How to connect the shower

Connect the shower with his own hands

Connect the shower, despite the diversity of their current models, it is not a very difficult job. Therefore, to hold its installation can be on their own, saving money when you call the plumber would need to pay him. In addition, to understand all the intricacies of assembly, further eliminating leaks will not cause any particular difficulties. To help deal with the installation and connection of communications technology will help our article.

Installing the soul should not cause difficulties

The rules required during the installation of the shower

Installing the cabin, as well as other sanitary devices is rather time-consuming and responsible process, which requires compliance with the instructions and perform all technological requirements.

Before the start of worth carefully choose the location of the future plant, taking into account the two rules:

  • Metal structures, to be connected to the power supply, it is mandatory to ground the order.
  • Wiring diagram shower requires ventilation arrangement in the room, where it carried out the installation. The cabin must be placed near the exhaust, so that condensate does not damage the walls of the room and placed it objects.

Before starting work, read carefully the instructions for your model of the soul

Before you start connecting the shower having even the most simple complete, pre-need to collect in order to well understand all the intricacies of the installation of a specific model and its connections. In addition, before connecting the shower to the water supply will be carried out, it is necessary to estimate its real dimensions.

Familiarity with the instruction, which is offered by the manufacturer, and carrying out the work in strict accordance with it - it is a prerequisite of quality assembly.

Pallet mounted horizontally, using a long level. To align the position is adjusted in the incoming packaging support, which fix the lock nuts. To ensure stability of the tray is sometimes used further central support.

The pallet is aligned using a spirit level

pan connection to sewage

Let's start with the supply of sewage. The process is fairly simple, but requires follow its own rules:

  • Connecting the soul, of course, assumes and installation of drainage systems. When connected to a sewage system, it is desirable to use flexible hoses, with the stock in length, whereby it will be possible to move the shower if necessary.
  • To ensure the normal drain pipe leading to the sewer, paving with a bias.
  • In the event that the cabin will be located at some distance from the drainage standpipe, it is recommended to use the waste water is applied.

Assembling the drain the shower and its connection

  • To prevent flooding use pumps with solenoid valves.
  • If there is a suction cab over drain the water from it will flow down the drain naturally.
  • Connecting hygienic shower requires the provision of a normal flow of used water into drains.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the pan in a steady state was higher relative to the level of sewer pipes.

Connecting to the water supply

Since it is necessary to connect the shower qualitatively, when connected to the water supply using a reliable plumbing pipes and special connectors. Clamps and fasteners well tightened.

It is important when installing the drain to ensure the tightness of all connections. If necessary, use specially designed for that purpose sealants.

Particular attention should be paid summing up the water to the following points:

  • connecting water pipes laid along the baseboard or conceal them,
  • Water is fed from the sink,
  • connection of water to the shower necessarily accompany the installation on water pipe filter cleaning water.

Step through the process of connecting the soul to the water supply is as follows:

  1. Overlapping the water in the standpipe. Is then opened in the bathroom taps for hot and cold water to reduce the pressure on the line.
  2. Loosen the bracket with the pliers and remove the old shower completely before piping.
  1. Using pliers, unscrew the old sleeve. Pipes for hot and cold water supply wear compression fittings.
  1. The threads of the fittings and apply grease to manually wind on her special adapter for the shower. Then tighten with pliers.
  1. If necessary, the drilled using a drill hole in a tile larger.

To prevent damage to the tiles should be placed over the drilling site masking tape.

  1. Apply silicone sealant and install anchors according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then install the screws.
  2. Hoses are attached to the adapters set previously, and are tightened with pliers compound.
  1. Shower panel mounted wearing well on the back of the device mounted on the bolts. Beginning with the top bolt.
  1. On the outer side panels are attached tubes are inserted water and decorative plates.
  1. They include water in the riser and check the correctness of connection and sealing. Then install the handle.

Depending on the configuration procedure for the installation of the side panels may have some differences. However, in any case, when fixing panels used sealant or gaskets.

After installing the fixed wall

Connection to electricity

Electricity is connected, as a rule, shower enclosures are equipped with a steam generator and hot tub. Work carried out using a separate binding with a three-core cable having a section not less than 2 square meters. mm.

Ceiling panels are mounted as follows:

  • The ceiling panel, if it is complete, establish a watering can with a hose, as well as a speaker, fan and light. Speaker should definitely glue sealant to prevent hum when in use.
  • On special fasteners install the ceiling panel. It is recommended to all connection points also be sealed.

installing the ceiling panel scheme

Installing doors and accompanying accessories

Before connect the shower and have her test test, set the door:

  • Secure the top and bottom door rollers. In this case, the top should be possible to turn up before installing the door.
  • At the door put on the seal and set it on a stationary place.
  • During the regulation of the upper rollers find the best position for the door.
  • Screws used to secure the rollers, hide behind shields.
  • Mounted mirror, pens and decorative items.

Test run and holding the shower setup

After installation on a mandatory basis are checking shower performance. After turning on the water supply should not be any leakage, the pan must not creak. If you experience the sounds you need to carefully adjust the feet of the pallet.

Criteria to determine the correct installation and connection of the shower:

  1. The tray is very durable - does not swing and does not creak.
  2. The rear and side panels have no cracks. When you check the cabin works were leaking, it leaks on the space applied sealant and leave it for 1 day to dry.
  3. All design elements should not be sharp edges. This is a necessary requirement for Injury Prevention at the cabin use.
  4. All seams should be made tight.
  5. At full retraction of its water supply should provide normal conditions in the cockpit. If the drain is difficult, it is necessary to connect the shower to the sewer to be repeated with the elimination of the violations.

When testing check the operation of all the water supply holes

As can be seen, install and connect the shower is quite simple. However, after reading the instructions, you should consider whether you have the minimum skills necessary for this purpose. If so, you can safely get to work. If in doubt, seek the services of professional masters at once.

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How to connect the shower to the water - the basic guidelines for proper conduct of the work

Showers have become widely used in homes, apartments and suburban areas recently, but their popularity is growing more and more in a variety of reasons: convenience, practicality, space saving and more. The market offers a huge number of models from different manufacturers, and make the right decision can be very difficult.

Connect the shower to water and other utilities, as well as the assembly of structures - the process is quite difficult, especially if the experience of similar works have not. We will not address all the work completely, it will take at least a few reviews, but look at how to build high-quality uninterrupted water supply, since this depends on availability of the system as a whole.

Understand the features of the works under the scheme which provides instruction, it is difficult, so we look at this part of the work in more detail

Regardless of the modification of equipment and its design features should remember a few important tips:

In no case do not purchase products that do not have instructions in Russian.

As noted above, the work is quite difficult, and understand the manual in a foreign language will be much more difficult.

In the photo: the more functions in your shower, the harder the water system

First, we should study the documentation carefully. Experts advise to make a test assembly in any convenient place, that in the course of work for a long time you have not reflected on the appointment of a particular node.

It is important to prepare in advance everything you need, there are important the following factors:

  • The first thing to be checked for completeness shower. It is necessary to decide as to which products have to be purchased separately. If the product quality, the more often it comes with almost everything you need to connect, so even when buying, consider this aspect.

Completeness usually painted by circuitry, so information is perceived much better and can be clearly seen, each of the elements

  • If you re-erected building or major overhaul bathroom with a lining pipe, it is better to provide the location of the cab and take her to the place of installation of plumbing. Ideally, if you know which model will be used, in which case the communications are displayed according to certain parameters, and then connect them is not difficult.

Proper summing pipes simplifies workflow

If the conclusions you already have and they are located somewhere in the side, be sure to check that the length of the flexible connecting water hoses missing, bundled with shower.

More often it requires the purchase of other, longer version.

  • Wiring diagram for the shower to the water supply should be studied in advance, so that you can pre-purchase additional nodes when needed. For example, if the system pressure is insufficient for proper operation, it is recommended to install a special pump that significantly improve the pressure of supplied water.

The pump creates the necessary pressure in the system

  • If you install the shower in a house with no running water, the only solution may be a water supply device from a well or digging a well and water supply from it.

It looks like a shower at the cottage without running water: on the roof of the capacity and the usual rain, about any additional functions can be no question

Works are made as follows:

  • At first, shut off the water at the inlet to the house and open faucets to drain its residues. If washing is carried out from the ready conclusions, which were used for showering or other communications, then they primarily screwed special air valves (remember to put the decorative elements that cover the holes in the ceramic tile or wall).

Output from the mains should look like

  • Next bolted flexible hoses for connection to a shower system. Do not forget to additionally seal all screw connections and check the status of rubber seals - they should be firm without any damage
  • Thereafter hoses attached to the booth and carefully clamped, all systems must be anchored hoses, if necessary, the compound is further amplified clamps.
  • The last step prior to final assembly of the system - the inclusion of water and check for leaks compounds, if all goes well, the work goes on.

Which creates a certain pressure to shower without running water to work properly, the pump system must be present, otherwise the system will not work properly.

To connect the system, it will take quite some time, but the work is quite capable, even those who are not specialists in this area. Videos in this article will help you understand the features of the works even better.

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What's bathroom in your house?

How to connect the shower: step by step guide

Connecting cabins shower to all communications is responsible and time-consuming process. All work must conform to the manufacturer's recommendations. To expedite the process, you can take the help of someone from family members or friends.

Today acquaint you with all stages of connecting the shower stall, tell you how to do it quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Upon completion of the assembly work and installation of shower is connected to the water supply, sewage and electricity. It is no secret that a simple shower equipment greatly facilitates the work of all of these. Connect more complex model cabins in the teeth only a real pro.

Shower cabin, which has its own type of connection, the following stages:

  • Setting the pan;
  • Summing up the shower drain to the sewer;
  • Installation of the side panels, walls;
  • Water connection;
  • Connection to the mains;
  • Verification of the integrity of joints;
  • Start device.

Before connecting the shower tray should occupy a horizontal plane.

This is achieved with the use of long levels. The regulation of such provisions provide special supports supplied with the pallet structure. They provide a secure fit locknuts.

To connect to the sewer drain, you will need several tools:

Initially, the lower part of the pallet, where the drain is situated, must be on the order of higher level of placement main sewer pipe. This arrangement will allow the water to flow directly and does not accumulate in the tray. If standing water is still there, it is necessary to double-check algorithm is doing all the work. Otherwise, while swimming you will experience terrible discomfort of odors, and eventually a shower unusable.

The tube preferably stiffened, is supplied to the portion where the sump is located. Also, the adapter is placed here for pipe drain. The diameter of such pipes is generally equal to 40 mm. The design of the drain system consists of several flexible pipes texture. All hoses must have a certain reserve length. Upon completion of installation work, they allow to move the booth for some distance. You might need some time, in case of repairs.

Connect the trap and to withdraw into the sewer drain is necessary before the final installation of the pallet. The structure of the siphon can be completely different. In order not to get lost in all the intricacies of mounting need to study carefully the attached diagram.

At its core, the siphon - an automatic knife-plug designed to drain.

First, we need to mount it, and then tighten the release of gas or water key. Inside, it must be in the water seal.

The most common mistakes made when dealing with sewage, are:

  • The absence of the gasket in the right place;
  • Not clamped to the set indicator compound;
  • Incorrectly positioned air lock;

The process of connecting the shower in this case is identical to the connection to the sewage normal bath. Perfect seal between the pipes provides the use of a tape-fum. The tightness of pipe joints can be checked power shower. Drops on the floor or poor runoff indicate bad work done. In such cases it is necessary to reconsider all or may disassemble to correct the problem.

During installation of the rear wall and the side panels to be connected water.

It is no secret that all the plumbing items need constant inflow and outflow of water, both hot and cold. To speed up the connection process, you will need to stock up on plumbing pipes and connectors. advises all important communication to prepare in advance, even before the start of the installation work.

Qualitative sealing gutter achieved monolithic fixing all its parts using special hermetic fum substance or ribbons.

Connect the cab to the vodoseti necessary after examination of the rear wall device for connecting water hoses points. First, several elongated flexible hoses and are attached to the liner with hot and cold water.

Without exception, all internal wiring factory, so when connecting from

You should not have any difficulties with connection nozzles for the hydromassage, the overflow directly to the shower hot and cold water.

After joining the hose pipe, mount the rear part of the wall of the booth.

Upon completion of water works, all clamps, fasteners are tightened, so that when the future use of the booth never leaked water. The slots are sealed with sealant or tape-wrapped fum.

To connect the electricity is better to seek help from a professional electrician. To establish smooth operation of the network will need to install a standalone wiring, as well as purchase a stand-alone three-core cable with a cross section of not less than 2 mm². Ready equipment enters into a network through the spill-resistant threepole outlet. The power supply is usually needed only cabins with hydromassage and steam generator.

How to choose and install a shower (video)

After connecting to the shower vodoseti, sewage and electricity, try to start it and make all the adjustments. Finished installation is checked with a simple way. The space between the cabin and the floor is placed a sheet of paper, the tray is filled with water, and then is drained. Completely dry sheet of paper and will confirm high quality of work performed.

Do not forget the fact that all metal design devices that are connected to electricity, must undergo ground.

Room where the shower is installed, it is desirable to equip ventilation.

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