Smokehouse of gas cylinders

Smokehouse gas bottle with his hands

Thrifty host will always be able to breathe life into old unwanted things. Someone can be still on hand in the back rooms the old gas tank from under the propane. It is not necessary to give it for scrap, because only one day of work and you have a great smokehouse from the gas cylinder by hand.

The originality of the product will give cylinder form, this will require a small set of tools that can find almost any master craftsman. As a result of the effort the family will receive goodies from fish, meat or poultry fat.

  1. Preparations for the manufacture of

Gas bottle is a perfect blank for not only the smoker, but also for barbecue. However, it is desirable not to select significant corrosion damaged vessel, since this will affect the durability of the product. Also, all work should be carried out only after the remains of gas and gasoline will be properly removed from the cavity.

Video - how to make your own smokehouse from the cylinder (briefing)

If all works are carried out correctly, the product will last an average of 15-20 years, which is much longer than store-bought.

You will need to stock up on these materials and tools:

  • cylinder gas (cooking gas tank for 50 liters of red color);
  • metal plates (thickness 3.4 mm);
  • about 6 m from the corner of a building wall of 45 mm (in some cases, can be replaced by the construction profile 20x40 mm);
  • Chimney pipe (length of 100-120 cm diameter 100-120 mm);
  • Door hinge (desirably selected metal thickness of not less than 2 mm);
  • for the lattice rods (8-10 mm diameter rebar, a square or hexagon is not desirable to take);
  • wooden workpiece under the handle (well dried preform from birch or other dense rocks);
  • bolgarka (preferably with soft start);
  • the welding machine (electrodes 2-3 mm will be needed);
  • electric drill (a drill should be selected with a minimum length to provide stiffness in operation);
  • hacksaw (put the canvas with a fine tooth).

After selecting the tank, it must be visually checked for the presence of deep corrosion. Next, you need to get rid of remaining in it condensate and gas. Pre-render container to the open space of the courtyard or another site. The work is preferably carried out in dry weather is sunny. Near the place of work should not be an open source of fire.

Turn off the valve as possible. After intensive phase overturn capacity for removing residues. Check if fully released gas by using ordinary soap slurry. It lubricates the valve. When the bubbles stop appearing, then the pressure inside is brought to the outside.

On top of the future barbecue smokehouse from a gas cylinder with their own hands with the help of hacksaws Cut down the throat with a crane.

Cutting off the tip in any case do not let the spark. This requires periodic watering water treatment site, to avoid the risk of fire. Spill should be wet.

Open cavity under running water to get rid of the smell. Fill the water volume is conveniently with a hose. If it is not inserted into the hole, then fill it all through the funnel.

Would be effective in adding ammonia water. The balloon with such a solution is left for several hours for sedimentation. You can stir the liquid periodically. Draining residues are washed out again with running water.

Making the foundation for the smokehouse

Any preliminary drawings for the production of smokehouses with their hands from a gas cylinder is unlikely to be needed. Most often, manufacturers will calculate the final result of a material that is available.

In general, such a scheme may be useful smokehouse vertical position where it is possible to use a hotplate.

Marking cuts to the door is carried out using a long ruler and pencil. You can duplicate strips thin white chalk.

The cuts need to do accurately without displacement along the short axis of 100-150 mm prior to rounding the ends of the balloon ( "verha9raquo; and" niza9raquo;). Open slot is not immediately needed.

Make a long axial slots grinder, try on hinges into place. We clean the surface of the welding wire brush fixed on the drill. Some masters clean pad under the Bulgarian loop. practical method, but not always aesthetic persists. "Prihvatyvaem9raquo; overhead loop by welding.

You can also subsequently consolidate these them by means of rivets or bolts. In this case, no cover on the rivets or other fasteners are not allowed to prevent harmful fumes about food. An increasingly popular option is considered to be the final fixing loops welding electrodes. When hinges are welded, the grooves that separate the door from the frame, we reveal completely.

From the side, which is attached to the crane, on-smokehouse BBQ gas bottle with his hands knee welds of the pipes.

The height of the vertical section should not be less than a meter. This will ensure high quality and effective traction smoldering wood chips during the process. Traction control will flap covering the upper end of the riser pipe. In some constructions, the damper is included in a groove cut through the tube.

The second end is connected to the furnace for the smokehouse. To this end the diameter of the lower half cut using grinder. When using such a smokehouse as barbecue, thrust in the former the gas cylinder is governed by this cut-out sector.

In the operation of possible thermal deformation produced container. Reduce their impact will help tightening construction. For this purpose, along the middle axis of the cylinder bore, closable lid, inside welded pipe of 20-30 mm in diameter. It also will serve as a limiter that helps not to fall deeper cover. Another function of the tube is that it is suspended for smoking products. This can be done, and through the drilled holes in the frame.

To ensure cavity sealing help-welding metal strips along the perimeter of the cover. They can also serve as a stop at closing. Prevent sudden ceasing to be able to cover back horseshoe loop on the outside.

At the bottom of smokehouses of gas cylinders, made with his own hands, establish a special tray that serves as a container for collecting fat. In order not to smear the container container, preferably a food tray cover foil. Above the pallet bases to secure the removable metal lattice. It can be made independently with his own hands from the rods stainless steel wire, or use a ready unnecessary grating, left over from an old refrigerator.

Production of the support (or support legs)

Smokehouse from the gas cylinder, made with his own hands as in the photo, should be stable, so as not to knock over the coals and products. To this end it is attached legs. If you intend to use the device as a portable product, it would be wiser to make them removable. Convenient their length is 80-100 cm.

To this end, the base of the former tank welds the bolts, and prepared to the feet of the corner or building profile welds nuts. Before transporting unscrew the legs, and the place of arrival of returning them to their original position.

The most common non-removable base and rigidly welded to the bottom of the cylinder. You can for convenience replace pair of legs on a pair of wheels. Transportation on the territory of the nearest simplified. Comfort for stationary legs add a few bars and a full regiment under the balloon. In the process of preparation always comes in handy Useful area.

If this unit is not intended to be used as a smokehouse and grill only as from gas cylinders, an additional furnace is not required. But if the owner assumes engage in smoking, the need to light a fire in additional capacity.

Additional insert from welded steel sheets

To manufacture the firebox need to cut a metal sheet 3.4 mm thick. It is also possible to cut another smaller balloon volume. Two openings in the end opposite walls are left to mate with the smoke chamber and to install the valve. The third hole is necessary to lay the chips forming a smoking smoke.

Additional insert of another container

Prevent flames help even slight removal of smoke from the furnace chamber with sawdust. This is done via the pipe insertion. In some designs, it fulfills the role of a special corrugation.

Length of finished oil lamps will help determine the final result, because when smoked using the smoke to a higher temperature. For cold-smoked needs almost cooled smoke.

The most important thing here that before the first smoking be sure to miss the empty unit - to heat with wood, but without meat.

In the video example of a barbecue grill BBQ smokehouse, made with his own hands from three 50-liter gas cylinders.

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  • manufacturing manual smokehouse from a gas cylinder with their own hands

    Smokehouse from a gas cylinder is an excellent solution to acquire their own device for smoking products using the materials at hand. Get the balloon is not difficult, and the process of making their own hands will not require any special skills.

    Photos smokehouse from a gas cylinder

    Before you make a smokehouse from the gas cylinder, you need to decide what type you want to get smoked - hot or cold.

    The difference between them is quite serious. The process of smoking or that type requires a different approach to the organization of the smokehouse design.

    1. Hot smoking involves a quick preparation, as the smoke temperature is high. Less smoked that foods after cooking limited shelf life - no more than 20 days.
    2. On cold smoking takes 1-3 days, depending on the recipe, designs and products. But store up to six months can be smoked. The main difference from the cold smokehouse hot is that the insert is located at a distance of 3-4 meters from the vessel, where the products are located. they are connected by a pipe - smoke generator. The temperature is much lower, because the process takes longer. Hence the name - cold smoking.

    Balloon - it is an excellent material for the creation of any type of smokehouse. It is gaining increasing popularity of gas barbecue smokehouse cylinder to smoke foods or cooking barbecue in a single device.

    To make a device for smoking with his own hands from the bottle, you'll first need to work on this capacity.

    1. Take the gas tank, which is not rusted and is in good condition. Find them no problem. cylinder capacity should be 50 liters.
    2. Remove gas. Let the gas has been completely used, and a stove is not working, some remnants there. To do this, unscrew the valve, set the can upside down. The gas to be released.
    3. Apply foam to the valve of the dishwashing detergent. So you make sure that the gas is released completely. If bubbles appear, the gas has not bleed through.
    4. Removing gas residues, rinse thoroughly with clean water container. Inside there are all sorts of precipitation, the gas particles. To wash the container, saw off the neck. Required tool moisten in cold water, since the elevated temperature can cause the cylinder gap.
    5. Fill the container with water through a hose. Shake it, drain. The procedure was repeated several times, it is desirable, or in the preparation will be an unpleasant smell, is transferred to the food.
    6. The next step - making the cover. Closing a cover, you turn the cylinder in the smokehouse, and when the lid is open, you can have a barbecue.
    7. Make markings on the sidewall of the container, on which will be cutting grinder. Leave space for attaching the lid hinges. In no case sawing ring side balloon.
    8. Now set the loop, abrade all cut areas, so as not to cause injury. And indeed the smokehouse will look more attractive.
    9. On the outside of the doors, set the knobs, which will not be heated.
    10. Connect the door with a balloon.
    11. Just lie on the ground should not be a smokehouse. For her set legs and rests on the stand.
    12. The stand and the legs can be assembled from readily available materials. Is not rare for the smokehouse take an old table, cut out part of the countertop.
    13. If you want a more sophisticated design with their own hands, gather the table of metal profiles, new countertops.
    14. Smokehouse shall be securely supported, will not become loose during cooking.

    It is difficult to imagine a smokehouse or grill-combined smokehouse without a chimney and firebox. Here the main difference between a cold start and hot-smoking.

    • Chimney connects special metal-knee tube cut through the neck. The height of the chimney depends on the size of the structure, but it is advisable to do it above its own growth. So the thrust would be more effective, and you will not suffer from going into the eyes of smoke when cooking food;
    • Essential to install the valve on the pipe, which will control the amount of smoke coming out;
    • Speaking about the furnace, it can be welded from the metal sheets 4 millimeters thick, or take a smaller volume of the gas cylinder;
    • Smokehouse furnace and connected to the opposite side of the throat where the hole is also performed. It allows you to combine design and provide smoke flow from the furnace;
    • Between the furnace grate and smokehouse is installed, otherwise the open fire will not allow to properly cook food;
    • The length of pipe from the smokehouse to the furnace directly affects what type you get smoked. Some make their own hands two removable design. According to the principle of design, they change places, when you want to cook fish, meat, vegetables, cold or hot smoked;
    • Distant a few meters from the smokehouse furnace will allow to cook foods by cold-smoked. With the passage of smoke through the tube, it will cool to 20-25 degrees;
    • Below smokehouse install metal sheet, wrap it in a solid foil. This design allows to collect fat. Change the foil is recommended after each use to the old fat is not spoil the taste of the new party vkusnyashek;
    • If the stationary smokehouse, it makes sense to further build a table, where you can prepare food to smoking procedure.

    As you understand, raise your hands smokehouse hot or cold smoked or combine in a single device a barbecue and two types of smokehouses - not a difficult task. The main thing to be patient, to determine the structure before they started to prepare the balloon.

    In the process of construction of the smokehouse with their hands as well as operating certain issues may arise. On some of them we want to give you the answers.

    1. After completion of the smokehouse with their hands from a conventional gas cylinder, cover it with black enamel. It will give the design a complete look.
    2. As you use the smoker, the body is bound to be dirty with soot. The quality of cooking is not affected, because worry about the purity is not necessary.
    3. Washing out of the smokehouse cylinder metal brushes, you remove the enamel and provoke the formation of rust. So it is better to let the smokehouse will be covered with soot.
    4. Before the first preparation of smoked products in the new smokehouse, made with your own hands, be sure to spend an idle furnace. So you completely remove all odors, because the first portion of meat or fish you definitely will not disappoint. Many people do not clean the balloon begins to smoke. Taste turns disgusting, because of what people disillusioned with home smoked. All in all, it was necessary to wash and to heat the device.
    5. For the perfect fit of smoking chips of hardwood and fruit trees. No needles. Its resin will make bitter foods during smoking.
    6. Clean the furnace bottom and the smoker periodically to the old combustion products do not spoil the taste of the products.

    Stray gas cylinder - is not just a scrap. If desired, it can be built from a great smokehouse. Home smoking - it is delicious and cheap, when compared with the current on the smoked in stores prices.

    Now, if any, this article would not have thought of yourself that's in a way you can make your own smokehouse. About idle furnace properly noticed. It is possible that it will not be one. And gas, be sure to make sure that it is not really in the tank.

    Smokehouse with their hands from a gas cylinder

    Selection of ready smokehouses today is large enough. However, cheaper to manufacture universal smokehouse from the gas cylinder, which can not only soot fish, chicken or meat, but its use as a barbecue or barbecue. The gas cylinder is perfectly suited for the smoker: he has a convenient streamlined shape and is made of a sufficiently durable metal.

    What you need to build a smokehouse from the gas cylinder:

    Smokehouse from a gas cylinder or grill made by the hands, can be either portable or stationary. needed for the manufacture of:

    • Gas cylinder capacity of 50 l;
    • iron sheet thickness not less than 4 mm, for the furnace device; if you plan to manufacture only the barbecue cooking, furnace is not required;
    • metal corners;
    • Chimney pipe and connected to the furnace;
    • smaller pipe diameter for the stand;
    • hinges and rivets for attaching the door;
    • rods for the grating;
    • wooden plate for the manufacture of the handle;
    • Bulgarian;
    • welding machine;
    • electric drill;
    • hacksaw.

    From the cylinder can also be done brazier-smokehouse!

    Remove the gas cylinder and autopsied

    Before carrying out the smokehouse construction of the gas cylinder should be inspected workpiece. It makes no sense to use too rusted tank: smokehouse such a long period.

    Attention! To prevent a gas explosion residues is strictly forbidden to cut and weld the tank without pre-treatment. After complete exit gas container further thoroughly washed with running water.

    Inspection and cleaning should be carried out only on street away from sources of ignition, it is desirable to draft. The container is turned upside down and the gas is discharged therefrom.

    With suds applied to the outlet valve, it is possible to check whether the gas is released completely. If soap is still foaming, it means that he still continues to go.

    To remove the residual gas with a hacksaw metal neatly cut away neck. To prevent the risk of fire, while the place of saw cut watered several times.

    After opening the bottle is thoroughly washed with water from a hose. It is possible to add a small amount of ammonia water, ammonia and let stand several hours, they can remove residues gas condensate on the walls.

    For cleaning the container and can use another method. It is completely unscrew and remove the valve, release all the gas and connected to a thin tube is an opening through which at the very top of the tank is filled with water. Since the hole is very small, the liquid will be poured for a long time. To speed up the process can be accurately drilled at the top of a small hole and pour water through the funnel. File down the neck in a balloon filled with liquid, it will be safe. Proceed to further work is possible only after repeated washing container with running water.

    The balloon must be completely filled with water

    We start manufacturing smokehouse

    Smokehouse from a gas cylinder or grill with your hands - is already finished construction, so no drawings and schemes will not be required. Before starting the work must be put to one side and the balloon to make a layout door chalk pencil or the entire length of the balloon, departing from the edges of at least 10 cm cylinder ring lateral desirable to file down:., They will serve as a support structure.

    cut section of the cylinder machine LBM

    Cut the door to the end until it is needed: to determine the exact location of the loop, it is a little bent, welded hinges on it, but just then the door finally sawed.

    A place where they will be installed and mounted hinge stand and trimmed. This can be done using a brush or a grinder iron. for hanging door hinges can be simply bolted, but it is best to use welding.

    Loop is better to plant for welding

    To the side of the smoker balloon, which already spilite grinder neck, knee welded, which is inserted in the chimney. It fastens valve for regulating the smoke exit. It may be either embedded or attached to the metal tube over the bolt or be completely removable.

    Welded to the chimney damper. The damper helps to control cravings.

    The second side portion is cut an opening through which the smoke in a smokehouse will flow from the furnace. If you plan to manufacture or barbecue grill, in which the furnace is not provided, this hole will serve to regulate the thrust. To increase it in the grill also several holes drilled in the side.

    Scrollsaw hole which connect the furnace chamber, and

    To cut a part of the container is not deformed by heating, to enhance the cut section of the perimeter can be welded tube or a narrow metal strip. For sealing a thin metal strip can be drawn around the perimeter of the cover. To it when opening is not completely leans backward, the rear side of the horseshoe is desirable to fasten the loop of an iron bar serving as a stopper.

    In the upper part of the structure may be drilled insertion holes trochanter or the pipe on which the hook will hang on the small fish or small pieces of meat.

    Fat collecting in the bottom of the metal sheet is set smokehouse. Grate for products made of thin metal rods.

    Collect support under the smokehouse

    Stationary or portable smokehouse from the gas cylinder, made with their own hands, should be as resistant. There are several ways to attach the frame (stands for the smokehouse or grill). It can be welded to the tank bottom or make removable. For this purpose, in its lower part provided bolt holes, and the top of the stand welded nut. Quickly disassemble and reassemble the smokehouse or grill can be, if welded to the bottom of the cylinder pipe 4 4-5 cm in length, which will be inserted into the wider pipe stand. For the stability of the bottom of the legs are attached corners or wheels.

    To frame and welded hooks for hanging table. The lower part can be made of wood or a shelf for kitchen utensils.

    insert your own hands is not required for the manufacture of barbecue or barbecue: the fire in them to divorce directly on the bottom of the cylinder. Smoking is not the same products over an open fire, and by the hot smoke emitted during smoldering slightly damp sawdust, which enters the smokehouse from the furnace.

    Smokehouse furnace gas cylinder connection can be made from metal with their hands with a minimum thickness of 4 mm or smaller capacity gas cylinder. It is cut out two openings with door, one at the top for laying the sawdust and the second at the bottom of the blower device.

    Between podduvalom and furnace grate of suitable size is set. To open fire is not thrown into the smokehouse, it is better not to connect the smokehouse and the furnace directly, and provide between them a small shift in the form of a tube.

    Hot smoking products is carried out at a sufficiently high temperature. Get products smoked via a smoker can, if hardly improve its design and lengthen the pipe connecting the furnace with the smokehouse.

    Hot smoke, passing through the long tube is gradually cooled to a temperature of 19-25 ° C. If dismantling and provide shift pipe connecting the furnace and the smokehouse, the construct can be used for both cold and hot smoking.

    Smokehouse BBQ or hand made ready. You can start to prepare food for cooking or smoking.

    If for some reason there is no way to make the furnace of iron sheets, there is an option of manufacturing the smoker of two gas cylinders:

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