Room for a teenager boy 16 photos

Teen room design for boys: 54 photo creative design ideas

For parents sooner or later the time comes when their children grow up, changing from small to quite the naughty adult and independent teenagers. Boys at this age are no longer required toy cars, rabbits and bears, and the concept of the design of a child's room for a teenager completely change even for parents.

All the decoration and design of the room for teen boys radically transformed: it's time to change the furnishings of the room with children the one that will be comfortable for the adolescent in this period of his life.

To the room was comfortable for boys and consistent with the wishes of the parents have to do their best and achieve the desired result. This, in principle, to achieve simple, you just have to listen to the wishes of a teenager.

Consult with him to be sure, in fact, he will be here to spend most of the time. From parents just need to orient your child in the right direction and help tips.

Room for a teenager boy 12 years old, photos

In considering the repair of a teenage boy to the room, it is necessary to determine the sequence of steps in your job?

  • design;
  • interior (furniture, textiles, etc.);
  • accessories and decor;
  • lighting;
  • equipping sites for recreation, hobbies and entertainment.

For each of the above items will have to paint that needs to be replaced, correct, alter or add at a later arrangement.

Firstly, the need to find common ground with the design of the room, furnishings and identifying colors. Secondly, when choosing a bed and a mattress on which a teenager, should heed the advice of experts will go to sleep. Third, determine the place where will be located closet for storage.

Great attention should also be paid to the correct arrangement of the desk.

The concept of modern design

In the first part of your plan should be the overall design of the room for a teenage boy. Style in the room for a teenager 14 years or older can use a mixed, as in adolescence present a certain oscillation between childishness and maturity.

Often teenagers to process personal space using a more austere style, but the interior willingly add some bright elements.

Curtains for the room boy teen photos

It would be better if the boy himself will choose the color scheme for his room, which he prefers. If the colors are too bright or dim, try to talk it over.

It is worth to argue that they selected shades with time quickly become bored and will constantly exert his nervous system. And in the future this may lead to a nervous breakdown, as in a room with such a design will be hard to fully relax and have a rest.

You can also make a proposal on the design of the adjustment, if you can not convince the boy. To do this, you can enter contrasts with the colors of the situation. As an alternative to solve this problem, arrange to make the contrast only one of the walls.

When choosing a cabinet for storage should choose to focus on smaller versions, the compact size.

As a rule, the stronger sex a few things, because they prefer to have only the most necessary.

Children's room for a boy teenager: design, photo

Important! If the room is the small size of the room, the ideal option would be a built-in wardrobe in stenu.Eto be practical and economical with space planning point of view.

In most cases, young people prefer in his room lockers. Unlike the cabinet, occupying a place such furniture neatly fit into the interior. It is worth paying attention to the shelves. The teenager will be able to place their gifts and awards or decorate interesting figures and simply perform the decor in his style.

When choosing a table should start from its level of comfort. The boy most of the time will be spend at the computer, so it is very important Proper location and good lighting.

Tip! The light should fall in the front, so the ideal location of the table - at the window. If these conditions can not be created, then the light on the left side will also be a good option.

Selection of furniture with interior design

Most of the men at the interior resort to a minimalist style. Young men in their teens in this - is no exception. They just the minimum amount of furniture, ensuring that it does not clutter the space.

What you should pay attention to? Of course, on the material of which will be produced by components of furniture. It is generally preferred metal and wood, so it is useful to consider the pros and cons.

Design teen room for a boy, photos

  • metal - longer life, increased strength, resistance to fire. No need for chemical impregnation and coating material. Every day can be washed, and the appearance is not spoiled;

  • metal - a lot of weight, which creates difficulties in the rearrangement of the room. Cold surface;

Knowing the pros and cons, you are now easily choose the material that fit perfectly.

When choosing a mattress, you should opt for orthopedic models with which it will be possible to adjust the posture, even a boy of 16 years in his room. By and large, these mattresses have a positive effect on your posture and general condition of the person, regardless of age, so they are recommended for everyone.

Children's room for a teenager: design, photo

Choose a bed should be very carefully, because a place to sleep - it's a space where your child will have a rest and gain strength. The most important aspects were already mentioned above. You can even supplement them by the fact that in order to save space, it would be better to choose a bed with drawers, which will be put forward: they can keep some things or folded linen.

Especially those beds are relevant when creating the design of the room for two teen boys.

Teenager's room for a boy, photos

Place for relaxation and entertainment

If you need to arrange a spacious room for a teenager, be sure to think about the place where your child will be able to spend time with friends. In this case, due to sufficient floor space can and should build on son preference.

For example, if a teenager likes to play on the console, select the zone for such activities in front of TV. Position the seat so that they were at a safe distance to view.

If this is not the place of furniture, you can buy popular bags, chairs, which will help to save space and give the room a more home-like atmosphere.

Children's room for a teen boy, photo

Focusing on the interests of the owner of the room, takes a place for his favorite activities, which may include music, sculpture, design, painting and the like. You should also take care of the right light. In the first place should be a large window in the room.

Curtains for the teenage boy's room is better to choose plain and neutral, because if he had varied interests, you will not need to completely buy other accessories. With beautiful curtains style of any room will look good.

Light in the room of a teenager is never too much. In addition to the additional lighting in the form of chandeliers or a point of light, do not forget about the lamps or floor lamps. The lamp should be on your desktop, and you can set the lights over the bed to the teenager it easier to read or do their own thing and do it with the right lighting.

Curtains for the teenage boy's room, picture

Help the teenager in dressing room

When decorating a room for a teenage boy should create a design according to his interests. Encourage your child to use the wallpapers with the image of your favorite sports games or hang a guitar on the wall. You can arrange the room in a nautical theme, utilizing blue tones, thematic elements and accessories.

Room for a teenager boy 16 years old, photos

The boys in this period is especially important to surround yourself with the attributes of their own interests, to feel confident. When a guy alone will surround yourself with things to taste, he will feel the responsibility and independence, you can give him.

You as parents should be prepared for the fact that the design of the room of a teenage boy may be the most unusual, because in this period of life has a desire to express themselves, the search begins its uniqueness.

design of the room for two teen boys, photo

Many teenagers like in their own way to decorate the walls, using banners and posters. In order not to spoil the wallpaper, given the fickle tastes, it is worth to take a sheet of plywood or particle board and pasted it self-adhesive film. On her child will be able to hang all that he wants, and easy to change posters, pictures and sidebar magazine. In any case, this method is less expensive than replacing the wallpaper.

Creating the design of adolescent room, think first of all about the convenience of the guy who will spend a lot of time here. It is not necessary to translate their personal ideas into reality, without consulting with her son. This situation does not accept the surprises, so the boy can not evaluate design of your choice.

Not to create conflict situations, it is best to enable him, as the owner of the room, decorate it yourself, of course, to help him in this, and suggesting that it is better to choose and why.

What may still be room for the design of adolescent boys: photo with an original interior, see below.

2 Fill in all the fields, and we will call you to clarify all the nuances!

Room for a teenage boy

We make a bedroom for a teenage boy. Tips on how to win-win rebuild children's room into a multifunctional room for the younger son. Photo Gallery - 90 ideas with a variety of room design in several variations on each execution of the interior style.

Still, it would seem, only recently you bring your baby home from the hospital, but now he was walking in the middle classes. It appears their hobbies, first love. To him come to visit friends, and the guy ashamed to invite them to him, because his room was more like a child. Do not forget that children are growing up, and should be changed and the room with them. After all, the teenager must be "in time" not only a bed, but the entire room as a whole, reflecting his inner world.

Before you begin to repair their own hands Children's sure to ask the young man to tell what he wants himself. Under no circumstances should you try to do everything in his way, because he has personality and wants you to respect his opinion. Determine the overall style of the room of the future, you can safely proceed to the realization of the idea.

Room boy teenager:

Do not forget that children are growing up, and should be changed and the room with them. After all, the teenager must be "in time" not only a bed, but the entire room as a whole, reflecting his inner world.

If your boy is quite modest and do not like clutter in the space, ask them to make a bedroom in a minimalist style. Now it is very popular. This interior allows us to express creative ideas of your offspring, without deviating from the latest in fashion trends. Most importantly, he can pick his favorite color and decoration. Basically, all the same, young people prefer instead of the traditional pastel shades of minimalism:

In order to design the room was more modern and use materials of different shapes and textures. For example, you can paint one wall in a bright color, combining it with the right chosen lighting and picking up here as all the necessary furniture (bed, computer table, possible built-in wardrobe).

As for the ceiling, it is best to look minimalism ceilings with multiple point LED lights - a kind of imitation of the starry sky. Also nice look and high-gloss surfaces, they seem to reflect the room in the mirrored surface. But stylish and unusual accessories in the decoration of many should not be. Quite a few things that clearly reflect the nature of the adolescent and his hobbies. Talk to your young talent, what elements of decor you'd better add here, but do not criticize his choice. After all, first of all, this is his room.

Loft style has come to us from America of the forties of the last century. At that time it was very popular "domesticate" and to live in unused and dilapidated buildings, including mini-factories and warehouses. Hence, there were specific "sets" - beams, pipes, walls with masonry or concrete sloppy finish. They gave the rooms a special hard romanticism contrast separating the "live" space from the general background of the factory building.

If you know that your son is the nature of this - romantic and rough, sort of "brutal", we can confidently say that he will love this style. The main idea of ​​the loft is an open space with a minimum of only the most necessary furniture. Preferably selected from materials:

Furniture can also be quite soft and bright, welcome all kinds of puffs. Such elements can give a teen a special room contrast along with the "bad condition" of the walls.

Loft - it's not only the style of sports guys, it is also very suitable for artists or artistically gifted young people. Pofantaziruet with your child, discussing how he wants to adorn and complement the chosen interior.

Modern style, otherwise referred to as - modernity, is best suited for decorating rooms of young people of all ages and inclinations. Against a minimalist, there all kinds of accessories can be present in large numbers. It is they who give the room your child's special character and mood.

Furniture is also necessary to pick up in the same style, thus it should be multi-functional and, at the same time, comfortable (bed convertible, extendable table, moving the door on the cabinet).

Key style predominantly expressed in colors such as:

Contrast against the background of bright accents add it - a picture or photo in the framework, colored rugs and cushions, pillows, stylish, elegant lamps or posters with your favorite actors and athletes. They are able to become a major highlight of the room of your son.


Boys, drugged sea adventures, which they learned from books or films will be delighted by the marine style. It provides a huge amount of "ship" paraphernalia. A good idea to look, for example, a bunk bed or sharing rooms on recreation areas and for employment in small cabins. This style is more suitable when you have a small apartment in a room live two boys about the same age.

The color scheme provides three options that best fit together:

  • cornflower blue, white and color of ebony;
  • white, mahogany color, and blue;
  • golden, white, sky blue.

From the "ship paraphernalia" best fit:

  • ropes;
  • rope mesh;
  • thick chain;
  • all kinds of metal objects (including anchor);
  • dark timber (excellent embodiment will artificially "aged" tree).

Initially the Hi-Tech style was based on the idea of ​​space exploration, the emergence of new technologies. It combines minimalism and modern, but with a special purpose - the furniture should be as functional - that is, everywhere there were secret cupboards, drawers and pull-out shelves. And this is like most of the boys - because they always have their little secrets from adults.

Style Hi-Tech is laconic and unflappable - no unnecessary elements of the decor and furniture. It is very practical - easy to keep the room clean and tidy. The walls are sometimes generally have a smooth glossy surface, in principle, like the furniture - all in a spaceship. Of course, limitations on color solutions there, but it is preferable to choose a cool tone. However, neither textile nor on any other surfaces drawings should not be.

Harmoniously fit furniture with a clear straight form with metal elements (hardware, legs, handles of lockers). More appropriate would be metal shelves for books and everything necessary. Sports equipment also become superfluous addition. This style is suitable for both the athlete and the typical "nerds" who do not accept when they divert the extra items in the interior.

Multipurpose room and a zoning area

If possible, purchase this furniture, on the second floor where the bed and on the first set of cabinets and shelves. Such complexes are very popular for small bedrooms of teenagers.

Children's room for two boys:

As a rule, clearly, this area does not include a teen room. It has to be absolutely functional - that is, choose a furniture where the bed is extended, folded or is located on the second floor. It takes up less space, and the child will be more comfortable to learn and engage in a hobby. It will not pull once again lie down and bleeders.

Training Zone or otherwise referred to as - the workplace, it is intended for study and training their hobbies - computer modeling, assembling puzzles, drawing. There surely must be good lighting and enough space for movement and thought.

If possible, purchase this furniture, on the second floor where the bed and on the first set of cabinets and shelves. Such complexes are very popular for small bedrooms of teenagers.

Personal space is very difficult to identify - someone grabs a couple of meters, and for it (books, reading, computer), and someone - it is necessary to take them, and the whole room (fitness equipment and ammunition, music and synthesizer).

Child's room - the original master bedroom for a teenage boy:

Do not forget about what style is selected. Somewhere wallpaper can be, in principle, are not relevant, but somewhere better option than they did not find. Wallpapers can also be a great option for a loft or a marine style, but for the style of Hi-Tech, they are not suitable and will be superfluous.

Read the article about how to hang wallpaper!

Of course, the camomile and clouds - it is more for girls. The boys prefer a more austere style - suspended ceilings, as mentioned earlier, will be the best option.

The choice of material for the flooring again depends on the chosen style. For example, for the sea is best suited flooring, dark wood, reminiscent of the deck of the ship. But if your boy - an athlete, it is best to choose carpet. For the style of Hi-Tech - granite or tile. Can become universal - linoleum or laminate.

We should not forget about the thick curtains or blinds that are needed in the hours of rest and relaxation. About the color and location of slats (bars that make up the blinds), talk to your son. Perhaps he will tell some interesting option that will appeal to both of you.

With the help of lighting can be skillfully zoned space in the bedroom of a teenage boy. A small dot lamp beside the bed, stylish lighting sconces in the chair, good desk lamp. But without a common scattered light, softening the overall atmosphere too, can not do.

Nuances of design, depending on the age of the boy

For example, if he likes to play the guitar, it is appropriate to place on the wall should be set aside. If a young man loves to read, offer to put the original bookcase.

By this age, your kid already has some preconceived idea about the world, he has his hobbies and favorite things. Here it is from these hobbies, and are repelled. Encourage your child to choose the style of the room, colors and furniture. He will be delighted. Perhaps it was his first major choices in life. Treat this with understanding.

And this time period differs zealous search for the idol, the authority - of a person who wants to admire. Be sure the young man wants to have it on the wall were posters favorite football team or music group. So do not spend money on expensive "solid" wallpaper. They have until him to anything.

Closer to adulthood, young people are more or less defined the main occupation in life. So you can safely trust him alone to do all the interior and design of your room - it will be exactly the way he wants it to be.

Making small bedroom 12 square meters. m. for a boy

If the room teenage son has an area of ​​3 to 4, the acute question arises - how to put compact furniture that the child was convenient not only to sleep, but also to learn and engage in their favorite hobby. You will need to optimize all the space, namely:

  1. Bed-rack (transformer).
  2. Or compact sofa, instead of a large bed.
  3. If there is a bed, then under it should be roomy drawers.
  1. Above the table, and on each side of it should be placed shelves.
  2. Desk and a bed on it - on the second floor.

First of all, pay attention to the marine style - where you can constructively resolve many issues with a small area of ​​the room.

Design and decor with their own hands

All the boys, without exception, have some passion. It is not difficult to determine. No matter how much time he devotes to him and how he fixated on it. The main thing is that it is possible to decorate the room, based on this hobby. For example, if he likes to play the guitar, it is appropriate to place on the wall should be set aside. If a young man loves to read, offer to put the original bookcase. The list goes on and on. The idea, I think you get the idea. Such a great number of individual elements of the decor, but you can just decorate the walls and shelves with awards and crafts your child. Yet it would be creative and original.

room design for a teenager - boy (35 photos)

Adolescence is characterized by complex perturbations personality. He is perhaps the first truly realizes his personality, begins to demand more freedom. All parental setup questioned and revised. Not to resort to strict measures of education, parents are advised to act subtly. So, for the symbolic extension of its boundaries of freedom, you can create the appropriate design of the room for a teenager. It is also possible to bring him to participate in the selection of styles, however, in this case should be ready for the manifestations of youthful maximalism. Next, imagine a few guidelines that will help to find a common language with your child.

Proper design of the room for a teenager - it's the same concern, only indirectly. Not all children between 12 and 17 years of age may independently identify their needs, and therefore still need parental help with this issue. And most importantly, that there is need to take into account - the money is a minor aspect. The teenager will evaluate the final result is quite different. Therefore, regardless of what it looks like layout of the other rooms, children must take into account his personal interests. It is better to refer the child to creative expression plane than later let splash unmotivated aggression. It is important to understand that the design of the room for teenagers can be based on hobbies, interests, abilities, and not just follow some conventional style. This room should be his personal space. Next on the design differences for boys and girls.

Children's design choices for boys

Strongly advised to refer to his hobby, as far as possible to make a thematic room. This will not only earn the respect of the teenager, but also a beneficial effect on the development of his abilities. For example, a boy may be the following interests:

  • Computer games, virtual programs;
  • Arts (music, cinema, painting);
  • Military, weapons;
  • Applied, science (chemistry, geometry, geography);
  • Sport.

The last option is the most versatile. Regardless of the chosen subjects, should be provided in the teen room sports area. It is important to determine what interests your child. Usually it is in plain sight, the boys rarely hide their enthusiasm.

The choice of a teenage girl rooms

A similar method also applies here. First, you need to listen to the views of most women, before resorting to an experienced designer. Even the coolest of them may not know for sure that it will be better for it.

Modern arsenal of professional masters of the interior involves a lot more options than just wallpaper or pink ruffles on the curtains. For example, an important element of the decor may be a proper furniture layout. Fortunately, manufacturers are offering the market the widest range corresponding to all hobbies of the child.

Since the girl priori should be a lot of dresses, then it will be useful original products that allow to store clothes carefully. The minimum set might look like this:

  • Locker for dresses, outerwear;
  • Shelf under the bed for storage of shoes;
  • Dresser for underwear;
  • Dressing table.

Despite the abundance of clothes and other women's accessories, unnecessarily clutter the space of the room is still not worth it.

Design selection of children for two teenagers

A rather difficult task, because of the need to observe a balance, a balance. You must make sure that young people do not interfere with each other, but while retaining a strong bond.

If space allows, it is possible to achieve the effect of combining functional areas:

  • Classics is considered a bunk bed, which allows to combine sleeping area;
  • Long desk can become a work area for both;
  • It is easier to dispose of by simple closet where it is possible to provide fair sharing;
  • Common recreation area, the same music corner or punching bag.

The conclusion you can make one: create a highly undesirable situation when one of them may feel deprived.

Parity need to keep around, especially if the children - twins.

Toys toys, but the same set of furniture will have to share equally. Even if it comes to the design of the room-boy teenager. The discount will be only in the fact that the room can be arranged one theme. Of course, taking into account the opinions and tastes of each of the teens. Model example - the football theme. Guys can like a contending team, but the ball and the general tournaments unite them. But if it is lucky, because children can get involved in various sports.

If the children are of different sexes, there is no zoning can not do. To avoid a hard division, the design of the room for two teenagers can be united by one common style. But before proceeding to the style of decoration, you should briefly introduce age accents.

Interior accent depending on age

The child is just beginning to be aware of their own individuality, but it is likely that he has already appeared for a hobby. In this case, you can not hesitate, you need to the fullest is reflected in the interior design of the room for a teenager.

Maybe someday he would say a resounding thank you to their parents at the ceremony, if a creative hobby grow into something more. It's incredibly cool, when a person starts doing things you love with such an early age. So the sooner for him to notice it, the results will be more serious.

As to the topic of hobbies or interests guys already, probably, have decided, then it was the turn of idols. They instinctively look for a role model. Focusing on the model of his behavior, they can just as well to behave with your friends.

By age 15, children are often made in the teenage "gangs" communities of interest, so it is advisable to provide for the possibility of a friendly get-togethers. For this teen room design can be arranged soft puffs or colored cushions, which occupy much less space than chairs.

At this age, the teenager was able to achieve certain results. He feels like an independent person and can evaluate their achievements from the side. The best advice for parents is to let go of the reins and allow him to choose the style. Show more confidence.

Classic style

It is considered one of the most successful solutions, if a teenager - a girl. As part of this style may well be shown the ability of future economic homemakers. However, parents should be aware that in addition to compliance with the symmetry, the decor suggests the presence of expensive fabrics and other luxury items.

Is a kind of antithesis of the classic it implies symmetry breaking in favor of various geometric shapes. Custom layout and functionality of the room to create a design of modern room for a teenage boy. The dynamic effect of the apparent expressiveness, brash style - are a clear proof of that. The emotional component of the interior allows a young person to be in harmony with its "wave" their own attitude. Child Hobbies values ​​have not, it's easy to adapt a design.

The distinctive style features are:

  • The functional integration of the zones;
  • impressive dimensions suite of furniture;
  • use or imitation of expensive materials;
  • spotlights.

It can be concluded that this style has some similarities with a classic. To use it, you need enough light space. Suitable for both teens.

It contains an element of education, when a teenager has a child learns to appreciate what he has and does not clog your personal space with unnecessary items. In addition, cleaning of this room is extremely light and fast. What looks like an indisputable advantage to the guy.

It also ensures additional security because the smaller corners and protruding parts, the smaller the risk of personal injury. For the concert of the musical group or performance of their favorite team may well provoke a child for reckless acts.

Previous style is considered to be the forerunner of high-tech, which has positioned itself as the fruit of the labor of science fiction writers. This includes space motifs, popular science topics, building spaceships. Smooth texture, functionality, metal products, the use of cool colors - everything must configure the teenager on the conquest of new vertices to model its future technology. There also should be no problems with the cleaning of the nursery.

Hi-tech - the perfect interior of the boy's room.

Direct heir of the industrial-style loft is the most practical option for the decoration of children's rooms. This is due to the lack of need to adhere to a common plan: use an diversiform furniture, unusual accessories and improvisation with color trim. Fidgets guys, this style allows you to express their reckless nature to its fullest. Parents can only recall the sense of proportion, and that a large space is required for this design.

White and blue color scheme, wood products, metal accessories - everything has to be reminded of the sea. You can draw the curtains in the form of a sail, and the floor - under the deck. Ideal for dreamy adolescent, a child in love with geography, with its overseas travel.

It is allowed only in the presence of creative abilities of the child. Since no unusual view of things, the specific imagination - would be difficult to justify the apparent bad taste or the presence of acid colors. Virtually no rules. More precisely there, one: violation of all the rules.

It is more suitable for those who started to grow up early, trying to restore order and pragmatically assesses the future. Perfectionists are found as well as among boys and among girls. For example, female representatives can rationally approach the issue of storage, and later it goes around comes around so that her daughter would be the chief accountant. The boy also will appreciate space asymmetric design of the room.

There are no hard and fast rules, because the child has grown up and the cute little animals on the walls are no longer relevant. It should focus exclusively on the teenage personality. It is not necessary to insist on practical beige if it grows creative. Conversely, acidic tone can be a source of quiet child nervous tension. A compromise may be a pronounced wall at the other neutral colors. Guys recommended soft lining color, muted, matte finish. Girl more typical sweet, vanilla tones.

When you select a texture of wallpaper, you should consider the future of the placing on their favorite poster children. Therefore, a large ornament will irritate the baby, it is best to use simple colors. Ideally, the artist grows up able to paint the walls themselves. Moreover, no matter what, pencil or by graffiti. Parents can recommend bright wallpapers with the right story.

There are no fundamental issues, except design hi-tech style (where it is possible to organize a starry sky). The usual whitewash, gypsum board ceilings or have equal chances. You can navigate to the height of the room and lighting features.

Similarly, will depend on the style. Either this deck (nautical theme), parquet or simply if a classic. And can and finish with ceramic tiles, if the high-tech. Athletes the best option would be to carpet. The only wish that the floor was heated.

The younger generation needs a lot of natural light. Artificial lighting is desirable to make a point, for each functional area. Thus, they further razgranichat space. Girls are more suitable option with a beautiful chandelier with floral motifs.

Inherent attributes of decoration can serve a variety of awards, favorite posters, hand-made products of young designers, musical instruments.

For children's furniture presented many requirements. Firstly, it should not be much, a minimum set. It should not clutter the space, and limit the movement of the teenager. Second - maximum functionality of all products. If the style does not imply dark wood, it is better to stay on the bright shades of natural wood. Any accessories.

The bed should always be comfortable and ergonomic, possibly with an orthopedic mattress, because the child is still growing. For girls on the podium fit a bed, with drawers for clothes. Sofas transformers is better not to use at all.

Further, to provide better collection assembly shelves attached to the walls. The same shelf can be arranged on a desk. The chair should be adjusted in height.

Thoughtful approach to the design of child involves attention to the interests of the teenager. Therefore, the iron requirements for design no. There are some suggestions: more space, light, less furniture, spare parts. It is also desirable to use the positive color, even if the child belongs to the subculture ready. The main requirement to a small furniture - its functionality. As for the finish, everything will depend on the style you together.

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