How to wash the washing machine inside

Self-cleaning washing machine

Sooner or later every machine-gun accumulate dirt and require cleaning. This can be understood by the appearance of unpleasant smell, reminiscent of rotting marsh mire and deterioration of heating functions. Many do not know how to self clean the washing machine from dirt and rush to contact the experts, if not buy a new one. But in reality it is not so difficult really, as it seems at first glance.

To get started is to decide, what exactly you'll be cleaning your washing technique. Of course, you can buy expensive chemical means, but it is not necessary. Better to turn to the experience of generations and to use proven tools such as:

Widely used in household cleaning agent used for plumbing, and also great for washing machines. In combination with water, citric acid dissolves limescale deposited on the details, fat and mold. About how to clean the washing machine citric acid, is available here. For once enough 200 grams cleaner. As to the merits of citric acid include:

  • low cost;
  • machinery cleaned in the automatic mode;
  • negligible risk of harm to the parts.

However, if you are dealing with a thick touch of salt, a citric acid is not enough, there need more powerful helpers.

Bleaching with chlorine content are considered the most effective way to combat mud. White is perfect for art, who did not know a lot of years of cleaning.

If you exceed the dosage - and this is 250 grams at one time - that chlorine can damage parts of rubber.

Excellent cleaning powder to the drum walls, however, the tank and heating element through soda clears. All methods for purification of washing soda machines are described here. Positive characteristics:

The disadvantage is, perhaps, the need for manual cleaning.

Cleaning with vinegar - still one of the most popular and affordable methods of getting rid of dirt and grime. For internal machines can be used, concentrated acetic acid in the ratio 50 ml per 150 g water.

Vinegar can not be used in its pure form!

Once the funds are selected and prepared for use, you can proceed to the cleaning procedures.

Some washing machines, for example, LG, is a function by which the drum can be cleaned independently. Need only press a button and the program does everything itself, but if it's not your case, try using a different way. All funds listed above are ideal for the guidance of cleanliness in the drum.

Any of the following acids other than soda must be used as follows:

  1. Put the tool into the drum.
  2. Select temperature of 60 degrees.
  3. Enable the maximum time washing.
  4. Upon completion of the program, double rinse to remove any residual material.

As for baking soda, then use it in any other way. With powder dusters and drum wall wash hands. Rub costs up until the dirt begins to dissolve. Once the process has begun, it is best to wait about 30 minutes and then finish cleaning. After cleaning the door slightly open - for fast drying drum.

In the washing machine cleaning process should be cleaned and filter, but many do not know where he is.

Do not understand the situation, you can pay a decent amount for repairing the machine, when in fact only a clogged drain filter.

It is located at the bottom on the front side of the machine for a small square lid. If your model of such a cap is not found in this case, you should remove the narrow piece of plastic. Fixed panel latches, they are opened by pressing the hand if it does not, carefully loosen them with a screwdriver.

The filter is similar to the plug screwed in stiralku. Unscrew it easy: it is necessary to undertake a special recess and turn clockwise. If the item is secured with a screw, use a screwdriver.

Before pull filter, place it under a small capacitance: the hole may leak from the remaining water.

Immediately behind the plug, you will see all the accumulated debris - buttons, hair, husks, everything that falls into the sink after washing. Put on your gloves and get rid of unnecessary items. You can even shine a flashlight into the resulting tunnel and clean the dirt from there. If the filter is not cleaned before, be prepared for what you hit in the nose a rather unpleasant odor.

At the end of the drain, wipe with a dry cloth element and refit. To put in order the drain hole is recommended after each wash or at least 2 times a month.

In this capacity, despite the fact that it constantly passes through a powder, over time it accumulates a black plaque, mold and fungi. All of this falls into the drum, and thence to the laundry. How to clean the detergent department of dirt?

  1. Remove the tank from the machine.
  2. Using a sponge, toothbrush old and conventional soap remove dirt.
  3. From the raid will help to get rid of chlorine left in the tank for a couple of hours.

As prevention is recommended to rinse after every detail about the 4th wash.

TEN - most often break the machine part machine. Often this occurs when water flows with high "hardness" level of your tap. In such water the number of metal impurities, salts and rust above normal. As a result, the electric heater accumulates the white scurf of scale. About breakage PETN will be known if disconnected machine. But this trouble can be prevented by citric acid and vinegar.

Familiar pineapple cope with the task as "excellent". The number of tools depends on the degree scale on the heating element. Approximately, on a machine with 5 kg load many packets need citric acid. Most of the need to put in the tank for the powder, the rest of the drum. Adjust the temperature of the washing mode 90-95 ° C. When draining water will come out whole chunks of scale. Apply this method is recommended 2 times a month.

The second method is less popular than the first, but many housewives recommend his name. Acetic acid, citric compared to more aggressive. With frequent use of vinegar suffer rubber elements, but it is faster to cope with scale. Medium is poured into the hole to a powder in an amount of 50 ml. Otherwise, everything should be done, as well as a grenade.

If you regularly clean the washing machine, your equipment is in excellent condition and will last you for years to come.

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What and how to clean the washing machine of the smell? All methods of treatment

Modern washing machines have greatly ease the work of the person, thus saving a lot of time. They completely control the entire process. And after machining can only hang laundry out to dry. However, such devices have brought additional problems. Therefore, it is often said that modern housewives ask about how to clean the washing machine from the smell. This question will be discussed below.

Causes and their elimination

Immediately it should be noted that a clear answer on how to clean the washing machine from the smell, does not exist. This is due to the fact that the cause of this phenomenon may be a variety of factors. Therefore, before answering this question, it is necessary to examine all aspects to determine the best solution for eliminating such defects.

Poor quality powder and rinse aid

Many masters and even companies producing such devices, responding to a question about how to clean the washing machine from the smell, above all, look at the quality of the powder used and rinse. The fact that certain types of household chemicals completely adapted to work with such a technique. Also, some manufacturers produce similar means frankly substandard products. It not only gives an unpleasant smell, but also can cause damage to the structure.

Given this situation, the instruction on how to clean the washing machine from the smell of baking soda, suggests the following steps:

  • Replace household chemicals.
  • Handle drum and gum on the door of the machine by means of soda.
  • Cover container with soda powder (50 g) and citric acid (20 g). After that produce without washing clothes on the mode with the maximum heat.
  • Use only high-quality powder and other household chemicals for cars.

With prolonged use, the device is formed on the heating Tene scale, which can be a source of many problems. Therefore, most of the instructions that tell how clean the washing machine from the smell of lemon koslotoy, recommend the use of radical measures to produce a kind of prevention. It should be noted that such procedures should be performed every six months, or to use when washing special additives that prevent the emergence of scale and other contaminants.

First of all, it is recommended to clean with a solution of citric acid or vinegar gum on the door. The fact that it was under her very often accumulate debris, which, after exfoliate, falls into the drum, and from there to the heater itself. Some experts thus recommend using a special brush or gauze. Next, the wizard, answering the question of how to clean the washing machine from the smell of vinegar, it is advised to pour a little of the substance in the container of the powder and the drum itself. After that, the laundry in the mode with the maximum heating water.

Some housewives often gather dirty laundry directly to the machine. As a result, it not only begins to produce unpleasant odors, but also moldy. So do not be, although very often in the operating instructions do not indicate. Also, many people are wondering about how to clean the washing machine from the smell in the home, say that after using the device they close the lid and do not aerate the product. As a result, after its opening, they can watch the emergence of this effect.

First of all, you need to purchase a separate bin for storing dirty laundry. Keep it in the washing machine is not only recommended artists, but is also unhygienic. Also, after washing it is not necessary to close the door of the device. The fact that the moisture that remains in the machine, does not evaporate. So, it becomes a cause of mildew and even mold. The door must be open while the drum is dry. Many artists, talking about how to clean the washing machine from the smell inside the machine, it is recommended to find the cause of such a defect and start to exploit it properly. Only then you can proceed to the prevention of this kind, because otherwise it will not give results.

Virtually all washing machines are equipped with a special device that protects the pump from getting into the small items, accidentally caught in the drum. During prolonged operation in such a filter accumulates a lot of waste, which not only contributes to the appearance of smell, but also can cause malfunction of the entire product. Also some craftsmen, explaining how to clean the washing machine from the smell inside, I recommend to check that the filter is generally installed. In some models, it simply does not. As a result, a huge amount of garbage accumulated in the device, affecting the operation of the product. At the same time, and the smell will appear very often.

First of all, you need to read the instructions for the device. In it you can find advice on how to gain access to the filter and the type of device used. Next, the product is recovered and perform mechanical cleaning with the use of conventional detergents. Particular attention is recommended to pay for the presence of the seat of small things to be learned.

In a next step instruction telling how clean the washing machine from odor and dirt advises make handling of the filter using citric acid or vinegar. If your model cars involves the use of a specific filter or it is completely out of order, then it must be replaced. In the final step is recommended for complete cleaning on the mode with the maximum temperature and the addition of citric acid.

During prolonged operation of the device is often a rubber band, which serves as a seal when the door is closed, dirt collected. It is virtually impossible to remove with active detergents and even when idling in a high temperature mode. It is this contamination causes of unpleasant odors. Also worth noting is that very often when washing a few things accidentally get under the gum, and involuntarily pull out the dirt. It falls into the drum, distributing not only an unpleasant smell, but dirtying it. Therefore, by getting rid of this problem should immediately periodically prevention.

Just need to say that every single model of such devices differ from each other in their construction. And that is why this technique is given as an example only. This situation requires an individual approach, even though the product of the same type of work principle:

  1. First, choosing a small piece of cloth or a sponge. It should be thick enough and rough to withstand a certain load, and most have a mechanical effect on the surface.
  2. With its help, you need to purge the rear of the gum. To do this, it is best to use a finger on which it is wound. So you can feel yourself all contaminated sites, which facilitates the work.
  3. To enhance the effect, you can use a special detergent or soda.

It is best to perform this operation immediately after washing, until the rubber seal is wet.

Some artists, talking about how to clean the washing machine from the smell of vinegar, is also advised to pay attention to the hose that goes from the device to the sewage system. Quite often, he was very clogged. As a result, it comes out of an unpleasant smell. In this case, it is recommended to perform a complete replacement of the item. There are cases when the connection to the sewage system is in addition to the siphon. Then odor appears directly from the tube, because it does not prevent the water seal, characteristic of this element. It is believed that this is a violation of installation of equipment maintenance and must be redone. Therefore, buying a machine, you need to immediately buy a siphon to install it on a sink or a bathroom for the organization of proper drainage.

Proper use and timely maintenance are essential in order that the question of how to clean the washing machine from the smell of mold, you will not have. Choosing the right proportions cleaning products is a very important point around which the debate of experts is constantly maintained. The fact that some masters recommend to reduce the number of active elements in order to reduce their impact on other devices nodes. Others, on the contrary, it is recommended to increase their concentration in order to achieve maximum effect. However, there is the most optimal method which involves filling in a container for the powder 100 g of citric acid and 100 ml of vinegar. Mass dilute water which will be supplied to the system during cleaning.

It is not necessary to carry out work with the device as long as it is connected to the mains. You need to carefully examine all the safety requirements, which are attached to the product, observing them without fail. Also in these instructions are very common guidelines for the production of self-cleaning, which are provided by the manufacturer to service a particular model. Sometimes it is necessary to pay special attention to household cleaners, which are also recommended to use, and some manufacturers of washing machines.

Having considered various methods, which explain how to clean the washing machine from the smell, we can conclude that they all boil down to three aspects. First of all, you need to properly use the product and perform periodic preventive maintenance. It is also recommended to use a high-quality household chemicals, special equipment for water softening and descaling. When an odor immediately purge via vinegar or citric acid. By following these rules, you can not just get rid of this defect, but also significantly increase the service life of the appliances.

How to clean the washing machine from limescale and dirt inside

Without washing clothes is hard to imagine everyday life. On the hand of time and effort is sorely lacking after a hard day's work. It comes to the rescue and clever assistant - machine-gun. Abandoned dirty laundry - press the button - and an hour or two things clean. The service life of this miracle of technology is about 10 years. But dust, dirt, "hard" tap water significantly shorten this period. It may occur such trouble that one day the machine stops working for no apparent reasons that, although the reason actually is - is scum. Deposition of heavy metal salts on a tubular electric heater (heater) lead to a complete standstill of the machine. If the machine-gun suddenly ceased to work, the first thing you need to determine what the cause of failure. According to statistics, the main causes of the trouble are the formation of scale on PETN and dense filter is clogged. We will tell you in this article, if prevention of the formation of these deposits there, and how to clean the washing machine from limescale and dirt inside.

Cleaning machine drain pump filter

Few people know of the existence of this filter, and clogging - are not uncommon. An ignorant man can give fabulous money master, who will take to "fix" the car, although failure as such and not - just need to remove the dirt from the drain filter. It is located on the front side of the machine, at the bottom, you can see the outline of the square cover. What to do next?

  1. Opening the lid, you will see the plug, close the drain hose filter. Before you pull out the plug, substitute capacity - from a hose can pour out the water.
  2. For the stopper, you instantly see the cause of the blockage - all the buttons, hair, peel from sunflower seeds and other impurities get into the drain filter after each wash. If he never washed, unpleasant odor is possible. Gloved hand to release the filter from accumulated dirt.
  3. Wipe the filter clean with a dry cloth.

Flush discharge opening of the filter preferably after each wash, at least - two times monthly.

Getting rid of the dirt in the removable section and the powder detergent

More often than not, no one looks at this capacity - filled powder reservoir poured fabric softener and slammed forward. But if you look back, you can see many interesting things. There is found dirt, black stains in the form of mold and fungus even. Unpleasant sight, and most importantly - all these pollution for each wash are in contact with the drum and your laundry. How to remove the dirt from the container and powder to get rid of mold:

  1. Capacity can be easily removed from the compartment. Remove the receiver for the powder, take a sponge, and better - an old toothbrush, soap soap, and try to clear all accumulated inside the deposition of dirt and mildew.
  2. The reservoir for the air conditioner may be plaque. From easy to get rid of plaque, using the tool to remove dirt from the toilet. One can take an inexpensive means chlorine, pour 20-30 ml per compartment. Let stand 1-2 hours. The particles dissolve mold together with coating.
  3. Clean the container of powder is simple - so prophylactically rinse tank after every 3-5 washing, to avoid the formation of dirt and mildew.

How to Clean a heater of a washing machine from scale

This element is most likely vulnerable to the damage. If your tap water is an increased level of "rigidity", ie the amount of impurities in the form of metal salts and rust exceeds the norm, the risk of premature failure of PETN is very high. It forms a layer of sludge, which increases with each wash. When the scale becomes too much, PETN (tubular electric) does not allow the machine start the program even for washing. You will learn about the failure of the electric heater, if the machine in the midst of a sudden shut off and completely stopped working from that moment.

How to clean from lime deposits citric acid

Familiar to us with a bang grenade helps remove scales. The amount of citric acid powder depends on whether "overgrown" scum heating element. On average, machine loading 5 kg need 5 bags of pineapples. Of these, 4 pcs. pour into a container of the powder, 1 pc. - in itself a drum machine. Put wash cycle with a maximum temperature - 90-95 ° C.

The water discharge point, you will see how out whole chunks of dirty gray scale. The main thing that the pieces of plaque is not clogged drain hose - otherwise you'll have to clean it manually.

Use of citric acid can be twice a month.

Cleaning the inside via vinegar

Descaling PETN vinegar - less popular way than the previous one, but also takes place at forums in the Internet. Acetic acid, citric aggressive. When using it may suffer uplotiniteli (gum) machine - gun. However, it allows for better and faster to remove scale coating with an electric heater.

Vinegar is poured into the opening of the powder and the air conditioner in an amount of 50 ml. Can I trust this folk remedy - it's up to you. Evaluate all of these tools wisely.

Removes impurities from the drum machine-gun

In it can also accumulate dirt and limescale. Some models have an automatic function of the drum cleaning. Just press a button and you can watch the process without any intervention. How to wash the drum, if no such special functions - some urgent advice:

  • Fill the drum machine itself - automatic 100 ml of bleach. Start wash program without laundry at a temperature not below 60 ° C. The drum is clean, and eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Pour into an empty drum 2 sachet of citric acid. Start of wash cycle with a maximum temperature. Well, if there is a double rinse mode - it will help remove all the plaque.
  • Prepare a solution of soda ash to wash the car: mix the powder in water in a ratio of 1 to 1. The mixture is rubbed with a drum and a rubber gasket around the (necessarily gloves!), Then allowed to stand well with the door open half an hour. After a sponge to remove the remains and remove particles invisible to the eye using a quick wash mode idle (no items).
  • Leave the door ajar CMA to complete drying of the drum after each wash. Otherwise unpleasant smell will be there, which will have to be removed.

Option descaling (video)

Another good way to remove the scum (video)

It turns out, clean home helper of the scum and dirt inside can be easily and inexpensively. Do not forget about the means of prevention, then to clean will need less.

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