How to change the water meter

How and when are replaced water meters

Water flow from the tap today is measured by special devices. Replacement of water meters should be done every few years. Counter cold water (Fig. 1) is typically installed in the apartment with the device for measuring the hot water (Fig. 2). This is done by tenants for several reasons:

  • reduce the costs for the use of water;
  • to prepare for the day when the water consumed counting device will be a mandatory attribute of each apartment.

Figure 1. Counter cold water.

Apparatus for counting the hot and cold water saving tenants to 1000 rubles. monthly. With more savings living in the apartment will be much greater. But the law says that all of these devices should be after a certain amount of time tested. How is the replacement of water meters? It begins with the installation of two devices need to buy, install and seal. You can perform all these works with his hands, but there can be problems with the sealing products at the wrong of their connection to the pipe system. Better to order the execution of works in special organization.

If all equipment is installed and sealed, it must be remembered that after 4 years of hot water meter should be checked. The term cold work counter is 6 years. If you miss these deadlines, you will recalculate and will charge you for the water at the rate of. It is much more expensive than the counter to pay.

To check the counters need to take them off and carry for service. This procedure is expensive, its duration is quite large. But replacing the counter with a new come out even more. Change water meters can only be cheap for better device. All replacement occurs within 2-3 hours.

Figure 2. Counter hot water.

What is the replacement of counters

Change water meters need to those tenants who have the expiration date metering time or they do not stand the test. Is it possible to do it yourself? In the privatized flat water meter replacement is a privilege for the owner. In some regions, local authorities can take on these costs, but are not obliged to do so. The federal law in Article 13 provides that the metering devices must be installed by the owner of the house. But be sure to seek help to plumbers? Or you can change to metering devices?

Coordination of the installation or replacement of meters is necessary to take mandatory. After all, in any case, you want to turn off the water in the riser. If the housing department insists on its specialists will have to obey. If you already have stood such instruments, the law does not prohibit making the replacement of counters with his own hands. Secure in the appropriate place the new device is not difficult. This task is able to handle any. It is enough to be able to work a wrench and sealant. But after installation you need to call the housing department representative on the house. He will examine the instruments, be sealed with them and make the appropriate entry in the log. You can then pay again for readings.

How to replace the water meter? To do this, you need to prepare some of the tools and equipment:

  • calibrator;
  • adjustable wrench (Figure 3).
  • tape or flax sanitary FUM;
  • pads counters;
  • counters themselves;
  • Soldering for polyethylene pipe;
  • Clutch-adapter.

Figure 3. Adjustable wrench to replace the meter.

If the apartment is worth the water valve overlap, you need to close it and unscrew the nuts meters. They always twist in a clockwise direction and unscrewed in the opposite direction. Fittings cleaned of spacers used and equipped with new products. It is better to use silicone or a new rubber gasket. Must be cleaned and strainers. All fittings must be brass.

Regulations require inspection counters replacement pipes for leaks and damage. If there is any fault, it is necessary to remove them. On the meter body are arrows that help in installing the devices. They should be directed towards the flow of water. Nuts are turned manually to the end and dovorachivat key 1-1.5 turns. When you turn on the water at the joints should be no appearance of water droplets.

The law requires the installation of means of the account of gas, water and heat in the apartment.

Meters for water - a device to help save for a month about 1,000 rubles. If a large family, then this figure will be much higher. If the meters are already, they need 4-6 years to check. Defective devices must be replaced with new ones. You can do this on their own. But for the final entry into service need to call the housing department representative for inspection and sealing. There are many types of counters. It is recommended to install the product manufactured in Germany. They serve much longer than domestic, up to 20 years.

It is better to entrust this work to specialists. Then there will be no questions from the housing department. These workers are well aware of the procedure for the installation work and do everything for a maximum of 3 hours. Even if the device malfunctions liability in this case will be borne by the company that installed it.

The causes of breakdowns and the procedure for replacing water meters

Many owners of water meters rightly surprised huge number of advertisements from companies that specialize in replacement accounts devices. And it is not clear how such a stir and that was the reason. Do I need to do to change the counters with hot and cold water, as in this claim managers of the most notorious organizations?

Procedures, rules and guidance on where and how to handle the case for replacing the accounting of equipment in the apartment, are investigated below. The procedure is actually not as difficult as it paint.

Actual reason for the replacement of water meters

Important: Few consumers know that the change in the apartment vodouchetny device only needs when he allegedly shows incorrect data. And when suspicion occurs to invite ECD specialist, who will counter calibration directly in the apartment without dismantling.

It should know that the recommended period of verification of water meters is not a term to replace the device. And it was in this so-called experts insist on replacing equipment after vodouchotnogo call them. These terms are governed by the manufacturer (for the device in the cold water - every six years, and for the counter for hot water - every four years), as the timing for the desired verification mechanism. In addition, the law of the Russian Federation, prescribing the terms of checks and the use of monitoring equipment, was changed from February 10, 2004 number 821. Now repealed mandatory inspection equipment, and even without them, your computer may be "lucky" to work and to the full without a single failure 12 18 years. Here, everything is individual.

Note: the terms specified in the data sheet of the water meter, is not a guide to the replacement of the accounting unit. Moreover, these terms are entered in the passport by hand, which is not a regulation.

The real reason for the replacement of the water meter is the unreliability of his testimony. Moreover, it may be suspected as representatives of the testing organization on the basis of the data, and he counter boss. In the second case, you must immediately contact the supplier company to visit the wizard to your house for the purpose of checking the device.

Failure of equipment accounting occurs for two main reasons:

  • Unlawful interference with the appliance. Such is the use of a neodymium magnet, and other stuff to slow the operation of the machine. Such experiments strongly and adversely affect the operation of the water meter. There is always worth remembering that when checking the master counter will detect the cause of the failure. This means that the penalty will not take long.
  • Poor water quality. Here, everything is easier. The water flowing through the water pipe, gives his pieces of debris strainer. Unfortunately, over time, the filter mesh is clogged, and debris particles penetrate the water meter mechanism. Over time, the device is worn by these "guests" and fails.

Procedure for replacing the unit

In order to replace the worn out water meter, you must make a certain course of action and to use (get) it certain documents.

  • So, if detected an incorrect progress of the water meter and there is a desire to replace it with his own hands, it is necessary to write in the inspection agency statement on the visit of the master for the dismantling of the meter. The newcomer specialist should give you hands on a document (certificate), which will be spelled out that the seal at the time of removal of the old unit was intact, as does the housing. This document is called an act of procedure for changing accounting equipment.
  • Upon receipt of such paper can proceed directly to the paper. To do this, close the shut-off valve.
  • After the old water meter can be removed by using an adjustable wrench. Typically, the union nuts unscrewed fast enough. But if you still do not give nuts have to cut them. Counter remove and check the purity of the feed pipes from both sides. It is useful to clean and strainer. And then replace it with a new one.
  • Now it is possible to mount a new apparatus for cold or hot water in its place, replacing gaskets in crown nut.

Important: The union nut should tighten evenly on both sides with 0.5 turns. In this case, not much tighten. When the system goes into the water, it can be a little hold on the fasteners in the event of leakage.

Mounted new counter for cold or hot water should be sealed. To do this, again we write an application for sealing and waiting for the master. Specialist water meter is sealed and then prints to hand act on the introduction of the device into operation. But during a visit by specialists will have to provide him with a set of documents:

  • Datasheet counter;
  • Act of inspection and proper as a mechanism.

In the event that a replacement independent accounting unit is not subject to you, then it is possible to invite the master of a management company or a specialist from a private organization. It is important to have such a professional have a license for the work. Where to address specifically, you can consult with your neighbors. They surely prompt a certified specialist option.

The procedure will be as follows in this case:

  • Write an application to the management company for the replacement of the meter. Obgovarivayem day in advance of the visit of the master.
  • The specialist is obliged to provide you with the act of carrying out works on the change of accounting equipment, which will also be specified fact the integrity of seals and water meter housing.
  • After that, the expert mechanism changes the old to the new, and it is sealed. On hand also issued an act on the introduction of a hydrometer into operation.

Important: If you replace the water accounting unit will produce a master of a private organization, it will have further cause and master of the audit of the company to fix the fact that the dismantling of the device and the sealing of a new water meter. Otherwise, all the action on a change of the device will be illegal.

Once the new water meter will be installed, and will be on hand documents about putting it into operation, it will only have to carry a paper in a single settlement center, or in a supplier of water for your home.

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How and by whom the replacement of water meters: 4 options

The introduction of water meters today no one doubts the wisdom, because of the volume of the cold and hot water depends on the amount of payment required in the receipt of payment. But such devices are not durable. When to change them, and that it needs to do?

What is replacing and who can do

Buying a cheap model that can cool miscalculate. After installation and verification of the controlling mechanism given time interval for it to work, depending on the type of water it can take from 4 to 6 years. Very often secondary calibration rarely gives a positive result.

When possible to recalculate the Public Service, please click here.

Not enough paying for ongoing checks, you can get a waiver in its further operation. And in this case can only change it for a new one. In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, only the owner of the apartment may decide to install and replace test instrument.

This can be done:

  • Organizations that specialize in this type of service and recommended by the management company;
  • Companies that use friends or relatives;
  • Familiar plumber;
  • Independently make installation of equipment.

As a self-replacing the water meter, see in this video:

Accounting mechanisms have a rather complicated structure and in violation of their work is a distortion of the results. Data transmitted by a faulty device can not serve as the basis for calculation with service organizations.

Everything will depend on the manufacturer, which sets the term of validity of the water meter. On average, this figure may be about twelve years old. This means that it can operate from 6 to 18 years. Therefore, to establish the exact date is unlikely. It must be replaced when faulty or his testimony is clearly unreliable.

Dates of checking water meters are as follows:

  • Cold water - once every 4 years;
  • Hot - every six years.

IMPORTANT! If there were errors in the received data, then regardless of the expiration date, they are subject to change. You will need to notify the management company of the situation in time to take steps to resolve the issue.

The responsibility for the late counter shift

It should be noted that special sanctions if the pass period provided for by legislation. But the calculation of service for the time is not yet put into operation a new counter or has not passed verification already installed, calculated on the monthly average standard consumption over the past 90 days.

Since the signing of the act of setting the calculation is made by the measuring instrument readings.

Normative base regulating the installation and replacement of water meters, consists of the following acts:

  1. From 26.06.2008g. FZ-102 sets the operation procedure of measurement mechanisms;
  2. From 23.11.2009g. FZ-261 regulates the importance of having a counter;
  3. From 06.05.2011g. PP №354 determines the calculation of the value of payments in determining water meters and in their absence.

Scheme water meter.

Put a new measuring equipment in two ways:

  • Refer to the art;
  • Can I change the water meter.

How to pay utility bills via the Internet, check out this article.

Upon completion of the works to the customer must be submitted technical documentation on the installed unit, in particular:

  • the passport counter;
  • a contract for the installation of the equipment;
  • I act in his work.

Self-installation of the flowmeter

Having decided on the self-replacement of water flow meter, you must do the following:

  1. Coordinate their actions in an organization dedicated to the operation of the house and its equipment as may be necessary to disconnect the water through the riser. There is a possibility that the management of such a company will insist on the installation of its own employees. But we must remember that by law there are no restrictions in the choice of options and make the work with his own hands one can not deny.
  2. Shut off the water. This will require close the valve on the inlet pipe. If these constraints are not provided, it is necessary to coordinate with the housing department-off time.
  3. Twist nut on both sides of the counter. This should be done counterclockwise. It is possible that this will be the most difficult part of the work, if since the installation of the device has passed a long period of time. If a spare part can not be possible efforts to warm up her fire lighters and carry out the procedure again.
  4. Remove the counter and clean the nozzle by rust residues and gaskets. Plaque corrosion can be wiped with a cloth soaked in the solvent rust. About half an hour rinse with water and wipe dry.
  5. Clean the coarse filter, which protects the mechanism against foreign debris.
  6. Gaskets need to put a new one.

How to check the water meter, tells this video:

Installation for hot water meter

His replacement is performed in the same manner as described above, but should consider the following features. The device differs from that of the water meter for cold water the color of the body casing, therefore it is important not to confuse with the recess.

In addition, there are cases when a hot water pipe supplied warmed slightly, and sometimes quite cold, water. But the calculation will be carried out on board the hot rates. Therefore, in this case required the recommendation of a qualified plumber.

What is alone and who should pay for it, read here.

Building materials market is full proposals water meter manufacturers. To understand a lot of options, you must pay attention to the basic parameters of the measuring equipment. They are distinguished by:

  1. Appointment. All counters, no differences in principle to different materials of manufacture of internal parts. Some are designed to work with a water temperature not higher than 40 degrees, the other with the heat to 130-150 degrees.
  2. The type of food. May be volatile (does not require additional recharge) and non-volatile (working only by electricity).
  3. The principle of action. Exist:
  • Electromagnetic - performance will depend on the speed of running through the water;
  • Swirl - vortices recorded frequency appearing after certain immersion body;
  • Tachometric - mechanical counting device transmitting rotation;
  • Ultrasonic - acoustic analysis is ultrasonic vibrations through the water stream.

If you turned off the hot water, what do you do? The answer is here.

The most suitable designs for homes are tachometer and electromagnetic water meters. They are distinguished by reliability, compact size, high accuracy, long service life and reasonable price.

How to install the counter yourself?

Should pay attention to:

  • The quality of supplied water and its composition. A large amount of particulate matter and a high level of mineralization fast will damage the mechanism of friction parts.
  • It is with the purchase of water meters to check for a variety of accessories for its connection to the water supply.
  • Included necessarily be the passport apparatus in which the stamp manufacturer of calibration performed. Foreign counterparts must undergo a certification procedure the product and have the appropriate certificate of adaptation to domestic networks.
  • Calibration is very important period. And what it is, the better. These data are put in the passport equipment.
  • Well, perhaps, the decisive parameter is the operation of the unit time. In order not to change it in a year, it is necessary to acquire the counter with pulse output for remote data acquisition or control them.
  • The cost of a domestic meter a comparable functionality with foreign cost 2 times less. But, for example, there is some Chinese products, offers ample opportunities for a much lower price than the Russian. Which gives reason to think twice before you decide to purchase them.

In accordance with the provisions of the law governing this area, apartment owners have to acquire and put measuring equipment at their own expense. With self-assembly unit, respectively, the cost will be minimal.

The average price for the replacement of a single device economy class will be about one and a half thousand rubley.Besplatno change counter can only be in an apartment provided by the tenants to stay on the social contract of employment, since the maintenance costs of such housing borne by the local municipality.

In conclusion, we note the acquisition of the feasibility of a more expensive equipment, which undoubtedly protects against the need for frequent replacement of the meter.

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