How to use the blender

How to use the blender, right? Terms of use blender

Blender - it is an electrical device, the purpose of which is to grind food, pureeing and emulsions, whipping drinks, mousses and ice pick. This device can perform many functions, especially if equipped with additional nozzles and containers. How to use the blender to cook delicious and healthy meals? Let's find out.

Description stationary blenders

These kitchen appliances are divided into two types: fixed and submersible. First we describe the latter. Regular blender is a stable base body with integrated electric motor, which is set high narrow top cup with lid and the bottom paddle blades. The walls of the cup are made of glass (the most durable and practical to use) or plastic. This material has the following disadvantage: high bowl temperature may darken, so it is impossible to grind hot products. How to use a fixed-type blender? In the bowl lay finely chopped products, close the lid, include the outlet and press the button. Cooking time depends on the volume and density of edibles. This blender is ideal for making milkshakes with ice cream and berries, fruit and vegetable smoothies, whipping test for pancakes, crushing ice for cocktails.

Precautions when using a stationary tool

Using this kind of device, you need to follow these rules, how to use a blender:

  • not to lay in a bowl of large products, they should be cut into small pieces (so the food will be ready soon);
  • do not use hot products;
  • leave some free space under the hood, at least 2 cm (to avoid overheating motor).

If you want to prepare a large amount of dish, do not just put all the ingredients, add them a little better, sometimes shaking the glass. So you will extend the life of your unit and get evenly promeshanny product.

The second type of appliance is a modified high-speed mixer, which is equipped with a nozzle-blade knife instead beaters. It can be described as a long handle, which is mounted inside the motor, and a removable nozzle. The most simple configuration includes a nozzle-knife, and fuller contain whisk for beating and various other nozzle cup (narrow and high, as in a stationary unit), and even storage containers. Unlike standard, these devices can even chop fresh herbs, finely chopped onions on burgers, turn a small amount of meat in the stuffing and even dried pieces of bread transform into breadcrumbs. And it is only by means of a standard nozzle. The advantage of such a device that is not limited to the volume of products to be processed, a blender may be immersed in a small bowl and into the large pot, preparing a puree of the whole family once. Bowls and containers should be chosen with high walls, so as not to drabble.

How to use an immersion blender

By using this kind of device, too, need to follow the simple rules:

  • the device should not work in vain, because very quickly overheats;
  • it is impossible to grind the solids-free juice or liquid, immersed in boiling water;
  • Solid foods should be handled in small portions;
  • if you want to grind a large amount of products, make work stoppages;
  • after work wash thoroughly with water attachment to her had not been dried pieces of food.

The last rule applies to all blenders, after the application they need to be clean, to wash the nozzle and the body wiped with a damp cloth, without touching the metal contacts. The process of work is straightforward, so it is easy to understand in practice how to use a blender.

What to cook with the help of a blender and attachments

If you have bought yourself such a device, you probably already have plans for what to cook with it. But there are times when the device is presented as a gift, and you do not know what they are doing blender. The main work, which can handle the instrument, - any preparation puree, including soup, cocktails and drinks. With the standard nozzles can be prepared a variety of sauces (like pesto) and gravy, chop the meat into mince, even chicken skin, onion and garlic on the patties, biscuits turn into a batter, grind coffee, chop ice, prepare pie or mix mayonnaise. Using a nozzle-corolla easily vzobyutsya proteins mixed homogeneous dough. It happens that the blender bowl is supplemented with nozzles Turk: this will facilitate slicing vegetables for soups, cutlets, nicely furnished ready meals.

Blender - a great helper for young mothers

If you are still unsure whether you need such a device, you should not buy it. But if you - a young mother, then do not do without it. When the moment of weaning the baby, the blender will be indispensable. Grind can be quite small portions, so that every time your baby enjoy freshly prepared dishes. Blender will grind him to cooked vegetables, fruits, meat with a little broth - you decide what to pamper growing organism. And if the baby is already asking to taste your food and chew until you can not just chop him some of his soup or a main dish. Youth disassembled quickly how to use a blender.

And a couple of tips for choosing the instrument:

  • Buying blender, pay attention to the material from which the fine details. Knives better use metal, stainless steel or alumina. Do not skimp on your health and longevity of your unit: plastic tips are broken.
  • Inspect your kitchen and choose the location where the device will be installed (if it is stationary blender). In many kitchens is very little working space, so you should buy a device that performs the functions as much as possible and to replace several devices. Also pay attention to the design and color harmony with the kitchen decoration.
  • Based on the number of family members: a large family will require a high power device with a large bowl.

Devices from different manufacturers differ little from each other according to the method of application, so the instruction, how to use the blender "Phillips", similar to any other ( "Bosch", "Brown", "Scarlet" "Moulinex" "Witek," "Polaris" etc.).

A few tips on using kitchen blenders

Although the device it has long appeared in our kitchens, not all housewives know thoroughly how to use a blender to extract the maximum benefit. There are also some nuances in the care of the device and its storage.

To begin, we note that there are two main types of Blender:

  • immersion (chopper attached to the handle with the motor);
  • stationary (with a bowl).

If you purchased an immersion blender, you can grind their products in almost any capacity. He is very compact, versatile and allows for a few seconds to grind into a puree boiled vegetables, fruit whip, chop meat and much more. In this blender is convenient to use, and it is simply irreplaceable, if you frequently prepare smoothies, soups, mayonnaise and spreads.

Stationary kind require a dedicated space in the kitchen, and it can not be placed more or less products than shown in the elevations of the bowl. But stationary blender is not necessary to hold in your hand, and he was always tight-fitting lid, so working with him is very easy. It loves to cook and cocktail sauces.

Let's take a closer look at how to use a blender, and the second type. They have much in common, but there are some differences. It will be useful to learn how to properly wash the blender and what to do to increase its durability.

Manufacturers of most models are advised to use the blender to grind is not too solid products. This means that the crackers, coffee beans and frozen meat in a blender grind impossible. However, there is one secret. If the recipe you need to achieve very small pieces of what else a solid, such as horseradish or celery root, it is necessary to add to the bowl of a blender a little liquid.

Typically, complete with immersion blender sold special bowl or glass, which can be downloaded products. If you decide to use another container, we should remember that in the process of whipping and fine cuts will fly spray. So, pot or bowl should be deep enough to get you in the kitchen not to stain all around.

  • The minimum level of product charged to the blender should be such that they cover the lower part of the leg, which is directly cut.
  • Do not use the appliance to grind too hot, freshly cooked food. Be sure to wait until they have cooled, at least up to 70-80 ° C.
  • Before you whip the fruit should be checked whether they seed.
  • If you do not know at what speed it is necessary to work with this or that product, start with the minimum, and then gradually increase.
  • Do not try to cook mashed potatoes for a blender, it will taste good, even if it is good vzobetsya.

If the model of your blender has a nozzle in the form of the corolla, it is used to whip the whites. Stationary blender such possibilities can not boast. Achieve strong whipping, such as a mixer, you will not succeed, but it will be enough to prepare the batter or a cocktail.

Features of use of stationary models

Now tell you a little about how to use a blender, is integrated in design, in which the bowl and the motor are interconnected.

everything is easy here. The products should be cut into cubes and pour in a bowl. After pressing the knives which are in the cup, all izmelchat to the desired size or vzobyut. For such a blender in the kitchen it is necessary to allocate a special place.

  • Loaded into the cup hot products can not, because it is from this rapidly lose transparency or turn yellow. Especially this warning applies to plastic materials.
  • You can not download products under the cover of the most densely fill or on the contrary, throwing a few pieces at the bottom, not reaching the required minimum.
  • If you have a small family consisting of 2-3 people, you will be quite enough for 1 liter bowl.

Each manufacturer advises the blender to use the device only after reading the instructions and not just words. Knowing the characteristics of your model, you will better understand exactly what meals can be prepared. As a result, you will no longer use the device.

The use of different nozzles

Each blender can have several attachments. Often the question arises, what tips for what you can use.

In the immersion blender is required to have a basic nozzle on the leg. It is ground into a puree fruit, greens, cooked vegetables and liver, mixed products in the preparation of sauces.

The package may include whisk for whipping eggs and a bowl with a small knife-mill, allowing grind nuts and grind the meat and vegetables. Some models are provided with interchangeable multi-function attachments that allow you to cut pieces of different shapes. In this case, you have a real harvester appears in the kitchen.

Regular blender may be provided with a special nozzle, allowing crushed ice. If this attachment is not present, then the device can not be used for the grinding of frozen water or juice.

How to wash the blender after use

Any technical device to be cleaned, and blender as well. That part in which the engine and shift lever, should be on top with a damp sponge. Immerse it in water or put in the dishwasher for obvious reasons, it is strictly prohibited.

Bowl and removable nozzle (beater, blades, discs) can be washed under running water, ie under the tap. Some models of the manufacturer does not recommend sending in the dishwasher, but in most cases this can be done, which greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the blender.

If milled fatty foods, it is possible to use liquid detergent, and then rinse thoroughly parts and wipe dry. Clean and dry parts are collected and placed the instrument in its place, so that they could use at any time.

In some models, there is a function of stationary self-cleaning (self-cleaning). It allows you to wash the instrument very quickly, efficiently and without any problems. The treatment is only necessary to pour out the water and dry with a device.

Simple tips for using a blender

Such an appliance as a blender, each owner is known. In literal translation, it is a device for mixing and grinding of various products. Introduced over 70 years ago, it was originally intended for the preparation of soda, but has become one of the main items in the kitchen with time. Blender is designed to work with different products. They can grind food, to prepare puree, whisking basis for confectionery, drinks and cooking crush ice. Thanks to this miracle of technology, you can easily cook a meal for the whole family, consisting of a first, second and dessert. That the instrument has served you for a long time, it is important to know how to use a blender correctly. Consider, for its characteristics, types and features of operation.

To date, the home appliance stores are a wide number of blenders of various firms and a set of various functions. At housewives in their selection dazzled.

Blender for today - is not only the instrument in the classical sense, the function of which is to mix, but also a tool for beating eggs, cooking all kinds of cocktails, ice pick and package the products in a vacuum.

In fact, blenders are divided into two types:

  • Stationary. Learn it in the stores is very easy: at the device stable base, which stands firmly on the table. Appliance is able to crush even the hardest foods, including ice. It can also be used for agitating, mixing the ingredients, and for making desserts and drinks. Safe and practical, he copes with the proposed work and has a number of positive features, and a closed container with a tight lid and plunged deep into the chopper bowl, avoids splashing when mixing. Present in this blender is another convenient feature - the self-cleaning mode, which gives the added bonus of a busy housewife, reducing the time to clean the appliance.
  • immersion blender. Convenient and inexpensive device can be seen today in almost every home. It is amazing its compactness: a lot of space in the kitchen does not take. The instrument set includes a plastic, equipped with metal buttons, handle, perfect for the size of the hand, she slips and falls firmly into the palm. Handle with paddle easily falls into any dish for a few seconds grinding the ingredients. Complementary set of all kinds of nozzles, through which you can cook any, even the most complicated recipe from vegetable soups, sauces, side dishes, desserts and ending with the preparation of minced or chopped onion and carrot.

In fact, the use of the device is no big deal, it can use even a child. You should start with the selection of products. They should be well washed (when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables), and then cut into small pieces, removing seeds and inedible parts, such as branches and leaves. This will reduce the grinding time, and reduce the load on the blender. We should not forget about the features of a particular type of appliance.

Hand blender is not necessary to grind the solid products, it is suitable only for soups and purees, while landline is able to cope with any degree of hardness, be it even ice.

Run grinding and blending with better minimum speed further gradually increasing rate. This simple tip will help keep the kitchen clean. The stationary blender need to download a number of products to the lower leg of a knife was closed, without overloading the cup excessive amount of ingredients. You should not crush them too hot products. The temperature when using stationary or immersion blender should not exceed 70 degrees. If the material is plastic cup, the temperature regime must be even a few degrees lower, otherwise it will lead to the destruction of the plastic particles, which then together with the food get into the body.

Use a blender is easy, most importantly, do it right in order to prolong its service life.

Care prolonging operation

Simple to use and easy to care for a kitchen appliance is necessary, first of all, thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of cooked food. It is advisable to wash them non-abrasive cleaners. Many models have stationary mode Self-cleaning, which greatly facilitates the work of the hostess. With this mode, the instrument simply pour water and press the button. Cleaning agent added when it is not necessary! Next, a glass that can be easily removed, should be separated from the base and place them in the dishwasher, or rinse with clean running water. Finally do not forget to wipe the outside of the panel with a soft cloth.

Now that you know how to use a blender. The device is very easy to use. Its main task - to facilitate the work of housewives, reducing the time to cook meals. They were mixed, stirred, milled products, making smoothies and cocktails. All this makes it an indispensable kitchen appliance.

The video shows in detail how to use an immersion blender.

Stationary blenders, found himself in 2017 by customer opinion. Their main characteristics and to identify advantages and disadvantages. Price level.

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