Room 13 square meters design photo

Ideas interior layout bedroom 13 square meters. m.

It just so happened on the open spaces of our country, that the size of the apartments is not happy with its size. Residents of many cities are used to execute multi-functional designs small kitchen, combine in the living room, working and playing area, organize closets to the loggia. Therefore, bedroom 13 sq. m, is not something extraordinary. Furthermore, many will converge on the view that it is quite a spacious room in which you can arrange a cozy and comfortable bedroom. The main principle to be followed - the use of necessary items that create a beautiful interior design.

And yet, 13 sq.m. - a small room, which requires the use of special design techniques, allowing to increase the space visually. For these purposes:

  • Wallpaper with a vertical pattern.
  • Bright color palette.
  • Diagonal laying floor coverings.
  • Small, compact furniture.
  • Bright enough, but not too much light.

Not the best option for the walls in the bedroom 13 sqm to the photo - bright wallpaper. Peaceful environment, which should be great for peaceful sleep, create a wall in the bright, pastel palette. A great choice for the bedroom - wallpaper peach, light green, sky blue, decorated with vertical lines.

This option walls allow to decorate and visually increase the ceiling height in the room. No less successful way to arrange bedroom design - painting walls. Dye room should be based on an aqueous emulsion. It dries quickly, lies evenly and does not leave the room an unpleasant smell.

A classical embodiment of the ceiling trim is staining or whitewash. If these methods are not your thing, you can build a plasterboard false original design. No less common way to design ceiling - tensile structures. Whichever finish option is chosen, the color scheme of the ceiling should be light - white, milk, cream.

As a floor covering in the bedroom 13 sq.m. in the photo, you can use laminate flooring, linoleum, carpet. Although the latter option will accumulate a dust, which is not good for the health of a person resting. If any other floor material for creating comfort, the floor is recommended to lay carpet.

It is no secret that a small number of rooms in the apartment, forcing owners to use each of them is multifunctional. For example, in a bedroom 13 meters, often arranged working area, children's playground, the living room. To combine all of the zones on a small area, you should use zoning. So, if the 8 squares, you need to locate, it is recommended to enter the bedroom and work area as follows:

For the bedroom area, highlight the part of the room, which is far from the entrance and the window opening. But often, the window and door are located in a room facing each other. Therefore, for the location of the bed, we have to choose the area of ​​the window. This layout makes it possible to place the work zone closer to the doorway. To create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom area, the windows are chosen for the dense, opaque curtains.

Zoned space can use the shelf for books and documents. It is not necessary to choose a massive structure. This can be a narrow bookcase with open shelves up to the ceiling. This light, elegant design to complement the interior design.

If necessary, combine on an area of ​​13 sq.m. in the photo, bedroom and living area, it is recommended to combine them, and use multifunction furniture. So, for sleep and rest is fine sofa-bed. On the opposite wall, you can set the TV panel, and fill in the space around the open shelves, wall-mounted. This layout makes it possible to receive guests in the comfort and relax in a comfortable, residential location.

If a family has children, the creation of the playing area, is essential. In this case, the space near the window can be set aside for children. Given the residual light and the distance from the door, Zone A light and warm. In this case, the zoning of the premises requires the use of screens or partitions, which will hide the bed of parents. In the role of the screen, you can use a narrow, high cabinet, decorative partitions, construction of plasterboard.

In conclusion, we recall that bedroom 13 sqm It makes it possible to implement various planning ideas. In such areas, it is possible to combine two or three functional zones that will complement each other.

Making repairs in the bedroom, it is recommended to create such an interior, which will contribute to proper rest after a hard day's work. An excellent solution in this case is the use of bright colors, a minimum set of furniture and a few decorative elements.

The unusual design of the bedroom 13 square meters. m: photo, methods of interior decoration

Organize a small bedroom interior much easier and more economical than to issue a large room small bedroom - it is not a reason to refuse the beautiful and stylish interior. On the contrary, in a small space is much easier to make a quality repair than in the large bedroom. To design a small bedroom will need a bit of effort and money because a lot of furniture there still does not deliver. Those who make repairs for the first time, very lucky to have a small bedroom. An area of ​​13 m 2 will not tire when it is repaired, the small size of the room will make good repair and sophisticated interior in detail. the small size of the room is good that there is not need to buy a lot of furniture, so you can save money for other purchases. What is required for a beautiful and unusual design bedroom 13 m 2?

Design bedroom 13 square meters. m: finishing room - foundation beautiful interior

Bedroom design is to hide the real size of the room, if possible increase it at least visually. It must be remembered that a small area needs to use it as efficiently as possible.

  • As the door is better to choose a sliding structure;
  • Or a door that opens to the outside;
  • You can not use the door opens inwards, it will "eat" almost a meter of free space.

Built-in furniture - great for decorating a small bedroom, so it helps to save space and to use it more productively..

Small bedroom - not a place for a big massive furniture. It would be best if all the furniture in the bedroom is transformed. For example, the bed will be built into a cabinet or rack, instead of a bed is a sofa bed, a table is extendable, and so on. D. It is very important that the furniture in the bedroom was bright colors, they are visually expand the space and dark furniture it narrows.

Furniture does not have to be white, because white is very "cold" space.

Inopportune shades for the design of the small room - it's brown, purple, wenge, cherry, chocolate. A lot of value has textiles used in the bedroom. It is not recommended to use in the bedroom 13 m 2 materials such as velor or velvet. In the context of curtains, bedspreads or rugs they will burden the space and make it dark. Instead of curtains, you can use blinds or curtains of light translucent fabric. Avoid a large number of objects of decor in the bedroom, so as not to clutter up the space.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes can make up a small bedroom with low ceilings

Visually expand the space is possible by means of mirrors. They can replace glossy shiny false ceilings or floors. Another tool to visually expand the space - vertical stripes. Wallpaper with vertical stripes will increase the space and make the room brighter and more free.

How to be lit in the bedroom 13 squares

Interior room 13 m 2 implies the existence of good lighting. A lot of light in the bedroom hides the true size of the room, making it a much more spacious than it actually is. That make for good lighting in a small room?

Please note that it is not suitable for a small bedroom:

  • Ceiling chandeliers;
  • Low-hanging ceiling lamps;
  • The abundance of sconces on the walls.

For small rooms the best option is to spotlights, lamps, mounted in the ceiling. The presence of glossy ceiling allow to reflect light, which adds brightness of the room. Bulbs should be the same distance from each other and are located evenly throughout the room.

Spotlights - the best option to create a cozy atmosphere in a small bedroom

Lovers wall lighting fixtures can be advised, in a cabinet or rack, as well as flexible lamps mounted next to the headboard.

bedroom 13 sq project. m in the African style

The one-room apartment where the bedroom can perform a role and the living room, the African interior design will be most welcome. African style in the bedroom, the living room will help to create an unusual atmosphere and divide the room into two zones: a bedroom and a living room.

The only condition for registration of an interior of a small room in the African style - it is necessary to use light colors of Africa, namely:

In the context of a small bedroom should not use dark wood, dark wicker products. For walls, choose a beige shade as a decoration you can hang paintings or pictures with animals from Africa. Floor decoration can use light mat, one must have 1-2 trees. You can lay on the floor carpet, decorated under the skin of the tiger or leopard skin. They can also lay on the bed as a bedspread.

Instead of well-hung curtains bamboo curtain. Conventional seat should be replaced by braided blond.

The bedroom, decorated in an exotic African style, looks bright, impressive and original

If the room has a closet, it can serve as a separator of two zones: a bedroom and a living room. To give the room an African atmosphere, you can put on the surface of the enclosure wallpapers with the image of the desert, or other African landscapes. The main thing that bright warm colors prevailed in them.

African style can easily pass in safari style. This is especially useful when sharing the room. For example, part of the bedroom can be arranged in a safari style, and part of the living room - in Africa. For the style of safari does not need wallpaper. Finishing walls should be roughly plastered, painted in the sand or beige. For the flooring, you can use parquet, stone or plug. Add atmosphere blanket or carpet made under the animal's skin.

Bedroom 13 sq. m in Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau style is perfect for a small bedroom.

Its main advantages are as follows:

  • The abundance of glossy surfaces - a prerequisite of Art Nouveau;
  • Style implies the presence of built-in appliances, which saves space;
  • For the modernist one must have good lighting.

As can be seen, at the Nouveau is all that it can be put into a small bedroom. The only negative is that it is not suitable for all types of premises. For example, children, decorated in a modern style, will cause a large number of broken mirrors and broken appliances. The essence of modernity to the room all the glittering metallic luster and talked about the current nature bedrooms host. That is why the modern style fit for decoration adult bedroom, kitchen or living room.

A cozy bedroom design 13 square meters. M Video)

Small bedroom can also be decorated beautifully. The main thing is not to neglect the advice of the designer, and follow their own taste preferences.

Bedroom 13 sq m - photo real design

The situation is familiar to probably everyone. I would like to make the repairs. We are looking for ideas on the internet or leaf through glossy magazines. Choose, dream, we accelerate. And then realize that the area of ​​home bedroom is far from the pictures, the ceiling height is not one small window, the walls are uneven and so on. D. Repairs delayed changes in my life so close, the mood is not very ... But in fact, not so fearfully. Calling upon designer or own creativity, it is possible to get a comfortable and spacious room, for example, as in the photo real design bedroom 13 square meters.

Design (English, design) - part of the artistic and design activity. And it has as its goal not only the design of individual objects, but also to create a harmonious space. The modern design makes extensive use of the development of science and technology, ergonomics, psychology, ecology and fashion trends. Using a variety of materials and techniques, you can visually expand the wall to make the room more spacious and high, and the stay more comfortable.

The design combines not only the design of the walls, ceiling and floor, but also the optimization of the entire apartment space. Catching bedroom design, it is important to remember that its purpose - to rest. The room should be comfortable, disposing to relaxation and recuperation. On the solution of this problem are working:

For a small bedroom is better to choose all of the interior in the same light spectrum. This applies to wallpaper, curtains and furniture. This monochrome combination is ideal for small rooms. Complement it may be translucent walls and vivid details.

If the windows facing north, the required soft and bright colors. Soft considered natural, natural colors - beige, milk, flax, pistachio, pale yellow. They optically increase the area and are cozy. It is better to abandon the bright, dark, rich colors. They visually reduce the space and are woefully to tenants.

For the south side needed a cool tone. They visually remove the wall. The basis is a white or gray color. For example, a room with gray or light blue walls and furniture light becomes large.

Special attention should be white. It is acceptable not only on the walls and ceiling, but also on the floor. Scandinavian style in vogue for a long time and successfully solves the problem of small spaces.

The picture shows a bedroom with a similar design. Of course, the white luxury should not resemble a hospital room. It textured finishing materials (laminate, door panels, baguettes and the like. D.) Are used for this purpose. Due to the special treatment they have a ribbed surface, which gives a light natural shade. In addition, the bright, airy interior is decorated with contrasting accessories.


Bedroom 13 square meters in size can win and due to intelligently selected finishing materials. Their excellent quality and variety make it possible to update the interior as soon as possible and be confident in the quality and safety.

  1. Ceiling. Modern ceilings completely combined with other drugs? adjusting space. Multi-level design can be used quite interesting. But at the height of the room up to 2.8 m is not justified. Heaviness of construction will affect the design. Painted ceilings - the right solution for the bedroom. Reflecting effect, and hence volume visually appending have glossy surfaces. In this case, visually increases the height of the room. Stretch glossy ceilings do not necessarily have to be white. A variety of light colors will support the overall concept and will add charm to the room.
  2. Walls. Decorating the walls plays a major role in the design of the bedroom. Smooth surface smooth corners and expand space. Better to choose a smooth paper or vinyl wallpaper, eco-friendly paint for walls or fine plaster. Not recommended for large contrasting patterns on the walls. They conceal the space. But it is appropriate to one of the planes, for example, in the headboard decorate the floral or geometric prints. In this case, better to choose a neutral print of pastel shades. In the photo interior bedroom 13 square meters looks harmonious, it is due to restraint in the design of the walls.
  3. Floor. In the bedroom acceptable two options - laminate and carpet. The first proven itself well beyond the naturalness and aesthetic material. This is especially true for the bedroom. And second, to make the floor a comfortable, warm and soft, performing also the function of sound insulation.


Window decoration in a small bedroom should be given special attention. On the one hand, the curtain protects against drafts and on the other are practically central décor. It is not necessary to use the massive curtains, pelmets, picked up a lot of fringe and patterns. It is better to save space and make curtains lightness, airiness and elegance. The best choice would be transparent and translucent fabric (tulle, organza, mesh). A dimming function can perform fancy Roman, Japanese or traditional light curtains. With curtains achieved translucency effect of perspective and dimension space.

For a small bedroom irrelevant large chandeliers, bulky lighting systems. The best option would be built on the perimeter of the room lighting. Floor lamps and sconces will work also on the zoning area. For example, a small light at the dressing table will create a boudoir area and elegant floor lamp by the chair - a recreation area. The picture shows several lighting options. And it is quite difficult to guess that the room area not exceeding 13 square meters. m.

Large furnished bright or dark colors will not be able to support the design of the room 13 square meters. m. The market is now a lot of ergonomic modern forms. Functionality and compactness have become decisive factors in the selection of furniture.

In the photo bedroom 13 sq m has a design of the room, to quiet rest, and at the same time aesthetic pleasure. Light colors, simple forms dissolve in the interior and do not interfere.

To save space, you need to consider models that combine several functions. For example, the enclosure must be a mirror with a large bed linen compartment, ottoman hinged cover dresser ironing-board, etc. Alternatively, you can order a built-in furniture (wardrobes, cabinets with folding bed, cabinets up to the ceiling, and so on. N.). But it is important to accurately calculate the location of the other objects in the room.

Simple elegance of modern models of furniture with high-gloss, mirrored or glass fronts, it is difficult to overestimate. Reflecting the light, they expand the space. And make the interior a stylish and expensive.

To the accessories are not only statues, vases, photo frames, overload the interior for its abundance. Spectacular and appropriate could be other useful and beautiful things - decorated mirror or bedside rug handmade. For accessories may include textiles and - colorful pillows, designer bathrobes and slippers, all kinds of blankets and bedspreads. In a small bedroom, they should be light and almost weightless. Suitable smooth plain fabric of both saturated and soothing colors.

Looking at the photo of the real design of the bedroom 13 square meters, it is possible to choose the most suitable option. Creating an interior private recreation area, we can only determine priority color finishes, fabrics and easy to pick up a functional furniture.

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