective and long-term work of the heating element.

Methods for installing electric instantaneous water heaters

Apartment owners now have the opportunity to get rid of dependence on the public utilities responsible for hot water. Solve the problem of allowing instantaneous water heater.

These devices are most effective in a country house with running water, as well as the apartments, where the hot water off short-term nature or consumption is small because of the small number of residents.

Instantaneous electric water heaters are called devices, apparently similar to small boilers. Heating is carried out at the expense of electric heaters - pipes made of copper with a spiral inside.

Including them only in the presence of water, otherwise the heater burns out. To prevent breakage established protection mechanism consisting of a thermostat and sensor tripping. Passing through the water heater goes out of the device already hot. Furthermore, the device is equipped with filters that protect against the ingress of solid particles.

Pressure type device can be used to supply hot water at the same time the bathroom and kitchen. Free-flow heaters are designed for hot water supply of a particular place (usually the kitchen). Such devices are more compact and cost-effective electricity consumption.

Instantaneous water heaters have the following advantages:

  • more easy installation and low cost compared with the cumulative boilers;
  • compactness;
  • rapid heating of water.

The negative side of these devices include:

  • high consumption of electricity;
  • the need for a sufficiently high pressure in the water;
  • inability to accurately adjust the temperature of hot water.

Of great importance is the right choice of heater. these devices They differ in characteristics set: Capacity, minimum operating pressure, the control methods (e.g., stepped or stepless adjustment of temperature) and other parameters.

Following the acquisition of the water heater it is necessary to choose a place for its installation.

To install the flow of the electric heater can be chosen almost any premises: bathroom, kitchen, toilet or shower. The main thing that the place for the installation correspond to certain criteria:

  • protection from moisture (e.g., a shower spray);
  • easy on and off the water heater;
  • ease of use tap or shower that connects to the device;
  • ease of connection to the water supply;
  • proximity to the mixer, in order to avoid unnecessary heat loss.

To the wall no special requirements because of the small weight of the device.

Before installing an electric instantaneous water heater for a shower, or a spigot on a pipe, it should be reserved the following set of materials and tools:

  • instantaneous water heater;
  • impact drills;
  • pobeditovoe drill;
  • Screws with dowels;
  • screwdriver;
  • a pipe wrench;
  • Tape FUM;
  • pliers.

Installation and connection to the water supply

At the first stage on the wall make a mark at positions corresponding fixture. There are drilled holes and hammer into them dowels or mounting bracket (if they are included). They fix the water heater.

Connecting an electric instantaneous water heater to water can be made by several schemes. In the first case, you need 4 valves and two branch adapter - "tee". In one valve inserted into the pipe with the hot and cold water. Therebetween and the mixer set tees.

heater connected to them: inlet - the pipe with the cold water outlet - with hot. On the connections between water supply and water heater valves are also installed. If the water heater is turned off, the valves leading to it are in the closed position, and those that are on the pipes - in the open.

There is a more simple installation option instantaneous electric water heater - at the shower, wherein the device itself is not connected with the pipe of hot water. In this case, its outlet remains free. When disconnecting the hot water to the shower hose is attached thereto, from which the pre-twisted watering.

After that opens the valve, which stands at the inlet. Now, when translated mixer switch to "shower" hot water will flow, and to "tap" - cold.

Approximately the same way electric water heater is connected in those buildings where hot water is not provided by the project (e.g., summer houses). The only difference is that instead of using a fixed shower hose pipe. It can be made from virtually any material: metal, plastic, etc.

In this video on how to install a flow electric water heater on the shower:

There are also compact cranes-water heaters that are perfect for the kitchen sink. Find out more about these models and their selection.

Special taps with sensors allow you to not use more economical consumption of water, then you can learn everything about them.

Connection to the mains

Connection to the mains must be paid no less attention than to water. The first step is calculate the aggregate capacity of all the electrical appliances in the apartment, including mounted water heater. The resulting figure should be compared with the overall performance of the circuit breaker.

It should be borne in mind that in many of the homes of old buildings switchgear and wiring are not designed for those power, which is now loaded with their consumers. Therefore, they should be replaced if there is such a possibility.

Most power is single-phase heaters within up to 9 kW at a current of up to 27A. Given the high power such devices for their food, it is desirable to stretch from the electrical single line. When connecting the cable is recommended trohzhilny PVA 3x4.

Itself lead connection is not something complicated. Typically, the wiring diagram provided in the instruction. Under the cover of the heater has a terminal block. To it is necessary to connect three wires: phase working zero and earthing.

It should be borne in mind that strictly forbidden to connect the ground wire with the working by zero. Given the enormous importance of the correct implementation of all electrical work, instruct them to recommend a qualified electrician.

Instantaneous water heater is one of the most effective devices when a momentary power failure hot water. It has many advantages over other devices that perform similar functions. Such devices are suitable for use in urban homes, and in small lodges. Installation of water heaters is not particularly difficult, and it may well be Implemented own hands.

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