How to wash the oven

How to quickly and effectively clean the oven from grease and soot

By purchasing the oven, we usually do not think about what needs to be done in order to preserve its pristine purity and functionality. But over time, even the best quality surface tends to be contaminated and lose their original appearance. The only any use that just not try to wash the oven quality. Purification oven - is not always an easy task and to date housewives, and manufacturers have come up with a lot of different embodiments and methods for purification. Every method is good in this or that situation, and we try to speculate on how to quickly clean the oven.

Covered with grease and soot can not only this old surface, but also the one that has recently shone with cleanliness.

In people, the following tools are used in order to effectively clean the oven:

  1. Soda. This versatile product that is present in every kitchen, and help in the difficult task of cleaning the oven stale fat. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to dissolve a small amount of baking soda in one-third of a glass of water. At the same dough, which should be applied to the surface to be cleaned and leave for the night must be formed. In the morning rub. To enhance the effect is advised to add to the usual soda salt in a ratio of 1: 4.

  • Vinegar. It may also well be used as a cleaning agent. However, it should be noted that due to the presence in the acid, it is possible to use the cleaning option is not always the case. To cleanse the small dirt suit usual combination of vinegar and water in a ratio of 50/50. It is applied to the inner wall and held at temperature for an impressive 40-45 minutes. Vinegar copes with fat bloom, and quickly get rid of grime, freeing the oven on old stains.

  • Laundry soap - an excellent means for cleaning ovens. It is better to use soap with a high content of fatty acids, it allows you to wash pollution faster and more efficiently. 50 grams means Grate, dissolve it in hot boiling water. After that, we put the container under a high temperature and is left for an hour. Typically, after such a procedure, the dirt can be easily removed with a sponge. An important advantage of this method of cleaning the oven in the home is its safety, because chemical substance in an economic soap as impurities are present.

  • Lemon. For cleaning any models of ovens suitable citric acid. Use this product in two ways. The first method consists in treating the interior surfaces with a mixture of lemon juice, and water. For the application of the second method, you need to put a few slices of lemon in a bowl of water, there is added a little dishwashing detergent. Set the switch to a temperature of 100 0 C and leave for 35-40 minutes. Remove dirt sponge or cloth. As you can see, the old wash the oven of burnt fat is not so difficult.

  • If you do not know how to wash the oven from the old fat, but do not want to use the "grandmother's recipes", you can apply special detergents and cleaning products. The range of such tools is quite extensive and is represented in all the stores of household chemicals. The only thing is to remember - such means always include in their composition products not harmless to the human body. Therefore, care must be taken to remove the remnants of such mixtures from all surfaces, they are affected. This will help avoid allergic reactions and other unpleasant consequences for health.

    Initially, ovens with self-cleaning function only used for professional kitchens, where regular manual cleaning just was not possible due to the need for the smooth operation of the equipment. Over time, some manufacturers began to build a system of self-cleaning ovens with some models, as a rule, the higher price segment. To date, this functionality - it is quite normal for most models of modern household appliances.

    So, how to clean the oven using a special system?

    The most common technique, oven cleaner, based on the use of a special production process from smooth enamel coating, which is absolutely resistant to dirt and do not absorb them. To activate the system, you must fill out a special hole in an electric oven with a little water, add a little detergent (specifically designed for this purpose), and turn the unit on the temperature 100 0 C. 30-35 minutes. Having done all of these procedures, you need to collect by means of a sponge all the pollution, which in the course of such treatment will settle to the bottom, and clean all with a dry cloth or tissue.

    How does Easy Clean technology

    Catalytic cleaning the oven, the only in some models and not all manufacturers. Purification triggered independently when the temperature in the electrical model 140 degrees.

    The method is based on the use of special coatings, containing in its composition oxidants causing absorption of water sorbent, carbon and organic compounds. Carbon deposit is not formed.

    On the one hand, the catalytic cleaning of the oven seems like the perfect option, and on the other - should take into account a number of nuances:

    • trays and racks are any have to wash by hand;
    • if used in the preparation of milk and sugary foods, the efficiency of the system is drastically reduced;
    • coatings have limitations on the duration of application of 5-6 years;
    • part of the accumulating soot will have to remove yourself.

    The wind electric cabinet with a pyrolytic cleaning function is implemented technology hard pyrolysis mode. To do this, you need to press a special button, while the temperature rises to 500 degrees. Under this system, extreme cleaning electric oven door have to be closed, so it is blocked by the system. Using pyrolysis permanently close the question of how to clean the oven of a deposit, making all the fat into ashes in the truest sense of the word. You will not have to worry about the likelihood that the food will burn, any dirt and carbon deposits are cleaned perfectly.

    However, please note that electricity costs more to grow, besides himself cleansing process is accompanied by a strong and rather unpleasant odor, which is required to eliminate the powerful ventilation system.

    This means for cleaning ovens is based on the use of real high coating. Cleaning System electric oven starts its operation at a temperature from 270 degrees. Absolutely all kinds of dirt easily turn into plaque, besides disappear virtually all odors. This ability EcoClean connected using microscopic during heat treatment, self-healing ceramic beads that are perfectly dissolved any kind of pollution. Not all manufacturers are models with such a progressive system, and the price of those that do exist are quite high.

    We tried to give detailed advice on the choice of purification method for such an element of home appliances like the oven. As you can see, it can be used as a simple manual remediation options, and built-in ways that allow the oven to clean almost without your participation. In the first case it is necessary not to allow dirt eats into the surface, and how to carry out cleaning more regularly as possible, in the second - to choose the right cleaning system that is best suited for you.

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    What and how at home to wash the oven baked-in from the old grease and soot, using a special folk remedies?

    Every housewife concerned about the issue: "How to wash the oven?"After all, this remarkable" helper "has become an indispensable attribute of the kitchen. Almost every day, we once again resort to the help of the oven. Any dish, whether it is for a holiday or everyday table, it is very easy to cook in the oven.

    Dear friends, that you may one day have not started to puzzle over how to wash Gas stove from fouling and old grease, do not start it to such a state! Do not put off until the last cleaning of the oven. I assure you that, The sooner you decide to clean the oven, the easier it will be to cope with the problem of fatty plaque. This rule is a guarantee of purity. You must agree that it is much easier to wash fresh fat from the surface of the oven, rather than to start this procedure after a while, when the fat is already thoroughly prisoh and "rooted".

    Try after every cooking to wipe the oven with a damp cloth. So you will immediately remove the remnants of fat, and they do not form a thick layer of soot on the walls of the oven.

    Do not forget about the periodic cleaning of the pan, because immediately wash it much easier than when it is already in a state of neglect.

    Many mistresses often forget about cleaning the glass of the oven, but it traces of fat is not at all less than the inside. Good deal with the problem of the old and fat burning in the oven door usual baking soda:

      • wipe a glass surface with a damp sponge;
      • liberally sprinkle baking soda;
      • good rub, but Do not use a metal ice scraper, otherwise damage the glass;
      • leave ash in an hour, so that it destroyed the old fat stains;
      • upon expiration of said time window wipe with a damp cloth and dry;
      • Finally, you can rub the glass means for mirrors and windows - and your oven will shine like new.

    Believe me, ladies, it's much easier to take a few minutes of wet cleaning after each use of the oven, rather than later to puzzle over how to wash the oven baked-on grease and old varnish.

    If you do not know how and what to wash off the oven of burnt fat, this article is for you. Remove its remains a must, because in a "beautiful" moment of fatty plaque on the walls of the oven begins to smoke and burnt. And then in addition to this problem you will think about how to get rid of and even the smell of burning in the apartment.

    Most ovens have enamel coating which can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. But, if after cooking on the walls was a dried oil, you can use special cleaning agents. To date range of household chemicals to clean the oven is very wide. You can purchase any means that suitable for your type of surface. But I want to warn you: in any case do not buy the detergent in the composition containing acidThey can damage the surface of the oven.

    Well, ladies, the choice is made? Now I propose to start cleaning the oven. If you want to wash stuffy fat from the sides and the oven door using special cleaning agents, follow these steps:

      • first of all, wear rubber gloves, that aggressive substances are not damaged skin of the hands;
      • pour into hot water basin and dissolve little detergent;
      • remove all shelves and the baking tray from the oven;
      • Immerse in a basin with water;
      • apply a little cleanser to the sponge and treat all surfaces within the oven;
      • heating elements do not process a cleaning solution;
      • to fat rather softened, you can turn on the oven for 10 - 15 minutes;
      • Now the oven can be turned off and begin to surface cleaning.

    Believe that any soot and even the old grease stains easily washed clean.

    If you are happy owner of an electric oven, then to clean it is necessary to use special cleaning paste. It includes:

    All components must be mixed in equal proportions. Apply the paste on the surface of the oven, shelves, doors and the pan with a sponge. Leave the detergent for 30-60 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination of the oven). After this time, rinse residue with plenty of water and wipe the surface dry.

    However, after the application of aggressive cleaning agents may remain in the oven for an unpleasant smell "chemistry." In order to get rid of it, try any of these methods:

      1. Properly ventilate the oven. It is advisable to leave the door open for the whole day or the whole night.
      2. Pour into any receptacle little water and dissolve therein some activated charcoal tablets. Put the resulting solution into the oven and boil for an hour. The acrid smell of detergent will disappear at the end of the specified time.
      3. Wipe all surfaces of the oven lemon juice or vinegar weak solution.
      4. Thoroughly wash away from the walls and shelves of the oven cleaner residue, constantly changing the water.

    The use of special detergents, though effective for cleaning, but a detrimental effect on human health.

    In order to completely wash away the remnants of the detergent, the surface must be treated with clean water more than 70 times.

    Did you do so? I think no. Therefore, I advise to consider alternative methods of forgiving, and this will help you our advice and recommendations.

    Those housewives who are interested in how to clean the oven at home, do not even realize what folk remedies used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. But rightly so! Well, it is not suitable to clean the oven aggressive chemistry, and then cook the same food for your entire family, including children.

    Completely clean up the remnants of cleaning agents is not possible, but because they then fall into the food along with the fumes while cooking.

    That's why I want you to give such secrets that can help you quickly and easily clean up the oven by burning and fat. Most importantly: without harm to your health!

    So, our caring hostess, will begin. Those folk remedies, which I'll tell you, effectively clean the oven and make it perfectly hygienic and harmless for cooking your favorite dishes.

    Abrasive cleansers able to deliver even the old oven by burning fat and plaque. Because of its texture, such cleansers effectively clean any surface of the oven. But I strongly recommend you do not wash it the glass door, as cleansers may damage the smooth surface and leave minor scratches.

    Soda will help clean the oven of a deposit and long-standing grease stains. Especially well it will clear glass window in the oven. It often happens that it is up to the extent covered by soot that dish, even with backlight can not be seen. With the smell of burning RAN also cope admirably. We will have, of course, make an effort, but the end result is worth.

    Well? We found a package with soda? Then let's start:

    • wipe with a damp sponge those areas where there are grease stains, soda so well "stuck";
    • abundantly pour soda on all surfaces inside the oven;
    • rub a little hard sponge and wash off abrasive for an hour;
    • at the end of this time, carbon deposits and soot quickly washed clean ordinary sponge.

    Acetic acid is a gentle means for the oven surfaces, even if it is covered with enamel coated.

    • Take a sponge and a good soak in vinegar;
    • remove the racks and trays of the oven;
    • first work through the entire inside of the oven, and then apply vinegar essence on other elements;
    • for maximum effect vinegar evenly over the entire surface and leave for a few hours;
    • at the end of this time, wipe the oven with a sponge.

    Vinegar perfectly cope with the problem of oily smoke, and after processing the oven you will return to her original purity.

    Hydrogen evolved when the vinegar and baking soda, perfectly destroys chronic fatty plaque. Believe me, even the old soot on the oven like a folk remedy easily cleaned.

    In order to wash the oven and the door of stale grease and soot, should adhere to the following sequence:

    • treat the entire surface of the vinegar inside the oven;
    • slightly moisten the sponge with water;
    • since the ash can not be applied to the side walls, pour it on moistened sponge and "apply" to contaminated sites fat;
    • position the oven door in the horizontal position and abundantly sprinkle soda;
    • Leave the treated surfaces for several hours, so that unreacted soda and vinegar as possible to destroy the old fat;
    • after a few hours rub wall, door and baking rigid sponge;
    • if the fat is not completely break, you can sprinkle a little baking soda and rub thoroughly;
    • after you have completely cleaned the stuffy fat, rinse all surfaces with warm water, periodically replacing the net.

    The acid contained in the lemon, perfectly cleanse the oven at home. If you do not find at home a lemon, you can replace it with citric acid.

    There are several methods that can be quickly and easily destroy soot and oily soot.

    The first method (Prepare a lemon or citric acid and a warm water):

    • squeeze the juice of one lemon into an empty glass and pour the same amount of water;
    • the resulting "acidic water" abundantly moisten the cloth and treat the entire surface inside the oven;
    • Leave applied solution for 30-40 minutes;
    • at the end of half an hour, wipe the oven with a clean damp cloth cooker.

    the second method: for this you will need the same set of ingredients. The only difference is that the resulting solution should be poured into a container with spray. Suffice it to spray acidic water to all surfaces of the oven and leave for half an hour. In the end, wipe with a dry cloth - and you're done! Your oven will shine again clean and of a deposit and the fat will evaporate.

    • Fill tank half full with water;
    • add a little detergent, you can use dishwashing liquid;
    • Cut the lemon small slices and put in a container of water and detergent;
    • put in an oven and heat to 150 degree;
    • Let prepared solution pokipit properly inside the oven;
    • 30 minutes later, the oven can be switched off;
    • let it cool for 10 minutes;
    • Now inveterate fat thoroughly softened, and it's easy to wash even a porous sponge.

    That's the way with the help of a lemon or citric acid can be cleaned quickly and oven plus everything to get rid of the smell of burning.

    Soda + vinegar + citric acid

    In order to quickly wash the oven, it is necessary to heat at 100 degrees for 15 minutes.

    At that time, while you were "warmed up", prepare the following solution:

    • packaging mix of citric acid, a tablespoon of sodium and 100 ml of vinegar;
    • the resulting "stormy" treat the entire surface of the mixture inside the oven, but avoid areas where heating elements are present;
    • Leave Application devices for 15 minutes;
    • then wash with clear water and dry rag wipe oven.

    This folk remedy effectively otmoet even very stuffy fat and purify even a very dirty oven.

    Vinegar + baking soda + soap

    This tool will help you clean the oven of a deposit. To these components quickly take effect, you must:

    • Mix 100 ml of vinegar, 50 g of baking soda and 30 grams of soap, grated on a fine grater;
    • the resulting mixture rub all surfaces of the oven and left for 2-3 hours.

    After a specified time, the brown fat bloom easily be washed even with a soft sponge.

    This folk remedy our grandmothers otmoet effectively not only the oven but also the door, the handle, and a baking oven grating. In addition to its efficiency, this mixture was also carefully relates to glass and enamel surfaces. After these procedures, your oven will shine glare and pristine purity.

    Because the soap composition contains only natural ingredients, it is environmentally friendly and safe. Due to the fact that economic or adhesive soap alkaline environment, it copes with pollution of any kind. Therefore, get rid of stale fat in your oven do not make much effort to it.

    For this "operation", you will need a piece of soap and plain water:

    • half bar of soap rub on a fine grater;
    • Dissolve the resulting chips in the hot water tank;
    • place in the oven;
    • Preheat oven to 150 degrees and boil "soapy water" during the 45 minutes;
    • all the fat and soot should be thoroughly soften and become more "porous", so you can remove the plaque rigid sponge;
    • after purification is required to wash the entire surface of pure water several times;
    • leave the oven door open at night so that the peculiar smell of soap well weathered.

    Oven, which has enameled coating, wash easier. Since the coating is very delicate and not all national agents suitable to clean it, you can use conventional steam:

    • Pour into pan a few cups of water, but so that water is not poured over the edge;
    • Add a few drops of detergent;
    • Preheat oven to 150 degrees, and heat the water for 30 minutes.

    I assure you, dear hostess that even under the influence of a couple of old grease stains from the enamel coating of the oven easily washed clean with a damp cloth. But only do it when the oven has cooled slightly.

    With the help of ammonia can get rid of stale fat in the oven. There are two variants of cleaning the oven at home

    Method one: enough to drench the cloth with ammonia and wipe all surfaces in the oven. Leave applied ammonia overnight. Believe me, the next morning you will easily wash off the oven with a weak solution of detergent.

    • Pour into a container a little water;
    • Preheat oven to 100 degrees and put a container with water;
    • Bring to boiling;
    • in another container, pour ammonia;
    • Turn off the oven;
    • put on the top shelf capacity with an alcohol, and the lower - a container of water;
    • close the door and leave the two containers "sleep";
    • morning mix with ammonia water, add a little dishwashing detergent and process inside the oven.

    This tool is excellent otmoet even the old oven with smoke and soot. Well, with this old fat "will finish with a bang!"

    Baking powder for the dough

    It's hard to believe, but this tool is able to "loosen" not only the dough for pies. It is effectively clean the walls and a baking oven of fat. For this procedure, buy a few packs of this "wonder drug".

    There is? Then let's start:

    • moisten the cloth with water and wipe the entire surface of the oven;
    • sprinkle wet shelves and walls of the oven baking powder;
    • leave for a few hours;
    • After the specified time, the entire fatty plaque will gather in clumps, which can easily be removed with a stiff sponge.

    Even the most ordinary table salt can quickly and efficiently clean your oven at home.

    You only need to:

    • liberally sprinkled with salt and baking oven shelves;
    • heat the oven as long as the salt does not become golden brown;
    • thereafter the door and walls clean mild detergent solution.

    Minerals that are contained in rock salt, when heated will make the old fat porous and well soften it. Therefore, after heating the salt, you can easily wash even very dirty oven gas stove.

    Common salt + carbonic acid

    This "friendship" salt and carbonic acid quickly will wash your oven. It is only necessary to observe certain proportions - and you will succeed.

    • dissolve in 600 ml of water per kilogram of rock salt and a little carbonic acid;
    • Preheat oven to 150-200 degrees;
    • deliver water with salt and carbonic acid on the bottom shelf of the oven;
    • warm for an hour;
    • Turn off and allow to cool thoroughly.

    Only after the oven will barely warm, it can be washed with hot water and dishwashing detergent.

    Now that you know absolutely all the secrets of the removal of burnt fat, it's time to go to the kitchen and try them on your oven.

    Oven with self-cleaning function

    If you do not want to break your head over how to clean up the oven, you can buy a self-cleaning oven. You may have already long ago were thinking about this question, but did not dare, either as consultants appliance stores did not tell you everything. But now I want to share with you information on the self-cleaning ovens. Believe me, I'll tell you the whole truth. You will learn about the principle of operation of such ovens, and most importantly - all of their advantages and disadvantages.

    1. Oven with hydrolysis purification (not self-cleaning).

    Similar oven must be cleaned from grease and soot on their own.

    • affordable price;
    • such ovens consume a small amount of power;
    • fatty plaque and soot must be cleaned by hand;
    • you must wait for the cooling of the oven, to wash it.

    Despite the fact that this oven is covered with acid-resistant enamel, which prevents the penetration of fat inside the hydrolysis treatment still gives a lot of trouble. Therefore, we consider the advanced options of self-cleaning ovens.

    These ovens are equipped with a feature that transforms the leftover food and fat into ashes. In addition, such furnaces are equipped with a function of "cold door", which has a temperature of 50 degrees. It is very convenient and safe, since the destruction of the remnants of food the oven temperature reaches 500 degrees.

    After finishing the cleaning process will be enough to clean the surface of the wet cloth of fibers inside the oven.

    • similar furnace equipped with an efficient purification system;
    • no need to constantly remove the racks and trays, in order to wash the inside of the oven;
    • furnace made of high quality material that can withstand very high temperatures.
    • Similar self-cleaning ovens very expensive;
    • if you wipe the surface of the inside of the oven is not very often, it may form a burnt smell;
    • Some furnaces are not equipped with telescopic fasteners.

    3. Catalytic purification furnace (continuous treatment).

    Such an oven inside spray coating, which prevents the deposition of dirt and grease on the walls of the oven. Catalytic purification of fat splitting is carbon, water and organics. This reaction takes place under the influence of oxidizing agents that are on the inner surface of the oven.

    • such a cleaning system equipped with gas and electric oven;
    • ovens with catalytic purification of energy saving, since purification process occurs during cooking;
    • Catalytic panels must be replaced periodically as a special coating eventually erased (the life of such panels a little more than 300 hours);
    • depending on the material quality of the price of the oven may be varied;
    • catalytic coating is applied only on the oven wall;
    • The oven door must be laundered by hand.

    Now you know everything, our dear hostess. I think that from now on you can easily select the oven, which will satisfy all your wishes. And those secrets that you learned today will help you to quickly and efficiently clean up even the dirtiest oven. Using improvised means, which are in your kitchen, you effectively remove the inveterate fat and not harm your family's health.

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    I always have a problem to clean the oven, such a long and laborious process (((

    Sat, 10/12/2016 - 5:55

    Anna, then you are ineffective, since you are long the oven clean. I zhiroudalitelem Unicum, all quickly and without doing any effort. I put on the stove surface, where soot and grease accumulated a tool and then simply wash off means already lagging soot and grease, cloth. I have now is a means and advise her friends, so everyone is happy.

    Sat, 01/28/2017 - 17:46

    In the reaction of soda with vinegar carbon dioxide is released, which fat is not washes.

    Sat, 02/18/2017 - 18:33

    vinegar mixture + ash + Citric acid - ineffective! And if before the mixture warmed oven, it stands out a terrible smoke from vinegar, it is necessary to wear a mask and protective glasses, wide open window and the children away. In short, I do not advise.

    Wed, 04/12/2017 - 23:07

    Mole (for sewer cleaning agent) excellent washes the oven, only it is necessary to wear gloves.

    Mon 09/04/2017 - 11:25

    I often use an oven fried chicken, meat and other dishes, quickly turned my electric oven in a terrible horror, although I regularly washed her by various means, but not entirely successful. Of all the tips, read on the Internet, for cleaning the oven, grills, burners, etc. Component proved most effective ammonia. I took garbage bag greatest, put baking it, lattice, burners, etc.. E., Flooded to half a bottle of ammonia package (bought in pharmacy for 50 p. 100 ml), tied to the node that the alcohol has not flowed out and made to balcony, opened the window, leave for a day. Special expectations were not, but when I opened the package, I was very surprised to see how all the carbon deposits, grease and other dirt that is not washed most rigid chemistry of the convenience store, a solution of baking soda, salt, vinegar, citric acid and so on. E., quickly and easily moved by all the component plates and oven. With a sponge and soap solution. I was so impressed by this experiment, I decided to use the method: heat the oven, pour 1 liter of boiling water and put on the bottom of the oven and on top of the grate to put a container with 1 cup of ammonia. Turn off the oven and forget for a day. The smell was incredible, I opened all the windows, did almost everything right (instead of boiling water put plain water), a day later, nothing has changed. But I decided to still try to do everything as it is written, and more cloth and smelling salts walked along the walls of the oven. Tomorrow see the results, it is interesting accomplish your goal. Neskuchniy all cleaning!)

    Fri, 01/05/2018 - 23:10

    Hello guys, you ever read what you write? You chemistry taught in school, eh? Vinegar soda + - hydrogen. Hello.

    CH3 COOH - acetic acid

    NaHCO3 - baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

    How to clean up old and fat burnt in the oven

    Every woman interested in the question: how to clean the oven from grease and soot in the home? In the process of cooking on its walls settles fat and soot covered the surface of burnt-on food remains. Wash them very difficult. When the crude contamination oven emits smoke, giving an unpleasant odor and taste of the dish being prepared.

    The use of citric acid

    To oven shone purity, it should be thoroughly cleaned after each cooking. Remove contamination "hot pursuit" easier. It needs only sponges, cloths, water and detergent. Citric acid easily dissolves grease or soften a large grease spot, after which it without too much trouble can be erased with a cloth and cleanser. The spots will be easier to clean, if slightly warm oven. The optimum temperature is 40 ° C.

    In a cup of water you need to squeeze the juice of one medium-sized lemon. Liquid is applied to the oven wall. After 40 minutes, dissolved contamination rinsed detergent, followed by rinsing with water the walls of the oven. Lemon juice also deliver and the smell of burnt food. Some housewives wiped wall oven lemon slices and later rinsed with water and dirt dishwashing liquid.

    It can be used instead of citric acid lemon juice. A solution is prepared from 1 h. L. powder and a glass of water.

    Good loosen grease stains large facility with citric acid if it is heated. Refractory container half-filled with water, then add to it a little detergent and cut small slices of a lemon. Capacity put in an oven and heated to 150 ° C. The steam of boiling fat composition corrode quickly, and then remove it will be very easy. Warm oven takes about half an hour, then you need to let it cool down. Contamination wash with a sponge and still warm surface. How to wash the oven from the old fat?

    To clean the chronic burnt spots, it is recommended to take a more powerful tool. Sachet of citric acid (25 g) should be mixed with 1 hour. L. dry cleaning agent (e.g. "Pemolyuks" or "Comet") and add 1 part of the article. l. any detergent. The resulting mixture should resemble a liquid cream consistency. Its cover wall contaminated oven and left for 20 minutes to dissolve stains. If the mixture is rapidly dried up, it must be wet. After this treatment, the dirt is washed off with a sponge effortlessly mild liquid dishwashing detergent solution.

    Effective agent may be prepared from citric acid, vinegar and baking soda. sachet of citric acid were mixed with 1 tbsp. l. soda and pour the ingredients half cup of vinegar. This composition is necessary to process the entire inner surface of the oven, other than heating. After half an hour wash tool soap solution and rinsed with water.

    Acetic acid effectively cope with the dirt and poses no threat to the internal coating of the oven. Vinegar abundantly moistened furnace wall as well as the trays and grilles. After several hours of pollution clean off the softened vinegar and water rinsed surface.

    From fresh stains can be removed with acetic acid, diluted with water in ratio 1: 1. How to wash the oven from the old fat bite?

    Excellent means to eliminate fatty plaque is formed from a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Secreted by a chemical reaction of hydrogen "explodes" chronic thick spots. A better result can be achieved if the ingredients to put in order. First vinegar processed all walls of the furnace, then generously applied to the top baking soda. As pour it on the side walls it can not be recommended to put to him a sponge sprinkled with baking soda on it. Composition is not rinsed from surfaces for hours. After that, remove the softened dirt abrasive sponge. If there are places from which dirt is not easily peeled off, they can wipe the baking soda. Remove makeup with plaque remains necessary a mild detergent solution.

    A deposit deliver a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and soap.

    100 g of vinegar, 50 g of baking soda and 30 g soap. Soap must first crush on a fine grater. The final composition thoroughly rubbed into the dirt and leave to soak for a few hours. After the destruction of plaque brown oily layer easily be removed with a soft cloth. In this way it is possible to achieve purity radiant oven, both inside and outside. The mixture can be used for cleaning glass on the door.

    Heat treatment to eliminate any impurities, even in the most remote places. For it will need a 70% acetic acid food. A few tablespoons of acetic acid was added to 1 liter of water and the liquid is poured into a refractory container. Capacity is placed in the oven and left there at a temperature of 150 ° C for half an hour. Steaming the dirt removed from the walls of the oven cooled weak detergent solution and rinsed with water.

    Cleaning soap is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly. Alkalis not less effectively compete with the fatty dirt than the acid. To get rid of long-standing and of burnt grease in the oven, half a bar of soap is rubbed on a fine grater, and dissolved in a small fireproof container with hot water. Fluid was placed in the oven and heating it to 150 ° C. Soap solution should be boiled for about 45 minutes in a closed oven. Soap couples make pollution porous, and they will begin to flake off from the wall. When heated oven has cooled down, abrasive sponges steaming stain should be removed. After cleaning the surface must be thoroughly washed with water and detergent. After the treatment the oven is left open for 8 hours to get rid of specific soapy flavor.

    This method is very simple, safe and effective. It will help to clean the oven off of burnt fat without too much hassle. The surface of the baking oven and sprinkled with salt and heated oven. The heated salt absorbs impurities and becomes golden or brown. After removing the salts oven washed with a mild detergent.

    To strengthen the effect of salt can carbonic acid. In 300 ml of water to dissolve 500 g of sodium chloride and add little carbonic acid. The liquid is poured into a refractory container and placed on the bottom shelf of the oven. The oven is heated to 150 - 200 ° C on and off in half an hour. Boiling composition to steam contamination. When the oven is cool, slightly warm wall to wash detergent solution.

    At home, it is easy to prepare an effective means for the fresh dirt, mixing a quarter cup of water, a quarter cup of salt and three quarter cup of baking soda. The final composition will resemble pasta. It covers all the dirty walls of the oven and allowed to stand overnight. surface morning purified mild detergent solution. Old burnt spot in such a way to launder unlikely to succeed. How to clean the oven from the contamination of burnt?

    As ammonia to cope with the problem

    Ammonia is great to cleanse the oven wall from grease and soot. They need to drench the sponge and wipe the surface. Means left to act on the night and in the morning wash with a mild detergent with dirt.

    A more effective method of treatment is heat treatment. The refractory container poured little water and put it in a preheated 100 ° C oven. When the water boils, turn off the oven. On the top shelf of the oven set another container with poured into it with ammonia. The oven door tightly closed, leaving the inside of the two containers at night. surface morning purified dilute ammonia water with a small amount of detergent.

    Treated with ammonia oven is recommended for the night to seal tightly with tape to prevent penetration of harmful vapors into living spaces.

    Instead of ammonia can be used to clean the windows, containing in its composition. Atomizer, which are equipped with products to help evenly facility on the oven wall. The advantage of this method is less aggressive composition as compared to ammonia.

    Help cope with the pollution of baking powder to the test. It needs to be applied to the wet surface of the oven and leave for a few hours to absorb. Under the action of baking powder fat will collect in lumps and easy to remove abrasive sponge.

    When the hand is not any suitable means to clean the oven can be a conventional ferry. On a baking pour water so that it covered the entire bottom, but not to the brim. The liquid should not spill over the edges during boiling. The water was added a few drops of detergent. The oven is heated to 150 ° C and the water is boiled for half an hour. The steam will make even old stains soft and pliable. They are washed clean with a damp cloth when the oven has cooled down.

    If we add to the pan with a glass of water of ammonia, the result is brilliant in the literal sense of the word. Wash off contamination with a soft sponge and the surface shine.

    Soda can clean the brown patina coated glass oven door. His richly covered with baking soda, lightly spray it. An hour later, a means is removed with a damp cloth coating.

    To clean the oven baking soda walls better mix with hydrogen peroxide. In a quarter cup of baking soda is necessary to pour in, stirring constantly, three percent hydrogen peroxide. The mixture should turn mushy. It is applied on the surface and after 40 - 60 minutes wash. Excellent means to cope with any kind of contamination.

    A powerful tool for cleaning the oven in the home is prepared from 1 tbsp. l. baking soda, 1 tbsp. l. caustic soda, 1 tbsp. l. salt and any liquid dishwashing detergent. Pasty composition is applied to a brass furnace wall, and allowed to soak at 15 - 20 minutes, rinsed with vinegar, half diluted in water. Spots that are not otmylis, wipe with the same mixture to their complete disappearance.

    Modern chemical industry produces a variety of means to successfully cope with the most stubborn stains in the oven. Cleaning the oven with their help does not take a lot of time and effort. However, their aggressive ingredients, easily corrosive inveterate stains are very difficult to wash from the furnace walls. At high temperatures, residues of chemical agents in preparing dishes penetrate and enter the body with food.

    During washing the oven for safety reasons it must be disconnected from the mains.

    Some cleaning products and products of their interactions can be dangerous to health. Therefore, the purification procedure should be done when the windows are open or enabled drawing. It is advisable to use rubber gloves and protective goggles.

    It is recommended to stay away from the treated surfaces so as not to inhale the vapors evolved from short distances. During the procedure in the room should be no children and animals, as well as an open fire.

    If the cleaning agent is heated in the oven, the door must always be closed. Even the slightly open door, you can get burned. Open the oven is possible only after its cooling.

    When the oven will be processed, it is necessary to leave the room and close the kitchen door, in order to limit his access to children and animals.

    Oh, I scour my-little help. Tired of the dirt in front of people ashamed.

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