How to paint faux fur

How to paint faux fur

Clothes, Soup, and various decorative pieces of faux fur attract the attention of the majority of the ladies, well, a lot of men are not indifferent to them. Over time, the product may fade, fade, and look not so presentable. Or you just hunt a little to change it and update. This can be done by painting fake fur.

  • - hair dye;
  • - shampoo or detergent;
  • - myagenkaya brush;
  • - glycerin or fat cream;
  • - the air conditioner go to hair conditioner.

To start Determine what exactly the effect you want to achieve by painting the product of artificial fur. At least some fur, including those made of synthetic fibers, is close to a hair, because for coloring of products from artificial fur use everyday hair dyes. If you want to change the color of the product dramatically lighten or faux fur for a few tones, use resistant paint using an oxidizing agent. The paint will give the product a catchy, intense color. After staining can not be afraid to get into this thing under the rain or snow, the paint does not wash off.

Only minor update color faux fur help hair dye without an oxidizing agent. Such funds are sold in the form of coloring shampoos or tonics for hair. After staining the product acquires a light color or low tide. Toning dye can be washed off, that certain plus. On the other hand, in such clothes better not to fall under the rain - the paint can leak, leaving stains.

Before you paint the fake fur, it must be cleaned from dust and dirt and degrease cloth to dye lay down moderately. Dissolve in a basin with warm water shampoo or slightly detergent powder, position the product in the wash solution and neatly myagenkoy pile brush. Fur carefully rinse water until the washing suds. Dry izdelie.Pered while painted faux fur on the whole product, apply the paint on a small area on the wrong side or in another inconspicuous place. If you are satisfied with the result, it is possible to paint the entire thing.

Treat fabric fur base on the reverse side with glycerol or fat cream to prevent cracking and tearing. Excellent pull the product on a flat surface, carefully fasten the sides. In another, the product can be stretched and deformed and fur paint over uneven. The very process of staining is similar to hair dye. In accordance with the summary of the acquired paint you prepare the dye mixture. Especially brush moderately spread the mixture across the surface of the article towards the fur fibers. Leave the product for staining the desired clearance time.

Carefully wash the paint faux fur. Do not rub the fibers are very much, so as not to destroy the structure. To soften the fur, you can put on it a little air-conditioner or balm for the hair for a few minutes. After washing, comb the fur well in moist, dry and comb again. Only after which the product can be removed from the surface on which you spend painting.

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  • How to paint faux fur at home

    In recent years, artificial fur products have gained immense popularity. In every house there are things made out of synthetic material. In appearance, the synthetic fur is not much different from natural products, but can significantly save the budget when buying a product.

    Over time, any product, be it a coat, jacket, or bag collar, loses luster and appeal, it is faded and worn. To bring your favorite thing to order, you can paint it in a bright, saturated color. Knowing the rules of coloring, any hostess will be able to carry out this procedure themselves at home.

    The restoration of a fur product will have to spend a lot of time and effort, so you need to be patient and carefully comply with all rules staining. Work should start with the choice of colors. It is important to accurately represent what color would like to achieve. If you plan to upgrade the product only slightly, returning to him the lost appeal, it is necessary to choose the shades that are close to the original color. It is quite possible, and a radical change in the fur color. In this case, it is important to remember that light colors repainted in darker, and not vice versa.

    For coloring the artificial fur are usually used hair dye. To achieve sustainable results and not to spoil the base fabric, it is necessary to use all means high-quality paint. If you just refresh the product or accessory, you can use the coloring shampoo. Fur color does not change dramatically, but will become more vivid and saturated.

    Preparation of products for painting

    Before proceeding to the coloring of products from artificial fur, it is recommended to thoroughly clean from dust and grease, so that the dye was distributed evenly over the entire surface of the material. The treatment is carried out using soap solution one day prior to staining.

    The small container is poured into warm water, added shampoo or liquid soaps, soft and foamed treated fur brush in the direction of the nap. Residues soap solution collected wet swab. If the product is small size, such as a cap or collar, it can be completely immersed in a lather and wash. Then the item is rinsed gently squeezed through and towel dried.

    Once the product is dry, you should test the paint on a small area of ​​fur located on the wrong side. If the resulting shade came to taste, you can start coloring the entire product.

    How to paint faux fur

    When painting the main thing - to achieve uniform application of paint on each product sector. To get a good result, fur should stretch and attach clothespins on board, desk, chair.

    The paint is diluted according to the manufacturer's instructions, and for applying the mixture onto the fabric, you can use a small brush apparel. Color the fur should be in the direction of the pile, lightly pressing the brush to paint over the fabric base.

    Distributing coloring composition evenly over the surface of the material, it is necessary to leave the product for a specified time in the instructions to paint a good soak and entrenched on the villi. Then fur gently washed with water, and where necessary, the remains of dye wet swab removed. Not worth much rubbing fibers against each other, so as not to damage the structure.

    Immediately after application is still wet fur should comb-toothed comb with rounded ends, and then leave the product to dry completely. Dry the fur should be combed again, giving the pile in the right direction.

    In the extended position the product should remain until dry, otherwise the size of the treated surface may change significantly. And the thing may be reduced and stretched, causing the would simply spoiled.

    Not always the first attempt fails to get the desired shade. The quality of the result depends on having some experience in painting and the degree of deterioration of the product. If you need to correct any defects, you can repeat the procedure at least 7-10 days.

    With a little care and patience, it is possible in the home of an old, worn fur things get bright, fashionable, attractive product and significantly save your budget.


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    I remember back in the Soviet times, we painted the old Pestsovoye hats coloring shampoo. Beautifully turned out, what colors are just not used - and blue, and eggplant, and pink. Furs while the stores were not, had to get out.

    Took the hair dye, not from expensive copy-resistant, did everything according to instructions, washed off so that even on an artificial white fur left and slela from that red paint washed off just under the shower water jet, even never touched. So all your stuff is written, can fur and color but not artificial.

    How to paint faux fur?

    Items made of artificial fur - a real godsend for many fashionistas who have long wanted to get a furry things, but could not afford to buy them because of the high cost. Modern fur industry has reached the unprecedented level of development, so artificial things sometimes turn out not worse than fur things. Coats, handbags, home furnishings, bright vest faux fur - it all looks fantastic attractive - and most importantly, not too expensive.

    However, fake fur is not immune from the loss of its original appearance, so it can often be a need to return to it the original color and appearance.

    So, before you start coloring, decide what color you want to paint the canvas. The mass of options: you can simply just adjust the color tone of the product, to embellish it, and you can decide on a more fundamental experiments - for example, to change the color.

    The main question that bothers those who are going to paint fur - what to paint faux fur. It's simple: often used to color hair dye. If you plan your fur dramatically repaint, use resistant paint. To update the color (especially light colors) enough to buy a toning shampoo.

    Before you begin to paint, prepare the surface - Remove all traces of grease and dirt, otherwise there is a risk that the paint will fall ill. Generally, simple easy contamination are cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with soap or shampoo. Do not rush immediately to apply paint - try painting on a small piece of fabric (this may be fur wrong side or the other unobtrusive place). If the desired results you are satisfied, begin painting the entire product.

    In the dyeing process has its own secrets, knowing that you can carefully paint the artificial fur. To start a good stretch faux fur, otherwise the final result will disappoint you, so it is possible that not all sites are carefully dyed. If you dramatically change the fabric color, paint brush so as to capture not only the "hair", but also the base fabric. Try as close as possible to adhere to the instructions if you are not dyed fur, and their own hair.

    After all the fabric is dyed, leave the paint to dry for the time specified in the instructions to the paint. Take your time, because the pigments have a good soak izdelie- just so you get the perfect ready-to-wear product, which will delight you with its appearance and will last a long time.

    The final stage - the paint remover. If you see that the paint is well mated to the surface of the product, wash the fur without shampoo, the main thing - do not rub too hard not to damage the fur structure. Then comb the product while it is still wet, and leave to dry. After drying comb canvas again.

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